Alicia Keys, Michelle Obama, Lady Gaga Open The 2019 GRAMMYs


  1. Recording Academy / GRAMMYs

    Recording Academy / GRAMMYs11 日 前

    Former First Lady Michelle Obama Steals the show at the GRAMMYs:

  2. AndyB

    AndyB13 時間 前

    +Steve Allen Wow! That's kinda harsh!

  3. Jara Rank

    Jara Rank日 前

    Ignore....just some Russian troll.+Ian Chapman

  4. Adam Em

    Adam Em2 日 前

    Did everyone miss this pay attention to Obama she tells you who runs the world

  5. James Kennedy

    James Kennedy3 日 前

    Tell me about life? Tell me about love?

  6. Alejandra Amezcua

    Alejandra Amezcua4 日 前

    Recording Academy / GRAMMYs I love Michelle! I watched I’ve watched this video multiple times because of her!!

  7. Elizabeth Wambui

    Elizabeth Wambui27 分 前

    I dont know but this is so beautiful it made me cry. It got me feeling so emotional!!!!

  8. Evelyn Gomez

    Evelyn Gomez時間 前

    LAdy Gaga and Jlo are the best performers of all time they really put on a show all day

  9. MsKGB1

    MsKGB1時間 前

    Michelle Obama truly is one of the most Loved women is America if not the World. Right there next to Princess Diana. U stole every heart with your kindness and humility. Thank you!

  10. Tana Sun

    Tana Sun時間 前

    To all the haters these are my sisters

  11. neosoulfuljojo

    neosoulfuljojo時間 前

    Omg all amazing ladies. Michelle Obama, please be our President and kick out that Trumptrash and ITS lowlife supporters out of the White House.

  12. Alicia Kendrich

    Alicia Kendrich3 時間 前

    When they said Alicia i thought they were talking to me

  13. Alicia Kendrich

    Alicia Kendrich3 時間 前


  14. Alicia Kendrich

    Alicia Kendrich3 時間 前

    Go gaga

  15. Alicia Kendrich

    Alicia Kendrich3 時間 前

    I can be the next Alicia keys

  16. Alicia Kendrich

    Alicia Kendrich3 時間 前

    Im going to try and make an album when im 12 or 13 like Alicia keys

  17. Alicia Kendrich

    Alicia Kendrich3 時間 前

    My name is ALICIA

  18. SensualEnigmaJulez

    SensualEnigmaJulez7 時間 前

    The world needs more of this.

  19. Bee Bakare

    Bee Bakare8 時間 前

    So inspired by this! Just like us at Soul Stripped Sessions :)

  20. Geenz L

    Geenz L8 時間 前

    The crowd done lost it when Michelle spoke

  21. Mattie Lauren

    Mattie Lauren10 時間 前

    I have so much love for Michelle Obama

  22. Noora Fakeskidz

    Noora Fakeskidz10 時間 前

    I was like all crying when Michelle started speaking oh I missed this lady !

  23. emlyn nela

    emlyn nela11 時間 前

    alicia looks lit

  24. Moe Ch

    Moe Ch11 時間 前

    Oh damn JLO i see you queen

  25. Michael Edmund

    Michael Edmund12 時間 前

    Great ladies... Yep

  26. D Doc

    D Doc14 時間 前

    Michelle is s beautiful, if she was president the world would be all warm and soft and pink. And all woman would be so lovely, and all white men could be executed under the new abortion laws which allow woman the to abort white men after 40 years from the date of conception. An we could get all the big black men to wear skimpy close, and clean our lovely new soft caring pink wonderland and we won't be jealous of other women because they are also lovely

  27. get2rog

    get2rog16 時間 前

    Such a glorified opening. Shame no one produces real music anymore just the money-making machine churning out same ol same ol.

  28. millsub xxx

    millsub xxx19 時間 前

    Mike's the man !!!

  29. HmG ZmBKING

    HmG ZmBKING23 時間 前

    Sadly they took off the award that btw could possibly win 3rd time in a row but go Michelle



    Michael looks good 😉

  31. Fay Ferolin

    Fay Ferolin日 前

    When Michelle Obama delivers her speech... I'm... like...drawn to listen...

  32. Simpson Madegwa

    Simpson Madegwa日 前

    akothe watching too

  33. ohsnapiam59

    ohsnapiam59日 前

    Look at all the trumpites giving Michelle Obama 👎 on this video. Sad.

  34. Rose Sauveur

    Rose Sauveur日 前


  35. Carrie Liebergen

    Carrie Liebergen日 前

    The real FLOTUS!!!!!!

  36. Landon Fise

    Landon Fise日 前

    I lost my shit too when I saw Michelle. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  37. neilsthepoet

    neilsthepoet日 前

    Yeah more open. Orders.... more Muslims more more Ben Ghazi.....

  38. Annisa Hasan

    Annisa Hasan日 前

    why is Jennifer Lopez hiding behind her beauty, i didn't know it was her until she said the Bronx and the block

  39. Annisa Hasan

    Annisa Hasan日 前

    you know they were only cheering for Michelle right?

  40. hyacinthos

    hyacinthos日 前

    I wish jlo didn't wear that stupid hat

  41. ameh philippa

    ameh philippa日 前


  42. BrittanyHoneyyBunssxx

    BrittanyHoneyyBunssxx日 前

    Damn Michel Obama you scary as shit can't even see you need high definition lightning. Finally beautiful real women first lady milania. Classy feminine truly beautiful woman. No he she here.

  43. BrittanyHoneyyBunssxx

    BrittanyHoneyyBunssxx日 前

    In a state of trance maybe for you and dummies like you hhhaaaahhhhaaaa

  44. BrittanyHoneyyBunssxx

    BrittanyHoneyyBunssxx日 前

    Made yes u got that right melania is beautiful and she doesn't need that fake ass attention that ape Obama gets. Melania will nnneeevvveeerrrr eeeeevvvvveeerrrr stoop down to that ugly cave man.those fake claps are for all ugly people. Hooray for the Puerto queen Jennifer Lopez aka jenny from the go girl and melania tooooooo

  45. BrittanyHoneyyBunssxx

    BrittanyHoneyyBunssxx日 前

    Alversado you know why you loved when the crowd went crazy for Obama. Cause sheets ugly as asss and an ape hah

  46. very rare ghost

    very rare ghost日 前

    4:08 the little monsters? You mean demons.

  47. Erika Garibay

    Erika Garibay日 前


  48. ruth bonilla

    ruth bonilla日 前

    When Michael obama talk all people clap scream❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

  49. Capricosm

    Capricosm日 前

    Is that Michelle or Big Mike .

  50. Capricosm

    Capricosm日 前

    Alicia who ?

  51. Ritika Tyagi

    Ritika Tyagi日 前

    5:43 If only you've watched the video of woman like me you'd find something similar If you got that then comment

  52. Thu Thủy Nguyễn

    Thu Thủy Nguyễn日 前

    0:06 that man was about to jump on the stage for Alicia

  53. Jack Daniels

    Jack Daniels日 前

    What's with the devil worshipping wookie?

  54. Street one & Dubz records DUBZ MUSIC

    Street one & Dubz records DUBZ MUSIC日 前

    You are good singers bt you don't run the world girls,u have to be humble and lead pple the right way otherwise if u do things the devil want you will face it,facts change bt the truth will remain

  55. Pipito Paerata

    Pipito Paerata日 前


  56. Fb C

    Fb C2 日 前

    Oh my gosh! People missed the Obama's awwww.. ♥️♥️♥️🔥🔥🔥

  57. Shahla Nabil

    Shahla Nabil2 日 前

    Amazing 😍😍😍

  58. Starr Azzure

    Starr Azzure2 日 前

    I guess I'm the only one who isn't a fan of Michelle Obama or inspired by her.

  59. Jara Rank

    Jara Rank日 前

    And? Why do we have to know????

  60. Steven

    Steven2 日 前

    Lady Gaga is a Goddess

  61. Jeff Jr Kellerman

    Jeff Jr Kellerman2 日 前

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ that’s love

  62. Cindy Nicholson

    Cindy Nicholson2 日 前

    Obama your a nobody ❗️

  63. Diamoend

    Diamoend2 日 前

    Who let the ape out

  64. Adolf Viana

    Adolf Viana2 日 前

    michelle is drunk

  65. Isabella Ruiz

    Isabella Ruiz2 日 前

    All 5 ladies look beautiful & are so inspiring!

  66. Arshan Gamer

    Arshan Gamer2 日 前


  67. Ross Gleave

    Ross Gleave2 日 前

    JLo, lookin like a straight up Red Dead Redemption Outlaw🤣🤣🤣

  68. Farhunson

    Farhunson2 日 前

    5:21 for a sec i thought it was 21 savage but then i remembered he's still in custody 😐

  69. Princess Taylor

    Princess Taylor2 日 前

    She's sooo loved

  70. Christine Sage

    Christine Sage2 日 前

    Song for Michelle Obama... Dude Looks Like A Lady! LOL

  71. Forrest Man

    Forrest Man2 日 前

    What is she doing in a music award show

  72. Sandra Myers

    Sandra Myers2 日 前

    One of the only people NOT singing BROUGHT DOWN THE HOUSE! .. A REAL First LADY xox

  73. B yamine

    B yamine2 日 前

    Michel it s à man.

  74. sandadelsol

    sandadelsol2 日 前

    JLO's hat.... i love you but sis..... NO hahahaahaha

  75. Darwis Alwan

    Darwis Alwan2 日 前

    Nggak ada apa apa nya sama net, panggung nya...

  76. Vishal Other Guy

    Vishal Other Guy2 日 前

    And here I thought that gaga was starting to get her shit straight

  77. dan wu

    dan wu2 日 前

    Glaps for Michelle Obama!!😁

  78. jollyranchette

    jollyranchette2 日 前

    My favorite moment is at 2:55 when the young girl's face lights up and she says "Oh Michelle!" Michelle is such a role model, showing young girls what they can - and should shoot to - be!

  79. Nahshon Damir

    Nahshon Damir3 日 前

    People are definitely bamboozled by the bullshit that you see with these celebrities and these award shows.These people are devil worshipers and that powerful speech Micheal I mean Michelle Obama gave wasnt for all that was for there kind.FYI...They all are Transgender

  80. Zoe

    Zoe3 日 前

    Obviously Satan runs the world according to Michelle Obama

  81. Luis Eduardo Mendoza Patiño

    Luis Eduardo Mendoza Patiño3 日 前


  82. Reign Stephens

    Reign Stephens3 日 前

    if you are bts army go to 1 34 ull see jhope jimin and rm

  83. S Na

    S Na3 日 前

    I’m more excited about the oscars than I was about the Grammys. The music industry is pure trash these days.

  84. Vegan Sausage

    Vegan Sausage3 日 前

    Five powerful women on stage.

  85. Maryena Gross

    Maryena Gross3 日 前

    Michelle and Alicia ok the rest of program was SAD. SMH

  86. Ingrid Campos

    Ingrid Campos3 日 前

    Michelle Obama é Amada em todas as partes do mundo ❤️

  87. Raven S

    Raven S3 日 前

    Imagine how iconic that would have been if they had Beyonce up there instead of Jada.

  88. Shayleece Ruiz

    Shayleece Ruiz3 日 前

    When Alicia asks “who runs the world” notice how Michelle points down 6:38 hinting at Satan. Please don’t let these evil people be your icons. Believe in Jesus and he will save you ❤️😭

  89. This Is It.

    This Is It.12 時間 前

    Hahahaha you guys so funny!


    W0ODI_WOODRUFF16 時間 前

    So many fooled by this evil doer

  91. Lisa Dahowski

    Lisa Dahowski日 前

    Amen!! 🙏🙏🙏 I'm glad others noticed it too. She is pure EVIL

  92. sad trash

    sad trash3 日 前


  93. Andrey Duarte

    Andrey Duarte3 日 前

    Why isn't JLo on headline of the video????

  94. Min yoongi

    Min yoongi3 日 前

    Did anybody see jimin and v and jhope behind dolly parton

  95. My lifeu is amaJINg

    My lifeu is amaJINg日 前

    Min yoongi I kept looking for Dolly coz I know they will sit behind her. The minute I saw RM, JK, Jimin, V and Jhope I was so proud. Just sad that I couldnt see my baby Jin and Suga from those angles.

  96. nadia islam

    nadia islam3 日 前

    You didn't include Jlo and Jada Smith in the title

  97. Kiara AG

    Kiara AG3 日 前

    The world would be such a better place if it was really ruled by girls.

  98. Josephat Kibet

    Josephat Kibet3 日 前

    They are lying to us. Michelle Obama must be a man. She looks like a man

  99. M. A. B.

    M. A. B.3 日 前

    Wow...What a beautiful moment.

  100. Orlando Pinnock

    Orlando Pinnock3 日 前

    Lady Gaga is acting weird as everyone can see, it seems like she wasen`t the one who was speaking, like they are telling her what to say, listen to what she said; Music took her ears, hands, voice and soul an it laid her to all of you, to those who listen to her songs, who`s the little "Masters" shes was referring to? YOU heard that clearly, demons is controlling her guys, you need to wake up and open your eyes people, accept JESUS CHRIST as your LORD and savior while u can right now we are living in the end of time. What dose it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his own soul.

  101. Orlando Pinnock

    Orlando Pinnock13 時間 前

    +Jara Rank I am pretty much young not old and never married plus not a Sunday SCHOOL person. I can not keep JESUS CHRIST to myself

  102. Orlando Pinnock

    Orlando Pinnock13 時間 前

    +Jara Rank So please let me spread the word of comfort to they hearts and letting JESUS in the life and to open they eyes to the world and the Government system

  103. Orlando Pinnock

    Orlando Pinnock13 時間 前

    +Jara Rank I believe everyone should know of this while there is still a chance for those who didn`t know. Many person dont know the secret behind these people Devil worshipers Lady Gaga and there is a lot more of them smiling at you guys

  104. Jara Rank

    Jara Rank日 前

    Orlando Pinnock, please keep your religion out of the discussion, some of us are agnostic and not interested in your Sunday school, keep it for your old fat wife.

  105. Hairstyles by Nickcola

    Hairstyles by Nickcola3 日 前


  106. miguel

    miguel3 日 前

    This grammy awards getting silly r every year

  107. NOFACE visuals

    NOFACE visuals3 日 前

    Jesus is the way the truth and the light. Seek him and you shall lack nothing.

  108. NOFACE visuals

    NOFACE visuals日 前

    Jara Rank I only evangelize out of love, so that everyone can see the kingdom of heaven

  109. Jara Rank

    Jara Rank日 前

    Noface, are you evangelicals here just for fun? You do not sound very intelligent, this supposed to be a discussion, not an evangelical circus rally!

  110. mrang100

    mrang1003 日 前

    Michelle has to fix her front crooked teeth!

  111. Fabie Kamony

    Fabie Kamony3 日 前

    Ma Gaga se porte à merveille. God bless you.

  112. Ducati M

    Ducati M3 日 前

    Michelle walks like there’s something between her legs... Seriously, watch how she stands and walks, very bowlegged

  113. James Kennedy

    James Kennedy3 日 前

    You are representation of life? You made yourself available to a parade of corruption. You have nothing to do with your pretty dress. Others believe that I'm available to You. You have nothing to do with your speech. Others make that available to you. It's really quite simple? You had nothing to do with who you are.

  114. Popo 92ch

    Popo 92ch3 日 前

    Gaga 💝💖

  115. Jesse Reed

    Jesse Reed3 日 前

    Where all the white folks they moved to Texas who gonna pay our taxes

  116. Abraham Ba

    Abraham Ba3 日 前

    lady gaga is very beautiful