All Bleach Openings


  1. IkerX

    IkerX7 時間 前

    1,2,13 best !

  2. Jojen

    Jojen7 時間 前

    @14:20 - 14:30 is the best sequence of all openings, which makes OP 10 the best

  3. Наталья Ермилова

    Наталья Ермилова7 時間 前

    Антатант антантант

  4. Tyla Loves To Sing

    Tyla Loves To Sing12 時間 前

    Okay, I might be the only one but it think 11:55 is the best one. Just saying 🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️😂😬😬🤘🏾😁

  5. Jesús E. Montano

    Jesús E. Montano13 時間 前

    Constelation 4:25

  6. Naio Stay

    Naio Stay18 時間 前

    Creo que todos los opening de Bleach son muy buenos! ♡

  7. Master Scavenger

    Master Scavenger20 時間 前

    8:56 de los mejores inicios de openings de anime que he visto

  8. Asmadei Elivan

    Asmadei Elivan22 時間 前


  9. Vic Lord

    Vic Lord23 時間 前

    Going old school anime

  10. Arthur Oliveira

    Arthur Oliveira日 前

    i love bleach are a so good anime

  11. lee lee

    lee lee日 前

    13:22 song name please

  12. Jorge Arnaldo

    Jorge Arnaldo日 前

    Scandal-shojo s

  13. Ali

    Ali日 前

    opining 1.3 .6 best ❤❤❤🔥

  14. king wayne

    king wayne日 前

    bleach had the beat openings

  15. xVěrtēx Æ

    xVěrtēx Æ日 前

    "Like si estas viendo esto porque ya sabes de la continuacion del anime y querias recordar los buenos momentos"

  16. lautaro lopez

    lautaro lopez日 前


  17. MCHUI

    MCHUI日 前

    oh nostalgia

  18. Mario Alpizar

    Mario Alpizar日 前


  19. Bogdan Andrei

    Bogdan Andrei2 日 前

    Shinji my fav

  20. Diego Cruz

    Diego Cruz2 日 前

    I just can't express how much nostalgia hits me with those opening BLEACH FOREVER!!!❣

  21. Apollo Magnetar X

    Apollo Magnetar X2 日 前

    Not all the openings. 2021 😎 Then ALL the ops.

  22. Robert Gonzalez

    Robert Gonzalez2 日 前

    anyone else pist at jushiro for dieing?

  23. Kami Kame

    Kami Kame3 日 前

    First one is the best

  24. mok .-.

    mok .-.3 日 前

    Bleach has the best openings in all of anime

  25. Explorin Dylan

    Explorin Dylan3 日 前

    I just wanted to remember a few songs: 22 minutes later damn I'm hype for more bleach now 😅

  26. ysr715

    ysr7153 日 前

    been rereading Bleach its shocking how well it holds up

  27. Kawaii Benson

    Kawaii Benson3 日 前

    When Bleach returns, the opening should be a remixed version of the first one.

  28. Roman

    Roman3 日 前


  29. Данилка битс

    Данилка битс3 日 前

    So i came for op memes, but still cant find them

  30. Ultron HD

    Ultron HD3 日 前


  31. ADC Senpai

    ADC Senpai3 日 前

    My top 5 bleach openings, and lots of people is going to shout to me is: 1- Velonica(Op.9) 2- Anima Rossa(Op.11) 3- D-Tecnolife(Op.2) 4- Alones(Op.6) 5- Ranbu no Melody(Op.13) YES, OP 13 IS NOT THE BEST ONE FOR ME, for me its like an 8.5 prob, and all the others are above a 9, so sorry for all op 13 fanboys, but my opinion is this xD

  32. eldiodoPlay

    eldiodoPlay3 日 前

    Op 13 and op 1 the best

  33. videodude2010

    videodude20104 日 前

    It would be so satisfying if they use the 1st opening for the Anime’s return.

  34. Matthew Wesso

    Matthew Wesso4 日 前

    I swear they skipped the other zanpukto op

  35. faiyaad khalid

    faiyaad khalid4 日 前

    Op 69 is so iconic!

  36. One Fluffy Boy

    One Fluffy Boy4 日 前

    the first opening screams early 2000s and I adore it. reminds me of Elementary school

  37. mok .-.

    mok .-.5 日 前

    The second one is so good to

  38. TheReal Ness

    TheReal Ness5 日 前

    My favorite is the first one and 19:35

  39. TheReal Ness

    TheReal Ness5 日 前

    You think rukia loved him or he loved her or they loved each other? I think renji loved rukia and it’s possible ichigo loved oriheme. And rukia just loved ichigo and he just didn’t realize and he just truly was in love with orihime. But if you think about it rukia and ichigo can’t be together anyway because they’re from two different worlds... that’s is why the whole relationship was forbidden in the first place

  40. Pompei

    Pompei4 日 前

    It was stated that the relationship between Ichigo and Rukia was special, more than friends, less than lovers, almost like brother and sister

  41. SYIM 22

    SYIM 225 日 前

    Bleach haters: this is the worst anime and it will never come back Ichigo:Mugetsu

  42. Alex Gabriel

    Alex Gabriel5 日 前

    14:21 this makes me wanna twerk ngl

  43. Inosuke Dragneel

    Inosuke Dragneel5 日 前


  44. I like Spaghetti

    I like Spaghetti5 日 前

    The first opening it’s what makes this show just amazing....

  45. sonicgalaxy27

    sonicgalaxy275 日 前

    1, 2, 4, 7, 8, 9 and 11 openings are the best. This really takes me back. Where did those days go? Why do Bleach have the best openings in Anime universe?. I miss the series so much. I still love Anime as of today.

  46. Kirby - Gamer

    Kirby - Gamer6 日 前

    Me siento vieja ;-; Esto lo veia y escuchaba mi hermana cuando yo tenia 6 o 7 ;w; Autolike para no desaparecer xDDD

  47. Jan

    Jan3 日 前

    Entonces tu hermana tenia buen gusto ;-) Creo que todos quienes disfrutamos Bleach en su epoca dorada estamos en los treinta y algo o muy cerquita a los treinta (mi caso). El año que viene podremos difrutar del nuevo anime!

  48. Dean Woods

    Dean Woods6 日 前

    Damn, Bleach had more bangers than I thought.

  49. Pompei

    Pompei4 日 前

    100% bangers

  50. Momon of Darkness

    Momon of Darkness6 日 前

    Bleach haters:Bleach never come back Yhwach:hold my allmighty

  51. Momon of Darkness

    Momon of Darkness6 日 前

    Yes im here after bleach return confirmation i rly expect godlike openings like the old ones

  52. Momon of Darkness

    Momon of Darkness6 日 前

    I rly love tite kubo character design is so original and cool at the same time

  53. Renan Reinaldo

    Renan Reinaldo6 日 前


  54. Renan Reinaldo

    Renan Reinaldo6 日 前


  55. Renan Reinaldo

    Renan Reinaldo6 日 前

    Perceberam que o Lin canta a opening 6 e a 9? ?

  56. Zeke

    Zeke6 日 前

    4:15 what the hell happened there?

  57. SSJMotawah

    SSJMotawah3 日 前


  58. Aereon

    Aereon6 日 前

    The fullbringer arc was the chance to set the story outside Japan. London or any other part of Europe, and help the worldbuilding

  59. Neebs Hi am Neebs

    Neebs Hi am Neebs6 日 前

    non belivers be like bleach will never return tite kubo be like WHo decided that

  60. Reap&Sow

    Reap&Sow6 日 前

    I watch this video like every month just to remind myself that bleach is coming back !!!!!

  61. HeZSter

    HeZSter6 日 前

    6:15 have a good time with da boys but suddenly when your mom walks in

  62. [VX] Bendy

    [VX] Bendy6 日 前


  63. Hamza ali

    Hamza ali6 日 前

    I love watching all the openings at once it’s like I’m rewatching the show

  64. Chloedabest

    Chloedabest6 日 前

    Shoot I just noticed that Karin has the same voice as Sakura from naruto lol

  65. リーグ・オブ・レジェンドプロ

    リーグ・オブ・レジェンドプロ7 日 前

    witch op is your favourite?

  66. AkariMon

    AkariMon7 日 前


  67. Deon Cliver

    Deon Cliver8 日 前

    Op 7 gives me chills til this day 💯🔥

  68. Miltob Pin3da

    Miltob Pin3da8 日 前

    This one is my favorite 8:56

  69. J駿

    J駿8 日 前

    Getting myself ready for the new one

  70. Gabriel Perillo

    Gabriel Perillo8 日 前

    is it only me or some parts of the openings are a litle different?

  71. Ryan Jurgens

    Ryan Jurgens8 日 前

    The first intro still fills me with so many emotions

  72. big mo

    big mo8 日 前

    All things turn to ash

  73. LEXPOOL 28

    LEXPOOL 288 日 前

    Я один из РОССИИ

  74. Juliet Estrella

    Juliet Estrella8 日 前


  75. ps123fan

    ps123fan8 日 前

    bleach returns fans be like 10:25

  76. CrimsonPlayer

    CrimsonPlayer9 日 前

    The first opening is low-key fire

  77. erickjr9

    erickjr99 日 前

    After re-reading the whole series, I feel like even my life was Aizen's plan

  78. Y A M I

    Y A M I9 日 前

    Op 2: ¡Spoilers! ¡Spoilers! ¡More Spoilers!

  79. Swat

    Swat9 日 前

    So are you a human or a soul reaper or a hollow ? Ichigo: Yes

  80. Mati Mishi

    Mati Mishi9 日 前

    La wea épica

  81. 卄乂卂ᗪ乇丂

    卄乂卂ᗪ乇丂9 日 前

    Bleach music just hit DIFFERENT

  82. Janni_zzz _

    Janni_zzz _9 日 前

    1: 9 2: 6 3: 1 4: 15 5: 2 6: 12 7: 13 8: 4 9: 7 10: 5 11: 10 12: 3 13: 8 14: 14 15: 11

  83. Dax Akina

    Dax Akina9 日 前

    Madhouse studios for the final arc!

  84. Legendaryhokage

    Legendaryhokage9 日 前

    put this on and play brave souls everyday

  85. alguém

    alguém9 日 前

    i allways cry :,(

  86. Wahid Chowdhury

    Wahid Chowdhury10 日 前

    Is Bleach good? I’m considering getting into it but there are lot of other anime so I’d like an outsider opinion

  87. Hello There

    Hello There10 日 前

    Whenever I watch this I just want to rewatch bleach

  88. Agus 1106

    Agus 110610 日 前

    1.5k people that disliked this don't have any taste and thats that.

  89. flame King 34

    flame King 3410 日 前

    Opening 6 hit different like if you agree

  90. Inosuke Dragneel

    Inosuke Dragneel10 日 前

    Nostalgia in a video

  91. Pain't

    Pain't10 日 前

    I was 12 when bleach ended and I will be 20 when it returns...damn

  92. Tillingcrowd 413

    Tillingcrowd 41310 日 前

    You notice a sharp decline after the first like two or three

  93. XigXagz

    XigXagz10 日 前

    This is just nostalgic af and i love it

  94. Master Scavenger

    Master Scavenger10 日 前

    Pierrot hará adaptaciones pésimas de buenos mangas, pero openings esos si les pone el presupuesto

  95. Артем егоров

    Артем егоров10 日 前

    my favourite op is 12. idk why nobody loves it

  96. Spooky Frog

    Spooky Frog10 日 前

    No creo ser el único que viene ocasionalmente para recargarse de nostalgia.

  97. Chicken Nugget

    Chicken Nugget11 日 前

    First opening has a different feel than the other opening like almost a slice of life kinda thing and the forth one I guess it’s just how the color and the song the use

  98. Just some random Crusader

    Just some random Crusader11 日 前

    Bruh the first opening always make me cry a little.

  99. Nagato22

    Nagato2211 日 前

    bleach esta devuelta y ya quiero ver ese nuevo opening 🥰

  100. Dan Bolarinho

    Dan Bolarinho11 日 前

    Opening #6, idk why, but it's just the best

  101. Supreme Carlton

    Supreme Carlton11 日 前

    Welcome back, since I know you never left

  102. SnarlyJeans596 _G99

    SnarlyJeans596 _G9911 日 前

    bleach is coming back in 2021!!

  103. sonicgalaxy27

    sonicgalaxy275 日 前

    Yeah i heard. They are working on the final story.

  104. Biielxl

    Biielxl11 日 前

    Opening 6 and 7❤️❤️❤️

  105. Young Shy

    Young Shy11 日 前

    5:56 the best one no cap

  106. rigz87

    rigz8712 日 前

    The Feels.