Aimer 『春はゆく』MUSIC VIDEO(主演:浜辺美波・劇場版「Fate/stay night [Heaven's Feel]」Ⅲ.spring song主題歌/FULL ver.)


  1. Aimer Official YouTube Channel

    Aimer Official YouTube Channel2 ヶ月 前

    Aimer 18th single『 春はゆく / marie 』now on sale! iTunes、レコチョク、moraなどでダウンロード配信もスタート!是非お聞きください!

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    本当に素晴らしい3部作でした! 今後のリリースも楽しみにしてます(^。^)

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    ありがとうございます^_^ 感謝です🐶

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    Istakaヶ月 前

    You guys should have add eng caption. The other JPreporterr has alot a view like you probably because of that

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    Edouard Natsuヶ月 前

    Merci pour ce bon moment en musique !

  7. Rush

    Rush19 時間 前

    Always protect Sakura

  8. ぽてこ

    ぽてこ日 前

    なんかもう3曲合わせて桜の全てが詰まってるようで、泣く。 Aimerも浜辺さんも何より梶浦さんが最高過ぎて…… 全てこのキャストで良かった…感謝しかないです…。 カラオケいっても本当に桜の曲だと思って毎度感動する。 ※イリヤは別で作って…

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    И как я здесь оказался

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    Eres la mejor aimer 😍

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    聖杯があったら願いたいこと… 早く映画を見たい!!!!

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    シンプルに 浜辺美波可愛いすぎるやろ

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    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="271">4:31</a> <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="271">4:31</a> <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="271">4:31</a> <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="271">4:31</a> 여기 씨ㅣ발 개소름돋는다..

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    1.75倍速で聴いて欲しい! それは、それでいい感じのアニソン感!

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    梶浦配Aimer等于完美❗Aimer的歌从没让人失望,完全契合Sakura的心境,还结合了前两章主题歌,没有比这更好的终曲了,HF算画下圆满的句号了。 梶 pu match Aimer is equal to the perfect ❗ Aimer song never disappoint, completely agree with Sakura, state of mind, also combined with the theme song of the first two chapters, there is no better finale, HF is draw a satisfactory full stop.

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    If i have one million dollar each time aimer dissapoint us i would become a fucking homeless

  23. ♫ Ann608 ♫

    ♫ Ann608 ♫5 日 前

    the last line from hana no uta reminds me of kara no kyoukai. also I already know that once I watch spring song and this song plays, I’m gonna cry.

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    桜を見ながらこの歌を聞きながら映画館に行きたかった、、、 あっ もちろん来春まで待ちますよ! 公式さん!!

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    do everybody know the name of actor in mv ?

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    愉悦麻婆 映画の内容とか知らんし。たまたま見掛けて聞いてみたら流行りの腑抜けた声だったってだけ。

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    Akasha I want to why you trying to give something a helpful in you put inside of it so many strange motivation him it’s addressed for hopeless information for bidden if you for bidden for a challenge a bit in what in the video individual Do you feel situation when you try to eat something and break in bedenes hopeful to madness when you give some madness and you were so happy so show your friends that you Gravesd Another way give betten Love which gear see your safety but you’re not understand why the safety of it means for you hopefully you get fiction infection which give you wish on under ways of life Waze which approach like a Knigge song graver is not the last stand of the story Story means I have another meeting I know have meaning bak she’d on and meaning of hopeless and strobe stroke my hands and I hope for my challenge of grave can I have a chance in my passé had a mirror by the mirror inside of it give me hope in my love I hate which on the life head suspend my wish and show me the Lass key I had to wish my beauty ahead be on my head of eight Sometimes I love too don’t do it 😭😘 you honestly It’s on its

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    Akasha by the wey I made rong name but Aimer is not Merai might be ....other words Finding muze for itornal wishes isn’t bad lits words make your life greed is andestenbel But buzzed ow answer it’s It’s reminded me anime Greed Crowen Which made bay the name of ther owners ho made Psycal pass Guilty crown and mor But Aimer Mirai/Mira Have soul Witch part inside her Sed spaces isn’t it Ow behevery is my tips Stand and i see What abut space and wolf It’s non category and anime We’ll make defenses Aimer could gave glitch Like pretty good works If anime we’ll be more ten 24,31 episodes A lot work And fantastic humor Along wetote Madness it’s making sense In other of deliver and delivery other senses but it’s sopose to be +14/+16 Witch in pass number of future not unsold ass Tnq Aimer sorry for the des respects of your name 😳❤️‼️📦🖼 you’re artists songs apprising by others And they’re trying the bests Totally to profoundly that art

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    武肺影響 已經兩個月 還未確定

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    Oh my god minami hamabe and Aimer ❤️😍❤️😍❤️😍❤️😍❤️😍❤️

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    エンディングで流れるって考えただけで震えるわ 見終わった後の虚無感やばいだろうな

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    Holy-! Your music is just magical. Great band.

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    Anyone have subtitles? Gosh luv it soo much..

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    where is the sub and romanji ?

  50. DFM Sassy

    DFM Sassy9 日 前

    Aimer vocals are great as always love you ❤

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    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="94">1:34</a> is HIT me hard like A Train ,It's the sound of Angel

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    A Minami Hamabe é tão linda. ❤

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    Soredemo Tewo Totte Tonari ni Tatazunde Hazimete Dakishimeta Katachi Yokubatte Kanashimiwo Kakaesugite itakara Shiawase wo Dokonimo Mou Mochikirenakute Hanabira wo Chirashita Kaze ga Tobira wo Hiraite Kawaru Kisetsu Shin Shin to Furitsumoru Toki no Naka Yorokobi mo Kurushimi mo Hitoshiku Futarino Tenohirade Toketeiku Hohoemi mo Aganai mo Anata no Soba de Kiesatte Ikukoto mo Hitori dewa Dekinakute Yowamushi de Migatte na Watashi Tsugunaenai Kage wo Seotte Yakusokuno Basyo wa Hanano Sakari Tsumi mo Ai mo Kaerimizu Haru wa Yuku Kagayaki wa Tada Sora ni Mabushiku Watashi wo Yurusanai de Itekureru Kowaretai Umaretai Anata no Sobade Warauyo Semete Soba ni Iru Daizina Hito Tachi ni Itsumo Watashi wa Shiawase de Iruto Yasashii Yume wo Todokete Anata no Soba ni Iru Anata wo Aishiteru Anata to koko ni Iru Anata no Soba ni Sono Hibi wa Yume no Youni…

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    いつ、映画で聴けるのでしょうか? 春は散り、梅雨に入ってきますw

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    本当ですよね… 桜が一切ないなんてなんだかトゥルーエンドが遠のいてる気がします

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    very like this song

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    令呪を以て命ず コロナよ、自害しろ

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    Could anybody provide Roma lyrics?

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  75. #今日鳥食べました

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    なんかMV通して浜辺美波がFate Heaven's feelに3年も関わってくれてるのがすごい嬉しい すまん語彙力なくてあんま言い表せない

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    Apple Musicに追加してほしい!!!!!

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    それでも手を取って 그럼에도 손을 마주잡고, となりに佇んで 곁에 서서 初めて抱きしめた、かたち 처음으로 품에 안은, 형태. 欲張ってかなしみを抱えすぎていたから 욕심 부려서 서러움을 너무 껴안고 있어서 幸せを何処にも 행복을 어디에서도. もう持ちきれなくて 더 이상 기다릴 수 없어서. 花びらを散らした風が 꽃잎을 떨군 바람이 扉を開いて 문을 열어 変わる季節 변하는 계절 しんしんと降り積もる時の中 소복소복 내려 쌓이는 시간 속에서 よろこびもくるしみもひとしく 기쁨도 고통도 한결같이 二人の手のひらで溶けて行く 두 사람의 손바닥에서 녹아 사라져. 微笑みも贖いも 미소도 속죄도 あなたの側で 당신의 곁에서. 消え去って行くことも 사라져 없어지는 것조차 ひとりではできなくて 혼자서는 못 하고, 弱虫で身勝手な、わたし 겁쟁이에 제멋대로인, 나. 償えない影を背負って 속죄할 수 없는 그림자를 등에 업고 約束の場所は 약속의 장소는 花の盛り 꽃이 한창. 罪も愛も顧みず春は逝く 죄도 사랑도 돌아보지 않고 봄은 간다. 輝きはただ空に眩しく 반짝임은 그저 하늘에 눈부시게 私を許さないでいてくれる 나를 용서치 않고, 거기에 있어. 壊れたい、生まれたい 부서지고 싶어, 태어나고 싶어. あなたの側で 당신의 곁에서 笑うよ 웃을게. せめて側にいる大事な人たちに 적어도 곁에 있는 소중한 사람들에게, いつもわたしは 언제나 나는 幸せでいると 행복할게, 라고 優しい夢を届けて 상냥한 꿈을 전해줘. あなたの側にいる 당신의 곁에 있어. あなたを愛してる 당신을 사랑하고 있어. あなたとここにいる 당신과 여기에 있어. あなたの側に 당신의 곁에. その日々は 그때의 나날은 夢のように…… 꿈처럼……. 마지막 페이드 아웃된 가사가 꽃의 노래로 이어집니다.

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    いっそのこと来年でいい Heaven's_Feel内容わかるけど身終わったあとに桜みたら桜見るだけでうわあ、、ってなるから

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    Minami Hanabe+Aimer=Twin angels

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    i love you aimeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer!

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    英霊 ルーラー 真名 浜辺美波

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    Too beautiful and mysterious

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    Aimer × 浜辺美波 × 3部作 = 至高の芸術

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    花の唄では「貴方」だけを想っていて、I beg you では「私」だけの独り善がりで、春はゆくでようやく「貴方」と「私」が同じ方向を向いて一緒に幸せに向かって歩いていく‥というイメージがあります。 3曲で一つの物語をつくっているのが凄い。 あとこのMVで浜辺美波ちゃんを知ってすごく好きになった!