All 4 GOLDEN BUZZERS On @America's Got Talent Champions 2020!!!


  1. Talent Recap

    Talent Recapヶ月 前

    Did you hear the announcement of who the new AGT Season 15 judge will be?! Check it out HERE:

  2. Ty Pesquinhas

    Ty Pesquinhas12 日 前

    Talent Recap lol

  3. Thamara Yzabelle Dela Cruz

    Thamara Yzabelle Dela Cruz17 日 前

    Why not Alesha Dixon? 😔

  4. Muimui Dough

    Muimui Dough27 日 前

    Sofia vargara

  5. Luis Malaquias

    Luis Malaquias28 日 前

    Please, place contestants names on the description to be indexed by JPreporter.

  6. Sugar Xyler the foot model

    Sugar Xyler the foot modelヶ月 前

    💋 I have won 113 hot feet contest. My toes have talent

  7. Antonia Ceja Oseguera

    Antonia Ceja Oseguera2 時間 前


  8. gemma batilaran

    gemma batilaran7 時間 前

    Melt my Hearth

  9. gemma batilaran

    gemma batilaran4 時間 前

    Thank you

  10. gemma batilaran

    gemma batilaran7 時間 前

    angelina jordan

  11. Ray Flores

    Ray Flores22 時間 前


  12. Oussama Saidi

    Oussama Saidi日 前

    The Indian English 😅😅

  13. Хайриддин Базаров

    Хайриддин Базаров日 前


  14. kaduns adunmei

    kaduns adunmei日 前

    Simon-- "get up" Nohhh Lmao🤣🤣

  15. kaduns adunmei

    kaduns adunmei日 前

    Angilina voice seal my mouth from singing for one day...👌😍🤤🤣

  16. Vitor Mattheo

    Vitor Mattheo日 前

    the only way you can win agt is by wearing a stormtrooper costume and simply performing anything lol

  17. wolfdarez

    wolfdarez日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="102">1:42</a> is that lil huddy at the back??

  18. Hito Achumi

    Hito Achumi日 前

    That kiss in <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="566">9:26</a> floped the whole video

  19. The15138

    The151382 日 前

    OMG I'm Crying after the Silhouette

  20. Rojan Jay Janda

    Rojan Jay Janda2 日 前

    Boogie Storm? Really?😕

  21. Ace Gaming

    Ace Gaming3 日 前

    Judges: Glances at golden buzzer. Janitors: DON'T. U DARE.

  22. Chrissy Chris

    Chrissy Chris3 日 前

    So you guys gonna ignore that kiss? x__x

  23. Brittneyqueen17

    Brittneyqueen173 日 前

    The last one has me sobbing

  24. Deinis Buravcevs

    Deinis Buravcevs3 日 前

    Norway has entered the chat. Noen norske?

  25. James Stavros

    James Stavros3 日 前

    bruh the first act lokey sounded like adel

  26. Lilly Carr-Mosert

    Lilly Carr-Mosert4 日 前

    from <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1055">17:35</a>, you can hear 'you are the reason' by Callum Scott in the background. He was on bgt a while ago, too. Life's once big spiderweb of connections, really.

  27. Dark Figure

    Dark Figure4 日 前

    Okay on the last one I thought the owner was not gonna come back and started crying xD

  28. Landon Truong

    Landon Truong4 日 前

    She sounds 20 years old when singing, that’s a good thing in my opinion

  29. Trixie Rose

    Trixie Rose4 日 前

    The silhouettes made me cry beyond belief. I just lost my best friend of 12 years. She helped me through some really rough times. We rescued her from the shelter...I miss her so much.

  30. Megan Bruno

    Megan Bruno5 日 前

    the first time boogie storm showed up it was way better than this one

  31. Briancnn

    Briancnn5 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="60">1:00</a> "Can you just come up to the mic like you're gonna be performing?" 😂😂 Proof that this show fake as fuck, and also manipulative..

  32. John Villanueva

    John Villanueva5 日 前

    I can't believe Simon

  33. Iliana Love

    Iliana Love5 日 前

    I hate heidi she's stupid

  34. Merchant Navy Life

    Merchant Navy Life6 日 前

    What a shame amd well said!! // Howei => Simom Cowell is BoogieStorm's father!! :D :P :D

  35. Merchant Navy Life

    Merchant Navy Life6 日 前

    Personally i dont believe that, BoogieStorm was not that much good to earn the golden buzzer!! Obviously their very first perform was in top class. But this one not that much good. Also its unfair to override Howie's chance!!

  36. Merchant Navy Life

    Merchant Navy Life2 日 前

    @Triston Thuney hello MR. Please note that, my mother tongue is not english. so Im not shy or ego to accept my mistake. Its much better to correct my sentences rather than be a racist!!!

  37. Triston Thuney

    Triston Thuney2 日 前

    Merchant Navy Life Can you please learn English before you diss on a great performance.

  38. Vita Anksh

    Vita Anksh6 日 前


  39. BloodMagic

    BloodMagic7 日 前

    That flying kiss of the channel host at: <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="564">9:24</a> looked a bit creepy

  40. Antonio. Loaloa

    Antonio. Loaloa7 日 前

    Lovndeede it i

  41. Roni Gonzalez

    Roni Gonzalez7 日 前

    I only clicked because of Angelina Jordan

  42. Private Account

    Private Account7 日 前

    Terry crews golden buzzer?

  43. Cristain LaFary

    Cristain LaFary7 日 前

    Boogie Storm is actually bad.

  44. memek

    memek5 日 前

    cuz simon is big lover of star wars darkside.

  45. New ideas With dreamers

    New ideas With dreamers6 日 前

    worst i dont know why did it get golden buzzer???

  46. Viliame Tiko

    Viliame Tiko8 日 前

    She is the Next QUEEN..👑👑

  47. Virginia RB

    Virginia RB8 日 前

    Alguien conoce la canción que suena cuando Howie pulsa el Golden de Boogie Storm??

  48. Bharath kumar

    Bharath kumar9 日 前

    Whenever the golden buzzer is pressed the janitor be like "Ah shit here we go again" 😂😂.......

  49. llxXKILLSWITCHXxll

    llxXKILLSWITCHXxll9 日 前

    What was in her ears on the first one? Am I the only one that noticed

  50. Luis Malaquias

    Luis Malaquias8 日 前

    Stage earphones, to listen the music along she sings.

  51. Bartholemuel Jansen

    Bartholemuel Jansen9 日 前

    i love boogie storm when they were on bgt i can t believe simon gave them it again

  52. Bonsera Sangma

    Bonsera Sangma9 日 前

    A star is born...... These lines came to live

  53. Moses M. Murhula

    Moses M. Murhula9 日 前


  54. dya

    dya10 日 前

    OMG i remember the 1st one. That "gloomy Sunday" girl, who sang without her shoes.. Wow keep shining girl 😍😍

  55. Kevin Hermawan

    Kevin Hermawan10 日 前

    We gonna win next year Corona : hold my RNA & DNA

  56. Albert nimes Sightler iii

    Albert nimes Sightler iii10 日 前

    Keep America Great....yours truly from St. Simons Island ,Ga✌️😎🌴

  57. Sofia mary

    Sofia mary10 日 前


  58. Ruben Carcha

    Ruben Carcha10 日 前

    Love you

  59. risav shah

    risav shah11 日 前

    I love Indian team rock all over the world and they won the American got talent this time .Indian team is from slum area of Mumbai and they learn dancing by them going against their family because in India many people want their child should earn money by doing labor or hard work in small age of their and due to which many of them uneducated . So I love Indian team and I hope other should respect them .

  60. LLS SHAY

    LLS SHAY11 日 前

    You guys ever notice their hand expressions when the button is pressed? I didn’t think hands could move life that 😂

  61. Teddy M

    Teddy M12 日 前

    Attraction poo all over the silhouettes. Sorry.. the story telling is just superior. And with less people too. Edit, just watched again, Attraction so much better than Silhouettes it's not even funny.

  62. Teddy M

    Teddy M12 日 前

    Also, can someone please explain how "Simon stole Howie's buzzer" when Howie used one also?

  63. Teddy M

    Teddy M12 日 前

    I thought Terry was supposed to get one as well? WTF? Storm Trooper act would actually be OK if they learned to move their bodies like really good dancers do. Maybe some lights on the costumes.. Just something.. It's so boring as it is.

  64. 준범조

    준범조12 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="850">14:10</a> song names?

  65. gaming shwerck

    gaming shwerck12 日 前

    Cannot say nothing.. damn!

  66. Chris Konushevci

    Chris Konushevci13 日 前

    Second group did not deserve the golden buzzer!

  67. Dicky pamungkas

    Dicky pamungkas13 日 前

    Angelina jordaan❤

  68. therasunpy

    therasunpy13 日 前

    The advertisements ruins it.

  69. Amado Chaidez

    Amado Chaidez13 日 前

    I am posting a commit

  70. Martin Garbez

    Martin Garbez13 日 前

    Amazing Indian

  71. Decena Lorayna

    Decena Lorayna14 日 前

    Somebody please, need to hone that voice... She gonna be a legend

  72. Anna Cihiova

    Anna Cihiova14 日 前

    Angelina is the best of the show

  73. BB Schmitt

    BB Schmitt15 日 前

    Hi , I’m from BRASIL. I’m living in Rio de Janeiro , and it’s amazing watch American Got Talent.

  74. Harriet Edwin

    Harriet Edwin15 日 前

    I love Angelina Jordan too

  75. Harriet Edwin

    Harriet Edwin15 日 前

    I love Alisha


    ГАСПАДИН16 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="468">7:48</a> the best moment

  77. Semsem Ragui

    Semsem Ragui16 日 前

    V unbeatable u naiiiled it...just wow 😍 Love from India ❤👍

  78. Eli Charania

    Eli Charania16 日 前

    Terry: Do you love Boogie Storm as much as Simon Heidi: I do not Howie: Nobody does My gosh

  79. Ed Dee

    Ed Dee12 日 前

    I do

  80. Wrath of Tron

    Wrath of Tron17 日 前

    Lol. That girl said she'd waited and dreamed for like 6 years to sing for Simon and he got two words out and Heidi shut that shit down with the button 😂

  81. Nosakhare paulison

    Nosakhare paulison17 日 前

    I remembered my childhood dog and I cried

  82. FARHAD Mohammadkhani

    FARHAD Mohammadkhani17 日 前

    واقعا دیدن خوشحالی انسان هایی که حتی زبونشون رو هم نمی تونی بفهمی لذت بخشه😍

  83. Sandra velez

    Sandra velez17 日 前

    me quedé pensando como el perro vivió tanto :v?

  84. Errel Joy Ramos

    Errel Joy Ramos18 日 前

    Does she always sings barefooted?

  85. Muhtasim Khan

    Muhtasim Khan18 日 前

    It is the best cover of MAMA

  86. Cecilia Polanco

    Cecilia Polanco19 日 前


  87. Giselda Conde

    Giselda Conde19 日 前

    amei foi lindo



    Here in Mexico..going home after hopitalization.. glad my dog ia waiting for me

  89. Graciela Velasco Ceron

    Graciela Velasco Ceron19 日 前




    A rock song became lullabay

  91. Bilal Qamar

    Bilal Qamar19 日 前


  92. art see

    art see19 日 前

    Angelina №1