All Danganronpa Game Openings


  1. Cora The Zorua

    Cora The Zorua13 時間 前

    Some please do a mashup of all the game openings

  2. Mother Why

    Mother Why日 前

    That like how do I explain it without sounding like an idiot...uhh part where ya know what? Fuck it I'm not gunna try but at this part of the music: 1:28 in the game gives me freaking anxiety lmao

  3. Null Moneith

    Null Moneith日 前

    Trigger Happy Havoc: Oh sweet baby boy Dangan Island: Bit aggressive but still babey Killing Harmony: Oh sweet a femal protago- oh, wait, nevermind

  4. Scaratron

    Scaratron日 前

    I love how in sdr2 they all get there own panels except Teruteru and nagito

  5. ღGacha Ash ღ

    ღGacha Ash ღ2 日 前

    Wait,Junko instemde of a white monokuma and a Black monokuma She had a white bunny,Red and white split bow.

  6. ulvh tomple

    ulvh tomple2 日 前

    2:52 4:26 6:04

  7. Scarlet ChocoCupcake

    Scarlet ChocoCupcake3 日 前

    Holy crap the Dangan Island one looks so cute and happy and it just makes me feel happy to see all my dead favourites alive :)

  8. ᴍᴇʀᴀᴋɪ

    ᴍᴇʀᴀᴋɪ4 日 前

    The lack of fucking spoilers

  9. Anthony Pereira

    Anthony Pereira4 日 前

    GUYSSS I just came up with the best idea. For one of the 3 main danganronpa games, they should've started it off with a homecoming dance and everyone is dressed up all fancy, but in a way you'd be able to tell their ultimate. And then, one of the murders take place

  10. Lupiesdankmemes !!

    Lupiesdankmemes !!4 日 前

    I never thought my child tsumigi would be the mastermind

  11. cheese*

    cheese*7 日 前

    **uncontrollable dancing** ah, dead people. I forgot about that.

  12. breadsticks pie

    breadsticks pie7 日 前

    0:01 Danganronpa 1 1:38 Dangan-Island 2:51 Danganronpa 2 4:30 Ultra Despair Girls 6:04 Danganronpa 3

  13. Peachy Baby

    Peachy Baby7 日 前


  14. Stardust Ninja

    Stardust Ninja8 日 前

    note that 3:03 is my favorite. don’t lose this.

  15. Akira Bruh

    Akira Bruh9 日 前

    Trigger Happy Havoc Is the best imo 😔

  16. nerd micky

    nerd micky9 日 前

    Saddest death (in my opinion) 1# sakura 2# gonta 3# kokichi

  17. Danganronpa rat

    Danganronpa rat11 日 前

    Maybe all the fan games are the 49 killing games? I don't know just something I thought of.

  18. Susan FRISWELL

    Susan FRISWELL11 日 前


  19. irritate

    irritate11 日 前

    this was and will remain my *shit*

  20. Ricardo Rodriguez

    Ricardo Rodriguez13 日 前

    You know, this intros make it seem like the murders would happen much faster than they did

  21. Carly Hutchens

    Carly Hutchens13 日 前

    Fact: your favorite character *_ALWAYS_* dies

  22. Toko Fukawa

    Toko Fukawa16 日 前

    Esta muy bueno para no estar buscando los openigs por separado

  23. Rose Cameron

    Rose Cameron16 日 前

    My first reactions without playing any of the games: DR1: Ok, so Leon dies. Gee, spoilers. Man, I love Junko already, her character design is soooo cute! Dangan Island: Huh. Look at all those crotch shots. Maybe this is just gonna be a cute, friendly spinoff game where no one dies. SDR2: NOPE NOPE ADVERT MISSION EVERYONE DIES NOPE UDG: Aw, there are kids in this game! That means no death, right? RIGHT? V3: why do I even try anymore, all of you are gonna die eventually-

  24. Glitchy Gamer.

    Glitchy Gamer.22 日 前

    Is this copyrighted?

  25. s҉u҉n҉r҉i҉s҉e҉

    s҉u҉n҉r҉i҉s҉e҉23 日 前

    i've done some research and i've found that some of the danganronpa voice actors do some ever after high voices so here's what i've found marieve herington (celeste) does (brooke page) (darling charming) stephanie sheh (mikan) (duchess swan) grant george (leon) (shuichi) (hunter huntsman) wendee lee (akane) (miu) (lizzie hearts) (evil queen) (mira shards) erin fitzgerald (junko) (raven queen) (c.a cupid) (gus crumb) todd haberkorn (teruteru) (korekiyo) (sparrow hood) and that's all i could find!

  26. s҉u҉n҉r҉i҉s҉e҉

    s҉u҉n҉r҉i҉s҉e҉7 日 前

    @cheese* something like that

  27. cheese*

    cheese*7 日 前

    s҉u҉n҉r҉i҉s҉e҉ oml so I could basically say that danganronpa was part of my childhood and I never knew it-

  28. Malicious Memes

    Malicious Memes25 日 前

    seeing all my dead children is sad

  29. Kara theWolf2

    Kara theWolf228 日 前

    I don’t know why but I still chuckle at Sonia’s last name.

  30. Naomi Poluan

    Naomi Poluan28 日 前

    6:54 When you sneeze and 5 ( or more ) people say 'bless you'

  31. murilo11 Super Gamer

    murilo11 Super Gamerヶ月 前

    Dangan Island opening makes me more crazy than drugs

  32. Sheepish Shark

    Sheepish Sharkヶ月 前

    Interesting how the first 2 had Murderers in plain sight during their executions, yet 2 somehow hides it pretty well

  33. kozr runar

    kozr runarヶ月 前


  34. Kaleb Hines

    Kaleb Hinesヶ月 前

    3:34 when they never gave a f*** about you

  35. ToxicHamster YT

    ToxicHamster YTヶ月 前

    This game apparently just raped the mental stability that every person has.

  36. Gacha Tale

    Gacha Taleヶ月 前

    When my friend was explaining the theme to the games and I asked if its was like assasination classroom and she said it was like reverse assasination classroom now I know what she means lol

  37. Charlie's music and animation

    Charlie's music and animationヶ月 前

    In danga5ompa 2 they just put like a Alan please add details. Who's last name is never mind. Monokuma didn't do his job.

  38. Salty Trash

    Salty Trashヶ月 前

    The second one caught me so off gaurd

  39. StampyButterFox

    StampyButterFoxヶ月 前

    i love how is everyone is “i love how”

  40. IcePlaysIt

    IcePlaysItヶ月 前

    Am i the only one who liked the Ultra despair girls opening?

  41. pinkshark soudapop

    pinkshark soudapopヶ月 前

    Bruh I'm supposed to be doing homework-

  42. Llama Cult

    Llama Cultヶ月 前

    I like how it included the Nekomaru fire part in both dr2 openings

  43. // d e s p a i r //

    // d e s p a i r //ヶ月 前

    The very first part of the v3 trailer (the v with the bullet part) looks like a porn opening I’m sorry-

  44. Cheerio Fujisaki

    Cheerio Fujisakiヶ月 前

    *i love watching all my favorite characters die*

  45. I’m Bacon

    I’m Baconヶ月 前

    Nobody: Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc opening: oh yeah, did I mention that Leon’s gonna die?

  46. clavi- chan

    clavi- chanヶ月 前

    Yeah no I wanted to see them all in order so 11hours of my time wasted

  47. gr4pe ju!ce

    gr4pe ju!ceヶ月 前

    *Just Monaca*

  48. Beans The rat

    Beans The ratヶ月 前

    I love how they make Kaeade look like the protagonist, and that she’ll be the last death or won’t die, but then she dies second. Funny times, game makers.

  49. Periwinkle Gacha

    Periwinkle Gachaヶ月 前

    1:49 WHY DOES THIS LOOK SO HAPPY 100th comment

  50. The Salty Egg

    The Salty Eggヶ月 前

    I love in the v3 opening everyone’s shadows have spoopy pink eyes

  51. Robo Studios

    Robo Studiosヶ月 前

    It’s impossible to read the names in the dangan island opening.

  52. Kokichi Ouma

    Kokichi Oumaヶ月 前

    Well this is something good. It's fun to watch this lol

  53. Kyla_cloudy

    Kyla_cloudy13 日 前

    Hi Kokichi

  54. Kokichi Ouma

    Kokichi Oumaヶ月 前

    @Hanji UwU :3

  55. Hanji

    Hanjiヶ月 前


  56. snowy Oak

    snowy Oak2 ヶ月 前

    When they said “danganrompa” That really hit me hard

  57. Ali Entertainz

    Ali Entertainz2 ヶ月 前

    Honestly trigger happy havocs is the best one coz it makes you curious how len died and it just makes the game seem tence because of the music and stuff but I enjoyed all the games also I know some games have the same music :3

  58. Dai Jun

    Dai Jun2 ヶ月 前

    The maid is my fave

  59. kamakura kamakura yas queen

    kamakura kamakura yas queen2 ヶ月 前

    the songs give me the chills in a good and a bad way

  60. Natsuki

    Natsuki2 ヶ月 前

    Danganronpa 2’s opening:ok were make a little different game like a more family friendly game Later: *bich you thought*

  61. MYSTER

    MYSTER2 ヶ月 前

    Best part about DR1 opening was byakuya and toko introduction

  62. Danganronpa rat

    Danganronpa rat2 ヶ月 前

    I really love how in most of the openings somebody says "Danganronpa" and it's so lit

  63. Electric Jos

    Electric Jos2 ヶ月 前

    I don’t know why but I like everything about Goodbye Despair more than the other games The intro is my favorite (the first intro) The story is also my favorite And so are the characters My favorite characters are mostly sdr2 characters (my favorite character is Chiaki and my second is Fuyuhiko) I guess I also like the character development the most too. I also got attached to most characters in the second game (except for Mikan cause she’s my least favorite character) since I feel like they had the biggest story, since they were in sdr2 and had a whole season about them before the killing game. I also felt like I could understand the characters more in the second game (yes, even the crazy characters like Nagito and Mikan). I feel like I didn’t really connect to the characters in drv3 (even though Maki and Kaito are two of my favorite dr characters). In dr1 I also felt like I could connect to the characters but not as much as in the second game. I also think the second game had a better setting. The only thing I didn’t like is that I got confused at some points, like I got really confused in chapter 4 during the fun house. But that is it. When the characters died I felt more sadness than in any other game. (The saddest deaths in the other games for me were Chihiro, Tenko, Gonta, and Kaito, very very much Kaito). And for UDG / Another Episode, I feel like that game wasn’t as fun as all the others, it was the game I got bored on the most which caused it to take the longest even though it should’ve taken the shortest. Not saying it was a bad game, I just feel like it didn’t have as much excitement as the other games. I still love the characters though, my favorite udg character is Nagisa. That’s all I wanted to say. By the way, this was all my opinion, it’s fine if you disagree with me on anything or if you think another game is better.

  64. Chloe Harvey

    Chloe Harvey2 ヶ月 前

    Am I the only person who LOVES the danganronpa v2 trailer? (Both ;-;)

  65. SoupDumplings

    SoupDumplings2 ヶ月 前

    okay but why does it keep zooming into their skirts/pants in v2

  66. SoupDumplings

    SoupDumplings8 日 前

    ド永ゞFitrah lmao

  67. ド永ゞFitrah

    ド永ゞFitrah8 日 前

    why not

  68. SoupDumplings

    SoupDumplings2 ヶ月 前

    Xakira y e s

  69. idiot

    idiot2 ヶ月 前