Aladdin - Movie Review


  1. R Metal

    R Metal13 時間 前

    Disney should stop making live action movies. They are milking classic films.

  2. ᕮᗰᗩᑎYT TIᕼSᗩ

    ᕮᗰᗩᑎYT TIᕼSᗩ5 日 前

    I thought Jafars first henchmen might've been Abis Mal.

  3. Greg technic

    Greg technic5 日 前

    Will Smith made the movie you ask me ..this is for the newer generation .. let appreciate the entertainment of the movie

  4. Barbara

    Barbara6 日 前

    Another thing was Jasmine in the animation I felt was much more clever, like the pole vault from one building to the next was her idea and they took that out!!! If these films nowadays go for strong women, why take that away from her?

  5. Barbara

    Barbara6 日 前

    Yea I just watched this movie and didn't really like it. There was no emotional impact. There were certain scenes in the animation film, like when Jasmines hand almost got chopped off, that were so intense. But in this movie it was so quick that you couldn't really absorb it. I didn't like what they did with Abu or Iago ( which was nothing) and Jafar just didn't have the same presense. I did like the Genie but thought Will Smith's singing was very weak.

  6. Epodmusic17

    Epodmusic176 日 前

    I love that this was rated to be a good time if you're drunk when I wound up turning this movie into a drinking game in order to watch it.

  7. Joel Matthew

    Joel Matthew7 日 前

    One of the worst movies I have ever seen. Drink a lot and smoke a few blunts, it won't make the movie better but you may pass out and miss most of the awfulness.

  8. Lumpy Stilskin

    Lumpy Stilskin7 日 前

    Yeah i really liked this movie

  9. Javier Carrillo

    Javier Carrillo7 日 前

    This movie sucked compared to the animation. I didn’t really like the ending! I agree with everything you said!!

  10. Yusef Taufiq

    Yusef Taufiq7 日 前

    I agree 💯 it was enjoyable but overall fell flat for me

  11. Taylor Fox

    Taylor Fox9 日 前

    I agree 100% critique on point. I had high hopes and wanted to attach to this movie because I’m a Disney princess myself but I have to succumb to that this was just a very sub par execution.

  12. Royhazel Edmonds

    Royhazel Edmonds9 日 前

    Had some funny moments but it was really rushed. Some of the dialogue didn’t exactly land especially the hand maid’s, she was kind of weird with the genie lol

  13. Keshav Batra

    Keshav Batra9 日 前

    I actually loved this movie

  14. Aaron Johnson

    Aaron Johnson11 日 前

    this film is generally good, i liked the trailer, and it indeed may be a good companion to the animated version jafar is the only thing in the film at least for me that i was kinda iffy about, he kinda seemed a little less menacing than his animated equivelant, and More like a jerk uncle mena massoud and naomi scott seem to have terrific chemistry, in the same manner how linda larkin and scott weigner did in the animated version so i would say it is Purchase worthy with the animated version, but i do agree with your opinion that this film would be fun if you do or Don't have to be drunk

  15. Zubair Baraskar

    Zubair Baraskar12 日 前

    Cave of wonder face LMFAO

  16. Alexandru

    Alexandru12 日 前

    whaT? he didn't mention the fact that they changed Jasmine story and personality into a feminist. lol

  17. Mueseek

    Mueseek12 日 前

    I agree it felt rushed. Will Smith made the movie for me. The actor who plays Aladdin was cringy throughout in my opinion and his acting was questionable. How did Jasmine, being a strong intelligent woman who strives to be Sultan, not know that you need to pay with money in the beginning? She must surely know how society works and the consequences of stealing. The chemistry between Aladdin and Jasmine felt off. In my opinion the animated movie is better in almost every way.

  18. Dylan’s Plush Show

    Dylan’s Plush Show16 日 前

    I hated this movie, it sucked, one the worst movies I’ve ever seen

  19. marcpatrol

    marcpatrol16 日 前

    You have to give us a review NOT a comparison

  20. Jacob Santeria

    Jacob Santeria19 日 前

    Thank you. I will not watch this film now. Disney is running out of ideas! 😂

  21. Daniel Arcilla

    Daniel Arcilla20 日 前

    I really don't understand why they did not cast Snoop Dog as Jafar

  22. Artur V

    Artur V20 日 前

    I think this movie was great. This guy is looking for something bad to say Just because of the stupid critics

  23. Ukko Clap

    Ukko Clap21 日 前

    I’m honestly disappointed in the Aladdin actor i just think he was not the right actor to play alladin. Couldn’t really feel him bringing the character forward. Will smith did a good job on genie though. I still enjoyed the movie and the songs.

  24. Markallen Garcia

    Markallen Garcia21 日 前

    I highly disliked this remake. The change of Jasmine's character to a glory-seeking diva negatively affected the whole movie. For example, the fact that Jasmine is already mingling on the streets and engaged in foreign politics from the start totally contradicts the iconic "A Whole New World" carpet ride scene and strips it of any soul and purpose. Aladdin had no real convincing reason to like her. The scene becomes just a cute little interlude of deception on Aladdin's part, whereas the original point was to show that Aladdin is a bold adventurer with a good heart whether he's a prince or a lowly street guy.

  25. Alan Hanna

    Alan Hanna22 日 前

    I will never watched the remake

  26. Alan Hanna

    Alan Hanna22 日 前

    crap movie

  27. Farid Pahlevan

    Farid Pahlevan22 日 前

    i don't think if you got this!you just spoil the movie! and the fact that everyone loved the movie but it was a mixed bag for you is embarrassing 😂

  28. Disney65Fan

    Disney65Fan24 日 前

    Love this film

  29. IC

    IC25 日 前

    Disney are like Nintendo , recycling their original classics in shoddy updates that suck ass.

  30. Astromooncake dorito8513

    Astromooncake dorito851325 日 前

    I liked Aladdin 2019 and will smith was good as the genie 🧞‍♂️🧞‍♀️ but 1992 was a little better 👌

  31. Banana Child

    Banana Child25 日 前

    *Pros:* 1. The visuals are very beautiful to look at. *Cons:* 1. The musical sequence felt dull and slow (Though I will commend the faithfulness of Mena Massoud's and Naomi Scott's singing voice to the original 1997 Aladdin, especially Massoud's) 2. Jaafar looks like a total wimp when compared to the (obviously) evil, menacing and charismatic cartoon Jaafar. 3. A lot of character building scenes from the original were trimmed in the remake and was replaced with a bunch of unnecessary newly written scenes which added an extra (stretched) 30-minutes of boring filler to the movie.

  32. Hari S

    Hari S28 日 前

    They tried to develop Jasmine to a bit deeper but don't give a shit about Aladdin's character. He's less developed in the live-action than the animation. Should've given him a backstory or dug into his past more. Also, Jaraffar is just garbage casting.

  33. Akshay Jumani

    Akshay Jumaniヶ月 前

    Just watched it yesterday, I did enjoy the added gravitas they have to Jasmine. Instead of being a princess looking for a prince she's actually someone with motivations to lead her people. Will Smith's Genie is fun in some scenes, his romantic comedy and reaction scenes were good. I also liked the new Dalia character. What I didn't like was the poor rendition of Jafar (didn't feel like a threat), lack of certain elements from the original (Genie's transformations and reactions, as pointed out, the cave, a well rounded Iago, the hourglass). It would have been better if they went for a darker colour tone as well, to match that mysterious Arabian vibe of the original. This one had the colours of a Disney channel tv show.

  34. Syed Shah Nawaz Ali

    Syed Shah Nawaz Aliヶ月 前

    At least critics and fans online have forced the movie makers to not white wash all of characters. They did do everything possible to hide religion. When its clear that Arabian Nights is from Muslim Iraq times. Probably no one knows this but FYI Jaffar marriage was shown as Christian marriage In Islamic marriage the lady is asked first for her consent and she signs the marriage contract. But here it was shown wrong when Jaffar was asked first. But rest is all fine at least the animated song blunder did not happen. LOL So no complains. I enjoyed it can't believe it.

  35. StruckdownButNotdestroyed 1980

    StruckdownButNotdestroyed 1980ヶ月 前

    Not me. watching this Aladdin felt like eating a rubber chicken.

  36. Sarah

    Sarahヶ月 前

    Will Smith was great but his singing not so much 🙃

  37. WL Chek

    WL Chekヶ月 前

    I only know Jasmine sings like Queen Elsa, and Jafar's pet is like Soundwave's Laserbeak.

  38. Oto Tanase

    Oto Tanaseヶ月 前

    I like it it was good fun... still enjoyed tho the animation

  39. fida80

    fida80ヶ月 前

    It's just ok movie , I am glad I didn't watched in cinema

  40. Darren McDaid

    Darren McDaidヶ月 前

    I for one thought this was a great. Compared to Lion King disaster.

  41. Zara khan

    Zara khanヶ月 前

    I just checked a stupid 2014 movie Neighbours that gave me headache , had 72% score on rotten tomatoes but Aladdin 2019 had 57%

  42. Zara khan

    Zara khanヶ月 前

    This movie was so much better than the critics made it look... I didn't go to cenima to watch it when it was released , but few days ago my cousins really insisted and I watched it... I was surprised how enjoyable was it , it wasn't perfect at all , but I had good time with it.. it didn't deserve the hate it got. Rare occasion where I respectfully disagree from jeremy here

  43. nerd marvel

    nerd marvelヶ月 前


  44. R

    Rヶ月 前

    Awful movie man, really bad. I was willing to give it a chance, even tried to like Smith... But with no success, it's just too bad and with no "soul" whatsoever. A product, nothing more, and a very cheap looking product.

  45. The Realization Lord

    The Realization Lordヶ月 前

    This is so annoying you could've put a spoiler warning

  46. Shibbir Choudhury

    Shibbir Choudhuryヶ月 前

    Superb movie

  47. Derrick Cox

    Derrick Coxヶ月 前

    Man for some reason it hit me.... think it was because of Robin Williams..... Just the memory of him made me misty eyed on every scene that reminded me of him and how he ended so badly. But oh how it could have been so much worse... Star Wars sequels... Never watched a movie that made me so sad and so happy at the same time but for different reasons. RIP Robin Williams

  48. Dario Monaco

    Dario Monacoヶ月 前

    Trash movie.

  49. Cameron Jones

    Cameron Jonesヶ月 前

    Compared to lion king, Aladdin is so much better!

  50. art vandelay

    art vandelayヶ月 前

    1:33 😂



    Iago here is basically Season 8 jon snow. Iago: Yes muh Master. Jon: Muh queen Jafar was the worst in the movie. Will smith was the best. Noone could replace RW as Geenie. But WS did a pretty good job nonetheless . i was only entertained when he was on screen. and when Jafar was on screen my eyes rolled up with cringe. is this guy having a conversation or having monologue ?

  52. Roffa 5311

    Roffa 5311ヶ月 前

    And what about don’t touch anything yet you see Abu jumping on a golden plate with money on it yet nothing happened

  53. GHOSTY !!!!?

    GHOSTY !!!!?ヶ月 前

    This was probably the best Disney re make

  54. Mayank Singh

    Mayank Singhヶ月 前

    I didn't like the movie ...Aladdin's costume sucked big time theres a hoodie in his jacket come on....sultan was not funny nd he was normal?....jafar was young but its ok i guess i wouldve gone with sir ben Kingsley or maybe william dafoe...iago had no character ...🤔🤔...the iconic castle was changed .....agrabah was on a coast ?? ...what???...wouldnt have mind it tht much if the castle was right

  55. Akzork

    Akzorkヶ月 前

    I dont get the ending of the movie. Spoilers. The genie is not genie anymore? no sequel?

  56. jenelle chetty

    jenelle chettyヶ月 前

    i watched it and tawt it wasn't as good as the original but still good over all

  57. Raushaun virgil

    Raushaun virgilヶ月 前

    Dude really hating just shut up😂

  58. Dean

    Deanヶ月 前

    They turned a fantasy cartoon into a movie with humans who are extremely limited in comparison. I was always waiting for it to be Aladdin and it turned into something that was not recognized.

  59. Mr. Wavy McGrady

    Mr. Wavy McGradyヶ月 前

    Didnt care for the new song they added, I mean Hollywood always finds a way to pull something political into it

  60. حارث يزن Hareth

    حارث يزن Harethヶ月 前

    Its good but not as the original