Ali Gatie - What If I Told You That I Love You (Official Lyric Video)


  1. sleeping all day

    sleeping all day12 時間 前


  2. Rachie Rach

    Rachie Rach12 時間 前

    Who of you first checked the comments 😳🥰Am in love with this song but still can’t comment 😒everything was written

  3. Marc ApyR

    Marc ApyR12 時間 前

    Reminds me of Eastside by Benny Blanco and Halsey

  4. Angelica Schmidt

    Angelica Schmidt13 時間 前

    🥰🥰🥰 I love ❤️ 💕this song

  5. Jason Soto

    Jason Soto15 時間 前

    I like this because my girlfriend broke up with me and took all my money and my car and I lost her imma die right now

  6. Call Me Demogorgon

    Call Me Demogorgon15 時間 前

    I’ve been in a relationship for 4 months and I’m still really scared to show feelings in fear of rejection and I really wanna send him this but I feel like he’ll just be like “ok”

  7. Isna Rodriguez

    Isna Rodriguez18 時間 前

    I love your music a I was hoping oficiales you had some concers in in Kansas city because i want to see you with on April 3rd because my bestfreinds brithday plz an thanks if you can

  8. Verona Mohammed

    Verona Mohammed18 時間 前

    Loving this song

  9. Pietro stars

    Pietro stars19 時間 前

    O my god🤯

  10. Saa-Pas 5⃣

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  11. Saa-Pas 5⃣

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  12. Genesis Palacios

    Genesis Palacios20 時間 前

    Can you and Russ make a song together!

  13. Dina Sakha

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  14. Axelle Lafenetre

    Axelle Lafenetre20 時間 前

    J'aime juste le début perso

  15. anayou 68

    anayou 6820 時間 前

    You are song is your beautifu

  16. anayou 68

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  17. rezzy GTA

    rezzy GTA21 時間 前

    Best music❤

  18. Nafisa Karim

    Nafisa Karim21 時間 前

    I just wanna know why you’re broken so much? I just want you to feel happy and hopefully you do become happy. I also just love your music; it’s just pure talent from you and raw emotions felt by me. It’s so amazing, i’m always stunned. If you see this message, i hope you know that you have a really big fan.

  19. _s sann

    _s sann22 時間 前

    You have such a beautiful voice,,, ❤❤

  20. Lucas Siqueira

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  21. Teos welt

    Teos welt22 時間 前

    I ❤you Songs i liveyou

  22. אליזבט גרבר

    אליזבט גרבר23 時間 前

    Omg 😍

  23. S. K

    S. K23 時間 前

    This man just really loved that girl hope that they’ll end together ...

  24. Lazaro Canela

    Lazaro Canela23 時間 前

    This song Made me cry

  25. Fore

    Fore日 前

    While watching i think about a girl that followed me on instagram shes so beatifull and we chat the whole time i think of her almost all the time but shes 2years older

  26. Saneth Dilmina

    Saneth Dilmina日 前

    I have girlfriend I love her that's only 💞😍

  27. TD 2020 Panika Twist

    TD 2020 Panika Twist日 前

    TD 2020 Panika Twist Loved44444444444444

  28. Rose

    Rose日 前

    Idk what got me here writing for you, when i already know you’re gone, but sometimes am reminded that I’m not really the one who lost at the end, i was lucky enough to meet someone who’d squeeze my broken pieces, all together and bloom my heart with roses and make me step into light when all i knew was darkness. I was lucky enough to meet someone who’d be pretty enough the only reason i’d wanna wakeup every single day. You know those mornings when you are all happy for everything that had happened to you, the bad things the good things, things that made you cry and just start seeing the world through rose colored glasses, i would have never guessed all those feelings existed until the day i met you. You made me so happy that i wanted to stay up all night cause every second with you worth more than a thousand beautiful dream. You made my ordinary days seem so extraordinary and you sparkled every inch of my body with a whole disney firework show. Sometimes i question myself if it was all real or was i just trapped in this false reality, but i was aware of one thing, that it’s gonna hurt so damn deeply having to let go of your hand, and in a split of a second, you were gone, faded, before i had the chance to say goodbye to you, before i had the opportunity to tell you that i still love you more than i love myself, that you were still the reason that caused me to fall asleep with a smile on my face, that life was so much easier by you on my side, that no matter how hard my days went, hearing the sound of your voice would pluck out every anxious and bad feeling and heal every wound and pour my body with happiness and well being. I sometimes dont accept the fact that am not able to talk to you every night before i sleep, that am not able to express all the things bottling up my chest, but whenever i play flashbacks of you in my mind, I’d catch myself uncontrollably smile from the inside and just be grateful that i was lucky enough to meet someone who’d make my days shine bright by one glance of your direction. And one common mistake we all make is wanting to see the person as we want but not as they truly are, and maybe you were more than a person to me, i dont know yet what you were, something that no one ever saw and no one ever felt. I’d still wait for you until the very end, only to tell you that i miss you more than u can ever imagine and i know you still wear that cap with the hood on and listen to the weeknd’s music, and i hope that your cat fluffy is doing good and that you’re taking care of him as you always did, and god, i miss whenever you blessed my days with random videos of him. Today is the day am not able to tell you sweetest 18 and may god light up your days with joy and all types of love, “20.02.2002, full of twos” just as you said it to me 2 years ago, and yes, i still remember everything even if it lasted too short and how you loved sushi so damn much and hated whenever clothes get stuck to your wet body right after you shower, and i know you would punch me if you find out i still stay up all night listening to music and sometimes it’d be the songs you told me about. And even if you shattered my heart into a million piece, am glad you went for what made you happy, even if it wasn’t about me being present in your life, and i hope this love stays when both of you think it’s time to let go and make you smile on your worst days, as you always did. - i hope i’d cross your mind even once a year. - Talk to me again, someday. - Bye, love.

  29. Kris Newton

    Kris Newton日 前

    I fell like killing myself so I’m listening to this myt not reply probs be dead 😭😭😭😭

  30. Winwyn official

    Winwyn official日 前

    This song it's so different when you thinking about your best friend ❤️❤️❤️

  31. Uzair Sheikh

    Uzair Sheikh日 前

    That "yeah" part need to be improved

  32. Rocio Seron

    Rocio Seron日 前

    Tik tok :3

  33. Stephen Edwards

    Stephen Edwards日 前

    Sometimes missing and loving someone isn't enough when to much has happened , knowing you have to walk away is the hardest part tho

  34. Abhinandan Khajuria

    Abhinandan Khajuria日 前

    Have you ever felt like you wanna say something but you don't know what.

  35. deadpoolishome walking man

    deadpoolishome walking man日 前

    Grate great song love it 🤙🤙❤️❤️🤩❤️❤️🤩❤️😍

  36. Prtk Gaming

    Prtk Gaming日 前

    Yes, after this song i said to her whom i have been loving from past 7 years. It was a NO from her side. I was down for trusting her , she told me she want me but she never. I said the wrong thing and tbh nothing comes back. I miss her , she dont. She has someone new :) imma crying while writing this but just hope she is happy and everyone be happy out there. Dm me if you feel low I will always help you all. ig- @prtkchaudhary_

  37. Shaked Bg

    Shaked Bg日 前

    Funny how we all listen to the same song yet all think of a different person

  38. Joel_rgg

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  39. Nik3_ k1d

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    The worst part is when the person you had the best memories with ...... becomes one of your best memories

  40. Black White

    Black White日 前

    When you're happy you enjoy the music *When you're sad you understand the lyrics*

  41. Black White

    Black White日 前

    Ali Gatie doesn't sing with autotune He sings with *FEELINGS*

  42. Black White

    Black White日 前

    That moment when you listen to thins song n you're thinking about that person but that person don't care anymore.....

  43. imran tahir

    imran tahir日 前

    Good luck for your show. Love from sharjah 😚😗😀

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  45. Fore

    Fore日 前

    It would be funny if two people are thinking about each other while listening this song at the same time

  46. SIN焚 rälté

    SIN焚 rälté日 前

    Or was this all a joke to you🤕🤕🤧

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    issa a hitt 🔥😭

  49. unxqual :\

    unxqual :\日 前

    I make a lot of money but I don't have a lot of spare time, and it's never Impacted me until my recent breakup my girlfriend of 10 months broke up with me because I never have time for her I had to seen her in 3 weeks and it was tough, I later found out she might've cheated and it just hit way harder. Everything is a lesson and this lesson is time over money

  50. Puskar Sharma

    Puskar Sharma日 前

    🙏bro now you became my fav one❤. This is the first song of your i have heard ever❤

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    This hit me hard 🥺💞😭 MAN WHO CUTTING THE ONIONS?!

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  54. Sahra Ahmed

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    But my my baby

  55. Sahra Ahmed

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    I’d die for you

  56. Sahra Ahmed

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    I love you

  57. Sahra Ahmed

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  58. Sahra Ahmed

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    😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭I miss my bunny

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    I love this song🌷🌷❤️🌹🙂

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    I love you haji