Amazon Shopping for the Apocalypse


  1. Sver Jedi

    Sver Jedi日 前

    Just buy everything

  2. Katherine McConnell

    Katherine McConnell2 日 前

    Literally mark.... I will buy you a shovel like this if I get a try not to laugh video

  3. TheAmericanGuy

    TheAmericanGuy2 日 前

    At this point for me $200 would just be spent on luxuries, I got everything from full camp site set ups to guns and ammo and ammo reloading equipment and MREs and ability to hunt and scavenge, and I’m not even one of those crazy prepper people I just like the outdoors

  4. David Eldred

    David Eldred2 日 前

    If you use a hammock, you're going to end up needing an underquilt, or you'll freeze if it's cold.

  5. Sydney Martinez

    Sydney Martinez3 日 前

    When you're in the military so you already have all your gear. I will buy extra bullshit like fun tactical toys.

  6. Gabrielle Zirkle

    Gabrielle Zirkle3 日 前

    Mark looked at a tactical shovel and my brain was screaming at him because he already owns one. Why buy what you already own? Save that gosh dang money!

  7. Ender Onryo

    Ender Onryo3 日 前

    I would definitely buy an Unus Annus branded tactical shovel. Knowing Mark it would probably have all sorts of amazing uses integrated.

  8. Quinn Harbison

    Quinn Harbison3 日 前

    as a boy scout this really makes me cringe

  9. Chuey 73

    Chuey 734 日 前

    Would’ve been a good sponsor to use honey then save money

  10. Kay in Control

    Kay in Control4 日 前

    This one was my birthday vid

  11. Miles Jenkins

    Miles Jenkins6 日 前

    I’ve never gotten a notification for this video what the hell. Okay I’ll watch it now byee

  12. TheReaperGrimm

    TheReaperGrimm6 日 前

    It’s funny that mark got a camp stove but none of them got any type of fire starters. Like are they gonna hand drill a fire every night lmao!!

  13. Romaniac205 X

    Romaniac205 X7 日 前

    Annus Unus

  14. Julia

    Julia8 日 前

    Bezoos is evill

  15. Leo Chen

    Leo Chen8 日 前

    why does mark always win?

  16. Rice Cooker

    Rice Cooker9 日 前

    Personal survival kit: hammock, Paracord, VERY simple medkit (gauze pads, anesthetics, the simple stuff), headlamp, solar panel, large tent, survival shovel, magnesium fire starter kit, and finally some bags

  17. berry jane

    berry jane10 日 前

    when corona is over please go camping but like it was an apocalypse OR go camping but you don't bring anything but one item

  18. Rain

    Rain10 日 前

    I wonder who would survive longer in an apocalype situation. Mark or Ethan?

  19. Krig Raseri

    Krig Raseri11 日 前

    They forgot some super important stuff like a way to reliably start a fire, and a dedicated survival knife. Something people don't realize about those tactical shovels is they don't last well. Since they screw they don't have a dedicated tang and such a weak integrity, and will break pretty quick.

  20. Hardcore Hunter

    Hardcore Hunter11 日 前

    probably should have gotten something to start a fire

  21. Harry Nerd

    Harry Nerd12 日 前

    Amazon workers in the apocalypse better be getting toped.

  22. Noj 2148

    Noj 214813 日 前

    What about a blanket

  23. BomberBox Beats

    BomberBox Beats13 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="625">10:25</a> Mark shows Ethan the spiral pillow Ethan: *Starts Moaning*

  24. YEED

    YEED13 日 前

    Tactical shovel is a good weapon, too... Just in case, you know?

  25. Some Buddy

    Some Buddy14 日 前

    My mind: "Oh baby a triple!" <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="628">10:28</a>

  26. Lily thepurplepaladin

    Lily thepurplepaladin14 日 前

    i cant believe the master of finances has predicted the future

  27. Alaina Marie

    Alaina Marie14 日 前

    As an apocalypse obsessed individual I was surprised I didn’t hate what they had but also I was concerned they forgot a few things but mostly I was like “OwO yes good! Good ÒwÓ”

  28. Mia Y

    Mia Y14 日 前

    Basically outro: OH BABY IT'S PERFECT Me: U right

  29. eem_elm

    eem_elm15 日 前

    Me who took a winter wilderness survival course and am somewhat confident in my abilities to survive off of only what nature can give me, cringed at many things that they bought.

  30. trevorgrease

    trevorgrease15 日 前

    FACE TOUCH 4 TOTAL m=4 e=52 THIS VIDEO m=1 e=12

  31. Mira_Mars

    Mira_Mars15 日 前

    Needs more ladders

  32. Rebekka Productions

    Rebekka Productions15 日 前

    They actually need the stuff now

  33. Sweetie Bunnie

    Sweetie Bunnie15 日 前

    Aaayyy my bday vid! 😊

  34. Kaleb Snio

    Kaleb Snio16 日 前


  35. MaryGrace Popky

    MaryGrace Popky16 日 前

    neither of them thought about toilet paper, which is funny considering all the memes and shit going around from the sell-out of all the toilet paper lmao

  36. Alia Rose

    Alia Rose16 日 前

    Mark "That's so cheap" Fischbach, budget shopping for the apocalypse.



    Total Mark: 8 Ethan: 61



    Mark: 4 Ethan: 15

  39. Krista Bemis

    Krista Bemis16 日 前

    I always think about apocalypse situations but I never actually think about the things I need. Aside from the stuff I already have at home. I do have a small survival tactical kit. Along with a bunch of lighters, knives, and swords. I say I'm good on weaponry, being able to start fires, and catch fish. But I have nothing nor have I thought about what else I would actually need to survive.

  40. Comrade Internet

    Comrade Internet17 日 前

    Micro-brain take: Stockpiling 50 M16 variants, a few thousand rounds of ammo, and calling it prepping Normal brain take: Stockpiling food and medical supplies in anticipation of The Collapse, with an optional weapon present. Omniverse brain take: Making sure you take care of your neighbours, knowing their skillsets, and ensuring that communities are organized to pick up the slack where capitalism and the state have utterly failed. (if you do this last one, the people in your post-apocalyptic orbit who can fight will have a much easier time of it, should it come to that, because they'll have a COMMUNITY backing them up with various supports, as opposed to a bunch of dysentery-riddled raiders who had previously been at anti-lockdown protests and think that sharing is a sin)

  41. Sadistic Raspberry

    Sadistic Raspberry18 日 前

    Anyone else wanna see Mark and Ethan sword fight with tactical shovels?

  42. Jake Pat

    Jake Pat19 日 前

    But ... I need an extra $2500 for my boogaloo alphabet boi needs.... Namely ammo and an ak47... So ..... Yeah

  43. Black Ace

    Black Ace20 日 前

    I think the best way to prepare is to subscribe to a REAL bush craft youtube channel...and pick up some skills. Maybe go camping a few times too just because xD. Then you might know that a "tacticool" shovel might not be the best tool for survival =P (spoiler for those that don't know, a good hatchet is probably the best tool) still an entertaining video.

  44. Aiden Snew

    Aiden Snew21 日 前

    So this is why my packages where delayed... the 2 people not protesting the warehouse probably took a while to fill this order 😂

  45. Alivia Nuttall

    Alivia Nuttall21 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="188">3:08</a> It wouldn't be so tough for them is they had Honey

  46. Elizabeth Trudeau

    Elizabeth Trudeau21 日 前

    I think a fishing pole and a stitching needle/string would be good too. Fish would help, and the needle/string would be good just incase you had to stitch a wound.

  47. JJAwesomeStar

    JJAwesomeStar21 日 前

    Please tell me theres gonna be a branded tactical shovel 😳

  48. Natsu Dragneel

    Natsu Dragneel21 日 前

    They didn’t invest in warm clothing. Bad move 😅

  49. 0 0

    0 021 日 前

    Mark's tactical shovel is the very best survival tool

  50. Ender Lord

    Ender Lord22 日 前

    Now actually buy all of that stuff and review it all

  51. sophia kranias

    sophia kranias22 日 前

    *me, a backpacker, realizing that i dont have to shop for any apocalypse survival gear*: stonks

  52. Jaxcraft 28

    Jaxcraft 2822 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="54">0:54</a>: Mark is being betrayed! XO

  53. Paige Jones

    Paige Jones23 日 前

    There supposed to survive but neither one of them bought food-

  54. Cullen Manning

    Cullen Manning23 日 前

    Same challenge but with wish lol

  55. Shae Perez

    Shae Perez23 日 前

    i got 36 touches this video... Ethan, man you touch your face a lot.

  56. Alex Waldrop

    Alex Waldrop23 日 前

    A list of things that you should always have ready in case of an emergency: Blanket and hammock/sleeping bag Raincoats Spare clothing for all types of weather Good shoes, doesn't matter what they look like as long as you're safe Food Water Water cleaning system Cooking system Tools Flashlight Rope Form of shelter Fire starter or lighter, not matches Waterproof hiking bag so you can fit more Clips to attach things Clothespins so if your clothes are wet, you can dry them All necessary medications (Medicine for your illnesses, ie ADHD, anxiety, whatever, or for allergies and sickness) Water bottle First aid kit Survival guide Radio Form of communication in the event of an emergency Gloves Eye protection Hygiene things (tp, soap if you can, or hand sanitizer) Money if you can Bags (trash bags, ziplock, whatever works) And most importantly: you need to stay calm in an emergency. For all the items I just listed, you need to have preparations made for each person in your household, with enough things to last for a week or more. Safety is very important, and people need to be prepared. Staying healthy, relatively clean, and having shelter of some sort is very important. All your devices should be solar powered, because a battery could explode or burtst and cause damage to you or your things, so be safe. I hope this helps. If you have a pet, you also need an emergency kit for them. For pets: Some form of water and food bowl, preferably collapsible Food Water Litter box, if needed Pet medication for ticks, worms, and outside diseases Gauze and medical tape Emergency pet care guide, if possible Heating or cooling systems for them if needed Leash and collar and such, so you can keep track of your animal GET YOUR PET MICROCHIPPED AND HAVE TAGS If I left anything off, please leave things that you would bring in the comments :)

  57. Sloan Janssen

    Sloan Janssen24 日 前

    video should've been titled, Unus Annus prepare for a festival with $200

  58. NinjaBinjaGAME

    NinjaBinjaGAME24 日 前

    Wow, Ethan doesn't have Prime? Rookie mistake.

  59. AiErudito __-_-__

    AiErudito __-_-__24 日 前


  60. NiceGuyJack

    NiceGuyJack25 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="277">4:37</a> u need that tactical shovel

  61. Arturo Montelongo

    Arturo Montelongo25 日 前

    Buy a code for UNO on best buy online!

  62. Ashton McKinlay

    Ashton McKinlay25 日 前

    Doesn’t mark already got a shovel I’d go for the bow

  63. Dr. Spoon

    Dr. Spoon26 日 前

    Me a bug out bag preppier and seller Bruh

  64. Christina Jones

    Christina Jones26 日 前

    Tactical Shovel...more like a how to get away with murder shovel.

  65. Hannah Davenport

    Hannah Davenport26 日 前

    A lighter of some kind would be good

  66. Chirupee

    Chirupee27 日 前

    I did this and I went for a backpack first. I went for a tent and sleeping bag next and then a water purifier. Then a knife and a book to identify edible plants. Only then did I get the idea of looking for a survival kit, which came with stuff like a compass, flashlight, emergency blanket and a big flintstone (really cool kit too, a lot of things for just 25€). Then, because I had money and time left, I was silly and bought cookies. I should have gone for nutrition bars though.

  67. Corey Deatherage

    Corey Deatherage27 日 前

    But you didn’t buy food tho

  68. Jarona Johnson

    Jarona Johnson28 日 前

    This is such a great "game" idea!

  69. Alex_w1308

    Alex_w130828 日 前

    Hazmat suit

  70. Sage

    Sage28 日 前

    Mark and Ethan: man this are all expensive Use honey

  71. Corc _

    Corc _28 日 前

    Why did I watch this on the 49th day of quarantine? Yes I couldn't

  72. Aiden Howard

    Aiden Howard28 日 前

    It's called a bug out bag

  73. Kolour Papi

    Kolour Papi29 日 前

    i literally own the watch at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="455">7:35</a> lmao

  74. ZeldaGamingPro

    ZeldaGamingPro29 日 前

    Who is just trying to catch up on all the Unus Annus videos they have missed.

  75. Keefe pierce

    Keefe pierceヶ月 前

    Mark saying stuff is so cheap is bringing back memories to fnaf pizzeria simulator

  76. Fox Boi Named Ace

    Fox Boi Named Aceヶ月 前

    Doesn't Mark already have a tactical shovel? XD

  77. Jerepasaurus

    Jerepasaurusヶ月 前

    And suddenly, out of nowhere, the sales of one specific pillow inexplicably skyrocket. lol

  78. Commander Bly

    Commander Blyヶ月 前

    As a scout myself, I would have to go with mark’s kit. The hammock is just more practical in a position where you have to keep moving quickly, as for Ethan’s kit, he didn’t include a bedpad (padded mat to put under your bedroll) which would lead to your getting wet, cold, hurt (from rocks/sticks underneath you) and would be genuinely uncomfortable. Thank you for reading my survival mumbo jumbo.

  79. Mr_ Nuke

    Mr_ Nukeヶ月 前

    Why did they upload two of the same videos

  80. B Treml

    B Tremlヶ月 前

    did everyone count every time ethan was chewing on his strings or just regular face touches?