Airsoft Battle 3


  1. Dude Perfect

    Dude Perfect5 ヶ月 前

    Next Vid: Football Battle 🏈 Love you guys DP

  2. Eddy Huang

    Eddy Huang3 日 前

    Dude I love this .😣😣😣

  3. Mindy DeRosa

    Mindy DeRosa3 日 前


  4. พรเทพ เมืองพันธ์

    พรเทพ เมืองพันธ์11 日 前


  5. Janam Booch

    Janam Booch25 日 前

    DP-28 🤘

  6. Chase Bertke

    Chase Bertkeヶ月 前


  7. Liam Holloway

    Liam Holloway3 時間 前

    What are the twins age difference?

  8. Tech Master

    Tech Master4 時間 前

    This is bad like unspeakable

  9. Luke playing Supercell

    Luke playing Supercell5 時間 前

    Love your air soft battles

  10. MikiGame HD

    MikiGame HD6 時間 前

    I love that

  11. L0WKEY1

    L0WKEY17 時間 前

    Spoilers: blue team wins

  12. L0WKEY1

    L0WKEY17 時間 前

    Fun fact: sparky always has the best helmets in every games

  13. RDV

    RDV11 時間 前

    Hey guys can you'll upload a new air soft battle video

  14. parth nitesh

    parth nitesh12 時間 前

    real salutes go to the camera man's runing around with heavy camera and the bag recording th right movment and the editors

  15. Titus Fox

    Titus Fox12 時間 前

    Cory just doesn’t aim 💀

  16. Mark Hill

    Mark Hill17 時間 前

    I know

  17. OB

    OB19 時間 前

    4:28 how dare you disrespect Trace McSorely

  18. dee kelleher

    dee kelleher23 時間 前

    I'm surprised that elk didnt even give a warning call

  19. Tayler Demontigny

    Tayler Demontigny日 前

    we need 4

  20. Valentino Abimanyu

    Valentino Abimanyu日 前

    Tyler looks like the guy who is the main character from “Ghost Recon”

  21. Violet Douglas

    Violet Douglas日 前

    Are those real guns

  22. ZYNC.K

    ZYNC.K日 前

    Sparky is so funny😂

  23. ZeroPhyc

    ZeroPhyc日 前

    Dude perfect 3000 years later = real space ship battle and real bomb battle with full technology armor

  24. Sarah B

    Sarah B日 前


  25. Sarah B

    Sarah B日 前

    So coll

  26. Ryan the Trick Shot Dude

    Ryan the Trick Shot Dude日 前

    lol 7:50

  27. Ryan the Trick Shot Dude

    Ryan the Trick Shot Dude日 前

    7:04 three editors in the background

  28. Ryan the Trick Shot Dude

    Ryan the Trick Shot Dude日 前

    4:20 ty sets off the fire 😂

  29. Ryan the Trick Shot Dude

    Ryan the Trick Shot Dude日 前

    4:10 look at the cameraman in the way 😂

  30. Ryan the Trick Shot Dude

    Ryan the Trick Shot Dude日 前

    who here always cheers for ty

  31. Ryan the Trick Shot Dude

    Ryan the Trick Shot Dude日 前


  32. Oof Ya

    Oof Ya2 日 前


  33. Jonathan Otto

    Jonathan Otto2 日 前

    Man, this looks like so much fun

  34. Makenna Powell

    Makenna Powell2 日 前

    Great job

  35. Makenna Powell

    Makenna Powell2 日 前

    I love your videos

  36. Makenna Powell

    Makenna Powell2 日 前

    I’m just trying to make a change in my mind


    BAOQIANG Li2 日 前

    The yielding end worryingly gaze because way chiefly scatter via a glistening glorious pillow. uttermost, truculent greece

  38. SpaceOut

    SpaceOut2 日 前

    Why have Call Of Duty not sponsored them yet 🤔🤔🤔


    SAAD GAMING2 日 前

    I request u all Plzzzz do part 4 of this vidio plzzzzzz

  40. Egg boi

    Egg boi2 日 前

    Is it me or did they record this in the same place that Mr beast recorded that one hide and seek video?


    THE PHANTOM3 日 前

    This looks like the same place where mrbeast did there hide and seek challange

  42. Simon Runevad

    Simon Runevad3 日 前

    Do a 4

  43. Ferdinand mapanao

    Ferdinand mapanao3 日 前

    mrbeast played his hide and seek there

  44. TheFluke

    TheFluke3 日 前

    watch the 2nd one and look at my comment

  45. TR

    TR3 日 前

    dude perfect make more airsoft battles

  46. masongamer tv

    masongamer tv3 日 前

    Wheres the cOd warzone sponsor. WHERE??!!

  47. Game Time

    Game Time3 日 前

    Do they have airsoft guns they used

  48. Braden Gault

    Braden Gault4 日 前

    You should make an air soft battle 5.

  49. Anthony Olmstead

    Anthony Olmstead4 日 前

    This is the best airsoft battle so far

  50. Muhammad Sherazi

    Muhammad Sherazi4 日 前

    dp in 3024: pluto battle 3

  51. Gonzalo Gonzalez

    Gonzalo Gonzalez4 日 前

    Make part 4

  52. Divyanshu Kumar

    Divyanshu Kumar5 日 前

    Blue team🔥

  53. Matthew Trinh

    Matthew Trinh5 日 前


  54. Jackson Worsham

    Jackson Worsham5 日 前

    I like the 2nd one better

  55. Cate Short

    Cate Short5 日 前

    I’ve watched all of the videos on airsoft battles

  56. Shadow Tigs1120

    Shadow Tigs11205 日 前

    I hate Cody he’s so toxic

  57. Do everything Kid

    Do everything Kid5 日 前

    4 plz

  58. Michael Nicolson

    Michael Nicolson5 日 前

    please can we get more

  59. Justin Troxell

    Justin Troxell5 日 前

    make more of these videos!!!!!!!!

  60. Chris Goh

    Chris Goh6 日 前

    Yeah! These kind of vids are my fav and I would give my life to the demon for a game

  61. FortunateYTs

    FortunateYTs6 日 前

    Dude perfect in the 3000: where doing Mars battle 3

  62. Asher King

    Asher King6 日 前

    Ty: "nomad is based off me" Nomad: is a woman

  63. Salvador Montes de Oca

    Salvador Montes de Oca7 日 前

    part4 please

  64. meril amos

    meril amos7 日 前

    Pls make four it’s 2021 ALREADY!!!!

  65. Seth Kettel

    Seth Kettel7 日 前

    Sparky: “I looked like a backup QB for the Baltimore Ravens” How dare you disrespect Trace McSorley like that

  66. Kewin A

    Kewin A7 日 前

    I want call of duty👇

  67. SirDragon

    SirDragon7 日 前

    this almost went horribly wrong with that failed smoke toss

  68. Michelle Chan

    Michelle Chan7 日 前

    call of duty

  69. Terry Rose

    Terry Rose7 日 前

    It’s Mario cart vs and battle royal all together in one game. I’ve loved all three of these, but the second one was the best one by far!

  70. Jiyun Park

    Jiyun Park8 日 前

    PLEASE Tynadoe. Can we see a airsoft battle part 4!!!!!!!!

  71. HomelessDonut

    HomelessDonut8 日 前

    Cody: "walking into a door way what a noob" literally 10 seconds later get shot walking into a door way.

  72. Izz Mohamed

    Izz Mohamed8 日 前

    I can recognize the guns and operators since I play siege

  73. Therese Morris

    Therese Morris8 日 前

    could you please do an airsoft battle royal 4

  74. Lexie Wilson

    Lexie Wilson8 日 前

    Hi love to see you

  75. Lexie Wilson

    Lexie Wilson8 日 前

    Shut up

  76. Fire Ball

    Fire Ball8 日 前

    Is this the final one

  77. Brecken Johnson

    Brecken Johnson8 日 前

    blue team is garbeg

  78. Gael Rojas

    Gael Rojas8 日 前


  79. gta-gangsters

    gta-gangsters9 日 前

    What is this field i will play in this

  80. Watteri Herra

    Watteri Herra9 日 前

    Same place as mrbeasts hide & seek video

  81. kumaresh s

    kumaresh s9 日 前

    Waiting for AIRSOFT BATTLE 4

  82. Péťa Filipský

    Péťa Filipský9 日 前

    2:53 never put down eye protection in airsoft-basic airsoft rules

  83. RMS 0fficial :0

    RMS 0fficial :06 日 前


  84. Mario Eichentopf

    Mario Eichentopf9 日 前


  85. Matthew Smith

    Matthew Smith9 日 前


  86. Matthew Smith

    Matthew Smith9 日 前

    Instead of putting the balloon above you. You should prn them one on the heart and head. Got what I'm getting at.

  87. John Munoz

    John Munoz9 日 前

    Can you make airsoft battle 4

  88. Erika Hill

    Erika Hill9 日 前

    Lets do a airsoft battle 4. I love airsoft battles.

  89. Michelle Chan

    Michelle Chan9 日 前

    call of duty?

  90. Jenny Cumba

    Jenny Cumba9 日 前

    This is my brother in my backyard bruh

  91. L2z Xtra

    L2z Xtra10 日 前

    Who were you cheering for red comment blue like

  92. King Raven

    King Raven10 日 前

    Is he interacting rainbow six siege or ghost recon because I don’t know anymore

  93. King Raven

    King Raven10 日 前

    They are costumes

  94. Governor Gaming Studios

    Governor Gaming Studios10 日 前

    I would love to do this with Dude Perfect

  95. Sharjeel Korai

    Sharjeel Korai11 日 前

    Sir I always watch your videos😊

  96. aida8710 aida8710

    aida8710 aida871011 日 前

    You guys are soooooooooooo cool

  97. Hmood NY2

    Hmood NY212 日 前

    مين عربي🌚

  98. Dallas Staley

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  99. SHB World's

    SHB World's12 日 前

    Gyes plzz support me

  100. MG Fadhlurrahman

    MG Fadhlurrahman12 日 前

    Ty always lose😂😂

  101. Brayden Knox

    Brayden Knox12 日 前

    They should do another battle royal

  102. Sarah Ditrio

    Sarah Ditrio12 日 前

    They literally make a living of doing little kid stuff 🤣🤣

  103. zac masingale

    zac masingale12 日 前

    5 months late but I think dude perfect make a part 4

  104. sfua

    sfua13 日 前

    call of duty nomad...

  105. the Shiju family

    the Shiju family13 日 前

    Really really a thrilled video it's really like a short film

  106. Andre Smith

    Andre Smith13 日 前

    Make more of these siries

  107. Rainbow creeper

    Rainbow creeper13 日 前

    I thought ty was going to be black beard