America's Got Talent 2017 Angelica Hale 9 Year Old Stuns Simon & The Crowd Full Audition S12E02


  1. Lauture mwen renmen nou anpil Kenia

    Lauture mwen renmen nou anpil Kenia2 時間 前


  2. Ava Schimpf

    Ava Schimpf4 時間 前

    After Mel gave her a kiss she had lipstick on her cheek😂

  3. Stephanie Biscotti

    Stephanie Biscotti4 時間 前





  5. Wolfie Chu

    Wolfie Chu7 時間 前

    6:50 she has lipstick on her cheek since Mel B kissed her

  6. Ella Brazeal

    Ella Brazeal7 時間 前


  7. Taekookie BTS

    Taekookie BTS8 時間 前

    No one... Absolutely no one... Not even a single soul... Angelica: by the way Mel B your my favorite judge Mel B: *runs to give her a hug* Simon: *pressed the red button

  8. Frosty Cupcake

    Frosty Cupcake8 時間 前

    What did mommy give you? Her kidney Me: that’s some magic kidney she had there

  9. Emmy Forsythe

    Emmy Forsythe10 時間 前

    JK I love your voice

  10. Emmy Forsythe

    Emmy Forsythe10 時間 前

    I don't really like your singing voice

  11. Reyna Renata Salazar

    Reyna Renata Salazar12 時間 前

    Tyra about had a heart attack the moment that lil angel opened her mouth LMAO

  12. malak malouka

    malak malouka13 時間 前


  13. 采音橘

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  14. Aldana Alkuwari

    Aldana Alkuwari14 時間 前

    Sskp weeks part ssp

  15. Deb Stein

    Deb Stein17 時間 前

    And now you're 12 years old and you are destined for greatness with that voice at such a young age. You seem totally at home on stage. And it was also quite moving to see your dad crying listening to you.

  16. Tonja Karamatic

    Tonja Karamatic17 時間 前


  17. Josh Louden

    Josh Louden21 時間 前

    wait, why didn't she get the golden buzzer?

  18. Arline Martinez

    Arline Martinez23 時間 前

    I seing you are so good Angelica and my name is Angelica to is it That cool

  19. Noe  Verdugo

    Noe Verdugo23 時間 前

    Missouri,ldassolls Aa As Sale Z Azlpolzaplpzlpalppazakpolpo Qaqiojsqokpsqsllpsqlpqqs

  20. anselmoqp

    anselmoqp23 時間 前

    She is such an angle I love her like if you to

  21. Chelsea B

    Chelsea B23 時間 前

    Omg she is amazing ima be her fan now

  22. Chelsea B

    Chelsea B23 時間 前

    She’s so good at singing!

  23. anselmoqp

    anselmoqp23 時間 前

    I have tried it and I just sound like her

  24. Ornela Muqkurtaj

    Ornela Muqkurtaj日 前

    Cute🥰 Sweet🍩 Dear❤️ Angelica🌟🔥🌈💥💫🎖🏅🎤🎆

  25. Ghost

    Ghost日 前

    Angles do exsist

  26. Suraj P

    Suraj P日 前

    i wonder if she still got the small tiny puppy

  27. aabir hanjaf

    aabir hanjaf日 前

    Name of song please

  28. Demonica Vamilia Lazari

    Demonica Vamilia Lazari2 日 前

    Me knowing I sound good: 😁😁😁 After hearing her sing: 😐😐😐

  29. Michellee moon_ Flower_67

    Michellee moon_ Flower_672 日 前

    Me: *watching how cute she is* Girl: *Sings like an angel from heaven* Me: O___O MOOOOOOM IM GONNA GO AND TELL THIS GIRLS SHES AN ANGEL OMG Mom: 0-----0

  30. Dimakatso Surprise

    Dimakatso Surprise2 日 前

    When she sings that High note "Rise Up*😭❤ I literally Cry!😭😭

  31. Traci Clarke

    Traci Clarke2 日 前

    I truly love this young lady voice is so beautiful I am going to send my angel gabriel to watch over you and protect you I say this in the name of my lord God of Israel amen and amen and the name of the lord God of Israel and amen

  32. Daniela Gonzalez

    Daniela Gonzalez2 日 前

    😭😭😭😭😭So cute

  33. Keso Cheese

    Keso Cheese3 日 前

    Simon : who is your favorite judge? Angelica : Uhm , look... Still watching this 2020 who's with me ?

  34. suan pau

    suan pau3 日 前

    So so good

  35. Maat Senghor

    Maat Senghor3 日 前

    She said whitney Huston right but that's andra day😂🤦🏽‍♀️

  36. Kelvin Japheth

    Kelvin Japheth3 日 前


  37. Esther Rose

    Esther Rose3 日 前

    She's so cute baby félicitations kiss

  38. Raissa Duarte

    Raissa Duarte3 日 前


  39. Ugaazka official

    Ugaazka official3 日 前

    Am fans for angelica hale from somalia 🇸🇴🇸🇴🇸🇴

  40. Vedang Trivedi

    Vedang Trivedi3 日 前

    age 9- sings like a goddess. me 24- sounds like a dying sheep calling for help. damn it!. she's so cute ♥️

  41. kadia Purcell

    kadia Purcell3 日 前

    She is amazing

  42. Taylor Campnbell

    Taylor Campnbell4 日 前

    She is so good to be 9 and so cute

  43. Afia Khatun

    Afia Khatun4 日 前

    Me:starts singing Me again: starts to realise I sound nothing like Angelica

  44. Aontor kumar

    Aontor kumar4 日 前


  45. l smen l

    l smen l4 日 前

    ok the beginning when she is drawing that is the most staged crap bruh

  46. George Buck

    George Buck3 日 前

    No, she's just nervous, afraid she won't get voted through.

  47. FlippityGurrr

    FlippityGurrr4 日 前


  48. Raegan Gailey

    Raegan Gailey4 日 前

    Angelica: ooh ooh ooh mountains Simon:🤨🧐

  49. Shawn Galvez

    Shawn Galvez4 日 前

    She is so cute and I love how she sing she even has her own page

  50. Adrion Miller

    Adrion Miller5 日 前

    She can sing

  51. Araceli Almaraz

    Araceli Almaraz5 日 前

    Simon is my fav

  52. Natalka Galys

    Natalka Galys5 日 前

    I can sing Better like her

  53. Sahil Antil

    Sahil Antil5 日 前

    My mom gave me her life. I wasted it. . ;_;

  54. Sophia DiCristoforo

    Sophia DiCristoforo5 日 前


  55. Nadiya Sanchez

    Nadiya Sanchez5 日 前

    Her singing is sooooooooooooo good

  56. Ashley Meza

    Ashley Meza5 日 前

    I got inspired and emotional and I started to cry😂😂

  57. Tamara Gil-Garcia

    Tamara Gil-Garcia5 日 前

    Wow I was NOT expecting that

  58. sulei98

    sulei986 日 前

    Me desahoga ver algo tan pequeño que tenga algo tan grande por dentro

  59. Emely Melendez

    Emely Melendez6 日 前

    que linda boz

  60. Emely Melendez

    Emely Melendez6 日 前

    angelica es fea

  61. miracle munir

    miracle munir6 日 前

    Omg I love her voice when she talks and says 'mommy' she's adorable