'An Insult to Every Mother in America' - Kitchen Nightmares


  1. Jean-philippe cestmoi

    Jean-philippe cestmoi日 前

    Télé réalité ...rien de plus

  2. KB Arts

    KB Arts2 日 前

    Bruh they legit gave him Kraft Mac and Cheese. 😂 You can tell just by looking at the shape of the noodles.

  3. Lily Flower

    Lily Flower6 日 前

    Its kraft mac and cheese lol

  4. Edie Beacon

    Edie Beacon7 日 前

    if the head chef looks that disgusting at his job then he doesn’t even care about the food. he probably is there just because some woman spawned his baby ogers

  5. The Miskin Gamer

    The Miskin Gamer9 日 前

    i love my daddy my super hero

  6. Bobby

    Bobby9 日 前

    Guys can you help me find this episode?

  7. Jonathan Cineus

    Jonathan Cineus11 日 前

    I wonder how many people spat in his food after he complained about the 1st order every single time.

  8. Dohn Joe

    Dohn Joe13 日 前

    Not knocking Kraft Mac & Cheese. The blue box will always be amazing to me. When you go out to eat though. You don't wanna be charged $4-$5 for something that you can get for Less than $1.

  9. Balu 92

    Balu 9223 日 前

    If I ever see Gordon entering a restaurant, I say free food. I'll just tell the waiter, "I'm having what Gordon's having.. like, *literally* what he's having.. and you'll know when to serve me"

  10. a

    a26 日 前

    Chef Mike at it again!!

  11. Dovah 216

    Dovah 21626 日 前


  12. Asali a

    Asali a27 日 前

    Calamari is very particular how you cook it. My dad runs a restaurant where they serve Calamari. I fucking love calamari, it’s the fuckin best when cooked right. I think calamari takes around 2 minutes, I forget. But squid in general has to be cooked either a really long time or a really short time, anything In between gets chewy and gross (like Gordon said). I mean two seconds will really change the way your calamari feels in your mouth.

  13. befreekb

    befreekb28 日 前

    Does he ever like anything??

  14. SeanTheOriginal

    SeanTheOriginal29 日 前

    Working at a restaurant for 10 years is code for "I'm not good enough to do anything else".

  15. YouTube YouTube

    YouTube YouTube29 日 前

    Mac n cheese

  16. JustARandomYoutuber

    JustARandomYoutuber29 日 前

    How do you fuck up mac n cheese?!?

  17. Alejandra

    Alejandraヶ月 前

    The waitress looks like Ashley Tidale

  18. Maria MC

    Maria MCヶ月 前

    Does anyone else appreciate the sound effects of the food? LOL

  19. Katy Lepetsos

    Katy Lepetsosヶ月 前


  20. Katy Lepetsos

    Katy Lepetsosヶ月 前

    Sorry if I miss spelled anything, I don’t have my glasses on

  21. Thomas Fontaine

    Thomas Fontaineヶ月 前

    I mean, Calimari is inherently chewy. He always says that about the calamari.

  22. Emilio UKIP

    Emilio UKIPヶ月 前

    The guy looks like a baby

  23. Scott Gossett

    Scott Gossettヶ月 前

    Easy Mac!!

  24. Lui Gutierrez

    Lui Gutierrezヶ月 前

    I wonder what people are coming here and enjoying the food when the owners say that their food is great

  25. Roamer MGTOW

    Roamer MGTOWヶ月 前

    "Calamaris one of my favorites." "I dont think I should be touching it" Yep

  26. Saucy Mcfoodlefist

    Saucy Mcfoodlefistヶ月 前

    Ashleigh definitely does H

  27. ZUL BAHRIM46

    ZUL BAHRIM46ヶ月 前

    Chef mic is the real chef on this show and im keep repeating this comment on every section on this channel on every episode 😂😂

  28. Random Girl

    Random Girlヶ月 前

    Me: eats food at a new restaurant Me in my head: this shit is nasty My parents: how is the food Me: it’s actually really good

  29. CC 101

    CC 101ヶ月 前

    Everytime I see a chef put something in the microwave on this show, a part of me dies

  30. AnimeLover4Life3395

    AnimeLover4Life3395ヶ月 前

    Still better than what my mom would attempt to make

  31. II M4X II

    II M4X IIヶ月 前

    Even if he doesn't like the food very much, he should at least fucking eat it, and not be such a bitch wasting food.

  32. Lily Luna

    Lily Lunaヶ月 前

    Did she just threw the whole plate of food in trash ? Mam there are people out who can n will murder to get some food. Just because gorden doesn’t like it , it does not become useless ultimately.


    MASTERHALL117ヶ月 前

    Poor Gordon.... risking his belly’s safety to make these restaurants a better one...

  34. Morgan V.

    Morgan V.ヶ月 前

    "This is what we do everyday, we think we do a pretty good job." Well if your restaurant is empty everyday, that isn't giving you a clue about how you're doing?

  35. William Francis

    William Francisヶ月 前

    Microwave: Beep...Beep....Beep Gordon: *pulls grenade pin*

  36. i don’t get jokes

    i don’t get jokesヶ月 前

    Gordon has no chill lmao

  37. Ryan Waidalowski

    Ryan Waidalowskiヶ月 前

    Your food sucks

  38. Seven YT

    Seven YTヶ月 前

    discord.gg/fjzDCva hi join

  39. Xi Jinping

    Xi Jinpingヶ月 前

    Why do they all act like there the best cooks in the world.

  40. Sara Arifee

    Sara Arifeeヶ月 前

    She said the fried calamari is her favorite yet she was afraid to even touch it? So dumb

  41. Princess Huddini

    Princess Huddiniヶ月 前

    When you serve krafts...

  42. Evelyn

    Evelynヶ月 前

    how dare they !

  43. シArrixya

    シArrixyaヶ月 前

    Cameraman: *zooms in on the microwave* Me: 𝗡𝗼𝘁 𝗮𝗴𝗮𝗶𝗻-

  44. Loxo888

    Loxo888ヶ月 前

    Only server that I didn’t really like

  45. Daphne B.

    Daphne B.ヶ月 前

    I want Gordan Ramsay to review military MREs

  46. ok 237

    ok 237ヶ月 前


  47. Edgar Giron

    Edgar Gironヶ月 前

    3:08 was my favorite part. 😭😭

  48. Aft Terror

    Aft Terrorヶ月 前

    Damn ten years

  49. Mr Peebs

    Mr Peebsヶ月 前

    Watching this on mother’s day

  50. College Football Tailgate

    College Football Tailgateヶ月 前

    They managed to get one compliment, nice toasted bun. Thats better than most of these.

  51. BlxueHaxzey

    BlxueHaxzeyヶ月 前

    I like how it's also mothers day today.😂

  52. Memes_*Compilation

    Memes_*Compilationヶ月 前

    It’s Mother’s Day and this popped up on my recommended 😂

  53. ScottOSaurus

    ScottOSaurusヶ月 前

    Waitress seemed like a total bitch.

  54. Rachel DeRosier

    Rachel DeRosierヶ月 前

    "Fee, fi, fo, fum! I smell Kraft Dinner!" Thumbs up if you get the reference.

  55. Jacky Chen

    Jacky Chenヶ月 前

    Whenever you see chef Mike on the job again you know its over

  56. Glennandrews

    Glennandrews2 ヶ月 前

    The waitress is a methhead.

  57. Syed R

    Syed R2 ヶ月 前

    which episode is this one?

  58. evan_agw

    evan_agw2 ヶ月 前

    2:40 Dude looks and sounds like post malone o.o

  59. TheIcePotatoe !

    TheIcePotatoe !2 ヶ月 前


  60. YourPalAL

    YourPalAL2 ヶ月 前

    At least they don’t shit on the floor.

  61. Just_ Panda_

    Just_ Panda_2 ヶ月 前

    I don’t like the sound affect they add to food, it does nothing to the feel of the video because you can tell it’s added it

  62. iiM SomeBoDY

    iiM SomeBoDY2 ヶ月 前

    Most definitely kraft mac n cheese

  63. Erika Lee

    Erika Lee2 ヶ月 前

    What I took from this show: 1. Use fresh ingredients as much as possible 2. Don't put hunderds of items on the menu 3. Don't put pictures on the menu 4. Don't microwave the food 5. Don't use food from 4 days ago just because it was frozen to last 6. Don't get into the business with your family 7. Close as soon as you start losing money if you don't want to go into debt 8. Keep the kitchen clean and put labels on food 9. Don't go balistic if an item is sent back, instead find out what was wrong with it Damn, now I feel the urge to open a restaurant

  64. Courtney Lewis

    Courtney Lewis2 ヶ月 前

    I love the waitress. She was concerned about sanitation and being a proper server when he asked her to touch the food


    THEMRLURCH12 ヶ月 前

    The service slags can never repeat what he says in full when they take it back. Women are so vacant and pointless !

  66. Charlotte Harbaugh

    Charlotte Harbaugh2 ヶ月 前

    10 years is a long time, but if she is still there imagine it would be 18 years now!!! That's crazy to think. Time flys

  67. Nem

    Nem2 ヶ月 前

    I know Kraft when I see it

  68. beautyfool

    beautyfool2 ヶ月 前

    They tried it. That is boxed Mac and cheese. I use to eat it as a kid. Hate it now.

  69. Tamarix

    Tamarix2 ヶ月 前

    When I go eat I don’t even have the guts to tell them that their food is burnt 😭😭😭 I just eat it

  70. The Dino kaseiji

    The Dino kaseiji2 ヶ月 前

    Restaurant -> An insult to every mother in America Gordon Ramsay -> An insult to every chef that messes up.

  71. The Dino kaseiji

    The Dino kaseiji2 ヶ月 前

    *walks to microwave shop I dont eat frozen food *walks to Microsoft BUYS EVERYTHING.

  72. Avced

    Avced2 ヶ月 前

    Notice how they add a 'splash' sound effect to the food in the American version to make it sound more gross.

  73. Pranav Gowda

    Pranav Gowda2 ヶ月 前

    he want everybody to be his wife and everybody to fuck his wife its all scripted

  74. Alexander Kelly

    Alexander Kelly2 ヶ月 前

    The Japanese didn't like "the bomb"

  75. Evan

    Evan2 ヶ月 前

    was that Kraft macaroni??

  76. Don Cappel

    Don Cappel2 ヶ月 前

    Look it's Gordon loves it Rams eat up his ass the albino piece of s*** talk the talking piece of s*** he is never happy unless he is eating s*** fresh out of the toilet

  77. Typical 90s Gamer

    Typical 90s Gamer2 ヶ月 前

    Ash is just like me, doesnt give a shit about the situation. She even shares my name lol.

  78. W Whit

    W Whit2 ヶ月 前

    Who eats a freaking hamburger with a fork and knife Gordon Ramsay: I do

  79. Paul I

    Paul I2 ヶ月 前

    0:54 here we go, Chef Mike just showed up for work!

  80. Hannah Kalter

    Hannah Kalter2 ヶ月 前

    Everyone knows that’s Kraft

  81. Idealist `

    Idealist `2 ヶ月 前

    There is like nothing more easy to cook like Mc n cheese

  82. Wilson Thamadeus

    Wilson Thamadeus2 ヶ月 前

    "How are you?" "Im Ashleigh" Hmm, yes. Im feeling very Ashleigh today