Aljona Savchenko and Bruno Massot (GER) - Gold Medal | Pairs Free Skating | PyeongChang 2018


  1. Olympic

    Olympic3 年 前

    See every Figure Skating performance from PyeongChang here:

  2. Nodira Sultonova

    Nodira Sultonova15 日 前


  3. Phuong Linh Ngo

    Phuong Linh Ngo17 日 前

    @Anthony Azarcon 0 like p

  4. Brian Bonnell

    Brian Bonnell25 日 前

    @Sundis Islefo yyy

  5. Bbbbb

    Bbbbbヶ月 前

    Omg and she did that all while wearing those big gold hoops??????

  6. Rose Bayhon

    Rose Bayhonヶ月 前

    Quick .

  7. Charlie Alexander

    Charlie Alexander6 分 前

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  8. 灰原酱

    灰原酱時間 前

    so cool~~

  9. Ankâ

    Ankâ2 時間 前

    Çok güzel ya😍 Bn bu çifti çok beğendim.

  10. Sofia Ait Sidhoum

    Sofia Ait Sidhoum2 時間 前

    Stop reading the comments, look at the beauty .

  11. Rowena Cranmer

    Rowena Cranmer3 時間 前

    Are they an item IRL.

  12. joekel55

    joekel552 時間 前

    No, they have their own familys, Alijona has a baby daughter with her husband Liam Cross, (look at YT Aljona and Liam) and Bruno has a son and a daughter with his wife Sophie Levaufre.

  13. XU许莉茔

    XU许莉茔3 時間 前

    Wow great I hope they get the medal

  14. Ana Gledes De Melo Brandao

    Ana Gledes De Melo Brandao3 時間 前


  15. മനുഷ്യൻ

    മനുഷ്യൻ4 時間 前

    I can't even walk like what they have done on ice...

  16. שועלון

    שועלון5 時間 前


  17. cok üzülüyorum allahim

    cok üzülüyorum allahim6 時間 前

    Yine geldim ya super bi performanss ✨

  18. Marcia Chagas

    Marcia Chagas8 時間 前

    Que show! Expressão corporal perfeita!🕊️✨

  19. Юлия

    Юлия10 時間 前

    Это самое профессиональное, трогательное, лёгкое, чувствительное выступление из тех что я видела! Алёнушка, огромная молодец... такая пушинка, воздушная кажется... хотя сразу понятно сколько в ней силы! Это самое заслуженное золото!

  20. EveryLara

    EveryLara14 時間 前

    I really can’t believe that a human body AND mind are able to accomplish such a miracle.

  21. Enkhjin Altansukh

    Enkhjin Altansukh14 時間 前

    this guys are like queen and king on the stage

  22. Georgia Grace R

    Georgia Grace R23 時間 前

    She looks so pretty o love her dress

  23. Tooth Less

    Tooth Less日 前


  24. Busenaz Kerimgil

    Busenaz Kerimgil日 前

    I always admired Aljona she works really hard and never loses her hope despite all the unfortunate. She finally found the partner she truly deserves :)

  25. Busenaz Kerimgil

    Busenaz Kerimgil日 前

    My heart pounded every time she jumped up ^0^

  26. Busenaz Kerimgil

    Busenaz Kerimgil日 前

    What an inspiring performance !!!

  27. Sonia

    Sonia日 前

    Forget individual countries, these two are magically universal.

  28. educazione permanente

    educazione permanente日 前

    I love them

  29. Firdaus Azmi

    Firdaus Azmi日 前

    I came here to watch the men. The body build makes lifting seems effortless wow

  30. Shadow Shapper

    Shadow Shapper日 前

    perfect omg

  31. Johann

    Johann日 前

    Lenor macht Jeans und andere Stoffe kaputt. Total der Mist!

  32. 성숙경

    성숙경2 日 前

    와 너무잘해 ..우와 ..

  33. Elizabeth T

    Elizabeth T2 日 前

    O well breathtaking

  34. Ceyda Duru

    Ceyda Duru2 日 前


  35. roch

    roch2 日 前

    so.....pretty idk how to explain it

  36. Andreia Siqueira

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  37. Marlee b

    Marlee b2 日 前

    i’d catch feelings so fast

  38. cok üzülüyorum allahim

    cok üzülüyorum allahim3 日 前

    Bu ne abiii buyulendim ✨

  39. missslina

    missslina3 日 前

    Çok çok çok çok güzel..

  40. Cortes Bugados

    Cortes Bugados3 日 前

    This is the closest thing of perfection.

  41. Jitka Neuwirthová

    Jitka Neuwirthová3 日 前

    Germány top

  42. Jitka Neuwirthová

    Jitka Neuwirthová3 日 前

    Beauty ❤️

  43. Lal Peter

    Lal Peter3 日 前

    l repeat many times

  44. Vương Hoàng Phạm Nguyễn

    Vương Hoàng Phạm Nguyễn3 日 前

    Where is the iron lotus?

  45. AyaAya H

    AyaAya H3 日 前

    This is beautiful, like a fairytale.

  46. Kiki Hamilton

    Kiki Hamilton3 日 前

    4:56-5:02 ... WHAT is happening? I've never seen anything like that before! Amazing! Also, love the two coaches in the background around 4:00. You can see how they, too, poured their hearts into this routine.

  47. joekel55

    joekel553 日 前

    The coach with the glasses died just ten months later of a heart attack aged 53, RIP Jean François Ballester.

  48. Count of Monte Cristo

    Count of Monte Cristo3 日 前

    This performance is worth watching several times.

  49. allmight im here

    allmight im here3 日 前

    Who is watching because of yuri on ice

  50. noah

    noah10 時間 前


  51. Meena Gupta

    Meena Gupta3 日 前

    I'm just like the guy on the left at 6:48 happy to be on camera

  52. Moody Edmund

    Moody Edmund4 日 前

    i love u .

  53. Jenny R

    Jenny R4 日 前

    This actually brought tears to my eyes. The artistry, the was exquisite.

  54. Lm mL

    Lm mL4 日 前

    Their performance reminds me of 2014 golden medal winners 😅😅

  55. joekel55

    joekel553 日 前

    I know,, Tatiana Vovozozhar and Maxim Trancov.

  56. Francis B.

    Francis B.4 日 前

    This is magic....

  57. Dayleai

    Dayleai4 日 前

    What does "tuke" mean? They say it at 0:33

  58. Dayleai

    Dayleai4 日 前

    @joekel55 Woahh so cool!!

  59. joekel55

    joekel554 日 前

    " Germany" in Korean, and it is " doog-i",, Korean l독일

  60. hooba stanky

    hooba stanky4 日 前

    Best boss fight music evah

  61. West Coast

    West Coast4 日 前

    Браво 🤍

  62. Vera Efros

    Vera Efros4 日 前


  63. 극혐오

    극혐오4 日 前

    한국댓이고 뭐고 일단 언니 사랑해요ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

  64. A

    A4 日 前

    So god's favorite people become ice free skaters eh? Imagine having to look good, dance well, and skate well.

  65. Chasidy Charley

    Chasidy Charley4 日 前

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  66. Migue p

    Migue p4 日 前


  67. Marie C.

    Marie C.4 日 前

    My 3 years old daughter watching this: 'wow, that's Elsa!'

  68. Suzanne Hedemann

    Suzanne Hedemann4 日 前

    This might sound silly to ask but seriously how fast are they skating? Like their hair is blowing! They have to be going pretty fast haha.

  69. Matthew Pargeter-Villarreal

    Matthew Pargeter-Villarreal5 日 前

    This has to be one of the best--if not THE best--Olympic pairs' FS I've ever seen. The choreography is absolutely exquisite and they literally could not have skated that any better than they did. Three years later and I'm still coming back to watch this performance...

  70. Esytecy

    Esytecy5 日 前

    This is worth watching in 740p

  71. Jake Hoon

    Jake Hoon5 日 前

    i can't be the only one who's more nervous for the girl

  72. AussieRatKing

    AussieRatKing5 日 前

    GER? They have a dream.

  73. Karen Holland

    Karen Holland5 日 前


  74. Lonny Park

    Lonny Park5 日 前

    Yang milih Allah SWT like.

  75. floriography

    floriography5 日 前

    İnanılmaz ya izlediğim en estetik performans. Sonsuza kadar izleyebilirim.

  76. Jennifer Rathna Devi S M Mani

    Jennifer Rathna Devi S M Mani5 日 前

    Wow fantastic performance...

  77. Santa Melania

    Santa Melania5 日 前

    Wow beautiful

  78. Austin Bessire

    Austin Bessire5 日 前

    Can Somebody say WOW!!!

  79. 잼잼

    잼잼6 日 前

    와 완전 신기하고 멋지당 근데 무릎 괜찮으시려나ㅠ

  80. miesiemumford

    miesiemumford6 日 前

    And watch K. Witt sitting next to a North Korean official....shame on her!

  81. Vive tu Fe Católica

    Vive tu Fe Católica6 日 前

    El podría festejar un poco más mirando a su pareja, buenos patinadores, un muy bonito espectáculo

  82. Ouhh

    Ouhh6 日 前

    indah banget

  83. Gavin Messenheimer

    Gavin Messenheimer6 日 前

    The homely minibus supply cause because glue diagnostically pretend up a tough week. ready, messy arrow

  84. Sheikh Rudba Sarowar

    Sheikh Rudba Sarowar6 日 前

    Ballet on ice

  85. Kris Toff

    Kris Toff6 日 前

    I could be throwing someone to their death. What amazing control these athletes show.

  86. Army aleatória

    Army aleatória6 日 前

    how humans can do that?

  87. Aadya Panday

    Aadya Panday6 日 前

    I love their attitude

  88. 응동

    응동6 日 前

    진짜 대박이다 다시 봐도... 의상도 경기장이랑 너무 잘어울림ㅠㅠ

  89. Jessica McLean

    Jessica McLean6 日 前

    I loved seeing the coaches in the background for the little bit in the middle of the program.

  90. Anna Haraki

    Anna Haraki6 日 前

    So beautiful love ice skating

  91. Jordana Mcfarland

    Jordana Mcfarland7 日 前

    Am I the only one that kept thinking through this whole thing that this was SO grace full

  92. Bryan Lucca Rocha

    Bryan Lucca Rocha7 日 前

    Perfeitos!!!!! Me emocionei e me arrepiei em cada salto! 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏❤️❤️❤️❤️

  93. Gauhar G

    Gauhar G7 日 前

    Өте әдемі!🤩👏🏻💫

  94. Gaming With AH

    Gaming With AH7 日 前

    This is beautiful 😍

  95. Ewa Bingiel

    Ewa Bingiel7 日 前

    Wow, amazing!

  96. Ozan

    Ozan7 日 前

    This is magnificent and angelic performance

  97. Sevde Güngör

    Sevde Güngör7 日 前

    O kadar güzel ki

  98. Emma Stephenson

    Emma Stephenson7 日 前

    One the most beautiful things. Incredible.

  99. Moody Edmund

    Moody Edmund7 日 前


  100. Taylan Erkci

    Taylan Erkci8 日 前

    i don't know how but i always find myself watching this video.

  101. Florentine Nice

    Florentine Nice8 日 前

    How the technical score jumped after the lifting part

  102. Lily Yu

    Lily Yu8 日 前

    Augh, how are the two of them not married?!?!

  103. Shirley Gravesande

    Shirley Gravesande3 日 前

    They are married but NOT to each other. Bruno and his wife has 2 young children a boy and a girl Alijon and her husband has a 18 month old daughter.

  104. Shiva Eidipour

    Shiva Eidipour8 日 前


  105. Elif Ayan

    Elif Ayan8 日 前

    Still incredible😍

  106. ashis biswal

    ashis biswal8 日 前


  107. Gustavo Enrique

    Gustavo Enrique8 日 前

    mereceram demais, fiquei hipnotizado com os movimentos e com a harmonia do casal

  108. LariSsa

    LariSsa8 日 前

    herifte tam fransız tipi var

  109. stma be

    stma be8 日 前

    What is the music?

  110. floriography

    floriography7 日 前

    @joekel55 thanks!

  111. joekel55

    joekel558 日 前

    "La terre vue du ciel" by Armand Amar as you can see at 0:43,😉😉, French for " the earth seen from the sky", nature pictures.


    TODER GRANT8 日 前


  113. lightwaffle

    lightwaffle8 日 前

    They make it seems like some move were effortless, light as a feather... It's so fascinating it's crazy!

  114. Marlou MN

    Marlou MN8 日 前

    slt marlou jazz super votre danse