Agents of E.G.G. | Egg Hunt 2020 Reveal Trailer


  1. Purefoldnz

    Purefoldnz10 時間 前


  2. Purefoldnz

    Purefoldnz10 時間 前

    I lie the music!

  3. brmaster gamer

    brmaster gamer15 時間 前

    there is a guy he is doing bullyng and does not leave me and my friend alone his nick and thundercraftgames_br

  4. arvin dela cruz

    arvin dela cruz日 前

    imagine thinking that this is april fools but eggs from the event were actually leaked.

  5. IronXboxGaming Benjamin

    IronXboxGaming Benjamin日 前


  6. Matt F

    Matt F日 前

    2019:events are being removed 2020:what? I didnt hear you.

  7. vijay landa

    vijay landa3 日 前

    i am exited for 2021 egg hunt

  8. BNSF And Roblox Train Fan

    BNSF And Roblox Train Fan3 日 前

    2020: everyone freak out about coronavirus Roblox: no you

  9. monique perkins

    monique perkins5 日 前

    The gameplay while the event came out was clickbait.

  10. AVFgamestubr

    AVFgamestubr5 日 前

    roblox porque o egg hunt acabo depois na otra pascoa qvc tras pfvr

  11. THEreal_STar4ever

    THEreal_STar4ever6 日 前

    2021 bet it's gonna be MIB

  12. Dylan DaKing

    Dylan DaKing7 日 前

    *wheres the hub?*

  13. Alvin An Khong

    Alvin An Khong8 日 前

    This reminds me of Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.

  14. Sandra Nicolaescu

    Sandra Nicolaescu8 日 前

    Hi roblox! Can you pls help me with somthind?? I really need help🥺🥺

  15. 남주혁

    남주혁9 日 前


  16. Manuel Henriquez

    Manuel Henriquez9 日 前

    I got all :) it was so hard

  17. Kaitlynn's Channel

    Kaitlynn's Channel9 日 前


  18. StillchillTheOne

    StillchillTheOne9 日 前

    Ok, the event was not great but the trailer is a work of pretty good.

  19. Godman

    Godman10 日 前

    That music is stolen from a game on PS4 called Counterspy

  20. why you look see boring?

    why you look see boring?11 日 前

    D A G A K O T O W A R U

  21. LadybugsAreCool - Roblox

    LadybugsAreCool - Roblox12 日 前

    This is the best egg hunt ever. I love being a SERECT agent

  22. LadybugsAreCool - Roblox

    LadybugsAreCool - Roblox9 日 前

    Nope. Only 2018 and 2020 was good

  23. I-

    I-10 日 前

    2017 was the best. 2019 was trash

  24. N Plus Ash

    N Plus Ash12 日 前

    I started at april 20 idk how i got them all inculding the bonus ones

  25. Buddems Morgan

    Buddems Morgan12 日 前

    At least they added a hub in the last dev hunt, this year they literally chose a fan hub to become the official

  26. Арсен Ханов

    Арсен Ханов12 日 前

    а ты знаеш как палучить робоксы

  27. Viviane Adamavicius

    Viviane Adamavicius13 日 前


  28. JoshuaW_2

    JoshuaW_214 日 前

    this years sucked like so bad lmao

  29. Bartosz Kudyba

    Bartosz Kudyba15 日 前

    Hmm Ultimate Driving removed event too early

  30. Vortex Ninja

    Vortex Ninja15 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="18">0:18</a> ooh scrambled eggs haven’t tried those in a while

  31. golden chill

    golden chill15 日 前

    Note: If the devs or Roblox mods are seeing this read this comment. 2015, 2019, and 2019 egg hunt really was garbage. Dev Hunts are not my favourite. When Roblox said they are removing events (which is silly) dev hunts started. Egg hunts in the beginning were just fine. Now they are so bad and the eggs are easy instead of like challenging. Egg hunt 2020 was the worst egg hunt to exist on the history in Roblox. Although the eggs were pretty fun to rush from Apr 7th to Apr 28th. No offense, I know the egg hunt devs worked hard on this but it’s trash. This egg hunt didn’t have a hub to like chill / vibe. When Roblox had admin eggs, dev eggs, and video star eggs they were hard to get because admins, devolpers, and video stars didn’t join games and there was like a 10% - 1% Chance you would get those eggs since everyone wants eggs. So next year make those egg launcher a little organised like this for example when a video star joins a game when people want the video star egg I want players to form a line to get the egg which will be really fair. LASTLY THE MOST INPORTANT THING I want the eggs all in one game yes do that. I almost forgot since the Roblox player count has been going up so fast there’s is going to be a event called the egg rush event that’s lasts 2 months from 2008 - 2020 I think that will be good but it’s all up to the devolpers so make Egg Hunt 2021 To be a very good egg hunt and don’t make it a dev hunt pls.

  32. Farrell Josia Salim

    Farrell Josia Salim15 日 前

    I was think that fabergEgg is big but it is small

  33. booga plays 123

    booga plays 12316 日 前

    Roblox can u instantly give me all the eggs cause I didn’t get to get the eggs and i really want them

  34. Shabeo

    Shabeo16 日 前

    bruh even the music is better than the event

  35. Epic Gamer Alexander

    Epic Gamer Alexander16 日 前

    You Can't Get The Eggs Now

  36. Martha Griffin

    Martha Griffin17 日 前

    Hey roblox reminder I got all the eggs big fan

  37. maureen- playz

    maureen- playz17 日 前

    Roblox please 40 percent discount in january 14 to january 23 please

  38. Alexia Flores

    Alexia Flores17 日 前

    I’m sad easter is over :(

  39. Chloe San Miguel

    Chloe San Miguel17 日 前

    i love it thx thx

  40. Clowny The Clown

    Clowny The Clown18 日 前

    Roblox pls admin me :(

  41. Gacha Soto

    Gacha Soto18 日 前

    Can there be a piggy egg in egg hunt 2021? I would go for the piggy egg first if you say yes

  42. Laoun Mahal

    Laoun Mahal13 日 前

    Gacha Soto hell no, I ain’t having a flipping dev hunt next year

  43. Gacha Soto

    Gacha Soto18 日 前

    Thx for the fabergg egg ROBLOX

  44. Vida Klobucar

    Vida Klobucar18 日 前

    roblox I have to complain about something. I went to the creator challenge and they took away my robuxes I didn't know they were taken away. can you give me back somehow? 




  46. Pilot Ios Ships Planes Plane crazy

    Pilot Ios Ships Planes Plane crazy20 日 前

    Why is everyone amking These 2019 and 2020 jokes its anoiyng

  47. Subx3r0

    Subx3r020 日 前

    ROBLOX people are still getting eggs after the egg hunt 132 people yesterday are getting the mad city egg pay attention to your own game you made

  48. fox bunny

    fox bunny21 日 前


  49. la patata

    la patata21 日 前

    Eggs ai for 2020? Legs go!!!

  50. Ralph Saker

    Ralph Saker21 日 前

    to people who ever got all of the eggs in the events. you'll get: MISSION PASSED +Respect 1000$ to people who ever got half of the eggs in the events. you'l get: MISSION PASSED 1000$ to people who ever got phew eggs in the events. you"l get: MISSION PASSED to people who ever didn't got any eggs, not even 1, you'l get: MISSION FAILED

  51. Nasima

    Nasima21 日 前

    David,no one likes the egg hunt,im sorry

  52. IAmNotHedar - ROBLOX And Other

    IAmNotHedar - ROBLOX And Other23 日 前

    turns out i got all i have all of the eggs and the FabergEgg

  53. IAmNotHedar - ROBLOX And Other

    IAmNotHedar - ROBLOX And Other23 日 前

    E.G.G thanks me.

  54. Leo Wong

    Leo Wong24 日 前


  55. Robux Best Xmas Gamer 2

    Robux Best Xmas Gamer 224 日 前


  56. Teah Allen

    Teah Allen24 日 前

    Roblox if you are reading this I love your game I play it every day and every hour

  57. Ethanfilms Gamerteoh

    Ethanfilms Gamerteoh25 日 前


  58. Mason Huynh

    Mason Huynh25 日 前


  59. reddyfox _jacob

    reddyfox _jacob25 日 前

    i did the egg hunt on april 24th!

  60. yaytheabcs

    yaytheabcs26 日 前

    I’m not trying to cause more drama but this dude sounds like a voice Corl would make.

  61. Corsom Diendo

    Corsom Diendo27 日 前

    I can play im sorry "Coronavirus" waa

  62. Random Kids

    Random Kids27 日 前

    Roblox: New Egg Hunt. Me, also kind of a veteran at egg hunts: It’s show time.

  63. Siren Head SCP-5987

    Siren Head SCP-598727 日 前

    yo why delete me?

  64. María Cecilia López

    María Cecilia López27 日 前

    I have that egg phone!

  65. Ghana Pallbearer

    Ghana Pallbearer27 日 前

    Me and the boys wacthes bloxys but we see the egg hunt trailer: *happy gamer noises*

  66. Silas Hansen

    Silas Hansen28 日 前

    2018 = good egg Hunt like Yorktales. 2019 and 2020 are trash egg hunts because the Egg events Being removed so people cant get that egg they need to complete because its all in diffrent games that takes a lot of time at Them they need 3 eggs all of the egg hunts are away from that game 2019 and 2020 have the worst egg hunts ever.

  67. catboy5009

    catboy500926 日 前

    they should atleast make a hub that juat like 2018 style and award many eggs in the hub while roblox pick 5 games what ever how many eggs in there so it would be easy and no hate

  68. Riyanti Sunandar

    Riyanti Sunandar28 日 前

    I found the meep city egg and the build a boat for treashure egg

  69. Spongebob

    Spongebob29 日 前

    2019: I suck the most 2020: say that again

  70. mr p cyborg piggy studio th

    mr p cyborg piggy studio th29 日 前

    get out in game him name aleeloo1 get out😎

  71. lucca gamer

    lucca gamer29 日 前


  72. Pau Olavides

    Pau Olavides29 日 前

    It's so cool

  73. one despacito boi

    one despacito boiヶ月 前

    Roblox: You can't defeat me. Events: I know, but he can. Egg Hunt 2020:

  74. The Boi

    The Boiヶ月 前

    Hey buster i have all 52 eggs and i dont have the FaberEgg AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  75. one despacito boi

    one despacito boi25 日 前

    Wait. Or r/woosh me.

  76. Lotty Morano

    Lotty Moranoヶ月 前


  77. Lotty Morano

    Lotty Moranoヶ月 前

    My user Is

  78. Lukas Medina

    Lukas Medinaヶ月 前

    This takes the crown as the worst egg hunt. Extremely rushed, does not follow the "spy theme" at all, no hub, no story, and the majority of the games selected were horrible. I seriously can't believe roblox just straight up lied to their whole community, talking about some spy stuff with villains to face. If egg hunts continue to be like this, or god forbid, worse, you might as well give up on them.

  79. J KKK

    J KKKヶ月 前

    I didn’t get all the eggs and now I’m crying ;(

  80. Felix Founder

    Felix Founderヶ月 前

    Good bedtime now roblox

  81. Fatblabs Is here

    Fatblabs Is hereヶ月 前


  82. Baby SCP-682

    Baby SCP-682ヶ月 前

    I like this.

  83. eymar andres campoverde

    eymar andres campoverdeヶ月 前

    2020 Je de mi vida de mi

  84. eymar andres campoverde

    eymar andres campoverdeヶ月 前

    U de mi casa de la labor

  85. Pumpkin / Тыковка

    Pumpkin / Тыковкаヶ月 前

    I LOVE this event so much! Thanks for this amazing event! :)

  86. Abish Boss

    Abish Bossヶ月 前

    Roblox where is my Fabergegg?