Alternate Universe Snacks Taste Test


  1. Stephanie Faye

    Stephanie Faye16 時間 前

    Love you both

  2. Amethyst Jonquille

    Amethyst Jonquille日 前

    can you guys make pesto bismol, like green pesto flavored pepto bismol

  3. Samantha Vitiello

    Samantha Vitiello日 前


  4. Lampshade

    Lampshade3 日 前

    I can never eat or even look at a cheeze-it again in my life

  5. James Stewart

    James Stewart3 日 前

    We’re buddy system three

  6. Buckle 97

    Buckle 974 日 前

    We have a butcher shop that's shirts say peta people eating tasting animals

  7. A.D.K

    A.D.K4 日 前

    Rhett: *eats a chicken flavoured snack* Also Rhett: "mine kinda tastes like chicken"

  8. - Fetch -

    - Fetch -5 日 前

    This season 4 of Rick and Morty is kind of strange.

  9. Nerdling

    Nerdling5 日 前

    I wish they went to the dimension that’s has cheez-thems

  10. • Zenny •

    • Zenny •5 日 前

    i feel like parents would not enjoy Drownaroos (or whatever tf)

  11. -Nick-

    -Nick-6 日 前

    7:18 link are you ok

  12. Ethan Berger

    Ethan Berger6 日 前

    What do u got against Henry Winkler?

  13. Joey Place

    Joey Place6 日 前

    i want beef jerky shaped like the animal it came from

  14. Deem

    Deem7 日 前

    Am I the only one who was expecting Link to find a Sprite can in that last one?

  15. Anagha Tarade

    Anagha Tarade7 日 前

    The can said " Jello (multi serve ) I read it as Jello(multiverse ) .

  16. Typicaltony777

    Typicaltony7779 日 前

    People eating tasty animals

  17. Kana Beats

    Kana Beats9 日 前

    these are those thanos snacks

  18. gunter gunts

    gunter gunts9 日 前

    You can do it with FRIENDS you can do it YoUrSeLf* he gently laughs sexily*

  19. You Mad Bro?

    You Mad Bro?10 日 前

    Should’ve done the dunk aroos as a albino kangaroo and called them Can’t jump aroos.

  20. Logan Segeleon

    Logan Segeleon10 日 前

    thought this man was going to main line the pudding

  21. DrDank

    DrDank10 日 前

    And that alternate universe is Wyoming.

  22. Ur Mom

    Ur Mom10 日 前

    i have no clue why i choose to watch this but every time i do i am ver intrigued

  23. Rachel Sanchez

    Rachel Sanchez10 日 前

    uhhhh where’s chef josh???

  24. Epic Times

    Epic Times10 日 前

    More I love these vids 🤣

  25. Allan Aguilar

    Allan Aguilar11 日 前

    Hi how you doing

  26. Amelia Marseglia

    Amelia Marseglia11 日 前

    i want drownaroos

  27. Thomas Currell

    Thomas Currell12 日 前

    Jell-slOw anybody?

  28. SLACKER -_-

    SLACKER -_-12 日 前

    every thanksgiving my mom makes dunkaroo frosting and it is so good

  29. BloodSoakdAngel

    BloodSoakdAngel12 日 前

    Good mythical miiiiiidnight views

  30. Enrique Manzel

    Enrique Manzel12 日 前

    I remember your intro from when there were still top Skyrim mods of the week

  31. kaisachicken

    kaisachicken12 日 前

    I think you're supposed to eat drown-a-roos with a spoon...

  32. cptcky2k

    cptcky2k12 日 前

    I legit gagged at those cheezits

  33. Amy j

    Amy j12 日 前

    this video confuses me 😂

  34. navroze92

    navroze9212 日 前

    Send some of the dough from the likes:p


    SINE WAVE12 日 前

    I loved the drown aroos! 😎😊😊


    SINE WAVE12 日 前

    😤😤😤 Cheeze zits are very offenching! 😂😂😂

  37. Gia Chanel

    Gia Chanel13 日 前

    Do not watch this while eating, I reapeat, DO NOT WATCH THIS WHILE EATING

  38. Aiden Nelson

    Aiden Nelson13 日 前

    I commented

  39. I AM SNARF

    I AM SNARF13 日 前

    7:13 Link literally drowns

  40. Mark Hughes

    Mark Hughes13 日 前

    Go to floirida