Alternate Universe Snacks Taste Test


  1. animekidfrom777

    animekidfrom777時間 前

    Anybody remember when they were on history rap battle

  2. Erikkson

    Erikkson17 時間 前

    Since when did you guys get in contact with Rick Sanchez?

  3. Brandon Bishop

    Brandon Bishop日 前

    Only good thing on JPreporter and it's back

  4. Brit Frazer

    Brit Frazer2 日 前

    I want to work in the Mythical Kitchen

  5. Morgan Bisdorf

    Morgan Bisdorf2 日 前

    I get the joke, but ring worm is a fungus disease. Not actuall worms

  6. xXZahnGamingXx

    xXZahnGamingXx2 日 前

    Kool raid xDD such a bad idea xDD

  7. willjacob vlogz

    willjacob vlogz2 日 前

    This is the demenshion that Freddie Mercury is in

  8. Kyle Varga

    Kyle Varga3 日 前


  9. Christina - Emilana The Edgy Bish

    Christina - Emilana The Edgy Bish4 日 前

    Link looks like my uncle...

  10. Oda1

    Oda14 日 前

    sim hfduasfas

  11. Letícia Suzuki

    Letícia Suzuki4 日 前


  12. Jake Snow

    Jake Snow4 日 前

    could have used some thick caramel or something to adhere the peanuts on

  13. Ricky Gervais

    Ricky Gervais4 日 前

    Good job Rhett

  14. Other

    Other4 日 前

    I looked up ringworm...and it's not actually a parasite! It's a fungus.

  15. GameGar

    GameGar4 日 前

    peanuts are not nuts.

  16. Celenia Celenia

    Celenia Celenia5 日 前

    I joke u not link is EXACTLY like my Math teacher

  17. David MacDonald

    David MacDonald5 日 前

    Rhett is really looking like Marv from Home Alone

  18. TsuSlippy :D

    TsuSlippy :D5 日 前

    5:02 "Two little cOoOrns"

  19. Nicola Ablett

    Nicola Ablett5 日 前

    When Link said Freddie Mercury my heart grew

  20. Jessica Anschutz

    Jessica Anschutz5 日 前

    If they used melted suger instead of glue it was be better

  21. Keith Mossey

    Keith Mossey5 日 前

    I should remember to not watch the alternate dimension episodes during lunch. And wait for some other activity during the day in which I watch JPreporter during lol.

  22. Kenpachi- Sama

    Kenpachi- Sama5 日 前

    no rick and morty reference with number 2?

  23. Lucas Bibb

    Lucas Bibb6 日 前

    i volunteer for the nut corn

  24. BloodtoBody

    BloodtoBody6 日 前

    I've got the heebie jeebies now thinking about ringworm. Two of my cats had it and we had to sulfur-dip them to get rid of it...they gave it to us. I didn't care for Haribo to begin with and this just seals the deal.

  25. Ootek Imora

    Ootek Imora6 日 前

    try sticking it on with marshmellows instead of glue/

  26. Kirstin Duffley

    Kirstin Duffley6 日 前

    Link holding the nut corn "this is a-MAZE-ing"

  27. Pyles Tin

    Pyles Tin6 日 前

    Soaks face " is there raid in this " " I hope not "

  28. Cat Nugget

    Cat Nugget6 日 前

    Hi guys, now that the mythical kitchen has its own channel, could you please put the old mythical crews video back on the mythical channel?

  29. Cheyenne Stevenson

    Cheyenne Stevenson6 日 前

    *”Dinnis, for example, was a minice”*

  30. Sara Mayfield

    Sara Mayfield6 日 前

    Oh my god when he stood up 🙏

  31. Angelo

    Angelo6 日 前

    the chocolate tongue reminds me of einstein

  32. Breezy Mink

    Breezy Mink6 日 前

    Is Rhett trying to look more and more like Burt Reynolds? Or is it just natural?

  33. hellloseattle

    hellloseattle6 日 前

    This is the one from Rick & Morty where everything’s on the cob 😵 (& I can’t remember if it was a planet or universe they visited 💀)

  34. james martins

    james martins6 日 前

    Nut corns? Ugh

  35. Rebecca Burk

    Rebecca Burk6 日 前

    I had a ring worm on my arm and my nana had to use bleach to get rid of it.

  36. Austin Ells

    Austin Ells6 日 前

    Please have Ray William Johnson on the show!!! Anyone else agree?!

  37. Mr.AJWorks

    Mr.AJWorks6 日 前


  38. Lil Waynk

    Lil Waynk7 日 前

    I love my girlfriend

  39. Hugo Porras

    Hugo Porras7 日 前

    Link: this is the universe were fweddie murcury is from Me: :) (I love you Freddie)

  40. j3nnil337

    j3nnil3377 日 前

    Rhett in short shorts 🥰🥰🥰👏👏👏👏👏

  41. Zoe M Stewart

    Zoe M Stewart7 日 前

    not a soul: toko fukawa: 1:52

  42. Rainbow Rocks

    Rainbow Rocks7 日 前

    Me: is unwrapping Hershey's kiss Rhett: "The first thing we are going to be doing today is hershey's kisses"

  43. Clashinite

    Clashinite7 日 前

    in 1000 years this title will be literal

  44. Deborah Hall

    Deborah Hall7 日 前

    Rhett: just the tip Rhett’s hs gf: I’ve heard that one before

  45. Hunter Lasiak

    Hunter Lasiak7 日 前

    There’s such thing as edible glue why do you use glue

  46. Mitchel

    Mitchel7 日 前

    ring worm is actually a fungal infection, not a worm.

  47. Yeosang’s Chicken

    Yeosang’s Chicken7 日 前

    With each season, Rhett and Link become more and more “dad”

  48. ChrisKarr

    ChrisKarr7 日 前


  49. karla acosta

    karla acosta7 日 前

    When he calls himself “daddy” in the 3rd person... 💀😵

  50. cody hedges

    cody hedges7 日 前

    Funny enough, NOT the snack dimension...

  51. Bear Bolton

    Bear Bolton7 日 前

    Rhett got them gazelle legs!

  52. chase harward

    chase harward7 日 前

    Bring back ltat

  53. Alex A.

    Alex A.7 日 前

    I still cant believe Rhett kissed Chase...

  54. lil Woody Elif

    lil Woody Elif7 日 前

    Shave just shave please I can't


    2 INCH PUNISHER7 日 前

    They better keep doing these until they are old cause if they don’t someone is going to get smacked

  56. BenDoesRandom

    BenDoesRandom7 日 前

    Should of used frosting for glue.

  57. mini legend

    mini legend7 日 前

    Hither to unheard of hmmm I’ve heard that somewhere before ;) wink wink

  58. Jordan Reese

    Jordan Reese7 日 前

    The end of LTAT was supposed to be a month ago

  59. Wikham the boi

    Wikham the boi7 日 前

    happy new mythical new year

  60. Allan Jones

    Allan Jones7 日 前

    Links chocolate tongue shenanigan reminded me of that one South Park episode...

  61. MoonshineBonanza

    MoonshineBonanza8 日 前

    Rhett’s new lewk is coming along nicely