1. James Furniss

    James Furniss18 分 前

    How do you make a JPreporter channel

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    This is so fucking stupid...

  3. Merly Alvarez

    Merly Alvarez15 時間 前

    What sub and fletch is here

  4. Tin Cost

    Tin Cost19 時間 前

    DO THE MEDIC CHANLANG IN FORTNITE sorry for my spelling.

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    Helping ya get 20m subs

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    Rip laser beme

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    A wise man once said I want six of them

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    Hi, LazerBeam, remember me, we were on Among Us a few mins ago? Plz sub to my channel

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    Sup to LAZAR BEAM

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    051 Farhan Alif Farin2 日 前

    Lazar Beam is the big grape and we are the small grape

  15. TheBeastYeet

    TheBeastYeet2 日 前

    I grew a mullet and got said when u cut it and stopped watching you for a month

  16. ttw_Appelcat

    ttw_Appelcat2 日 前

    How else saw the purple whit the went?

  17. Stephanie Snyder

    Stephanie Snyder2 日 前

    If you're waiting for your food at a restaurant for the waiter to get it would that make you the waiter

  18. tyler rumpf

    tyler rumpf2 日 前

    Dw mate I’ve got like 3 accounts were I have sub’ed to ur channel I’ll help u get there

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    I will buy one of your T-shirts and Hoody is but then my mum won’t really let me

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    Massive giveaway at 100 subs. Be sure to be there when it happens!

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    Extreme lightning4 日 前

    Great mod

  27. Mark Boyle

    Mark Boyle4 日 前

    Thanos: I am inevitable. Imposter:😹👎

  28. Fortnite Intros

    Fortnite Intros4 日 前

    Who thinks among us should add modes like thanos and other characters

  29. Alex Gunderson

    Alex Gunderson4 日 前

    Hey laser beam In chapter 2 season One of fortnite Mr. Top 5 Beat your sniper Record

  30. Circa 1980s

    Circa 1980s4 日 前

    No no don’t touch me there this is my no-no square no no don’t touch me the

  31. Yeet

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    I didn’t notice that was sub


    TECHNO STAN4 日 前

    (; you are amazing

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    Oh hi fletch

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    Today we become thaaayyyynos

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    I went into some peoples chat and they thought I was u🤣😂🤣🤣

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    TYM 2 DEZTROY5 日 前

    Wait whaaat

  38. Lucas Zarate

    Lucas Zarate5 日 前

    It's thanos's kidney stones which is looking for because he lost them

  39. Lazar Beam

    Lazar Beam5 日 前

    I am happy with this video

  40. Jamshed Mughal

    Jamshed Mughal5 日 前

    there was literaly 3 stones where he was

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  42. Benny Toks

    Benny Toks6 日 前

    I love ❤️ (2020)

  43. T man Willy

    T man Willy6 日 前

    For 20 mil subs say yeet 20 million times

  44. Stromic

    Stromic7 日 前

    Bruh 😭, did he say transformation stone 😂, idk why but it’s bugging me that he’s calling them blue and yellow stones

  45. Lia Lia

    Lia Lia7 日 前

    Holy crap he is SO GOOD I spent my last Braincel laughing at him ( in a nice way not being mean)

  46. Totally Awesome

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  47. XD Armor

    XD Armor7 日 前

    its thanos not thaneos

  48. Elizabeth Salazar

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    Just kidding

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    I love this

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    Hey I miss you lazerbeam◉‿◉

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    Can i get the link to play

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    This is so sussy

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    Your videos make my day better

  55. the sonic nerd

    the sonic nerd9 日 前

    I wonder if lazarbeam is actually mully

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    Mr.Beast ✔︎

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  58. Edwin Campos

    Edwin Campos9 日 前

    Fuck you you delete fortnite

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    The purple Grape is back

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    He's inevitable

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    Snap away among us pls

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    Us code lazar

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    lazarbeam can you play more robloxs

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    I subscribe

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    Mullet /(

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    more than one thanos is called thani

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    How can we play with this mod?

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    Daily dose of internet is here ☝️

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    Reality can be whatever I want

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    I'm THANOS

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    lazar i wand to do a video with you because i am BORED sooooo... i'll add you

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  76. Naveen 5a Pallavaram-1

    Naveen 5a Pallavaram-112 日 前

    Dude u litterly missed 3 stones at the same spot

  77. Gun Cat

    Gun Cat12 日 前

    Wait if thanos is trying to find stones is he stoned?

  78. Deepak R

    Deepak R12 日 前

    Me:it’s not thanos it’s chunky grape 🍇 Iron man:And I am red grape

  79. Satisfied

    Satisfied12 日 前

    Bro back in Fortnite! *big Grape 🍇*

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    Lazarbeam, I don’t feel so good 🥺

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    How do you get those mods

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    I was kidding

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  87. Harry Jones

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    Ur vids are sick

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    Do you all remember lazar into it will be missed

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  92. Zane-Andrew Clarke

    Zane-Andrew Clarke14 日 前

    thanos snaps his fingers '' I am Inevitable''

  93. Straxili Superman

    Straxili Superman14 日 前

    Please tell me

  94. Straxili Superman

    Straxili Superman14 日 前

    How to install that

  95. Straxili Superman

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    Please tell me

  96. STG Squad

    STG Squad14 日 前

    Why are sub and fletch there

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    STG Squad14 日 前

    Can. I pllllsss play among us with ya

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    Make more Apex gameplay please

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  100. Charles Bachell

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    Just a new game segestion its called theif simulator

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    I love lazer beam

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    Mully sus m8

  104. Jacob Dench

    Jacob Dench14 日 前

    Lazerbeam has the most dry and bland humour of anyone I’ve ever seen you pay a guy to rig a game and act like you rule the world it’s not impressive it’s just annoying and lazy be original

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    I’m a big fan