America's Got Talent 2017 Angelica Hale 9 Year Old Stuns Simon & The Crowd Full Audition S12E02


  1. Isabel Maria Gómez Montilla

    Isabel Maria Gómez Montilla32 分 前

    Esta niña es una artistaza emocionante sigue así genial bs

  2. Precious Kasonde

    Precious Kasonde時間 前

    2020 hit the like button 💖

  3. Cida Aparecida

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  4. Cida Aparecida

    Cida Aparecida4 時間 前

    Voz linda música linda

  5. Olivia Raposo

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  6. Lindah mangadza

    Lindah mangadza9 時間 前

    so 19k people would just dislike a 9 year old's video for what reason really???? so stupid right

  7. Marissa Vizcarra

    Marissa Vizcarra10 時間 前

    She's so good

  8. Marissa Vizcarra

    Marissa Vizcarra10 時間 前

    Oh my god😱

  9. Marissa Vizcarra

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  13. Wilker Lopes

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  14. Wilker Lopes

    Wilker Lopes日 前

    Amei ela é fantástica muito muito legau

  15. Music world

    Music world日 前

    Angelica like Daneliya comment

  16. SargentSisters

    SargentSisters日 前

    She's the Rachel Barry of AGT



    She is so cute🥺❤️

  18. Andrea Farley

    Andrea Farley日 前

    She is adorable and she sings like a Angel

  19. Francisca Merino

    Francisca Merino日 前

    Como se llama la canción ?

  20. hortencia

    hortencia日 前

    I can't understand why all those people that gave her a dislike don't like her like come on she's a little girl give her a break I think she's amazing there's nothing but anybody can say that can change that

  21. Aleisha Binns

    Aleisha Binns2 日 前

    She has a good voices

  22. Inaiya Pinder

    Inaiya Pinder2 日 前


  23. sunny_days_ rblx

    sunny_days_ rblx2 日 前

    she OWNS this song.

  24. Jo Jo mahn

    Jo Jo mahn2 日 前

    She the worst she a bad singer

  25. Mars !

    Mars !日 前

    Ur right

  26. Fab fam Love

    Fab fam Love2 日 前


  27. 「iiHxney 」

    「iiHxney 」2 日 前

    Nice voice so pretty

  28. Princess Boakye

    Princess Boakye3 日 前

    She is a very good singer

  29. Andrea Ward

    Andrea Ward4 日 前

    dobre brothers

  30. riza shukor

    riza shukor4 日 前

    Mind blowing

  31. Mahnaz Mahdia

    Mahnaz Mahdia4 日 前

    My favouritesingerforever

  32. ghansiram nayak

    ghansiram nayak4 日 前

    Love it😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙



    U are fantastic When I was 9 i asked my mother to download food from the INTERNET

  34. Lucian Esanu

    Lucian Esanu5 日 前

    Angelica Hale ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  35. Thic Thic

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  36. Hasnain Nadeem

    Hasnain Nadeem5 日 前

    She is really shy

  37. Juan Perez

    Juan Perez5 日 前

    Mothers would literally do anything for there child...ah warms my heart❤️.

  38. Vedio _ Shot

    Vedio _ Shot5 日 前

    Follow me plesse

  39. soraya laimeche

    soraya laimeche5 日 前

    he singing so got omg .

  40. Marnett Morman

    Marnett Morman6 日 前

    Aquarium 00 aquarium 0+

  41. Marnett Morman

    Marnett Morman6 日 前


  42. Navya Mathew

    Navya Mathew6 日 前

    I wonder if she got her small puppy

  43. Antonio Carlos Santos Junior

    Antonio Carlos Santos Junior6 日 前

    gostaria de saber quem canta esta musica de fundo

  44. Arvan Ocate

    Arvan Ocate6 日 前

    August 6.2020 7:25pm.. wacthing here hehe

  45. Richard Lontok

    Richard Lontok6 日 前

    You are the best

  46. Marlon Silva

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  47. wanerges Rolando Batista de la paz

    wanerges Rolando Batista de la paz7 日 前

    I just love her. I have watched it more than fifteen times and I don't get tired

  48. Tani Ali

    Tani Ali7 日 前

    So they hate you if you have no talent but love you if you do have talent?

  49. sheuli saha

    sheuli saha7 日 前


  50. Lito Doroja

    Lito Doroja7 日 前

    Ohhh my gosh it is so very very awesome performance of Angelica Hale

  51. Ram Thapa

    Ram Thapa7 日 前

    Tiara face omg 4:08 she’s about to cry😘😘😘

  52. Waaliyah Coolcoolwoman

    Waaliyah Coolcoolwoman7 日 前

    What song is this 😅

  53. Nell Walter

    Nell Walter7 日 前

    She beautiful ❤️ And nice voice. o.m.g

  54. Shureim Abdi

    Shureim Abdi7 日 前

    "we'll rise up from the corona "like if you agree

  55. Emma Rad

    Emma Rad7 日 前

    Quarantine check

  56. Courtney Heart

    Courtney Heart8 日 前

    Idiots always screaming so damn loud you can’t even hear her!! Every time anyone hits any type of note, they scream

  57. Alvin mcgregor

    Alvin mcgregor8 日 前

    still watching

  58. Thanglen Singson

    Thanglen Singson8 日 前

    Who watching at 4 aug 2020😆❤️

  59. Phamhoang Minh

    Phamhoang Minh8 日 前

    I love her voice when she sing her voice Like a hug

  60. Hector Ramirez

    Hector Ramirez9 日 前

    It's all bs. She's lip syncing.

  61. Zaky Sambastian

    Zaky Sambastian9 日 前

    Ohhhhh sweety

  62. Gelya Kei

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  63. Angelin Ka

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  64. Nifemi Johnson

    Nifemi Johnson9 日 前

    I love you so much Angelica you are my hero

  65. Ibrahim Ahmed Sabuj

    Ibrahim Ahmed Sabuj9 日 前

    19k dislike.... These idiots should be get out of this beautiful world.....yet they’re unable to recognize, beautiful voice of her....

  66. Seleman Mayala

    Seleman Mayala9 日 前

    Ngw,abheja xana

  67. joar mhay pretty

    joar mhay pretty9 日 前

    Why is her nose so flat?? Just asking

  68. Symonette Avena

    Symonette Avena9 日 前

    Nostalgia hit me 3 times today. First up, Bars and Melody Second, Henry Gallager and now frikin Angelica Hale. (geez) gosh I remember watching them on my older sister's phone when I was like 6 years old...

  69. Albert Tan

    Albert Tan9 日 前


  70. zach pro

    zach pro9 日 前

    My dog died at 2018 and it was sad

  71. kaan ramad

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  72. Destiny Williamson

    Destiny Williamson9 日 前


  73. Irwin Pinder

    Irwin Pinder9 日 前

    I love her 🦄

  74. M A

    M A9 日 前

    She has such an powerful voice god bless her💞💞

  75. Wellington C. Oliveira

    Wellington C. Oliveira10 日 前

    As reações são as melhores, simplesmente brilhante! Sucesso a essa grande guerreira !

  76. sebastiaan holierook

    sebastiaan holierook10 日 前

    Why dislike people this????

  77. Yusaini Yahya

    Yusaini Yahya10 日 前

    😍 OMG so cute ❤️

  78. Patrick yap

    Patrick yap10 日 前

    I think I enjoy this performance because it makes me feel good about myself because I have been a great friend for the special day 🤣😁🤣🙃🙃🤣😘🙃😘🙃🙃😘🙃🙃☺️🤣🤣🤣☺️😁😆☺️😉🙃😗😗😝🍙🍙🍲🍲🍜🍜🍜🍡🍛🍱🏇🏿🥉🥈🥇🥇🥇🎖🏅🏅🏆🏆🏵🎗🎗🎫🎟🎟🎟🎫🎫🤹🏽‍♀️🤹🏽‍♀️🎼🎼🎧🎤🎤🎬🎬🎧🎺🎺🎺🎺🎯🎳🎺🛰🛰🛰🛰🚥🚥🚥🚥🗼⚓️🚥⚓️⚓️⚓️🗼🏠🏬🏢🕋📹📹☎️☎️🎙🎚📟🎙📡📡⏰📡🛎🛎🔑🛏🛏🛏🛏🛒🛒🛒🎊📩📩📤📤📤📬📬📬📬📃📃📃📑📑🗒🗒🗒🗒

  79. Golden Aisha

    Golden Aisha10 日 前

    Her face when Simon pressed the x button And who's watching in 2020

  80. David Anderson

    David Anderson10 日 前

    me at 9..........singing at 5 am in my bed to my mom it sounds like a kid getting beet up to me a angel singing

  81. David Anderson

    David Anderson10 日 前

    shes so good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is my fav video

  82. Corrine Erika Pequeras

    Corrine Erika Pequeras10 日 前

    Angelica: sings infront of thousands of people Me:Can't even ask for a paper brown bag at restaurants when we need to take out

  83. Romwel Magno

    Romwel Magno11 日 前

    Everytime im watching this my tears of joy comes" we love you angelica you are a star a really star"

  84. Albert Samuel

    Albert Samuel11 日 前

    She is a powerhouse vocalist.... She is a little girl with big vocals.... I can't love Angelica Hale less... She's an inspiration

  85. Matthew Sharer

    Matthew Sharer11 日 前

    She is amazing 😍 this is natascia Britton this is my father Google account so it's not like I'm going to be in the office tomorrow night she is a clever girl 😊💗 I love anglacia hale

  86. Alanah Rojas

    Alanah Rojas11 日 前

    She has very pretty voice

  87. Gayane Hovhannisyan

    Gayane Hovhannisyan11 日 前

    Her mouth is ssoooo big

  88. phamgamtam nguyentantam Group

    phamgamtam nguyentantam Group11 日 前

    jack black

  89. James Youtube Channel 02

    James Youtube Channel 0211 日 前

    Even dough shes special child she have a beautiful voice

  90. epiphxny

    epiphxny11 日 前

    Who's is August 2020?

  91. Alexalol Arredondo

    Alexalol Arredondo11 日 前

    She is 9 year old right and she talks like baby haha 😂😂😂😂😂

  92. Mark Fisk

    Mark Fisk11 日 前

    Whitney reincarnated!!1

  93. Sheila Warner

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  94. saifdin bouchnak

    saifdin bouchnak12 日 前

    Angelica Hale you the besttttttttttttttttt


    AP GAMERS12 日 前

    I can't still believe , she was only nine .

  96. Jafar Shadid

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    I subscribed you please support me by following my channel too thank you 🙏

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    I'm crying👌👌👌👌👌👍

  99. shiteu moon

    shiteu moon12 日 前

    *watching this on quarantine*

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