Anime Detour 2014: Super High School Level Panel


  1. Izyla Ramirez

    Izyla Ramirez32 分 前

    What’s the show called

  2. hanna kluzowska

    hanna kluzowska59 分 前

    "i woke up one day,,, and it just came" - makoto naegi, 2014 "it just kinda,,,shoots up" - also makoto naegi, 2014

  3. Itz _ Kawaii _ Calico

    Itz _ Kawaii _ Calico時間 前

    *Ishimondo intensifies*

  4. [ Bleh ]

    [ Bleh ]12 時間 前


  5. [ Bleh ]

    [ Bleh ]12 時間 前


  6. A_Studios 1234

    A_Studios 123415 時間 前

    I like how they talk about spring and it all of a sudden turns into a musical- *poisoning pigeons in the park.*

  7. Yusa Fumikage

    Yusa Fumikage18 時間 前

    can we just talk about how good the junko and chihiro is?

  8. Orəo 2.0

    Orəo 2.019 時間 前

    I'm dying this is hilarious. 5 mins in and I'm already halfway ded

  9. Corny and Ducky

    Corny and Ducky20 時間 前

    32:16 look how fucking(sorry for no no word) cute mondo and taka are🥺✨

  10. Corny and Ducky

    Corny and Ducky20 時間 前

    48:16 them at that time too that’s the most cutest fucking thing i’ve ever seen 🥺🥺✨✨

  11. Calli Belgrave-Samms

    Calli Belgrave-Samms21 時間 前

    I JUST found this and I really wanna see what some of the cosplayers are doing now but I can't find them ANYWHERE

  12. Carys McDonald

    Carys McDonald23 時間 前


  13. RaindropSketches

    RaindropSketches日 前

    The person who's playing Ishimaru is so freaking cute, I can't 🥺😂

  14. •snowler•

    •snowler•日 前

    ok but their singing voices- (27:26)

  15. Nada Ali

    Nada Ali日 前

    this whole video is amazing, i dont care if its from 6 years ago , i still love it

  16. Nada Ali

    Nada Ali日 前

    also makotos ahoge question is at : 48:41 and monokuma winning is at : 1:05:14 just putting out some favorite memories and to who ever is wondering

  17. Charley’s trash !

    Charley’s trash !日 前

    Random person: Monokuma how would you execute Yhamada Yamada and Monokuma: *slowly looks at eachother Monokuma: - W - Togami: ._. Yhamada: do YoU wAnT tO sEe Me dIe

  18. Tim hilz

    Tim hilz日 前


  19. Shrija Indurthi

    Shrija Indurthi日 前

    Makoto is the only one with common sense. Here's a example: 5:18 Makoto: I thought they were hyenas- Leon: ShUt Up

  20. Charley’s trash !

    Charley’s trash !2 日 前

    Lol I was waiting for junko Monokuma: *reaches hand out* Junko baby! Juno: *reaches hand out* mono hunny!

  21. IMO IMO

    IMO IMO2 日 前

    is ishimaru a girl?

  22. RaindropSketches

    RaindropSketches日 前

    Yeah, the cosplayer who plays him is

  23. Celestia Ludenberg

    Celestia Ludenberg2 日 前


  24. Diddo_The_ JellyBean

    Diddo_The_ JellyBean2 日 前

    How the hell do i get onto one of these panels ;-;

  25. _Benichii_

    _Benichii_2 日 前

    Does anyone know if the Ishimaru cosplayer has social media? Cause I really want to see more of their cosplays but I can't find their media T_T (I'm hoping they still cosplay :'3)

  26. B a B y _ K i T !

    B a B y _ K i T !23 時間 前

    @RaindropSketches oof-

  27. RaindropSketches

    RaindropSketches日 前

    @B a B y _ K i T ! Really? I didn't hear that part- but now I wanna know where it is too 🥺

  28. B a B y _ K i T !

    B a B y _ K i T !日 前

    @RaindropSketches sad- Someone said That someone asked in the video in the audience To mondo:Will you (something something) Mary Ishimaru But I couldn't find where they said it-

  29. RaindropSketches

    RaindropSketches日 前

    She also has an Instagram with the same @, Jessica Peery. It's the first one that comes up for me but I didn't find any cosplay stuff from her, sadly

  30. RaindropSketches

    RaindropSketches日 前

    @B a B y _ K i T ! The link doesn't work, unfortunately. I think they deleted their tumblr but I've seen them around commenting on this video. Their JPreporter name is Jessica Peery. I'll try to look into if they have any other socials

  31. Skyler Martins

    Skyler Martins3 日 前

    Ok Togami. Walk that runway. You slay. By the way I love you Naegi and Togami


    IT'S YO GIRL CC3 日 前

    I love how kyayuka didn’t join the other boys😂

  33. Kaito Momota

    Kaito Momota3 日 前


  34. XxStary_SkyxX ᥊

    XxStary_SkyxX ᥊3 日 前

    6:29 lit everyone starts freaking out and Naegi is just there

  35. ツAutumn

    ツAutumn3 日 前

    28:35 R.i.p ishumaru’s legs

  36. Phoenix Fire

    Phoenix Fire2 日 前

    Fun fact, after you do it a while, it doesn’t hurt

  37. Ishimaru Kiyotaka

    Ishimaru Kiyotaka4 日 前

    I love all the cosplayers. They're all amazing.

  38. Monokuma 2.0

    Monokuma 2.04 日 前

    59:50 Kokichi: MMMMMMM you so clumsy girl!

  39. Monokuma 2.0

    Monokuma 2.04 日 前

    @rania 76 I know I was just saying the quote

  40. rania 76

    rania 764 日 前

    Chihiro is a guy actually

  41. Random Kinnie

    Random Kinnie4 日 前

    i can’t help but watch this over, and over, and over, and over again. it never gets old.

  42. gorlie

    gorlie日 前

    me too i love it

  43. Mafuew_raixy

    Mafuew_raixy4 日 前

    why is no one saying how wonderful sakura is ahahahahahahahahah

  44. Star Da Super Star

    Star Da Super Star4 日 前

    I feel bad for Naegi. He needed to be asked more questions.

  45. Guillermo Medina

    Guillermo Medina4 日 前

    Yasuhiro looks so much like a hippy-

  46. • BirdyHas31Nicknames •

    • BirdyHas31Nicknames •4 日 前

    27:00 44:07 20:37

  47. Monokuma 2.0

    Monokuma 2.04 日 前

    50:37 Kyoko: 🤲 🙌 *hecc*

  48. Monokuma 2.0

    Monokuma 2.04 日 前

    (To the left) 28:30 so cooooot 49:28 omg!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES I'm Naegiri trash

  49. Monokuma 2.0

    Monokuma 2.04 日 前

    28:08 nagito: looks to the left *HUH?*

  50. Jen Cookie

    Jen Cookie4 日 前

    "they'll also laugh like hyenas if you show them your mr. Wee wee too early" "I'll show them mr. Weee wee."

  51. Monokuma 2.0

    Monokuma 2.04 日 前

    12:45 look to the left when the camera zooms out. Kyoko: *MuKuRo IkUsAbA. tHe SiXtEeNtH sTuDeNt. HiDiNg SoMeWhErE iN tHiS sChOoL. tHe OnE tHeY cAlL tHe UlTaMiTe DeSpAiR. wAtCh OuT fOr HeR.*

  52. Gundham Tanaka

    Gundham Tanaka5 日 前


  53. ItzNat Games!!!!!

    ItzNat Games!!!!!5 日 前

    Quarantine anyone? Heh

  54. Amanda Walston

    Amanda Walston5 日 前

    26 58 you'll thank me later

  55. leave me alone

    leave me alone5 日 前

    I saw a tiktok on this yesterday it was someone in this video who made this I-

  56. emma uwu

    emma uwu5 日 前

    does anyone know the ishimaru cosplayer? i went to the link and it didn’t work 😭

  57. 『Smol Ruski』

    『Smol Ruski』5 日 前

    Sayaka: *Makes a reference to "World is Mine"* Me: *random japanese singing*

  58. John Laurens

    John Laurens5 日 前

    I like how this is from 6 years ago and shows up on my recommended every few years

  59. pretzel koizumi

    pretzel koizumi6 日 前

    46:58 what I come here for everytime.

  60. Normie

    Normie6 日 前

    Whoever played Yasuhiro Hagakure made me laugh they got how he sits spot on I just. You know Hagakure be vibin with those edibles

  61. Emilie Owens

    Emilie Owens6 日 前

    O_O a lot of that was WEIRD! .>.

  62. IMO IMO

    IMO IMO6 日 前

    is leon a girl in this?

  63. Sugar Playz

    Sugar Playz6 日 前

    Junko would almost definitely ask if they’re pregnant even though she knows they aren’t.

  64. Frenxh Fri

    Frenxh Fri6 日 前

    this is the weirdest, video or sumn i’ve ever seen.. -i love it-

  65. Hedgehog Undercover

    Hedgehog Undercover6 日 前


  66. jellywolfy UwU

    jellywolfy UwU6 日 前

    1:03:10 ishimaru be like "oooou! That was my butt!"

  67. Xx_ aestheticcookies_xX

    Xx_ aestheticcookies_xX6 日 前

    Ok now I ship Mondo x Taka

  68. Kayla Lopez

    Kayla Lopez7 日 前

    World is mine reference anyone hatsune miku

  69. nozomi

    nozomi7 日 前

    also does anyone have any of their other social media’s,,? I wanna see if they have insta or anything,,

  70. nozomi

    nozomi7 日 前

    does anyone else watch this every fucking week or is it just me

  71. nozomi

    nozomi5 日 前

    Kirumi Tojo Yes I am aaaa 💝

  72. pretzel koizumi

    pretzel koizumi6 日 前

    Me too lmao Also- considering your username and pfp, you must be a love live fan too!

  73. Michelle kohlas

    Michelle kohlas7 日 前


  74. A Meladaptive Daydreamer

    A Meladaptive Daydreamer7 日 前

    Celeste: You're first born child Chihiro: I'm a lesbian WE ARE A VERY SERIOUS FANDOM, AND JOKES ARE NOT WELCOMED IN THE SCHOOL ENVIRONMENT xD

  75. Kokichi Ouma the grape

    Kokichi Ouma the grape7 日 前

    *dam* that junko is *good*

  76. Kokichi Ouma the grape

    Kokichi Ouma the grape7 日 前

    Also, im a gonta for hire anybody, lol

  77. Ducky Bread

    Ducky Bread7 日 前

    Is ishimaru on drugs or is he just being normal?

  78. Kawaiiprincess lol

    Kawaiiprincess lol7 日 前

    Ishimaru is pageant mum towards fujisaki XD

  79. Lighter Luna

    Lighter Luna8 日 前

    27:42 R O L L

  80. Agent Timmothy

    Agent Timmothy8 日 前

    At 2:10 I'm pretty sure it's hatsune miku. But if I'm wrong a correction would be great. Just like how I'm going to correct ishimaru for adding 'not' in 'we're gay'. Common mistake.

  81. Picasso The Cat

    Picasso The Cat8 日 前


  82. Saniya Sanders

    Saniya Sanders8 日 前

    the topic is to mess with ishimaru Kuwata (Leon): is p r e g n a n t

  83. kyoko kirigiri

    kyoko kirigiri8 日 前

    in the part in which someone asks leon dating advice its ironic how byakuya doesnt stand up

  84. egirl katiee

    egirl katiee9 日 前

    does somebody know if the junko has any social media? i really liked her!

  85. Clara PEREZ SALVO

    Clara PEREZ SALVO9 日 前

    anyone else from makotos tiktok?

  86. Old Sport.

    Old Sport.9 日 前

    this has literally nothing to do but was that hetalia in the beginning?-

  87. XbrokensoulsX

    XbrokensoulsX9 日 前


  88. Lyla Webber

    Lyla Webber9 日 前

    2:08 -- The reference was the lyrics to "The World Is Mine" by Hatsune Miku. Just saying :)

  89. iitz_yanah :3

    iitz_yanah :39 日 前

    1 like = 1 prayer for Leon

  90. GryffindorKC

    GryffindorKC10 日 前

    Junko is so pretty

  91. layla's club

    layla's club10 日 前

    Why is chihiro in the back when the all the guys are talking?

  92. Miu Iruma

    Miu Iruma10 日 前

    34:35 is that riko from knb in the corner--

  93. Little Miss Sakura

    Little Miss Sakura10 日 前

    Don't mind me just setting this as a reminder 44:53

  94. pretzel koizumi

    pretzel koizumi6 日 前


  95. Saniya Sanders

    Saniya Sanders11 日 前

    okay but i wanna see leon rip out his fuckn follicles out

  96. ClumsyChu

    ClumsyChu11 日 前

    Dang The Guy Who Played Ishimaru Is Really Good at acting. I had eyes on him the whole time.