Among Us But Imposter Can't Kill Me #2



    CHLOE GAMING14 分 前

    You're so smart to play

  2. Valeria Gonzalez

    Valeria Gonzalez24 分 前

    Yeah fish is the homie lol

  3. maaz farhan video gamer

    maaz farhan video gamer時間 前

    I wish I was big brain like you zmde

  4. Faris Alyahya

    Faris Alyahya時間 前

    I watched part 1 already I want a please please please part 3 pretty please I love this like idea!

  5. Han Yong Lim

    Han Yong Lim時間 前

    Did you realise halloween decorations in medbay?

  6. Gavin Lynn

    Gavin Lynn2 時間 前

    How did you get on that mode because I can’t do it

  7. Kanchi Chatterjee

    Kanchi Chatterjee2 時間 前

    Me: waiting to see if red was the imposter. Video: OREILY AUTO PARTS

  8. Jonathan Zeh

    Jonathan Zeh2 時間 前

    ZMDE to Rin: Today yo gonna die

  9. Jonathan Zeh

    Jonathan Zeh2 時間 前


  10. the queen of kitty

    the queen of kitty3 時間 前

    You are so smart

  11. Timothy Teong Ian Lau

    Timothy Teong Ian Lau3 時間 前

    0:57 the reactor Um I think it’s 02

  12. Le Animator

    Le Animator3 時間 前

    Ok at this point I might as well subscribe cuz this is really entertaining

  13. Tom Alfred Locambo

    Tom Alfred Locambo3 時間 前

    Is ZMDE a detective.

  14. Xingqui From the Guhau clan

    Xingqui From the Guhau clan4 時間 前

    I luv ZMDE

  15. Ducky Duck

    Ducky Duck4 時間 前

    You know imposter can fix the problem

  16. Dawan Thomas

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  17. C Fawcett’s

    C Fawcett’s4 時間 前

    Hey fish and ZMDE fish i like ahen

  18. Nadia flores

    Nadia flores5 時間 前

    I love your JPreporter channel

  19. funtime foxy

    funtime foxy5 時間 前

    M j sus

  20. Tamba Andrade

    Tamba Andrade6 時間 前

    is Good 🎮 is good ok ZMDE

  21. William Walcott

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  22. Rola Hariri

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  23. Courtney Martin

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  24. Colin_the_gamer

    Colin_the_gamer8 時間 前

    Me when i try to do his strategy: *everyone votes me out* And if ZMDE does it, it goes like this: ima follow fish! Everyone: ok that is good for me! Me: 😢

  25. Rosa Flores

    Rosa Flores8 時間 前

    Dude play with unspeakable in among us

  26. Galaxy Wolfy UwU

    Galaxy Wolfy UwU8 時間 前

    It’,was cute when fish sed dont leave me

  27. Carl

    Carl8 時間 前

    "Among Us but the Impostor can't kill me" *gets impostor* Well the title still fits because the Impostor can't kill you because YOU are the Impostor Unless you're suicidal idk

  28. Binh Pham

    Binh Pham8 時間 前


  29. TalalDeBest

    TalalDeBest8 時間 前

    There’s something wrong Imposter *impostor*

  30. Ok Videos

    Ok Videos9 時間 前

    This is my fave episode

  31. Miodrag Marković

    Miodrag Marković9 時間 前

    You are pro

  32. Miodrag Marković

    Miodrag Marković9 時間 前


  33. Alolext

    Alolext9 時間 前

    “THE REACTOR!” Reactor: it’s o2

  34. Jeff Dillman

    Jeff Dillman9 時間 前

    rose smart

  35. Charles C.

    Charles C.10 時間 前

    *What?! The reactor?!* * oxygen goes off *

  36. Wolf Bear gaming

    Wolf Bear gaming10 時間 前

    0:57. ZMDE- “ The reactor” when he called o2. Then at 1:01 he says “ fix the reactor that you broke” when fish was at lower engine. LOL

  37. Jaziel Martin Del Campo

    Jaziel Martin Del Campo11 時間 前

    Why does ZMDE still want to be with fish still

  38. IamRozes Brian

    IamRozes Brian11 時間 前

    ZMDE:oh hey everybody’s here

  39. oscar Chavez

    oscar Chavez12 時間 前

    Good strategy

  40. Alan Bautista

    Alan Bautista12 時間 前

    Its solo cool

  41. Askander Nisser

    Askander Nisser14 時間 前

    ZMDE Why did you stop making stories?😢

  42. Louis DiCostanzo

    Louis DiCostanzo14 時間 前

    i hate those pesky crewmates

  43. Roossp

    Roossp16 時間 前

    When someone actually go off of proof instead if just yelling sus and using their brain lol

  44. Caitlyn Torres

    Caitlyn Torres17 時間 前

    6:23 I love this part lol...... You make the best videos ZMDE.... ILY

  45. nami Sahu

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  46. 사랑Zoe

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  47. pranisha manandhar

    pranisha manandhar18 時間 前

    cani be in ur group as well plz👏👏👐

  48. Jathniel Agtarap

    Jathniel Agtarap18 時間 前

    Play stick war legacy ZMDE

  49. El Toro Loco RBLX Plays

    El Toro Loco RBLX Plays18 時間 前

    "So Fish,How Those Wires Lookin?" *butzmdepointsfishfordoingwiresbuthesdoingdivertpower*

  50. Remzing Piltun

    Remzing Piltun19 時間 前

    M.g suss

  51. S Eli Sbasjin

    S Eli Sbasjin20 時間 前

    Xander if you watching this um come to in a match among us with me

  52. Rishik Varlani

    Rishik Varlani20 時間 前

    fish is da homie

  53. Tymen Worp, van der

    Tymen Worp, van der20 時間 前

    I love the different voices

  54. Kong Eng Ho

    Kong Eng Ho21 時間 前

    I was in your bid

  55. Kong Eng Ho

    Kong Eng Ho21 時間 前

    Cool zmde

  56. Kong Eng Ho

    Kong Eng Ho21 時間 前

    Hey I was in the vid I was fish my among us name is fish colour is cyan

  57. Ray Bhu

    Ray Bhu21 時間 前

    0:56 It Was The O2😂

  58. Rio Brando

    Rio Brando21 時間 前

    My name is mj

  59. lιттlє ѕтяαωвєяяу ɕσω ցαмιηց

    lιттlє ѕтяαωвєяяу ɕσω ցαмιηց22 時間 前

    An actual Sherlock

  60. i love anime BG

    i love anime BG23 時間 前

    wow your ahhh super detictive

  61. Robert Gomba

    Robert Gomba日 前

    Wow it's a joke

  62. Wyatt Knauss

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  63. Zypher Fontanilla

    Zypher Fontanilla日 前

    I got loding bitchh

  64. Zypher Fontanilla

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    Wtf lolding

  65. Zypher Fontanilla

    Zypher Fontanilla日 前

    Oooo sombotageee

  66. Zypher Fontanilla

    Zypher Fontanilla日 前

    Signal whattt!! Fishhhhhh is gunnyyyyyyyy🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  67. Zypher Fontanilla

    Zypher Fontanilla日 前

    Omg what is fish vented lol hahaha😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  68. Zypher Fontanilla

    Zypher Fontanilla日 前

    Why is do trickii!!

  69. mark emerson

    mark emerson日 前

    Omg I'm in the video Ram

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  71. Bleach 21

    Bleach 21日 前

    Reactor room when its o2

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  75. Jennifer Hilimire Jessen

    Jennifer Hilimire Jessen日 前

    I like fish

  76. youjin kim

    youjin kim日 前

    btw it is reactor

  77. K.C.C.

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  78. K.C.C.

    K.C.C.日 前

    This is a good yt channel

  79. Franklin Moran

    Franklin Moran日 前

    so fun 👍 Good contant

  80. RedCaneGirl - Plays

    RedCaneGirl - Plays日 前

    a coincidence is that when you killed orange i played among And killed orange in the same spot lol

  81. Blaire McGuire

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  82. Penelope Snyder

    Penelope Snyder日 前

    I watch ur tik tok

  83. The Rare Ocelot

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    I Made Bloxburg for Free

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    MrChonkeyChinaM8日 前

    how are u sooo smart

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    And this is my first time watching you you’re not super bad I’m subscribing

  86. My Family

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    Oh my gosh how are you so good at among us every game I play I alwaysDie

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    zaire Porter日 前

    Im a huge fan of you zmde he join my game

  89. Swayzecole Cole

    Swayzecole Cole日 前

    ZMDE did you just get in my game you asked if you could record us

  90. PUP Games

    PUP Games日 前

    He said reactor when it was oxygen

  91. Hoang Long

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    Follow Green crest and blue and green again

  92. Gloria Heo Kim

    Gloria Heo Kim日 前

    Ur good iam so bad at imposter....

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    Poooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo poooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo poooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo poooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

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    where do I find you game codes

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    This is soo smart

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    F in the chat for fish 😢

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    Tmoney has the among us skin that I use

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    Your smart!

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    I ship myself with bacons c:

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    I legit hate the lag/glitch/bug that makes people disappear but they’re not so it makes me keep thinking people are venting