An Invitation - Escape the Night


  1. Valentina P

    Valentina P40 分 前

    They killed the only one who can really act

  2. Emma Smiddy

    Emma Smiddy5 時間 前


  3. Gabrielle Cadieux-Sabourin

    Gabrielle Cadieux-Sabourin6 時間 前

    I kinda expected for Sakura to come out any moment

  4. Assassin Cherry!

    Assassin Cherry!18 時間 前

    God, thank you JPreporter, now i can see ALL THE FRIKIN EPS i needed to wait 4 years tho :/

  5. Don Alonzo

    Don Alonzo20 時間 前

    Im sad ijustine just got buried on episode 3 so i dont wanna watch it anymore :

  6. ㄖㄖ千_卂ᗪ乇_卄乇尺乇

    ㄖㄖ千_卂ᗪ乇_卄乇尺乇22 時間 前

    I stopped watching it on my 11 birthday now I’m 12 me and my siblings watched it but unfortunately JPreporter red or premium :( but now I can watch it YESS!!

  7. Cute Duck

    Cute Duck21 時間 前

    I know right I checked and it was free and I’m like oh my god yessss!!!

  8. ImTeruFried

    ImTeruFried日 前

    Nobody else skeptic about how the fact that the favourites of this show have been getting cancelled one by one x_x

  9. Sia Jia Lin

    Sia Jia Lin日 前

    I'm scared

  10. Coconut Playz

    Coconut Playz日 前

    Who knew lele pons was in this movie

  11. Pixel Wizard

    Pixel Wizard2 日 前

    I had a “Escape the night” marathon during quarantine.

  12. Crazed Lynn

    Crazed Lynn2 日 前

    2020 anyone? Maybe doing a marathon?

  13. Dragon Girl Gamer

    Dragon Girl Gamer3 日 前

    *When escape the night isn’t JPreporter premium anymore* Me: LETS GOOO, I waited over a year for dis >:000

  14. Biscuit Krueger

    Biscuit Krueger4 日 前

    why am I so addicted to watching etn im-

  15. Thulium

    Thulium4 日 前

    I’ve been rewatching escape the night and I now have huge respect for all the actors and actresses who played the monsters and other characters.

  16. natasa radenenkovic

    natasa radenenkovic4 日 前

    Who else kinda felt sorry for the maid

  17. First born unicorn

    First born unicorn4 日 前

    This reminds me of that family guy episode.

  18. Alex -o-

    Alex -o-5 日 前

    I remember watching this when it first came out

  19. Mori Molotov

    Mori Molotov6 日 前

    19:56 That looks very similar to the church in season 3...

  20. Mori Molotov

    Mori Molotov6 日 前

    The most relatable quote to me “Where’s the mathematician?!?” “Don’t worry I’m Asian!”

  21. Corinne Wedick

    Corinne Wedick7 日 前

    When Joey was single but know he's whit Daniel

  22. i Gachanime

    i Gachanime7 日 前

    My friend Ethan recommended something to me for a change so lets see how it goes :)

  23. Kalen Reese

    Kalen Reese7 日 前

    glozell be like: shebdodbekalansi

  24. ShadowDemonBoy 779

    ShadowDemonBoy 7797 日 前

    8:56 “I stole it”

  25. • Sageripple •

    • Sageripple •7 日 前

    That cigar looks too big for Tim's mouth

  26. • Sageripple •

    • Sageripple •7 日 前

    "My cousins give me nothin" Hinestly I feels like that's something basically everyone can relate to xd

  27. X Jackie

    X Jackie7 日 前

    Who just looked wanted to watch one episode then watched all four seasons

  28. Kim Davis

    Kim Davis7 日 前

    No shame I love u omg I'm crying

  29. Daisha Kruse

    Daisha Kruse8 日 前

    “Are we not gonna call the police for this!?” With what phone? *oh wait-*

  30. Vicky Plays

    Vicky Plays8 日 前

    It’s 2020 now not 2016

  31. GeekOfTheWeek

    GeekOfTheWeek8 日 前

    If you guys are curious what the answer was for the age of the corrupted children problem: a + b + c = 13 a * b * c = 36 so the numbers are 1, 4, and 9

  32. genderbent Shrek

    genderbent Shrek8 日 前

    Tbh Ollie was mvp in this episode

  33. Głittėry Gåčhå Bėė

    Głittėry Gåčhå Bėė9 日 前

    Let's just be honest *we were all sad when GloZell died*

  34. Głittėry Gåčhå Bėė

    Głittėry Gåčhå Bėė9 日 前

    Let's all be honest here. *When you saw that Shawn's character was a renegade we all did the dance*

  35. Kimberly Gudiño

    Kimberly Gudiño9 日 前

    I honestly hate glozell when she yells at joey she just got me mad

  36. • ButterflyGirl66E •

    • ButterflyGirl66E •9 日 前

    Who else really enjoys them at the beginning of all the seasons having a good time, hanging out, its adorable

  37. IcyFire YT

    IcyFire YT9 日 前

    Me as a kid that watched this: thinking it was real 👁👄👁 Yes i was an idiot and still am

  38. Gelato Jululie

    Gelato Jululie10 日 前

    So like 3 years ago I had nightmares about this show for 3 months and slept in the same room as my mom for that long and now I’m coming back and watching it so, here it goes!✌️👍🤞

  39. Aseel Aadossery

    Aseel Aadossery10 日 前

    Eva you are the best that why you won , beautiful little shocke 😘👑

  40. Ero Gomez

    Ero Gomez10 日 前

    This has legit big Among Us vibes lmao

  41. Krystian Rivera

    Krystian Rivera10 日 前

    Me watching season 3 of etn “don’t give 2020 any ideas” and here we are...

  42. Gopi krishna Boddu

    Gopi krishna Boddu10 日 前


  43. Theresa Ruiz

    Theresa Ruiz10 日 前

    I just realized that Joey said the cults simbule and in season 4 Roseanna thought the society anginst evil was a cult and was right

  44. Juliana Araújo

    Juliana Araújo11 日 前

    Did they really died whoever was

  45. snowymaddness

    snowymaddness11 日 前

    Why didn't they just run away from the house and live in the 1920s that's what I would of done

  46. Everett

    Everett12 日 前

    Spoilers! Eva: What if it's the maid. Everyone else: Nah it's not it. Episode 10: It's the maid.

  47. Mina Ashido

    Mina Ashido12 日 前

    Me:wwatching the sires for the 3rd time 👁👄👁

  48. Julie Oelofse

    Julie Oelofse13 日 前

    House keeper:we need 2 more antidout to kill him....

  49. Jannah Eiliyah Malon

    Jannah Eiliyah Malon14 日 前

    Who can here cause of that video where it shows Bret man be in an icon :v😂😂😂

  50. Mk121

    Mk12115 日 前

    If this was happening in 2020 the cast would probably be: Merrell twins Laurdiy James charles Nikki tutorials Brad mondeau Chloe ting Emma chamberlain Try guys David dobrik Josh peck Morgan Adams Imari Stuart Kian and jc Edit: I’ve never seen the series and I’m now on season 3😂😂 I didn’t realize like 3/4 of the ppl i listed have already been in it

  51. Hello Hi

    Hello Hi15 日 前

    Anyone here September 2020?

  52. Anna Jinx

    Anna Jinx15 日 前

    I feel Tim on the receiving the letter. “I’m I getting sued!?” Lol

  53. Marieanne Lujano

    Marieanne Lujano16 日 前

    I've seen everything during youtube premium but watching it all again during quarantine since Joey made it free

  54. Not_MJ 14

    Not_MJ 1416 日 前

    i watch this 5 time

  55. Not_MJ 14

    Not_MJ 1416 日 前

    i love this! :3

  56. AcidWolf

    AcidWolf16 日 前

    Killing people NICE

  57. Jalei Mannis

    Jalei Mannis17 日 前

    Please not EVA

  58. Nova Olympian

    Nova Olympian17 日 前

    I'm still watching this 4 years later!

  59. Michael Langdell

    Michael Langdell17 日 前

    Joey: Espace the night will be free to watch for 2 months. Me two months later: I ain't complaining

  60. Stasia Lerma

    Stasia Lerma17 日 前

    When it said renegade I started doing the renegade from tiktok

  61. 우산태국 연빈

    우산태국 연빈17 日 前

    Lemme watch this since am late

  62. Saman -

    Saman -17 日 前

    I’m watching this season for the 5th time

  63. Nathan Montgomery

    Nathan Montgomery17 日 前

    its kinda slow

  64. Amy Rodriguez Tarazon

    Amy Rodriguez Tarazon18 日 前

    Anyone watching in 2020 and just realized Shane's name was "the renegade" 🤣

  65. A m X r e n t h i n e

    A m X r e n t h i n e18 日 前

    Y'all say anything ...... But Glozell's the best 😂😂

  66. Unathi mag

    Unathi mag18 日 前


  67. Sophie Ruesch

    Sophie Ruesch18 日 前

    I’m thinking I probably won’t watch this in the middle of the night right before going to sleep again... seems like it’s gonna get a little darker and creepier and I’m not really one for that. I still wanna watch it, just maybe during the day lol

  68. Gissele Nunez

    Gissele Nunez19 日 前

    I'm bingwatching the while series right now and I have like 4 hours and I continue tomorrow but tonight's dream going to make me pee in bed

  69. Jess Jenna

    Jess Jenna19 日 前

    Worst acting ever I seen better acting from a child

  70. Unathi mag

    Unathi mag18 日 前

    Ah yes i have found my first hate comment

  71. Mariana Calderon

    Mariana Calderon19 日 前

    Anyone here September 2020 bing watching Escape the night

  72. Unathi mag

    Unathi mag18 日 前


  73. Leila Brashear

    Leila Brashear20 日 前

    okok i wached k-12

  74. Lily Hernandez

    Lily Hernandez20 日 前

    Am rewatching all of the series check

  75. lolxD LOL

    lolxD LOL21 日 前

    i finally buyed yt premium after SOOOOO long

  76. My Kitties

    My Kitties21 日 前

    Its sad that they dont even mention the dead body sarah draged away in the whole rest of the series

  77. Lucas Bell

    Lucas Bell21 日 前

    21:14 did you see joey jump tho 😂

  78. Azi Spazi

    Azi Spazi21 日 前

    I need a marathon boys...

  79. ヨイセAqtrin x

    ヨイセAqtrin x21 日 前


  80. Emma Wilson

    Emma Wilson22 日 前


  81. bruh that’s a mood

    bruh that’s a mood22 日 前

    i love how they were talking about the maid like she wasn't there and she was just like: -_-

  82. Look Down Your Talking To Yourhighnest

    Look Down Your Talking To Yourhighnest22 日 前

    Thank god my friend from p4 gave me this show I'm new here and scared he says its killing you tubers but not really real dead of them

  83. callmebonbon

    callmebonbon22 日 前

    I used to love watching escape the night so I want to watch it now

  84. Gabriella Sullivan

    Gabriella Sullivan22 日 前

    August 2020 anyone???

  85. Mayhem

    Mayhem22 日 前

    Say I if you're re-watching this for courintine-

  86. Jonix

    Jonix23 日 前

    I don’t watch Joey at all, but escape the night looks AMAZING

  87. Jess Grace

    Jess Grace24 日 前

    Yes it's still free

  88. Kiarra Shane

    Kiarra Shane24 日 前

    When youtube red finally free 🤣

  89. 100k subscribers without a video challenge

    100k subscribers without a video challenge25 日 前


  90. Luna Haleraven

    Luna Haleraven25 日 前

    19:16 -- Arthur just subtly moving everyone, timed his grab of Eva right xD looking like he's protecting the Maid right there.

  91. Dancing cat and Floof bunny Gacha

    Dancing cat and Floof bunny Gacha25 日 前

    2020 check

  92. Jayden Destroyer0

    Jayden Destroyer025 日 前

    H0i iM T3mM13.

  93. Kenya Kiryu

    Kenya Kiryu25 日 前

    Are none of the girls aware that Joey isn’t straight...nor single?

  94. xau

    xau25 日 前

    If I were here, my last words would be *we like fortnite*

  95. Minecraft Plays & More!

    Minecraft Plays & More!26 日 前

    I never knew they made it free i never finished this series

  96. Cupcake pitcher Fungulf

    Cupcake pitcher Fungulf27 日 前

    Pls make season 5

  97. Hdog m

    Hdog m27 日 前

    I'm only 10 am I to young

  98. 난장판뒤집어

    난장판뒤집어11 日 前

    i watched this when i was 8. ur fine

  99. flatbedncowboy1

    flatbedncowboy128 日 前

    Who's watching this in 2021

  100. Kelly Rock

    Kelly Rock28 日 前

    ⓗⓘ 𝕪𝕖𝕤 𝕚 𝕒𝕞 𝕨𝕒𝕥𝕔𝕙𝕚𝕟𝕘 𝕥𝕙𝕚𝕤 𝔣𝔬𝔯 𝔱𝔥𝔢 fífth 𝓽𝓲𝓶𝓮

  101. Chloe Masri

    Chloe Masri28 日 前

    Why r they all acting like it’s an escape room tf ppl are like dying and being killed Bhahahaahhhaah

  102. قابوس المعظم

    قابوس المعظم29 日 前


  103. قابوس المعظم

    قابوس المعظم29 日 前


  104. Hermione Granger

    Hermione Granger29 日 前

    honestly, i would choose this over 2020 any day

  105. Will Clauson

    Will Clauson28 日 前

    Lmao same 😂

  106. Gamebow Girl

    Gamebow Girl29 日 前

    I question why their letting the maid vibe