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    I know something i have no idea if the els people know but one day when Ahadi was kid he go on a danger place and he find some big liones. Those lions tell him line they want to be his friends and one day Ahadi get them to the pride rock. Those lions was exiled and when his fother see them he get a fight with them. At the end of course Ahadi's fother win and he tells Ahadi do not talk to lions are not on the pride rock

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    You will make a story about Uru

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    Who is Ahadi mothers name

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    uru is choyos daughter.

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    Shenzi's story

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    Is there any chance for more lk movies?in 2021 comes new version of simba's pride

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    Can you do Uru s story

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    Can you make a video of kion

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    I like mufasa better then taca

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    Mohatu's story

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    , orjdmxhn4ujj😃😃😃🌹

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    Pahadi mother name is Nandi

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    I want Uru's story and also Rani's (The mate of Kion)

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    I need ahadi s death story

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    yes scar has a sad story but i still hate him

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    how about a video on Janja's story from The Lion Guard? I would like to find out more about him since he's a good hyena now.

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    Story of kion

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    I am about to cry 😢

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    Ahadi is simba's grand father

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    Can you make a story about aphids wife

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    show me a video of mohatu father and mother

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    Do uru’s story plz

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    Yes I want you to do the story about Hulu

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    who is mohatu father

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    Can you do uru please

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    I like ahad

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    Yes a story of uro

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    Plz put Nala's story . from harish

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    YES do Uru next please

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    Watch Slothastic and u see Mohatu's mate is called "Nandi" a green eyed and light blonde fured beatiful lioness

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    Please do ahitranauff

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    Make a kopa kion kara story with ahdi

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    mom mufasa and scar is asali

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    Kion broder ia loss

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    yes i would like to know about olo

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    Yes I want to see a video

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    Make a video about ahadi's mother

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    We like your videos so much please make a new one


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    Askari I love your videos please make one for Malka and also Ahadi gave Taka a scar search google you will get it. I have liked and subcribed

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    or maybe muhatos father is you 😀

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    Who is Ahadi’s grandfather

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    Can yo make a video of Kion or nuka

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    mohaatu´s wife is seerma

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    I love ahadi

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    Do a story of Askari

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    I like your channel

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    Can you do a video about Simba’s unnamed aunt and cousins that appeared in one of the Lion King comics.

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    Tadi aso majestic

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    Story of uscari

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    Video of Uru

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    Can we do a story about a room how she died and how it was a Hardy is queen



    Can you make a story adopt uru

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    Do one about askari

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    Who’s Kovus real mother and and father

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    and ko v u's real father is chumvi

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    kovu's real mother is ku la

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    its chumvi and kula

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    its c

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    Love and joy Wolf army gacha IK

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    Ahadi’s is great grandfather of Kion

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    can you send the video of uru?

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    I know the names of Kopa , Kiara and Kion's grandparents , Mufasa , their paternal grandfather , Sarabi their paternal grandmother , Sarafina their maternal grandmother , Theluji , their great grandmother , Kiume their great grandfather , Nyota their maternal great grandfather , Zelissa their maternal great grand mother , Ahadi , their great grandfather , Mohatu their great , great grandfather , their great , great , great grandfather and grandmother is , who ever they are must be Mohatu's parents but as we know Mohatu is known as the first king according to The Lion King family tree but I compare them as Zuberi and Nama .

  81. Manpreet Nanda

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    Well that was in Askari's and Slothastic's version of the family tree but I noticed Mohatu's parents when someone commented that Zuberi and Nama are the first rulers of Priderock and I was very satisfied but what about their parents so the family tree might be wrong because they showed the first generation was with Mohatu and Choyo and Choyo was banned and Mohatu became king and choosed a lioness named Karmanya and had a son named Ahadi but also Choyo is called Uhuni

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    But Mohatu isn’t. The first king and how were you supposed to know that

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    Ahadi is the reason why Scar got his scar because Scar made an accident that caused Uru's death 💀.

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    people say when scar was a cub he got his scar and Uru and Ahadi had a fight and he killed Uru

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    Urus death wow that is horrible and so sad ! 😭😭😭 But how did that happen ?

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    The Lion King FAMILY TREE : Two brothers lived in the Pridelands named Mohatu and Choyo . Choyo was known as a selfish lion and selfishness caused a fight between them , Mohatu banned Choyo out of the Pridelands and went to the Outlands a wasteland with no food and water 💧 and lived as Uhuni . Mohatu became the king 👑 and mated a lioness named Karmanya and had a son , Ahadi . In the Outlands Uhuni met a lioness named Ua and had a daughter named Uru but Uhuni did not want a daughter so he told her and her mother to disappear from the Outlands . Choyo met another lioness named Kuji and finally got his son Baro , Uhuni died and Baro became the leader and his mother died too . Baro met a lioness named Perla and had a daughter named Uzuri . Uru and her mother reached the Pridelands but Ua died and Uru had to survive after going away from the Outlands , she grew into a strong and smart adult fighter lioness and met a lion 🦁 named Ahadi and spyed on him before talking to him , meanwhile Mohatu was a respectful king 👑 he tought his son how to respect the circle of life 🌍 and especially to become king 👑 . When Ahadi became an adult he sea for a queen 👑 but his parents died before he could . Ahadi and Uru after talking for a while fell in love 😍 and became mates the second rulers of Priderock and had two sons , Mufasa and Taka . In the Grasslands two brothers with their wifes ruled it . Julian and Kiume had a daughter named Sarabi and Theluji and Nyota also had a daughter named Sarafina . Baro and Perla had their second daughter , Zira and the hyenas joined them beginning a war against the Grasslands , killing Sarabi's and Sarafina's parents and the two girls did not have any choice they had to leave their pride and find a safer place to live so they went to the Pridelands and met Mufasa and his brother Taka , Uru heard what happened to the Grasslands and welcomed them to join the clan scence then Mufasa got together with Sarabi and Taka got together with Sarafina . Take made an accident that caused Uru's death and told his father what happened but Ahadi got angry 😡 and scratched his face and gave him a scar and banned him and made him the reason why Uru died . Uzuri and her husband Kumi banned the hyenas and made a group of lionesses that will not let the hyenas come back , Zira was one of them and she met Taka and named him Scar because of the Scar he has on his eye 👀 and got their first son Nuka . Ahadi died of old age and Mufasa regioned Priderock and mated Sarabi . Sarafina met a lion 🦁 named Wazi and Mufasa and Sarabi and Sarafina and Wazi had cubs , Mufasa and Sarabi had a son named Simba and Sarafina and Wazi had a daughter named Nala , Wazi disappeared after Nala's birth and was known to be dead . Scar heared about his father's death 💀 and was welcomed back by Mufasa and used Simba to kill Mufasa , Simba ran away and grew in the Jungle and was found back by Nala and returned to the Pridelands and defeated his uncle and took throne and mated Nala and banned hyenas and kicked Zira and Nuka out of the Pridelands , her sister died and Kumi also died leaving two babies alone , Kovu and Vitani and Zira raised them as her own . Simba and Nala had a daughter named Kiara and a son named Kion , Kiara used to be adventurous and met Kovu . Simba told Kiara to never see Kovu again and Zira got mad 😡 at Kovu and ordered him to kill Simba and become king 👑 to revenge Scar . Simba banned Kovu and Kiara went to find Kovu because she fell in love 😍 with him . After Nuka's death 💀, Zira attacked the Pridelanders but Kiara and Kovu stopped it and Vitani and the other lionesses joined Kovu and Zira died . After Simba and Nala's death 💀 Kiara and Kovu became the rulers of Priderock and had two cubs named Kito and Ajali . Vitani met a lion 🦁 named Akida and cubs first they had two sons named Jala and Afua and then they had a daughter named Sauda . The Pridelands were no more in trouble because the lion guard led by Kion protected it .

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    this sounds like it was copied but some names and words were changed this story reminds me of a youtuber named slothastic

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    I meant Taka made an accident.

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    I meant he searched for a queen.

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    That accent. Are you Croatian?

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    The Lion ahadi? What the heck is the Lion ahadi

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    yes put a story of uru \

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    they did have cuds, and scar his is a davl

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    Ahadi's mother is Karmanya.

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    How do you now the story

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    I think all we can understand why scar is bad now

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    Ahadi should have paid attention to both Scar and Mufassa. It is not nice to single out a child. Maybe the lion king wouldn't have ended this way. Can you make a video about this? I like your videos Askari. Keep it up!

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    Did you do a video about Uru? I would like to know more about her.

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    Ahadi is not son Mohatu

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