Ali Gatie - What If I Told You That I Love You (Official Lyric Video)


  1. Ali Gatie

    Ali Gatie6 ヶ月 前

    The music video for this is out now ❤️🦋

  2. Dorcas Banza

    Dorcas Banza5 日 前

    I just love ali

  3. keiry Ayala

    keiry Ayala9 日 前

    @Saketh Dhulipalla belo vfyp,🦝🦝🦝🦝🦝

  4. Ester Shiwalo

    Ester Shiwalo11 日 前


  5. Like show...

    Like show...13 日 前

    Друг ,ты не пролаёшь свой аккаунт в Ютубе ?

  6. Samantha Rose

    Samantha Rose14 日 前

    samantha i love is song

  7. Ramya Mishra

    Ramya Mishra8 時間 前

    How on earth people dislike this song i mean whyyy

  8. Sunil Sunar

    Sunil Sunar9 時間 前

    Wow 😮😮😮😮😮😮😯😯😯 I love ali gantie all song

  9. Nusrat Urmi

    Nusrat Urmi12 時間 前

    I'm gonna tell you that i love you💗

  10. Daniela Lujan Garcia

    Daniela Lujan Garcia16 時間 前

    Me encanto☺

  11. Atouani Aya

    Atouani Aya22 時間 前

    it's funny how each of his songs bring diffrent memories .

  12. Fayaz Nissam

    Fayaz Nissam日 前


  13. sophia tarman

    sophia tarman日 前

    here is my story i met a boy, we got close and started dating then he started talking to his ex and i didn't make a big deal outta at first then she started flirting and messaging him for ages then it was free dress and she wore his jumper and i texted him about it that night and he told me i was making a big deal outta nothing and he broke up with me now him and his ex are dating and i still love him...

  14. Snape-Itachi el

    Snape-Itachi el2 日 前

    reminds me of Sophie & Jentzen RIP #jophie

  15. Jehh Bdjdjj

    Jehh Bdjdjj2 日 前

    once i had a big crush on someone i would have kill me for her than she friendzoned me and this Song helpt me to get out of my depression 🙂

  16. Alok Kumar

    Alok Kumar3 日 前

    I believe you love.

  17. So wah

    So wah4 日 前

    Sooo I heard this song playing in Ralphs while I was shopping and I shazamed it 😂 and I la la la la love it ❤

  18. Crystal Jhalak

    Crystal Jhalak4 日 前

    I have share it to my crush 😍😍😍😋😋😉

  19. Rosa Huertas Martel

    Rosa Huertas Martel4 日 前

    I love your music, you really sing beautiful❤

  20. Carolyn Kumar

    Carolyn Kumar5 日 前

    Ali Gatie is smart he post a music 🎵 🎼 🎶 video and a lyric video because some people like looking at the lyrics more.

  21. Itzjaelynn

    Itzjaelynn5 日 前

    he the only boy rapper that ive never seen say something like a badword and he speaks he true feelings

  22. Trina Yellowbird

    Trina Yellowbird5 日 前

    This is sad😢😢😢😳😳😳

  23. Trina Yellowbird

    Trina Yellowbird5 日 前

    This is sad😢😢😢😳😳😳

  24. Myrah Lucie

    Myrah Lucie5 日 前

    I Love the song you are talking about Love 🙏🙏💕💕

  25. Luis Orozco

    Luis Orozco6 日 前

    I love you Heidi I'm sure your watching this video

  26. Elena Figueroa

    Elena Figueroa6 日 前

    Obsessed with this song i sing this so much ik the lyrics like thw back of my hand

  27. King Monsur

    King Monsur6 日 前

    if i told when how much i love me what i they say they hate me back then what??Ur gonan be hurted ..i’ve been in a situation where i likes them and they never knew but they left me they new my emotion and stuff still after a year left me 😰😓

  28. V I N D I C A T O R E X E

    V I N D I C A T O R E X E7 日 前

    Im depressed but the last time i listend to this im good now this is good song accually

  29. Kyla Hudson

    Kyla Hudson7 日 前

    Bru . my friend sent me this today and i almost cried 😖💞💞

  30. Anae Zhutem

    Anae Zhutem7 日 前

    When u lied ur self just to feel u that ur okay .. 🥺

  31. Krista Peekeekoot

    Krista Peekeekoot7 日 前

    Dedicated to my current boyfriend. I wanna say "I love you" but I'm so scared. We weren't even together that long🤦‍♀️😔. My boyfriend doesn't even know.

  32. muhsin omar

    muhsin omar7 日 前

    WHEN u lisren to this song u get s thaught right

  33. Angela Yammine

    Angela Yammine8 日 前

    Ali what if I told you that I love you would you tell me that you love me back ?????🖤💓🖤💓🖤💓🖤💓🖤💓

  34. kylee choi

    kylee choi9 日 前

    me thinking about this one amazing, caring, loving, literally everything guy, knowing i'll never have a chance. sigh oh well.

  35. keiry Ayala

    keiry Ayala9 日 前

    L,a,qp, pool, skjlwjw pan Aqjqwqahalaajai🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  36. Reynier Lion King official

    Reynier Lion King official9 日 前

    Congratulations, what a great song you have composed for this beat, 1 subscriber plus brother.

  37. Eliana Gallegos

    Eliana Gallegos9 日 前

    It hits different when you restart the song to think about that person for just a little longer..

  38. fortnite. queen4

    fortnite. queen410 日 前

    I listened to this and I got sad because my ex would put this on for me like every day

  39. Sharonda Donatto

    Sharonda Donatto10 日 前

    Jose😘 this song is beautiful and hurtful 😔🧡

  40. Tati Joy

    Tati Joy10 日 前

    I am listening to this 6 months after it was posted and I never thought I would relate to this song, as much as I do now.

  41. shahril izwan

    shahril izwan10 日 前

    i like all you song!!!

  42. Neertex Music - No Copyright Music

    Neertex Music - No Copyright Music11 日 前

    Thank you for this song! U are amazing.

  43. Inonge Milimo

    Inonge Milimo11 日 前

    Ali Gatie really knows how to express feelings. .......keep it up ......U r my hero

  44. /stormz _blc\

    /stormz _blc\11 日 前

    🥺🥺i'm french but i like your sound🥺👍🔥🔥❤️

  45. Shinghor Yarsho

    Shinghor Yarsho12 日 前

    I sang this song to my crush........ Now I'm single😣

  46. cassandra camp

    cassandra camp12 日 前

    This hits hard

  47. natalie Steffens

    natalie Steffens12 日 前

    This is the song that you had the memory's about the person that you loved and then it all goes away

  48. kairely de la rosa

    kairely de la rosa12 日 前

    I love this song bc of the beat i sleep with this song it makes me sad a little bit☺😇

  49. Liona Kamer

    Liona Kamer12 日 前

    This is nostagic😭❤️

  50. Lillie Tracy

    Lillie Tracy13 日 前

    I met him on discord, he had a small crush on me and i thought he was chill so I thought 'alright let's giv it a try.' And I loved him more than anything and he loved me too. We would fall alseep on video call all the time, we told each other everything. And on September four he lost feelings. I was stressed camping so he waited untill two days later to tell me. I whent on his discount account for amusement (we had each others passwords), and I saw dms with him and his only friend (besides me), and "Id be better off if i was single hoesntly" and that broke me. My reaction was to go on my account and ask if he was alright. He didn't know I had seen it. And i asked if there was anything going on and he musta got the hint cus he said "idk it just kinda stopped[feeling]." And he broke up with me. Yes I'm young, (12) but he was literly my everything. I'm not self diagnosing myseld with depresstion, but i had a lot of it's symptoms for over a year. When he told me i literly wanted to die. I was in a disbelief of realty. I wanted to wake from this awful dream. I cried for 7 hours that day. I asked if he wanted to still fall alseep in vc and he said "nah sorry" (he's told me before that when he just says sorry but itself he doesn't mean it.) He was literly numb to everything. I asked why and he said cus he didn't wanna lead me on i exsplained that's not gonna happen and he still said no. I wasn't trying to make him i just wanted an actual reason as to why. He said "because" and never gave me an answer besides that. He asked is i wanted to and i said "well yeah but not if u dont wanna" and we called. Within the first hour we hadn't really said anything involving the break up. He left the call randomly and i assumed his phone died but he didn't come back. I waited an hour, and nothing. I fell alseep at 3 am and woke up at 5 am I checked the call and he still wasn't there. I don't understand how someone can go from "i love u a lot baby" "can we cuddle" "i wanna be with u forever" to a break up. I kinda took it as my fault he was numb, he said he is really hurt when i say things like i don't feel loved (i have trust issues and i overthink, and constantly ask if he loves me) and that i wanted to kmy. I cried my eyes out and I liteelt don't know what to do. He still cares about me but he doesn't love me. He made me promise no sucide. It's come to my attention that i am hoesntly toxic and I'm working on not being. But he doesn't love me anymore and i really dont know what to do

  51. Prince Nathaniel Dequito

    Prince Nathaniel Dequito13 日 前

    have a nice day

  52. Prince Nathaniel Dequito

    Prince Nathaniel Dequito13 日 前

    Audrey if your reading this its what i feel

  53. Audrey Gale Dadan

    Audrey Gale Dadan4 時間 前


  54. Super Monkey

    Super Monkey13 日 前

    Me : imagining of a hot guy in my mind and him loving me 😔 My iPad: OMG THIS IS THE MILLIONTH TIME THA SHES SEARCHED UP LOVE SONGS FOR GOD SAKE WHEN WILL SHE REALIZE SHES SINGLE 🤣🤣😂😂

  55. Larisa Tariang

    Larisa Tariang14 日 前

    'if i tell you all my feelings,would you believe me?' this hits me so hard,bcoz whenever i show signs of my feelings towards him. He ALWAYS laugh or shrug it off ....



    I love this song so much...I'm broken

  57. little bit the psychiatric S.D

    little bit the psychiatric S.D14 日 前

    This song has been stuck in my head so I play it on repeat so I can start to think that it's annoying but the more I listen to it the more I realize I can relate to it

  58. piano music piano songs

    piano music piano songs14 日 前

    I love this song

  59. Fahmi Idris

    Fahmi Idris15 日 前

    Lirik nyakitin nya mana woy

  60. شخصية لاتنحني

    شخصية لاتنحني15 日 前

    أين العرب

  61. Champagnepapi__t

    Champagnepapi__t15 日 前

    Ufo361 💕🔥

  62. 999

    99915 日 前

    This hit different now :( I’m fuckin hurt Just leave me in darkness like when you found me. You found me and played with me and got bored and now you want to throw me away where you found me. 💔


    BJ PANDEY15 日 前

    I just got a heart attack in my brain after listening this 🙃🙃

  64. Mariam Atwi

    Mariam Atwi15 日 前

    Best. Song. Ever❤️

  65. Rdp 2016

    Rdp 201616 日 前

    Ture that it means sences a lot

  66. _dxsia_

    _dxsia_16 日 前

    If Russ and Ali collab the whole world would explode with vibez.🤞🏼✨

  67. Jen's Life

    Jen's Life16 日 前


  68. Lloyd L.

    Lloyd L.16 日 前

    Wer kommt von UFO?

  69. pretty bubz

    pretty bubz16 日 前

    💙💗 would you believe me what if i told you that i la la la la la la la la la loooovee you

  70. Rdp 2016

    Rdp 201617 日 前

    Ya ture

  71. Official Cezrlokz

    Official Cezrlokz17 日 前


  72. Jakin KD

    Jakin KD17 日 前

    I feel so much love for you ❤️😭😭.. we Love you, Ali ... Don't give up 🙏I pray for u👍👍👍👍... Love from India

  73. Kristela Kanani

    Kristela Kanani18 日 前


  74. Kaitlyn Williams

    Kaitlyn Williams18 日 前

    Yes right now I'm sad because my poppa died 2 years ago and I'm thinking about him😪

  75. My LIFE YT

    My LIFE YT19 日 前

    Sir ali I want to tell you something. .. I love u and your voice !!


    OH MY GOD NAMJA19 日 前

    I love how we’re all talking about our feelings while understanding the song, this is deep… Ali is seriously one of the best people

  77. Arthur Mabala

    Arthur Mabala18 日 前


  78. Faith Dillon

    Faith Dillon19 日 前

    This reminds me of my neighbor who said “I love you” then a few hours go by he says “I like someone else”. I can’t anymore I just want to go and leave

  79. Mariposa Day

    Mariposa Day19 日 前

    , it hit different , when we already know what will happen next , but keep do it

  80. Ken L.

    Ken L.19 日 前

    Favorite song from 2020. Who's with me??

  81. Mariam Ayman

    Mariam Ayman20 日 前

    I love how it says la la la la la love you

  82. Rdp 2016

    Rdp 201620 日 前

    I love this ni e

  83. Brillians 46

    Brillians 4620 日 前


  84. Brillians 46

    Brillians 4620 日 前


  85. dAmss Soltani

    dAmss Soltani20 日 前

    Imagine you're listening to this song rn and thinking of someone while that someone is listening to this song and thinking of someone else?

  86. Lee dr3am

    Lee dr3am21 日 前

    It was my favourite song when i had a girlfriend now im single and i still love her😔

  87. Mr. Tangent

    Mr. Tangent21 日 前

    Love Love ❤️

  88. Kxmavshsbd Tsiajzvx

    Kxmavshsbd Tsiajzvx21 日 前

    Yang pilih allah like.

  89. Jaiden Mello

    Jaiden Mello21 日 前

    I'm single and sad 🥺😭

  90. Tasneem Perween

    Tasneem Perween22 日 前

    This is just osm or more than dat........ Lov u Ali gatie

  91. don't give up love your self

    don't give up love your self22 日 前

    If you can read this: ilysmbidkhttybikydlmb You're broken 🖤

  92. Nicole Shpilia

    Nicole Shpilia22 日 前

    how should i tell the a boy i like him

  93. Zero 2k

    Zero 2k22 日 前

    One of my top fav songs

  94. Jan Wilbert Costales

    Jan Wilbert Costales23 日 前

    no more pain

  95. Jael Nechesa

    Jael Nechesa23 日 前

    Your songs are perfect. And you have the voice of an Angel 💕😇

  96. Taeana Marino

    Taeana Marino23 日 前

    Do you no i maybe that song

  97. Naikesha Webb

    Naikesha Webb23 日 前

    yes me bl;ack you love you so munch @naikesha webb !5

  98. loli avakin

    loli avakin23 日 前

    Quem veio pelo TIk Tok ?

  99. Violeta Janosevic

    Violeta Janosevic23 日 前

    Love this song

  100. Fatma Khan

    Fatma Khan24 日 前

    Words really hit home!



    I am single❤️ And I am happy❤️ Love ur self❤️

  102. Hadil Doula

    Hadil Doula24 日 前

    My best song 💔💙

  103. Harry yim Mom

    Harry yim Mom25 日 前

    Tax returns home from his own life I have been working on this week of a little ae speakers at the

  104. Payal Dewani

    Payal Dewani25 日 前

    Love doesn't love back nowadays.. 😶

  105. Sarah Celine

    Sarah Celine25 日 前

    You’re in love with the streets but i’m in love with you :(

  106. Rachel Shantel

    Rachel Shantel25 日 前

    Best music during a heart break

  107. Etienne Love-senstar

    Etienne Love-senstar26 日 前

    Would you believe me😢

  108. Visnyk KHNU

    Visnyk KHNU26 日 前

    Biggest joke of my life...