1. origami yoda

    origami yoda年 前

    Got all of notifications on and trizbear

  2. m m

    m m年 前

    I have

  3. Minecraft Legend

    Minecraft Legend年 前

    TrueTriz why did u skip number 5

  4. Omar Zapata

    Omar Zapata年 前

    Emilio Diaz only

  5. Ghost -Ahmad

    Ghost -Ahmad年 前

    Code triz bear

  6. rifty fish

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  7. Jungkook Jackson

    Jungkook Jackson4 ヶ月 前

    U can’t get em in chapter 2 anymore huh?

  8. Abdullah Kara Ali

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  9. Gferinio hilversum

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    Mi epic are EXITgferinio

  10. kayleen farero

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  11. Sp1itzzzツ

    Sp1itzzzツ年 前

    FaZe Micky subd Nintendo switch

  12. Sp1itzzzツ

    Sp1itzzzツ年 前

    i Sub

  13. Skull TrooperOG

    Skull TrooperOG年 前

    Can you still collect the fortbytes ??

  14. Skull TrooperOG

    Skull TrooperOG年 前

    @T0xicTray ok thanks been trying to find them lmfao

  15. T0xicTray

    T0xicTray年 前

    Bizarre Ermine92 no

  16. Sharia Reynolds

    Sharia Reynolds年 前

    I am at 14

  17. Brittney Tobin

    Brittney Tobin年 前

    His bear

  18. Brittney Tobin

    Brittney Tobin年 前

    Use code trizbear

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  20. Kayla Sksksk

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    Mine is Bristmist12

  21. Vonible

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    Well i Got 100 of them but i did not get the skin

  22. Vonible

    Vonible年 前

    @JayGunna yeah

  23. JayGunna

    JayGunna年 前

    Do u have the Battle pass

  24. X SMOOTH

    X SMOOTH年 前

    There is playes to go to get i5

  25. Elsword Darkness

    Elsword Darkness年 前

    i didnt get the helmet

  26. gamer Pro

    gamer Pro年 前

    Little Kris Allen please give me something

  27. JJ God Grubbing

    JJ God Grubbing年 前

    Captain J J 2430

  28. Brian Carnalla

    Brian Carnalla年 前

    My gamer tag is xPR3DATOR456x for PS4

  29. VronixIOS

    VronixIOS年 前

    Bro I been watching you for so long ever since you was playing Minecraft

  30. Jack Ieong

    Jack Ieong年 前

    Why does singularity has a shit hairstyle

  31. Jeffry

    Jeffry年 前

    Oh my ghad guys fortbyte no.27 I saw some enemy and I was gonna take the fortbyte and he killed me

  32. Derpy Dude

    Derpy Dude年 前

    I am desperate for items because I'm struggling and I get bullied for no skins so would really appreciate it and I done all the steps my name is KingPickleXx

  33. Ultragod l

    Ultragod l年 前

    I'm just trying to get my fort bites but noooo he has to skip some of them. I'm un subscribing and dislike liking the video

  34. _Ymc Tee

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    use code trizzbear

  35. _Ymc Tee

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    my epic killert56 i did everything

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    I’m using ur code ;)

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  39. Latof Alsalem

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    Code triz bear

  40. Decon White

    Decon White年 前

    If you're planning on getting these quick (Under an hour) go to a different video, 1. he doesn't tell the requirements for each fortbyte and 2. he doesn't list them in an easily accessible way. And what he listed as 42 is actually 16...

  41. NXVIO

    NXVIO年 前

    I hafe no still?

  42. CaBoom42

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    use Code trizbear

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  44. Maxine Miller

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    I use your creator code my name is AudibleManx8446 Xbox One

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  47. Zakariya Jacobsen

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  48. Shex_hargiz

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    Where 90

  49. SerumdyYt

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  50. SerumdyYt

    SerumdyYt年 前

    Ya didn’t go good on 11 Bc u didn’t fuckjng show is were to go

  51. LxBoyz9181 G

    LxBoyz9181 G年 前

    I remember when you played Minecraft

  52. masontheninja playz

    masontheninja playz年 前


  53. FumeSC

    FumeSC年 前

    Theses are just vids of other vid clips

  54. FumeSC

    FumeSC年 前

    True he did do some effort

  55. Reese Arnold

    Reese Arnold年 前

    But he still edited them and put them together

  56. Jay Goat

    Jay Goat年 前

    Sine y’all thought

  57. _Ryanbeastking _

    _Ryanbeastking _年 前

    Ryanbeastking_YT PS4 Epic is RyanBeastKing_

  58. Sir.CringeAlot Wellcome to Cringe

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    Workinman23 username

  59. Mortalz_Unique

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    Code trizbear

  60. The Funny

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    Honestly this helped thanks so much true triz

  61. Tezmanian Anamo - Tru st.

    Tezmanian Anamo - Tru st.年 前

    This definitely don't got all 100. but thanks for the tips though, it narrows it down

  62. Violeta Banuelos

    Violeta Banuelos年 前

    Tez Loc lil o.g some u need to do your weekly challenges

  63. Sonof Voorhees

    Sonof Voorhees年 前

    what were is #23?!?!

  64. Ryleigh Nash

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  65. Carson Woodard

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    User name xxdreylinjxx

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  69. TimzzBro

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    My name is PineappleBroTim

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    my epicgamer tag is danictrl

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  73. Report Me

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    Got it bro you good

  74. Xbox gift card codes

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    Trizbear your awesome thanks🙏🏾

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  79. Ian Mcmurrie

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    Where’s 58 at

  80. Little landon

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  81. Heroe x Villain

    Heroe x Villain年 前

    Hey dude I have 3 kids and they would really like the skins that your gifting away here are there user names (Elijah mendes) (Eiannaplayz) and they play on the switch also my oldest user is (gameovaxyz) and he plays on PC. thank you

  82. Foshy

    Foshy年 前

    you skip all the ones that i needed

  83. Loreley Borrelly

    Loreley Borrelly年 前

    Epic username : ThatSmasher trizbear squad! ...........assemble

  84. Just

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    You flew and died

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  86. Sienna Tatsey

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    Code trizbear JAStatsey__2009

  87. atvrider RV

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    Azmyradean 2301 I play on mobile

  88. Demonic Vertex

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    Use code triz bear to instantly unlock all fotbytes I did it, it works no questions asked or else lol

  89. Driss Mamri

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  90. Jalaj Sachdeva

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    epic is minecraftcool63

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  96. Robert Autagavaia

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    You have to look for them

  99. Barbie

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    Vision Wolf same I don’t get it

  100. Tretay7523 Tretay7523

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    Code trizbear

  101. Techne Mei

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    My account is CookieSwirl1578 and yes I do own the battle pass




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  104. Agent Oink

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    Number 16 is missing

  105. Alexandro Garcia

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    code trizbear

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    Code lrlzbear I'd callous857fly

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    i cant find #47

  111. Blue Berry

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    samuel beaver he added 47 twice

  112. xxman xx

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    U didn't show all the fortbytes

  113. It’s Archie

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    Code trizbear 4 l1fe

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    THANK YOU 🙏 I always use the code trizbear :D

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    Gift me a skin I have no skin

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    Lies it only shows about half of the fortbytes

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    Jjben254 For you