All of Gordon Ramsay's Best Pranks | COMPILATION


  1. Izuel Nizar

    Izuel Nizar時間 前

    I never know this man could be this hillarious :v

  2. RGkong

    RGkong時間 前

    Gordon roasting the random people on the street they were all just having fun and didn’t get offended at all I love that

  3. Waya

    Waya3 時間 前

    theirs old ladies here ! they've had dick before 🤣😂🤣

  4. Sin Suong

    Sin Suong5 時間 前

    Has 666k likes... Damn

  5. Camo Cam

    Camo Cam7 時間 前

    “There’s old ladies over there.” “I don’t care. They had dick before.”

  6. Simmer Gal

    Simmer Gal18 時間 前

    I never knew golden swore that much

  7. ok boomer

    ok boomer18 時間 前

    Likes: 666k Me: The fck?

  8. Michelle Martinez

    Michelle Martinez20 時間 前

    "Cheese in a hot dog are you fucking kidding me?" 🤣🤣

  9. Sugar Baby

    Sugar Baby日 前

    It looks like a dead dogs dick...looool



    Your girl in bed be like before u cum 3:48

  11. JIMBO fred

    JIMBO fred日 前

    Frank didn't seem that bothered.

  12. Billy

    Billy日 前

    Dick ,,,, can’t hear you ,,,, There’s old ladies over there ,,,,, They had dick before Hahahahaha

  13. Moments and Memes

    Moments and Memes日 前

    December 14 anyone?

  14. Plagues Inhale the

    Plagues Inhale the日 前

    I like his hair

  15. mama cito

    mama cito日 前

    6:12 Herbert, is that you?

  16. wqnder

    wqnder日 前


  17. Aleir Design

    Aleir Design日 前

    The way the guy screamed at 5:41 sends 🤣🤣🤣 and his friend throwing whatever was in his hand 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  18. HeyStopIt Ethan

    HeyStopIt Ethan日 前

    Gordon: asks for water Waiter: brings water Gordon: it’s dry

  19. C Nash

    C Nash日 前

    He's legitly crazy as hecc

  20. Reshad Safi

    Reshad Safi日 前

    Does any body else think Gordon Ramsay looks like nathen drake from Uncharted

  21. DarkTurboSlayer Vlogs and Unboxings

    DarkTurboSlayer Vlogs and Unboxings日 前


  22. Marilyn Estoya

    Marilyn Estoya日 前

    He needs to have discipline himself

  23. Jake Belle

    Jake Belle日 前

    they've had D*ck before ! :D

  24. Rebound oωo

    Rebound oωo2 日 前

    It's looks like a dead dog's dick *Hold up*

  25. Annie TV

    Annie TV2 日 前

    *like something straight out of Jamie’s cookbook*

  26. Ebony Hicks

    Ebony Hicks2 日 前

    Old ladies had dick before 😂👍🏾😂

  27. Oveth TV

    Oveth TV2 日 前

    Wait black are scared of white?

  28. Monasha Vrchat

    Monasha Vrchat2 日 前

    When u have nothing to cook

  29. Elaine Bird

    Elaine Bird2 日 前

    No one Gordon, fuck off

  30. Elaine Bird

    Elaine Bird2 日 前


  31. Elaine Bird

    Elaine Bird2 日 前

    Bloody hell Gordon looooool

  32. Merly Villanueva

    Merly Villanueva3 日 前

    3:39 Mmmm, Gordon's hand-flavored smoothie.. (Made with real hand from the man himself!)

  33. Cameron Miller

    Cameron Miller3 日 前

    this is some premium cringe

  34. Game Over

    Game Over3 日 前

    Gordon: loses hand Host: owww hahhaha

  35. Prog

    Prog3 日 前

    This is how many times gordon says fuc ⬇️⬇️⬇️

  36. SeanGamez PH

    SeanGamez PH3 日 前

    The blender was just a paid actor.



    I hope he never has kids

  38. •Just an Eyebrow•

    •Just an Eyebrow•3 日 前

    @MUNKADUNKS YO why, like whats the reason?



    Oh shoot I feel bad for him

  40. •Just an Eyebrow•

    •Just an Eyebrow•3 日 前

    He already has a kid lmao

  41. Melissa Hernandez

    Melissa Hernandez4 日 前

    Omg the way he kissed Victoria Beckham’s wax figure lmao

  42. Ze Rodas

    Ze Rodas4 日 前

    No one: Literally No one: Gordon Ramsey playing the flute: 6:12

  43. CastellaV

    CastellaV4 日 前

    Ze Rodas ahhahahahha im dyinnnn

  44. American kid

    American kid4 日 前

    Gordon ramsay: get that fucking hair sorted out

  45. arnold arnold

    arnold arnold5 日 前

    I think Gordon is the best chef in the world

  46. Patricia the Angel

    Patricia the Angel5 日 前

    There’s something surreal about watching Gordon Ramsay run up behind two girls and yelling “beef Wellington”

  47. Gordon Ramsay

    Gordon Ramsay5 日 前

    U fucking donut that’s the inside of a nappy


    ANDREI RO5 日 前

    😂goddamit gordon😂❤

  49. sxn maya

    sxn maya5 日 前

    Imagine you staring at an ad and then it says *now fuck off*

  50. Davondre Smith

    Davondre Smith5 日 前

    They’ve had dick before 😭

  51. Camille McALoon

    Camille McALoon5 日 前


  52. N J

    N J5 日 前

    You dick head. ----- Gordon Ramsay (Any day of the year, any year)

  53. iStarAnimationsYT

    iStarAnimationsYT5 日 前

    Getting insulted hurts But when its Gordon Its a reward

  54. The CrimsonZ

    The CrimsonZ5 日 前

    Are u sanji-neechan?

  55. Madhan Navneeth

    Madhan Navneeth6 日 前

    Gordon Ramsay is a total ladiesman

  56. Nina A.

    Nina A.6 日 前

    I sooo love this guy 😍✋🏻

  57. CutiePaws Fan MM

    CutiePaws Fan MM6 日 前

    We all came here for the blender meme, right?

  58. paragontethras

    paragontethras6 日 前

    "there's old ladies over there!" "they've had dick before" gORDON

  59. Susan Iru

    Susan Iru6 日 前

    Yes chef? Bite me. Your a creep

  60. GMD Geometry Dash Master

    GMD Geometry Dash Master7 日 前

    “It looks like a dead dogs d!ck” Gordon Ramsey

  61. Nathan Fair

    Nathan Fair7 日 前

    mom- honey what do you want for dinner? my girlfriend- 2:09

  62. Jordan Holliday

    Jordan Holliday7 日 前

    "Theres old ladies over there" "They've had dick before"

  63. Asiman agarZ

    Asiman agarZ7 日 前

    Ana baci vokki kari kizi cokki

  64. Azzorr Mokkor

    Azzorr Mokkor7 日 前