All Fortnite Cinematic Trailers..! (Seasons 1-12 Shorts) Fortnite Battle Royale


  1. SinX6

    SinX6ヶ月 前

    Which Chapter had the Best Cinematics so far? Chapter 1 or 2?

  2. Ninja Shadow

    Ninja Shadow26 日 前

    Season2 chapter 2

  3. Glazy 9

    Glazy 9ヶ月 前

    SuperMarioGallard CHAPTER 1 100%!!!

  4. Solid-FN

    Solid-FNヶ月 前

    Chapter 1 because of the memories

  5. void verse

    void verseヶ月 前

    chapter 1

  6. Ignacio Tome

    Ignacio Tomeヶ月 前



    LORD AKUMA3 時間 前

    but can it work on linux? NO ! the answer is a clear NO! so f*ck it.

  8. Yt-eLimzZ2802

    Yt-eLimzZ28026 時間 前


  9. Luka Cirillo

    Luka Cirillo7 時間 前

    I remember almost all of these

  10. Amir Himouda

    Amir Himouda8 時間 前

    4:39 Him: OMG SkullTrooper: Oh hey want some popcorn! Him again: -_-

  11. Aaaa Ssss

    Aaaa Ssss8 時間 前


  12. Pedrim Divulgador

    Pedrim Divulgador11 時間 前 faala galera so queria pedir pra ajudar meu primo la , ele tem 12 anos e ta comecando a gravar uns video . Nao esqueci o Like e de se inscrever no canal.

  13. francesco basile

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  14. francesco basile

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  15. francesco basile

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  16. francesco basile

    francesco basile12 時間 前


  17. Lucas Catelam

    Lucas Catelam14 時間 前

    Jogo lixo o ff é melhor

  18. NEADEKVAT 89

    NEADEKVAT 8916 時間 前

    😢😭😭😭😭back old map pls this map so 🤮 sheet

  19. Ryan Lee

    Ryan Lee16 時間 前

    These are the good times when people didnt sweat thank you

  20. Harshith M

    Harshith M17 時間 前

    18:26 If midas was ghost, then what the shadow Brutus and peely doing there?!

  21. Rago

    Rago19 時間 前

    3:13 FEARLESS lol

  22. One Hot POTATOᄋᄌᄋ

    One Hot POTATOᄋᄌᄋ20 時間 前


  23. ONI genji

    ONI genji21 時間 前

    When Fortnite was better

  24. Brian Zepeda

    Brian Zepeda21 時間 前

    I hate the new chapter unplaybel 😢

  25. Lachlan Drowley

    Lachlan Drowley21 時間 前


  26. Night_MonkeyYT {TOKA_228}

    Night_MonkeyYT {TOKA_228}22 時間 前


  27. Tomondre Rock

    Tomondre Rock23 時間 前

    r.i.p seasond 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 not a chapter

  28. Crasheth YT

    Crasheth YT日 前


  29. Alejandro Penaranda

    Alejandro Penaranda日 前

    The best cinemática is the Chapter 1 with the map

  30. Zxyez

    Zxyez日 前

    Fun fact: You are crying because all the fun was taken out of this game

  31. potatopotatoyes

    potatopotatoyes日 前

    Where did you find some of these? I never saw any cinematic that had talking in it.

  32. Spencer’s Amazing Channel

    Spencer’s Amazing Channel日 前

    17:34 that what got me into Fortnite That lil trailer

  33. Sa Kw

    Sa Kw日 前


  34. GMADAL

    GMADAL日 前


  35. Pboy Gaming!

    Pboy Gaming!日 前


  36. Pboy Gaming!

    Pboy Gaming!日 前

    i replyed to my comment

  37. Ahmad Amer

    Ahmad Amer日 前

    If fortnite chapter 2 season 4 is anime and a pattl pas skin is goku luffy naruto it's so very cool evry one play fortnite and who don't like fortnite he play fortnite plise if you like season plise like

  38. GingyGames

    GingyGames日 前

    Who loved season 4 too

  39. GingyGames

    GingyGames日 前

    Yaaaaayayagyndutrnudtrdrnutndrutrgdutndrutruntduundrnudtrdnrtudutrgrgdtudtrgurfuugtfuhgqtfiugqhufgifghqiuihfuqgqfuhunqguftfwfnutfwfuftnwwfuhimihfwumiuwhfmjjhwbfhmfjwtmhjuuhmfwmufhw go epic

  40. Verge

    Verge日 前

    chapter 2 season 2

  41. john doe

    john doe日 前


  42. ilham taha

    ilham taha日 前

    i heard Fornite just bought this new Skin from this artist i cant wait to see it

  43. Caden Rubio

    Caden Rubio日 前

    Literally me and my friends 9:56

  44. alessandra dias

    alessandra dias日 前


  45. NoodleSnake

    NoodleSnake日 前

    Mom: the guests are gone, you can come out of your room now. Me: 16:33

  46. basel salem

    basel salem日 前

    How old are you

  47. basel salem

    basel salem日 前

    It’s very cool I love it😻😻😻

  48. AyzeFNッ

    AyzeFNッ日 前

    how so quick man

  49. Will Kitson

    Will Kitson日 前

    Yes!! You love to remember agent peely

  50. get your happiness !

    get your happiness !日 前

    which Chapter is the Best ? what do you think?

  51. XD FEAR

    XD FEAR日 前

    I remember when the Bush was released

  52. get your happiness !

    get your happiness !日 前

    Which Chapter is the Best? I like Chapter 2

  53. firevipers channel

    firevipers channel日 前

    Hey at the very end of the video what song is playing while rabit raiderbis dancing

  54. Wendy Leon

    Wendy Leon2 日 前

    Let’s be honest after season 7 everything just went👇🏼😐



    14:16 this has to be my favourite cinematic

  56. Austin Painter

    Austin Painter2 日 前


  57. yvette gutierrez

    yvette gutierrez2 日 前

    u suk

  58. Juanita Contreras Castaneda

    Juanita Contreras Castaneda2 日 前

    Like si amas al pescadito y a bananin jajaja yo les llamo así Mi ID es Best Killer 999 si me quieren agregar

  59. Megha Parikh

    Megha Parikh2 日 前

    Da football one

  60. Megha Parikh

    Megha Parikh2 日 前


  61. The NBA show With Rowan King!

    The NBA show With Rowan King!2 日 前

    2017- early 2018 fortnite?😭😭😭

  62. Kannon Barnhill

    Kannon Barnhill2 日 前

    So much memories

  63. - Absence

    - Absence2 日 前

    Remember the time where building a Wal was considered pro?

  64. Axror Xaydarov

    Axror Xaydarov2 日 前


  65. Nikolaj Rocenovic

    Nikolaj Rocenovic2 日 前


  66. errorchannel 6

    errorchannel 62 日 前


  67. AJ Mulvihill

    AJ Mulvihill2 日 前

    U digit the avengers ad

  68. Phantom :D

    Phantom :D2 日 前

    Bro i did the little ramp with the shopping carts and literally falled as soon as i jumped of the ramp My dreams was to fly on a shopping cart but i guess it didn't happened

  69. ベビーハム

    ベビーハム2 日 前


  70. Pre$tiGe

    Pre$tiGe2 日 前


  71. Daniel Reyes

    Daniel Reyes3 日 前

    i remember when shopping carts were new.

  72. WasaRed

    WasaRed3 日 前

    Whoever said Fortnite is gay just think about it....what other games do live events 😜 and amazing cinematics like this

  73. KINGKHAN74 Fort

    KINGKHAN74 Fort3 日 前

    3:35 there is a guy who lost his glider but there is a glitch that’s happening to ppl where there glider goes away near ground. Could that mean something?

  74. UH - 10BM - John Fraser SS (2652)

    UH - 10BM - John Fraser SS (2652)3 日 前


  75. IS_ Unbroken

    IS_ Unbroken3 日 前

    Extraño al fortnite anterior

  76. ツAkanexBeysXD

    ツAkanexBeysXD3 日 前

    And trailer capitan america?

  77. Fox kw

    Fox kw3 日 前


  78. Miguel Campos Silva Ventura

    Miguel Campos Silva Ventura3 日 前


  79. alex genial

    alex genial3 日 前

    19:51 Music name????

  80. Ansar Iqbal

    Ansar Iqbal3 日 前

    4:52 is the bester one for me

  81. Mike Loomes

    Mike Loomes3 日 前

    Try rowntree snakebite amalgamation

  82. kharle

    kharle3 日 前

    I’m flashing back to old memory’s

  83. Nezinomas Nezinomas

    Nezinomas Nezinomas3 日 前

    I miss old map

  84. Nezinomas Nezinomas

    Nezinomas Nezinomas3 日 前


  85. cloxity crazvan

    cloxity crazvan3 日 前

    14:16 last cinematic trailer in chapter 1

  86. Master Panda

    Master Panda3 日 前

    2:01 I was looking for the skip ad button

  87. Lamorinda Living Podcast

    Lamorinda Living Podcast4 日 前


  88. Emili Lopez

    Emili Lopez4 日 前

    Aaaa jajaja yo amo FORNAIT XD

  89. Riley Bell

    Riley Bell4 日 前

    14:17 when there is a free skin