Anastasia Tremaine: The Evil Stepsister Who Turned Good | Discovering Disney


  1. Anna Sutton

    Anna Sutton12 時間 前

    If I was sinderrela. I whood beat the crap out of there mother I am so mad

  2. jazmin

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  3. Kaylan Modha

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  4. AttackOfTheGamers

    AttackOfTheGamers日 前

    And what’s the point

  5. AttackOfTheGamers

    AttackOfTheGamers日 前

    Don’t be mean because you’ll be stuck in the head forever

  6. AttackOfTheGamers

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  7. princess davis

    princess davis日 前

    Doesn't areal have a sea 🐚 so what if she could be areal's mother just a fact though

  8. P0sodon128 Atlantas

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  9. Gabezilla 2002

    Gabezilla 20022 日 前

    There’s 5 types of villains -Anti-heroes -Jerks -Psychopaths -Misunderstood -Bad guys Anastasia is a misunderstood villain 😔

  10. Devils Midnight

    Devils Midnight2 日 前

    So Anastasia wasnt evil or mean. She was just misunderstood

  11. Youtube University

    Youtube University2 日 前

    Baker Hooray!

  12. Bugaloosfan

    Bugaloosfan4 日 前

    To this day I believe Lady Tremaine killed Cinderella’s father

  13. Sherry scooter

    Sherry scooter4 日 前

    How come no one is talking about Ever After?

  14. Kenth Dalayap

    Kenth Dalayap8 日 前

    Lady Tremain didn't love Cinderella's father cause Lady Treamain only wan't to have the money how selfish😥😥

  15. Zake zomby S

    Zake zomby S12 日 前


  16. Siobhann Border

    Siobhann Border15 日 前

    This is just my opinion but I think the second movie just takes place after the third one, I do not think there are two timelines where Anastasia meets the baker. I really enjoyed the video though and it is good seeing Anastasia turn it around :)

  17. Unite Buglet

    Unite Buglet16 日 前

    🥰 My favorite angry face.

  18. Rovic Laqui

    Rovic Laqui18 日 前

    U said so😡😠

  19. Tomas Roberts

    Tomas Roberts18 日 前

    At least Anastasia had developed some decency and humanity to become a likeable character as the franchise progressed.

  20. David Valencia

    David Valencia18 日 前

    What if this whole time, it was Anastasia's story? Hmm.

  21. Celidh catenaccio

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  22. sheana benoit

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  24. WhyGacha? Why?!?!?!

    WhyGacha? Why?!?!?!26 日 前


  25. Otari Muradishvili

    Otari Muradishvili26 日 前

    Anastasia is the only tremaine who gained my respect. Edit:(Weird idea) Anastasia x baker Sora

  26. Mustiboi Salman

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  27. Diamond ring heart and katie pie spring

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  28. Queen Mary Tudor of England

    Queen Mary Tudor of England26 日 前

    Cinderella's shoe size: 1nanometer.

  29. Aila Rabusa

    Aila Rabusa26 日 前

    I'm a Cinderella fan since I was a kid. But I do Love Anastasia's story more than Cinderella 😊 Also, I see Anastasia as a half Ariel because they resemble a lot in my own opinion

  30. Boost Customer

    Boost Customer26 日 前

    Is it me or anastasia's hair is similar to ariel's?

  31. Anagha Nayak

    Anagha Nayak28 日 前

    😡 is my favourite angry emoji


    RENZ VLOG29 日 前

    Anastisia i turn smart girl he best friend is cinderella😁😁💖💕💜

  33. Jane Morgan

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  34. Yan Sun

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  37. Karen Joyce Duran

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  38. Alien

    Alienヶ月 前

    👿 that is my favorite angry face.

  39. Midnight Luna

    Midnight Lunaヶ月 前

    Isn't that Drisella because I'm pretty sure

  40. Ayesha

    Ayeshaヶ月 前

    Anastasia was always my favorite character after the redemptions

  41. Sofie Agreste

    Sofie Agresteヶ月 前

    Why would Anastasia's mom would get jealous of a kid?? Hayysss

  42. PiaC

    PiaCヶ月 前

    anAsTia looked pretty when she was a child-

  43. Walter Nicholas

    Walter Nicholasヶ月 前

    This is my favorite angry face 😡😡

  44. Viridiana Marchan

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  45. Hailey Mariscal

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  46. Alexi Lunime

    Alexi Lunimeヶ月 前

    Just now an adverstisement show up about a countdown death timer , creepy 😣

  47. Renault Ellis

    Renault Ellisヶ月 前

    Who is Grazilda?

  48. Tony parra

    Tony parraヶ月 前

    You should do one on what happened to Drizella and Anastasia's biological father.

  49. Ariana Rodriguez

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  51. sharkeahia

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  54. Meh mehmeh

    Meh mehmehヶ月 前

    In reality, Cinderella's shoe will fit to someone else

  55. Ana Francesca Evangelista

    Ana Francesca Evangelistaヶ月 前

    He puts so much expression in tslking like look at his mouth when he talks

  56. Ana Francesca Evangelista

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  57. Jesren Games

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  58. Jesren Games

    Jesren Gamesヶ月 前

    Me Listening to The Stepsisters Singing as a Child: oMg tHaT mUsIc iS sO gOoD

  59. Witch Wannabe

    Witch Wannabeヶ月 前

    Anastasia X Baker is my OTP

  60. Taylor’s Channel

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  61. Crystal Jam

    Crystal Jamヶ月 前

    There is also an anime Cinderella that I really like where one of the sisters was nice to Cinderella.

  62. maria castillo

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  63. Miley Pasillas

    Miley Pasillasヶ月 前

    🤬 OvO favorite Mad face UvUs

  64. Francesca Filippone

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  65. Guntherson220

    Guntherson220ヶ月 前

    "What is better, to be born good, or to overcome your evil nature through great effort?" Paarthurnax 2011

  66. It's The Undisputed Sag Boo

    It's The Undisputed Sag Booヶ月 前

    Under 1 minute in & your energy is explosive 😂😂 love it👌🏾

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  71. Kellie Johnson

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    My angry face is 🤬

  72. You won’t know

    You won’t knowヶ月 前

    When my name is anastasia....

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    you need a microphone

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  81. Jake Alcomendas

    Jake Alcomendasヶ月 前

    Anastasia's man lowkey looks like Kristoff from Frozen..