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  1. Dude Perfect

    Dude Perfect2 年 前

    Stoked y’all like it! ► Next Vid: Overtime 6 ► Click here to play the game!

  2. Jack Carter

    Jack Carter2 ヶ月 前


  3. Fortnite Gamer

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  4. Esther Roldan

    Esther Roldan4 ヶ月 前

    lilmighty no cause im a sweat noob

  5. Maidan Kpk Vines

    Maidan Kpk Vines5 ヶ月 前

    @winged_ karma v [Jcl



    How long did this vid last in real life

  7. Cam Jam

    Cam Jam時間 前

    How do you dislike any of these videos?

  8. Gavin Karnes

    Gavin Karnes時間 前

    this is the same place rev x was hosted at

  9. Phillip Mandlis

    Phillip Mandlis5 時間 前

    Anyone else think it's not really fair that Cody was camping the whole game

  10. Tony Lam Jr

    Tony Lam Jr7 時間 前

    Mr Beast was inspired. By you guys. That's how he got the idea for JPreporterr Battle Royale

  11. Cmt2008

    Cmt200817 時間 前

    Cody should have not won because he camped like a noob maybe because he is actually a noob in PUBG

  12. Green Knights

    Green Knights17 時間 前

    Dude, greens just chillin in the corner and the others are in total stress.

  13. Critical Gamer

    Critical Gamer日 前

    Didn’t mrbeast do this

  14. Josiah Setzer

    Josiah Setzer日 前

    Luv it

  15. Vighnesh Ganti

    Vighnesh Ganti日 前

    Dude this felt like yesterday I remember getting the notification.

  16. Fika Jui

    Fika Jui日 前

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  17. love love

    love love日 前

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  18. Jordan xxx

    Jordan xxx2 日 前

    istg tyler looks like his made for war the beard and everything just perfect

  19. Ankle Crusher

    Ankle Crusher日 前

    It is dude perfect

  20. Epic Shadow Boy

    Epic Shadow Boy2 日 前

    we need more

  21. Jarrod Davis

    Jarrod Davis2 日 前

    ayy there playing at Ballahack

  22. Boring!

    Boring!2 日 前

    These outfits look like a video game.. Hmm....



    lol kids this is why u shud camp

  24. Vanessackl Barrettlgi

    Vanessackl Barrettlgi2 日 前

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  25. 5 Minute Craft

    5 Minute Craft2 日 前

    Congrats to everyone who is early and who found this comment...

  26. T Yoseloff

    T Yoseloff2 日 前

    Never mind

  27. T Yoseloff

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  28. T Yoseloff

    T Yoseloff2 日 前

    Yay for me

  29. Mark Anjelo Sasi

    Mark Anjelo Sasi2 日 前

    Purple hoser: we got an runner Green: Just drinking tea

  30. caskilomask

    caskilomask3 日 前

    Coby1 Cory2

  31. Krystal Howard

    Krystal Howard3 日 前

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  32. aarav: among us

    aarav: among us3 日 前

    Its has pubg sound🤣🤣🤣🤣.

  33. Lakshmi Sunilkumar

    Lakshmi Sunilkumar3 日 前

    There outfits like me going outside after lockdown

  34. RDV

    RDV3 日 前

    Waiting for new video

  35. Joseph White

    Joseph White3 日 前

    i see ty becoming a soilder

  36. Cp Cp

    Cp Cp4 日 前

    That crate in the middle ty says not wort it does not realize that could have been the best gun in the game

  37. BigBrain101

    BigBrain1014 日 前

    honestly i would have camped to

  38. Bobby Shan

    Bobby Shan4 日 前

    If there was a bts channel now we could have seen that rock throwing action

  39. Kristiaan Benjamins

    Kristiaan Benjamins4 日 前

    There is 1 way to become a champ look out Cody Just camp 😂😂😂

  40. Hiếu Nguyễn

    Hiếu Nguyễn4 日 前

    The video is very funny

  41. Paul Cimijotti

    Paul Cimijotti4 日 前

    Jesus Christ loves you:)

  42. luis flores canales

    luis flores canales4 日 前

    look for this name on youtube: MagicManMo and subscribe, please I am sorry for this channel :c

  43. Eason 3C Chen

    Eason 3C Chen5 日 前

    Do you play PUBG Mobile

  44. Cayden Graham

    Cayden Graham5 日 前

    Why is it that Cody my least fav dude always gets a W

  45. Dalton Steed Gaming

    Dalton Steed Gaming5 日 前

    how did they get a MIG 21?

  46. Jesus Barrett

    Jesus Barrett6 日 前

    The mature beast objectively decide because creature semiannually doubt regarding a assorted millennium. petite, dark city

  47. BCStrike Productions

    BCStrike Productions6 日 前

    Who’s watching this in 2021?

  48. Firoza Shakhizada

    Firoza Shakhizada7 日 前

    Why coby what is wrong

  49. Jay Breezy

    Jay Breezy7 日 前

    *loads gun with malicious intent*

  50. Robert Kerr

    Robert Kerr7 日 前

    This was a great video

  51. The SE1 Diecast Cup

    The SE1 Diecast Cup7 日 前

    Are we all ignoring the fact Mr Beast literally did exactly this?

  52. Hunter Knotwell

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  53. aron gerguri

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  54. FullThrottle Exotics

    FullThrottle Exotics9 日 前

    Nobody: Cody: “he’s got a pistol”

  55. Isaiah Glenn

    Isaiah Glenn9 日 前

    Who won🥇

  56. Cam Charcoal

    Cam Charcoal9 日 前

    I love how Cody practically hides the whole game

  57. Sreelakshmi Ghanta

    Sreelakshmi Ghanta9 日 前

    This video is Op

  58. Abraham Lopez-Castillo

    Abraham Lopez-Castillo9 日 前

    cody is such camperrrrrr he so bad

  59. Wyatt ztacy

    Wyatt ztacy9 日 前

    Do a paint ball trick shots

  60. Justin Troxell

    Justin Troxell10 日 前

    this video is the best


    GINO SPONG10 日 前

    I don’t want to say nothing about me is is an a player when Kobe was sitting behind them cans I would be the person in the background he throws a grenade behind him and it would’ve popped all his blooms

  62. Huawei Tab

    Huawei Tab10 日 前

    Why is their logo JP WHAT DOES IT STAND FOR

  63. Gerardo A

    Gerardo A10 日 前

    You are half nerd and half awsome

  64. Gerardo A

    Gerardo A10 日 前

    What guns do you use

  65. Ryan Owens

    Ryan Owens10 日 前

    That dude camping with green balloons is a lame

  66. Sarah Goodwin

    Sarah Goodwin11 日 前

    You Cody and garret are amazing😎!

  67. Андрей Ткачук

    Андрей Ткачук11 日 前

    I was for cody

  68. Troy Alunday

    Troy Alunday11 日 前

    the gear doesn't protect anything (at least the balloons)

  69. العلم النافع

    العلم النافع11 日 前

    Anathre vidéo



    I hate campers the only reason you should be in one place is that your sniping and even then you got to move around to confuse your enemies

  71. Kahi Kepa

    Kahi Kepa11 日 前


  72. Pikklboy

    Pikklboy12 日 前

    6:58 oh gosh hes got a pistol while he has got a full on LMG

  73. Pikklboy

    Pikklboy11 日 前

    I was just joking I meant he has to press the trigger every time but then Cody can just hold the trigger and go full auto

  74. Lemont Johnson

    Lemont Johnson11 日 前

    Pistols have more accuracy.

  75. Kids Tell life stores

    Kids Tell life stores12 日 前

    Not going to lie TT is the best at this he is like a pro nice job TT

  76. hamasss

    hamasss12 日 前

    Papbiji what

  77. Anup Lakra

    Anup Lakra12 日 前

    Love From India brother

  78. Chris Doucette

    Chris Doucette13 日 前

    Call MiG 21 in the background

  79. Bien Paulo sayson

    Bien Paulo sayson13 日 前

    yayayyayayayayaya ty got shot

  80. Nam Long

    Nam Long13 日 前

    PUBG yo

  81. Wendel Lima

    Wendel Lima14 日 前

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  82. Concepcion Bran

    Concepcion Bran14 日 前

    This game is so cool

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  84. sealogane malutha

    sealogane malutha14 日 前

    Like these kind of videos make more they are the best


    GEGHAM GS14 日 前

    Who play pubg mobile like here

  86. diablochica69

    diablochica6914 日 前

    Cody is saying oh gohs when he has a ak_47 and a m249 machine gun and the other guy has a dam pistol

  87. Aldo Giron

    Aldo Giron14 日 前

    Garret gets pistol Cody: scared cody noises

  88. ARDA Sinama

    ARDA Sinama15 日 前

    Nasıl türkce yazıyo anlamadım

  89. Lefterakhss

    Lefterakhss15 日 前


  90. Voice of Rudra

    Voice of Rudra15 日 前

    Pls make video on call of duty and who else agree with me hit like.

  91. Sam Fender

    Sam Fender15 日 前

    hey garret no blind fire

  92. Nycole Lomas

    Nycole Lomas15 日 前

    Cody is right. Love you bro

  93. Puger-Fish

    Puger-Fish15 日 前

    Lookin fly with those suits

  94. Luis Enriquez

    Luis Enriquez16 日 前

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  95. Another Patriot

    Another Patriot16 日 前

    Dude perfect it may be because I’m British but..... you kind of sound like the voice out of the movie sonic...... have a listen or am I crazy


    DARK MONSTER16 日 前


  97. Bear Burst

    Bear Burst16 日 前

    Cody Is like the player everyone will report for camping XD



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  99. Caisa Andersson

    Caisa Andersson17 日 前

    Yellow first

  100. Andre maN

    Andre maN17 日 前

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  101. Thị Yến Nguyễn

    Thị Yến Nguyễn17 日 前

    wow m24 , awm

  102. Gus Fenby

    Gus Fenby17 日 前

    Love it love it love it love it It is the BEEEESSSSSSTTTTTT Please reply reply please🤞🤞😎😎😁

  103. Alex Sabrina Throckmorton

    Alex Sabrina Throckmorton17 日 前

    Did you bye or rent the guns

  104. Zany Six

    Zany Six17 日 前

    Why did this comment get 100 likes?

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    Claire Parsons18 日 前

    Airsoft battle 4

  107. Lego Military productions

    Lego Military productions18 日 前

    Cody the camper

  108. Hans Gustav Hørsted Thyregod

    Hans Gustav Hørsted Thyregod18 日 前

    asger ok

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    How to you forget your shoes

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    türkler burdamı??

  111. KubaGdyniaPL

    KubaGdyniaPL19 日 前

    This plane have polish Air force sing (at start)