All of Gordon Ramsay's Best Pranks | COMPILATION


  1. nejames

    nejames時間 前

    they got caught with da glizzy

  2. General Grievous

    General Grievous3 時間 前

    Grim reaper: it's time Gordon Ramsay: get the FK OUT OF HERE! FK OFF! Grim reaper: *Yes Chef*

  3. Ben Byers

    Ben Byers7 時間 前

    5:44 my mans was so scared he took off his jacket to run

  4. Miguel Avila

    Miguel Avila16 時間 前

    Like si eres de mexico

  5. Sqwerpo!

    Sqwerpo!18 時間 前

    Woman: there's old lady's over there Gordon: they've had dick

  6. ELIASthekid69 2

    ELIASthekid69 219 時間 前

    Subscribe to my channel guys and I will subscribe to yours back

  7. JaiRaj Bhambota

    JaiRaj Bhambota20 時間 前

    Where that whistle came from 6:12

  8. Crovey

    Crovey21 時間 前

    Kakatana AHOGA

  9. Bles

    Bles23 時間 前

    Frank knew it was fake

  10. hi imapalmtree

    hi imapalmtree日 前

    The only time he is not fierce

  11. Hawwa Athifa

    Hawwa Athifa日 前


  12. Sam.Senpai

    Sam.Senpai日 前

    Mans ate a cheese glizzy

  13. The Burg3r Tak3r

    The Burg3r Tak3r日 前

    There's old ladies over there Ramsay : They've had dick before 🤣 classic

  14. Thirdy Abella

    Thirdy Abella2 日 前

    This also means he also roasting the makers of foods?

  15. Wahyu Nuramadhan

    Wahyu Nuramadhan2 日 前

    Fuckingg hahahaha lol

  16. Katherine Johnson

    Katherine Johnson2 日 前

    This prank is not that funny.

  17. Galactic Goose

    Galactic Goose2 日 前

    6:12 did anyone else hear a dog whistle or something?

  18. Ceejay H

    Ceejay H2 日 前

    Them:its got unions in it Ramsey:it looks like dead dogs dick

  19. Joker

    Joker2 日 前

    I dont know why im enjoying this so much

  20. N1GHTM4RE

    N1GHTM4RE2 日 前

    3:40 i Just cant do it. *When you fuc* pregnant woman and something is touching your pipi.

  21. DA Productions

    DA Productions2 日 前

    *hand bleeds * owWwWw

  22. Subas Poon

    Subas Poon2 日 前


  23. Subas Poon

    Subas Poon2 日 前

    I mean

  24. Subas Poon

    Subas Poon2 日 前


  25. Shoto Todoroki

    Shoto Todoroki3 日 前

    Gordon doesn’t say please that’s how I knew something was wrong

  26. Robloxian8659 U-U

    Robloxian8659 U-U3 日 前

    Man:Forceful, Gordon:What the f*ck

  27. Joshua Lindsay

    Joshua Lindsay3 日 前

    *Guy:* 'He's opinionated, rude...' *Gordon:* 'What a fucking donut...'

  28. Anastasi Laptev

    Anastasi Laptev3 日 前

    Gordon is a beast

  29. Weekend Gaming

    Weekend Gaming3 日 前


  30. Weekend Gaming

    Weekend Gaming3 日 前

    2:23 i absoloutely love this dude

  31. Armin 13

    Armin 133 日 前

    This joke should get much more attention 🤣😂

  32. Lee Does minecraft

    Lee Does minecraft3 日 前

    HoW dArE yOU

  33. Vedang Karlekar

    Vedang Karlekar3 日 前

    The host DID NOT GIVE A SHIT😂😂😂😂

  34. Cameron Redfern

    Cameron Redfern3 日 前

    6:12 loudest fucking herbert sound created

  35. Ghost of Sparta

    Ghost of Sparta3 日 前

    6:12 did anyone hears whistle?

  36. CAC CACO

    CAC CACO3 日 前

    6:12 the heck is that sound???

  37. nana na

    nana na3 日 前

    well sometime gordon is funny😀😂🤣🤣🤣

  38. Subscribe to Danesh channel

    Subscribe to Danesh channel3 日 前

    why there are so many word of "Fuck"?, excuse me?

  39. Dick Zenormus

    Dick Zenormus2 日 前

    Fuck you

  40. Cobedio

    Cobedio4 日 前

    Me watching this video about gordon ramsay pranks, me getting an ad of Masterclass from gordon ramsay

  41. andy grey

    andy grey4 日 前

    O9h my God! I almost died with the blender skit. And I was warned. How was Frank not upset or more concerned?

  42. Let's Gaming YT

    Let's Gaming YT4 日 前

    When an advert starts critisising your food choises

  43. alecs maximo

    alecs maximo4 日 前

    Cringe 999999999999%

  44. Flying Ghille

    Flying Ghille4 日 前


  45. Redd Nubian

    Redd Nubian4 日 前

    He said they habe had dick before !! Omfg !! 😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

  46. Christian Padilla

    Christian Padilla4 日 前

    Plot twist: The second time he did tried to fix the blender it was actually on

  47. Mr D

    Mr D4 日 前

    I love this guy scares the crap out of me and makes me laff go on gorden!!!

  48. Ryan Campbell

    Ryan Campbell4 日 前

    dude with a gun: tries to mug gordon gordon: shut the fuck up mugger: yes chef

  49. J Readoo

    J Readoo4 日 前

    Act natural after the mixer accident Gordon:fuck shit

  50. Stonks

    Stonks5 日 前

    Fun fact: You didn't search this up

  51. Christian Medina

    Christian Medina5 日 前

    Yes Chef, Fuck the nice. 🤣🤣🤣

  52. Nicholas Sanchez-Reyes

    Nicholas Sanchez-Reyes5 日 前


  53. BassB0i

    BassB0i5 日 前

    Gordon isnt only a good chef, but a good actor

  54. Braeden Albright

    Braeden Albright5 日 前

    never judge a type of person by its food

  55. Josh Roberts-Beagle

    Josh Roberts-Beagle5 日 前

    I'm going to try to scare someone by yelling "BEEF WELLINGTON".

  56. Zang12 X

    Zang12 X5 日 前

    We spot the cameras because you told us were they are

  57. Silver Kokichiyo

    Silver Kokichiyo5 日 前

    “Louder” “But there’s old ladies over there!” “Oh they’ve had dick before”

  58. Sarah Knight

    Sarah Knight5 日 前

    "They've had dick before" ...can't breathe!

  59. joseph stalin

    joseph stalin5 日 前

    I love how Gordon always gives shit about what people make/eat, yet he openly admitted he eats McDonald’s

  60. Connor M

    Connor M6 日 前

    lol the blender one

  61. R_154 N_154

    R_154 N_1546 日 前

    Bro that fucking tv host hahahahah, he didn’t even move

  62. BlueBlade Gaming

    BlueBlade Gaming6 日 前

    Some day this is gonna go wrong god bless Gordon be safe

  63. Forest block

    Forest block6 日 前


  64. Crabidad

    Crabidad6 日 前

    3:49 theres a girl thats laughing bruh

  65. WellThats Fantasticerino

    WellThats Fantasticerino6 日 前

    There’s old lady’s over there. Gordon:oh they’ve had dick before🤣🤣🤣

  66. Alice Ene

    Alice Ene6 日 前

    I love how everyone is like so fucking calm if I'd saw Gordon Ramsay at a fucking mall is scream and pinch myself

  67. Moonlight babe

    Moonlight babe6 日 前

    The last guy just didn't give a shit 😂 he just walked off

  68. OP_10112

    OP_101123 日 前

    He was like 🙊🐒🦆🦆

  69. Ticiano Gameplays

    Ticiano Gameplays6 日 前

    6:12 jaja ese silbido

  70. Isean Arjun

    Isean Arjun6 日 前


  71. vv xx

    vv xx6 日 前

    ok but like at 6:11 , why did gordon have to slam that "S" in "Shopping center" so fucking hard ?

  72. KoeSeer

    KoeSeer6 日 前

    3:40 the meme face you're looking for.

  73. Albert Polohindang

    Albert Polohindang6 日 前

    Gordon ramsay best prank in the history

  74. Dragon_Slayer YT

    Dragon_Slayer YT6 日 前

    7:03 only gordon can insult someone with the word donut

  75. Matthias Gornicz

    Matthias Gornicz6 日 前

    He’s the 🐐

  76. Dr.EvilZ

    Dr.EvilZ7 日 前

    I would love to see a prank where he is nice, doesn't insult/swear once, it would just throw everyone off and be hilarious xD

  77. SLN K POP

    SLN K POP7 日 前

    Is that host a robot ?

  78. Stephen Gaming

    Stephen Gaming7 日 前

    Just imagine the blender one went wrong

  79. sebastian Gomez

    sebastian Gomez7 日 前

    Like si no entendiste nada pero igual lo miras :v

  80. Punk Raydej

    Punk Raydej7 日 前


  81. Piply Plays

    Piply Plays7 日 前

    Yes chef fck the nice lol

  82. Paddy Lump

    Paddy Lump8 日 前

    Dami kong tawa dito hahahaha

  83. Yours Truly_Gaming

    Yours Truly_Gaming8 日 前

    Just imagine one day he legit gets seriously injured. Everyone: "ha ha, funny prank Ramsay." Gordan Ramsay: *fucking bleeds out and dies*