Annoying Orange - Storytime #19: Puss in Boots!


  1. Alexandra Nicosia

    Alexandra Nicosia日 前

    The king was so impressed with Puss because he’d never seen a talking cat before. Then Puss told the king that Magilicuty was, working at a MCDonalds. DING The owner of the Cheesecake Factory. DING DING DING Ok fine, he told the king that Magilicuty was a Duke.

  2. Kami G

    Kami G2 日 前

    1 like= pear get's his voice back

  3. Uranus !

    Uranus !3 日 前

    Do Cinder *brella*

  4. ultraman dyna Hassan

    ultraman dyna Hassan6 日 前

    Why the cow always coming? Because it's always cow-ming for its fart

  5. tai Arm

    tai Arm6 日 前

    sleeping botty 😆😆😆

  6. rryettty brown

    rryettty brown6 日 前


  7. John Stucke

    John Stucke6 日 前


  8. Thorbjørn Damgaard

    Thorbjørn Damgaard6 日 前

    Lord of the rings

  9. Thorbjørn Damgaard

    Thorbjørn Damgaard6 日 前

    Harry potter

  10. Bryth Halpin

    Bryth Halpin7 日 前


  11. Shawnald Moreland

    Shawnald Moreland7 日 前

    I think the story of how baby s are born

  12. Bans Concepcion

    Bans Concepcion7 日 前

    Next, do The princess and the frog

  13. vilinbrin the first

    vilinbrin the first7 日 前

    Tats the 1st time oreng told a story right

  14. Carter Maxson

    Carter Maxson8 日 前

    Beef is fat

  15. AJ Is Playing

    AJ Is Playing8 日 前

    Thanks orange got telling the Actual story, I didn't know puss in boots

  16. Fawful the Mario Colllector4000 Plays

    Fawful the Mario Colllector4000 Plays9 日 前

    So funny o

  17. Jennifer Stein

    Jennifer Stein9 日 前


  18. Gabriel Acero

    Gabriel Acero9 日 前

    Funny orange 🍊

  19. Sarah Smith

    Sarah Smith9 日 前


  20. Olga Rosales

    Olga Rosales10 日 前

    Hey orange knife

  21. Jason Delcielo

    Jason Delcielo10 日 前

    One 👍= one kazoo

  22. Malcolm Cumbo

    Malcolm Cumbo11 日 前

    Boooo give us the funny version next episode or I will unsucsribe

  23. Briayant Herrera

    Briayant Herrera11 日 前

    2:35 Hey Orange i like Nintendo switch

  24. Ryder Vaughn

    Ryder Vaughn11 日 前

    How about a book called shrek.

  25. Chase Is On The Case!

    Chase Is On The Case!11 日 前

    Please please do ponnochio!!!

  26. Efrain Estrada-Hernadez

    Efrain Estrada-Hernadez11 日 前


  27. the gaming legend

    the gaming legend11 日 前

    47 ronin plz

  28. Giselle Pierre

    Giselle Pierre11 日 前

    You should read the gingerbread man

  29. Noah Blair

    Noah Blair12 日 前

    Take a shot every time pear rings his bell



    Can you read please the princess and the frog

  31. sndagire54

    sndagire5412 日 前

    ,do shreck

  32. Super Peach

    Super Peach13 日 前

    Do Aladdin next

  33. Throwback Channel

    Throwback Channel11 日 前

    Super Peach they already did that with Marshmallow

  34. momma Rhonda

    momma Rhonda13 日 前

    You should read sreak

  35. Bobby Wilding

    Bobby Wilding13 日 前

    You know the drill 1 annoying orange 2 pear 3 little apple 4 marshmallow 5 passion fruit 6 grandpa lemon 7 squash 8 knife 9 zoom 0 grapefruit The last number in the like counter is who you are

  36. Lauren Crouch

    Lauren Crouch3 日 前

    Marshmallow! Happppyyyyyyy

  37. bonnie flix

    bonnie flix12 日 前



    GARGI SINGH13 日 前

    wait a minute a story... I have heard of this story cool..... hahahahaha........ Haaaa....

  39. Slimeboi59 Awesome epic team.

    Slimeboi59 Awesome epic team.13 日 前

    Read Rumpelstiltskin with orange and grapefruit!

  40. Tanner The Scorbunny Fan Est 2000

    Tanner The Scorbunny Fan Est 200014 日 前

    the gingerbread man

  41. JeezeLouise

    JeezeLouise14 日 前

    Alice in wonder land and alice through the looking glass

  42. Throwback Channel

    Throwback Channel14 日 前

    Do Jack and Jill with Pear and Marshmallow.

  43. Rapicam Media Google Tours

    Rapicam Media Google Tours15 日 前

    How about.............the ginger bread man

  44. Todd Johnson

    Todd Johnson15 日 前

    Why didn't you try that bell before pear🍐🔔

  45. Nathan Collins

    Nathan Collins15 日 前

    Where the all TNT at the end?

  46. Mase Souk

    Mase Souk15 日 前

    you guys should read the Shoemaker and the elf's

  47. eddrick henderson

    eddrick henderson15 日 前

    Yo you. Are Cool

  48. Alexa

    Alexa16 日 前

    Is orange replaced by a robot or something?

  49. AggroniteReverse and Mr spoon

    AggroniteReverse and Mr spoon16 日 前

    Annoying Orange - Storytime 20# The Lion King!

  50. Thiruchcelvan Thanancheyan

    Thiruchcelvan Thanancheyan16 日 前

    You look like abi

  51. Chris Andrew

    Chris Andrew17 日 前


  52. Jessenia Sanchez

    Jessenia Sanchez17 日 前

    Do storytime litte red hen

  53. TheWilsons04

    TheWilsons0417 日 前

    Do the lion and the mouse next 🦁🐭