Angelina Jordan, Ksenia Simonova, Tyler Butler Figueroa-Someone You Loved-Grand Finale-17.02.2020


  1. chichiin zote

    chichiin zote5 時間 前

    If this three were together from the begining ..they will win any thing


    ROBIN VLOG BALI10 時間 前

    wes ayu.. wes humble.. umure yo sek 13 thn.. suarane apik tenan. KOK YO ORA MENANG 😢

  3. Ebony Pegasus

    Ebony Pegasus14 時間 前

    The sand art was confusing.... didn't get the story behind it at all.

  4. Paulina Cardona

    Paulina Cardona20 時間 前

    so much talent in one video damnnn

  5. XxMr1XxX

    XxMr1XxX21 時間 前

    People will watch this over and over for the next decades.

  6. Shela Maharani

    Shela Maharani21 時間 前


  7. edy1976 ramos

    edy1976 ramos日 前

    me arrepio toda vez que ouço vc cantando essa canção !!!! o verdadeiro som dos anjos ....

  8. Iq Monica

    Iq Monica日 前

    And this performance is a resumen about what make us humans!

  9. Eric Janssen

    Eric Janssen18 時間 前

    Well said!

  10. Lon Len

    Lon Len日 前

    i love you 🌺🌺💐💐

  11. Wirkiantoh Blue

    Wirkiantoh Blue日 前

    my tears keep falling down

  12. Mang Boi

    Mang Boi日 前

    Am coming for the girl only

  13. whisper john

    whisper john日 前

    I like this kid since she's small

  14. Dave Steven

    Dave Steven日 前

    One of the best i ever seen

  15. Michelle Lim

    Michelle Lim日 前

    Awesome cover by Angelina Jordan. Hope you will cut an album on this song... BEST cover i ever heard.

  16. pearl nuri

    pearl nuri日 前

    Kudos to who ever thought of putting these three together.

  17. Mitchell Smit

    Mitchell Smit2 日 前

    They are all great! But who gave that kid that crappy sounding violin xD

  18. yOur TipSter

    yOur TipSter2 日 前

    Just wow

  19. Mbalck1

    Mbalck12 日 前

    Holy shit. All my senses were amazed!

  20. Ecarlate

    Ecarlate2 日 前

    soul max! nice boy!


    MATA-MATA2 日 前


  22. yunero mere

    yunero mere2 日 前

    a mixture of perfect stars

  23. Soukeyna Wade

    Soukeyna Wade2 日 前

    that was insane.

  24. Dulcineea Caroly

    Dulcineea Caroly2 日 前

    Increíble 👏👏👏

  25. julio cesar

    julio cesar2 日 前

    este el momento en la cual no se donde estoy parado..entre la chica canta como un ángel. el chico que toca el violín como seda , y la artista mas increíble que vi en mi vida dibujando. ahora pienso que Dios existe y lo ángeles también...ellos lo son

  26. DGB

    DGB3 日 前

    Wow that was a pure performance by all three

  27. HN

    HN3 日 前

    Superstar ❤👏

  28. Nana Santos

    Nana Santos3 日 前

    Angelina Jordan maravilhosa que linda voz

  29. Hans-Georg Schröter

    Hans-Georg Schröter3 日 前

    Best Show on earth 🤗😍😂

  30. Valentina Zapata

    Valentina Zapata3 日 前

    Simplemente HERMOSO

  31. Sergi Contreras

    Sergi Contreras3 日 前

    This performance without Angelina Jordan would not be the same. She deserve all

  32. Lui Cordero

    Lui Cordero18 時間 前

    I think all three complement each other well, this performance would not be the same if any one is takem out..

  33. pokeysatx

    pokeysatx3 日 前

    Beautiful song done in the most beautiful way possible. Angelina is an angel.




  35. State Of Mind

    State Of Mind3 日 前

    Whats wrong with the subtitle..,

  36. Boris Palenovski

    Boris Palenovski3 日 前

    The subtitles are generated automatically by JPreporter, what have you noticed about them?

  37. Farooq Usman

    Farooq Usman3 日 前

    Probably the best voice I have ever heard. I love sia, shakira too but this girl is something special! She didn't win AGT but definitely won our hearts 😍

  38. sa22see

    sa22see3 日 前

    Wow for all 3 performing!! 👏👏🙌

  39. Lily R

    Lily R3 日 前

    Angelina Jordan was born one day after me in the same year.

  40. Montse

    Montse4 日 前

    Fantastic!!!! els tres junts tot un espectacle !!!!! ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  41. pphu bentor

    pphu bentor4 日 前

    Simon, Hedi, Alesha, Howie and all of Poland is with you, suuuuuuper

  42. Anders Jensen

    Anders Jensen4 日 前

    Pure talent x 3 -:)



    Who won plz tell

  44. Agnieszka

    Agnieszka4 日 前

    It is so moving to see and hear people with such an unbelievable talents!

  45. achmed

    achmed4 日 前

    Too much talent in one video. Stop tears stop 😭

  46. Charles Ndung'u

    Charles Ndung'u4 日 前


  47. Onet Animal

    Onet Animal4 日 前

    Wow 😍👏👏👏😘👍

  48. Chikko

    Chikko4 日 前

    that is theme(team) wok

  49. Hans-Georg Schröter

    Hans-Georg Schröter3 日 前

    Thank you to Angelina

  50. Kim Agraviador

    Kim Agraviador4 日 前

    So beautiful and so cute face

  51. Rizki putra

    Rizki putra4 日 前

    Cuman mau bilang, amazing 😍😍😍

  52. Heart Hunter

    Heart Hunter5 日 前

    Wow! Best combo🤩🤩🤩

  53. fe tarigan

    fe tarigan5 日 前

    this is the best performance I've ever watched

  54. rockman

    rockman5 日 前

    Beautiful performance.... Bravo!!

  55. Kurt Sam

    Kurt Sam5 日 前

    her voice is so beautiful like angel gorgeous smooth silk wowww i like her tone

  56. Sỹ Nguyễn

    Sỹ Nguyễn5 日 前

    Màng kết hợp giữa 3 người quá đỉnh, quá cảm xúc

  57. SunshineMix101

    SunshineMix1015 日 前

    This is brilliant on so many different levels. What an outstanding performance by all involved. 'Love it! :)

  58. kishi jannah

    kishi jannah5 日 前


  59. Reynaldo Bicol

    Reynaldo Bicol5 日 前

    Amazing performance if this three finalist

  60. Camryn Platte

    Camryn Platte5 日 前

    They are all wonderful but I was intrigued with the sand artist. I have never seen such a thing before today. I know sand art, but the way she did it with the transitions and changing so much... wow.

  61. maribel alarcon

    maribel alarcon6 日 前


  62. Catherine Materiano

    Catherine Materiano6 日 前

    The most beautiful and so touching performance ...Congratulations to all...

  63. Fredrick Ibuchukwu

    Fredrick Ibuchukwu6 日 前

    This is how many tyms i cried each time i listen to this beautiful combo 👇👇

  64. Mein Lehrer

    Mein Lehrer6 日 前

    Angelina Jordan and Ksenia Simonova: very amazing combination!

  65. Hans-Georg Schröter

    Hans-Georg Schröter3 日 前

    She put them all together, she is so amasing

  66. Ghaida Sabila

    Ghaida Sabila6 日 前


  67. Inday Elle

    Inday Elle6 日 前

    This got me really emotional 😞😞😞

  68. Eric Janssen

    Eric Janssen6 日 前

    Me too.

  69. Carlos Alberto

    Carlos Alberto6 日 前

    Simplesmente angelical...

  70. MR.PURE

    MR.PURE6 日 前

    everything is so perfect! Never feel like this before❤❤❤

  71. Ana Cláudia Oliveira

    Ana Cláudia Oliveira6 日 前

    Foi muito emocionante, vendo 27/05/2020 <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="302">05:02</a> valeuuuu, meu dia começou bem !!!!

  72. Moody Cow

    Moody Cow6 日 前

    this trio 😍😍😍😍😍

  73. Rio Tornado

    Rio Tornado6 日 前

    sumpah ini trio fantastis njir

  74. Emmanuel Alagbe

    Emmanuel Alagbe6 日 前

    I have never ever seen anything like this before, say less of being performed by young people. Wow. Just wow!!

  75. ross rodriguez

    ross rodriguez6 日 前


  76. Rose LR Writer

    Rose LR Writer6 日 前

    I am crying and I have no more tissues and toilet paper is too precious to waste these days 😭😭😭

  77. John Harrison

    John Harrison6 日 前

    Stunning! Angelina was breathtaking. Tyler was incredible. The whole performance was Gorgeous.

  78. mannyrob

    mannyrob6 日 前

    Absolutely beautiful uplifting performance.

  79. Colburn Hee

    Colburn Hee7 日 前

    Beautiful sand art. Nice violin playing n nice voice

  80. Tom Koczorowski

    Tom Koczorowski7 日 前

    this talent can be repeated in many years

  81. zokaria zai

    zokaria zai7 日 前

    I hate to comment I really hate u when u make me cry coz u voice motherfuc 😂😂😂😍😍

  82. Boris Palenovski

    Boris Palenovski7 日 前

    Please express your admiration in more appropriate form.

  83. Robert Kennerley

    Robert Kennerley7 日 前

    She should have won! But she remains a winner!

  84. Mathu Logaraj

    Mathu Logaraj7 日 前

    This is beyond amazing

  85. Håkan Nilsson

    Håkan Nilsson7 日 前

    Can they 3 Winn,Together. So Beatu. 💖

  86. HassHisham

    HassHisham7 日 前

    like WOWWWWW...

  87. anands world

    anands world7 日 前

    So much talent in one clip it's actually ridiculous