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  1. TheChaoticWolf

    TheChaoticWolf23 日 前

    Today is PS2's birthday, happy birthday PS2, it turns 20

  2. Ginger Brave

    Ginger Brave日 前

    @GabbelHD plus Games I was playing Cookie Run Ovenbreak

  3. GabbelHD

    GabbelHD日 前

    Ginger Brave I was playing Vietcong And Boog and Elliot

  4. Ginger Brave

    Ginger Brave日 前

    Ok games I playing ps2 GTA (but it modified)

  5. GabbelHD

    GabbelHD日 前

    Ginger Brave What games did u play?

  6. Ginger Brave

    Ginger Brave日 前

    I love ps2

  7. Bob Seiji Tanaka

    Bob Seiji Tanaka2 時間 前

    PS4 has the worst opening in my mind. PS2 opening is the best.

  8. NyCream-_-

    NyCream-_-9 時間 前

    PC players did not write in comments plz

  9. Дмитрий Рябов

    Дмитрий Рябов17 時間 前

    Есть русские?

  10. Nuk Fuk

    Nuk Fuk19 時間 前

    Im 28 and damn the ps1 sound still give me chills, nights passed playing dino crisis and resident evil in the dark, wow. And that intro

  11. Della 359

    Della 359日 前

    Ps2 : paaaaaoooooooiiiiiiiiiirum

  12. Trey Ellison

    Trey Ellison日 前

    All damn memories

  13. Gaige Weese

    Gaige Weese2 日 前

    if i could relive the past itd be in 2000s

  14. Medine Aliyeva

    Medine Aliyeva2 日 前

    Who is from 2020 NEW PS5

  15. real Ussr

    real Ussr17 時間 前

    I am from 2025

  16. Purplee Heyzuuu

    Purplee Heyzuuu2 日 前

    I miss that fuckin’ PSP sounds God of war player here

  17. yasin

    yasin2 日 前


  18. NoVa G0BZ

    NoVa G0BZ3 日 前

    Xbox have better startups LMAO

  19. real Ussr

    real Ussr17 時間 前

    Nobody asked and nobody cares

  20. garry batth

    garry batth3 日 前

    Happy birthday ps2

  21. Adriano Gui

    Adriano Gui3 日 前


  22. Ko pow card fan 11

    Ko pow card fan 113 日 前

    Ps2 things that I love about Nostalgia Scary noise

  23. Alan Armando

    Alan Armando3 日 前

    PS1 intro is epic, powerful, scary all at the same time. To me, it used to be like an announcement of joy that was abouy to begin. An unavoidable force, like a juggernaut.

  24. Nishaant Kalra

    Nishaant Kalra3 日 前

    Man what a time it was .. when an 8 mb card could hold 20+games :')

  25. EK animations

    EK animations3 日 前

    Am I the only one who finds the ps1 eerie Like with fearful harmony Bruh

  26. Tom The Cat

    Tom The Cat4 日 前

    When I hear the first PlayStation start up. I just think of Twisted Metal 3

  27. nikos23a

    nikos23a4 日 前

    Even now it's still my best startup melody ...lullaby ❤❤❤

  28. ทิพวรรณ ก๋ํารามัญ

    ทิพวรรณ ก๋ํารามัญ4 日 前

    เอางี้ดีกว่าสุขไหนเลือกเอา กุมี..ตัวยืน..💏💏💏

  29. 井尻又兵衛由俊

    井尻又兵衛由俊4 日 前


  30. lukewarm25

    lukewarm254 日 前

    Nothing beats the psx intro

  31. Peace Maker13

    Peace Maker134 日 前


  32. Sanditra Muda

    Sanditra Muda4 日 前

    Wait how come the very first PS1 start up screen is so HD? How can you upscale it?

  33. ali assi

    ali assi4 日 前

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  34. Iliya Lionel

    Iliya Lionel4 日 前

    Huh, nobody else liked the PS3?

  35. Mac Pittner

    Mac Pittner5 日 前

    PS3 my fav

  36. Zoheir Mai

    Zoheir Mai5 日 前

    My childhood in simple sounds 😍😍

  37. StuffYoB!tch

    StuffYoB!tch5 日 前

    R.I.P Sony Computer Entertainment 🙏🏼(1993-2016)

  38. Penny Sherman

    Penny Sherman5 日 前

    PS2 is what I had

  39. MrSaulh81

    MrSaulh815 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="167">2:47</a>😔

  40. TROLL 08

    TROLL 085 日 前




    Ps2 start up scared me when i was a kid

  42. QbanWay 88

    QbanWay 886 日 前

    PS1 intro sound was epic, it was like entering into another dimension, those endless 007 goldeneye hunts...

  43. Alexander Harnar

    Alexander Harnar6 日 前

    The PlayStation 1, 2, & 4 openings are so nostalgic to me each of those counsels (except for the PlayStation 3) have just a relaxing, nostalgic feel to them every-time I start them up. I makes me feel like I’m young again back in a simpler time. ☺️😊

  44. COOL_ F16

    COOL_ F166 日 前

    PS3 new 👍🏻

  45. Igor Almeida

    Igor Almeida6 日 前

    all ps1 games are compatible with ps2?

  46. Gamers Blog

    Gamers Blog6 日 前

    Everyone know that a PS2 game only loads when you leave the room or close your eyes

  47. YEEndless

    YEEndless7 日 前

    Now you got to make another video adding PS5

  48. jof3s1

    jof3s17 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="121">2:01</a> PSPのゲーム起動音が好き

  49. Mr Plainview

    Mr Plainview7 日 前

    Every time you start up PS2 it's like a jump scare and you turn the TV down only to turn it back up after.

  50. Hafizzol Pijoe

    Hafizzol Pijoe7 日 前

    Ps2😔 i miss you

  51. DMG Mana

    DMG Mana7 日 前

    God i remember all of these

  52. John

    John7 日 前

    I would pay 70 bucks just for being able to change to retro booting sound on the ps5

  53. AT Putra

    AT Putra7 日 前

    I love how PS1 and PS2 took half of the video lol

  54. Arian Caesar

    Arian Caesar7 日 前

    only ps1

  55. Beanie Sandals

    Beanie Sandals7 日 前

    I close my eyes when I hear the PS1 sound and am overwhelmed with memories. Spyro The Dragon Crash Bandicoot Metal Gear Solid Resident Evil Army Men: Sarge's Heroes Need for Speed III: Hot Pursuit Soul Reaver Tomb Raider MediEvil Toy Story 2 It's all coming back.

  56. ııllı ııllı

    ııllı ııllı11 時間 前

    Tekken 3

  57. aladdin tube

    aladdin tube7 日 前

    Ps1 😭

  58. Limelover

    Limelover8 日 前

    Sony makes the sounds so nostalgic...

  59. trash _._baku

    trash _._baku8 日 前

    So many memories😢😢😢😢

  60. clash hero

    clash hero8 日 前

    Whaaat ps2 can run PS1 game...

  61. Rafael Trajano

    Rafael Trajano8 日 前

    Ps1 e ps2 nostalgia total!!

  62. Sans W.D.

    Sans W.D.8 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="11">0:11</a> that’s the sound if u put in a disc cleaner into the console on PS4 and click on it

  63. Ngawai Harris

    Ngawai Harris8 日 前


  64. _atmofficial

    _atmofficial8 日 前

    Ps4 music ingrained in my head from sleeping on menu screen,

  65. Yohmir Fleugert

    Yohmir Fleugert8 日 前

    PS1 startup sound kicking in... Me: *slowly closes my eyes and shivers*

  66. lil dan

    lil dan8 日 前

    The ps2 is the most nostalgic for me

  67. Halloween Logan

    Halloween Logan9 日 前

    I have a ps1 in my room rn and I still play it

  68. Alphoenigma

    Alphoenigma9 日 前

    I love PS3.

  69. noe' flores

    noe' flores9 日 前

    El sonido de la ps1 es una excitación emocional para mi .nostalgia

  70. Pr0JediGamer _

    Pr0JediGamer _9 日 前

    PSP and PS3 is always my favorite

  71. Alaska DeLorean

    Alaska DeLorean9 日 前

    Im scared to ps2 open

  72. HixHex -

    HixHex -9 日 前

    Hearing <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="53">0:53</a> was always so satisfying as a kid because the PS2 rarely actually played the games i put in it

  73. CottonCandy

    CottonCandy9 日 前

    Ps2 takes me back

  74. Грегор Эйзенхорн

    Грегор Эйзенхорн9 日 前

    Ps1 one love

  75. Ehsun Waseem Azam

    Ehsun Waseem Azam9 日 前

    Yess yess p21 And ps2 my fav ✊🏽🔥

  76. Juan

    Juan10 日 前

    PS1 Sound make me cry I WANT TO BE A KID AGAIN

  77. Corpulent Allgod

    Corpulent Allgod10 日 前

    PS1 is the THX of videogames.

  78. Gecksu

    Gecksu10 日 前

    When you stub your toe <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="39">0:39</a>

  79. What's with Tori?

    What's with Tori?10 日 前

    i still have my old PS1 in my attic

  80. dede fransisko

    dede fransisko10 日 前

    All this playstation make my day happy

  81. Anhelo Aguilar

    Anhelo Aguilar11 日 前

    I miss my ps2 and my tale games

  82. Xavier Cruz

    Xavier Cruz11 日 前

    The PSP was ahead of its time...

  83. Joao paulo Danko

    Joao paulo Danko11 日 前

    O 1 é mais da hora

  84. Kurdish Hollywood Movies

    Kurdish Hollywood Movies11 日 前

    Ps1 startup like something so scary😂miss it so so muc😭💔💔

  85. K H

    K H11 日 前

    Personally my favorite is the PS2 no disc sound. So satisfying!

  86. Hamza Alkhateb

    Hamza Alkhateb11 日 前


  87. bob Balushi

    bob Balushi11 日 前


  88. Lai33 Nyuk Chew

    Lai33 Nyuk Chew12 日 前

    Me i also have PS2 and PSP In long time ago