aespa(에스파) - Black Mamba @인기가요 inkigayo 20201122


  1. MY-NCTzen universe

    MY-NCTzen universe6 時間 前

    Best debut ever

  2. army bts BE

    army bts BE14 時間 前

    شكلي رح اصير فان

  3. Doni Brasco

    Doni Brasco15 時間 前

    Vote aespa on mubeat.

  4. jolie crazy

    jolie crazy18 時間 前

    É impressão minha ou a garota q cantou primeiro tem um peitão??? (dclp + eu reparei mto nisso)

  5. marina faria

    marina faria19 時間 前

    avisa que a ningning é lendária

  6. Сауле Темирбекова

    Сауле Темирбекова19 時間 前

    Nining love you 😍😍😍😍

  7. Cris

    Cris日 前

    I'm thankful for the stylist not giving them weird outfits and clothing


    MISS WHODa日 前

    Yeahhhh but why giselle so cute?

  9. alex browniess

    alex browniess2 日 前

    aespa kurang aja 👎🏻

  10. Rice made Jackson hot

    Rice made Jackson hot2 日 前

    Istg when you search aespa comeback stage, all the videos you'll see has Karina as the Thumbnail, what a queen.

  11. Rice made Jackson hot

    Rice made Jackson hot日 前

    @Stan Talents lmao I'm so fucking stupid, I meant debut stage lmfao sorry :

  12. Stan Talents

    Stan Talents日 前

    They don't have comeback yet

  13. Chazitao Huang

    Chazitao Huang2 日 前

    ohhh that Ningning eyes i really like her😇😇😇

  14. Tiara Zamroni

    Tiara Zamroni3 日 前


  15. Jisoo Kim

    Jisoo Kim3 日 前

    The cloths it is cutie

  16. Raisa Rafa

    Raisa Rafa3 日 前

    When everyone is the main dancer 😯Omg their dance is so hard and real.And all of them are so cute also ❤️ Waiting for their comeback 💜æspa 💜

  17. Xie Fu Lai

    Xie Fu Lai4 日 前

    They are so beautiful but I'm enchanted with Karina's mole.

  18. 찰떡쿵

    찰떡쿵4 日 前

    와 카메라 워킹 ..포인트만 딱딱 잡으시네 특히 후렴부분 진짜 잘 잡으신 듯 뮤비랑 똑같이

  19. nicole salas

    nicole salas4 日 前


  20. nicole salas

    nicole salas4 日 前


  21. Camila Mendes

    Camila Mendes4 日 前

    æspa so cool My God !

  22. Ayu Agustini Uzerli

    Ayu Agustini Uzerli5 日 前




    Camera man on crack🤣🤣

  24. Doggy Bob

    Doggy Bob5 日 前

    Not rlly a fan, but I LOVE the girl with a bit of black in the dress 😂😅

  25. ego

    ego6 日 前

    NINGNING : a eu: ai papai, apaixonei

  26. 에스파

    에스파7 日 前

    Congratulations 6,000,000M

  27. teuvip

    teuvip7 日 前


  28. Justjakayla

    Justjakayla5 日 前


  29. peaxchyJisungツ

    peaxchyJisungツ7 日 前


  30. Cantika Abella

    Cantika Abella7 日 前


  31. Tiara Zamroni

    Tiara Zamroni7 日 前


  32. Lily Handayani

    Lily Handayani7 日 前

    Everyone in aespa is perfect

  33. chumchum_manoban

    chumchum_manoban8 日 前

    Can someone tell me what was there name? because Im just new here....and please tell me who are the leader, lead vocalist,main vocalist,lead dancer, main dancer, lead rapper, main rapper, visual? PLEASE I WANT TO KNOW MORE ABOUT THEM

  34. chumchum_manoban

    chumchum_manoban7 日 前

    @Haechan_Vocals amazingly ACE thanks

  35. Haechan_Vocals amazingly ACE

    Haechan_Vocals amazingly ACE8 日 前

    1) Winter - main visual, lead vocalist, lead dancer (Korean) 02 line 2) Ningning - maknae, main vocal, dancer (Chinese) 01 line 3) Giselle - main rapper, vocalist, dancer ( mix Korean&Japan, can speak eng fluently) = 2nd oldest 00 line 4) Karina - Leader, face of group, main dancer, sub rapper, sub vocalist (Korean) = oldest 00 line Those 1234 is base on their intro.. So u can know their name.. Sorry my bad introduction

  36. uu Yu

    uu Yu8 日 前

    inkigayo has the best camera movement

  37. HanaHima

    HanaHima8 日 前

    Omg there all like same face and this groups super power

  38. Sharda Sharma

    Sharda Sharma9 日 前

    진심으로 나는 지젤 복장을 사랑 💜💜

  39. win _

    win _9 日 前


  40. chriser Rani chris

    chriser Rani chris9 日 前

    Knp ada ular

  41. 에스파는 나야둘이 될순없어

    에스파는 나야둘이 될순없어9 日 前

    방금 아바타 영화보고왔는데 카리나가 왜 아바타 같냐면 길쭉한 팔다리 긴목 작은얼굴 큰눈 넓은미간이라 닮은듯

  42. Myles Caldito

    Myles Caldito9 日 前

    I really like the part when Ningning hit the high notes.

  43. Tai Mat;

    Tai Mat;9 日 前

    Wiiinteeeeeeeeer 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

  44. D Ch

    D Ch9 日 前

    Karina is so perfect😍

  45. yolo winter

    yolo winter9 日 前

    Congratulations for first win my babies. You all deserve it. Asepa Fighting!! So happy and proud for you girls. So excited and can't wait to listen your new song !!! #aespa1stwin #BlackMamba1stWin #2monthswithaespa

  46. blink

    blink9 日 前

    Aespa camera 🤝Red velvet camera

  47. stream renjun fools cover

    stream renjun fools cover9 日 前

    i'm proud of you girls🥺

  48. Yoonaya Snsd

    Yoonaya Snsd9 日 前

    Congratss aespa.. #blackmamba1stwin

  49. فلسطينيهـ واأحـبكم

    فلسطينيهـ واأحـبكم10 日 前

    ملكات الروكيززز

  50. فلسطينيهـ واأحـبكم

    فلسطينيهـ واأحـبكم10 日 前

    Monster rookies

  51. Ahn Yoona

    Ahn Yoona10 日 前

    Back here after AESPA 1st WIN :')

  52. 과외봇

    과외봇10 日 前

    카리나 사랑해ㅜㅜ

  53. Nadya Paramitha

    Nadya Paramitha10 日 前

    aespa was nominated on inkigayo today, streaming guys

  54. Nicole Villanueva

    Nicole Villanueva10 日 前


  55. liezel Manalo

    liezel Manalo10 日 前

    When other fandoms are hating aespa but there faves love aespa so much seriously got me laughing. Haters can choke. Your idols are willing to risk it all for aespa

  56. Skye Almari N. Bragas

    Skye Almari N. Bragas10 日 前

    go Aespa!!!!! we are supporting yah!!!!

  57. Sude Çam

    Sude Çam10 日 前

    Okey so they're always perfect but in comments nobody talking about Giselle? She is really cute and always smiling, her smile is give me positive energy. Please love all members, they need our like..

  58. FIA & MIA

    FIA & MIA10 日 前

    Plsss watch, subscribe and share our dance covers too Plss support us We are only beginners

  59. nyoman ariani

    nyoman ariani10 日 前

    와, 정말 좋아서보고 싶어

  60. rebeca dgb

    rebeca dgb11 日 前

    Amo como Karina dice “black mamba” wow

  61. Nadia Rahma

    Nadia Rahma11 日 前

    Karina the besttt

  62. Ihryll Andrea

    Ihryll Andrea12 日 前


  63. Kovieyeol

    Kovieyeol12 日 前


  64. Sabella Ivana

    Sabella Ivana12 日 前


  65. Mery GL

    Mery GL12 日 前


  66. Planet Exols

    Planet Exols12 日 前

    perfect girl's-!

  67. Emi 2

    Emi 213 日 前

    I don't know why they are so hated, they're so talented i love them 😮 this is the first time i saw them and this is so good

  68. Thapa Rosemary

    Thapa Rosemary13 日 前

    why is no one talking about giselle?? my girll be poppinn and her TALENT HSJSSJ 🧎🏻‍♂🤲🏻

  69. moonlightbae

    moonlightbae4 日 前


  70. Mehreen Petkar

    Mehreen Petkar5 日 前


  71. kackle

    kackle13 日 前

    they have no weak links. even the rappers can sing well... which says a lot of good about the vocalists, of course!! i can't wait to see where they go from here eeeeeeee

  72. mnosh.7 Ren

    mnosh.7 Ren13 日 前

    Aespa on fire

  73. Maria edwige Espera

    Maria edwige Espera14 日 前

    Karina and giselle bias here💛✨

  74. jimintojimin

    jimintojimin日 前

    my bias ningning

  75. Strxwbxrry 2.0

    Strxwbxrry 2.014 日 前

    they dont even need autotune to sound good oml, aswell as redvelvet, they all deserve to be there, so talented!

  76. Queen Jennie ama ölümüne jenlisa shipleyen

    Queen Jennie ama ölümüne jenlisa shipleyen14 日 前

    ningning I love you

  77. Sun Star

    Sun Star14 日 前

    6M here we go!

  78. Titin Kartini

    Titin Kartini14 日 前

    black mamba

  79. Titin Kartini

    Titin Kartini14 日 前


  80. Rana Ramy

    Rana Ramy14 日 前

    They will eat blackpink

  81. Zaynah Sarim

    Zaynah Sarim14 日 前

    This is my first time seeing this group and it's awesome 💛💙💜

  82. park chae young

    park chae young15 日 前


  83. I Gusti Ngurah

    I Gusti Ngurah15 日 前

    Thank you

  84. Hanna Sophia Claudio

    Hanna Sophia Claudio15 日 前

    Monster rookies

  85. Sun Star

    Sun Star15 日 前

    I wont forgive sbs (or possibly SM) for their cobras 💀 We talking bout black mambas hun

  86. 바나나킼

    바나나킼16 日 前

    썸네일에도 나오는 애 둘만 나오고 엔딩 클로즈 업도 나오는 두명만 나오고. 이러면 싸움. 스엠 정신이 있는거야 없는거야?

  87. Sun Star

    Sun Star16 日 前


  88. stream renjun fools cover

    stream renjun fools cover16 日 前

    MYs we have to rise aespa’s digital points by streaming on melon/genie. we lost with small gap last week 😭 i need help from Korean MYs to do that

  89. Brinda Limbu

    Brinda Limbu16 日 前

    lol they actually did put a snake hissing at the background, i didnt even notice till now hahahah

  90. Brinda Limbu

    Brinda Limbu15 日 前

    @auracle hahahahahahhahahahaa im dying plisss

  91. auracle

    auracle15 日 前

    It's a cobra tho instead of a black mamba 💀

  92. GG Gee

    GG Gee16 日 前

    Am I the only one who got awestruck by the wink of winter??

  93. Desta Adinda

    Desta Adinda16 日 前

    Guys keep str34ming the stage inkigayo for 1st win

  94. Dubuyni

    Dubuyni16 日 前


  95. ᴇʟ ʟᴜɴᴀʀ ᴅᴇ ʜʏᴜɴᴊɪɴ

    ᴇʟ ʟᴜɴᴀʀ ᴅᴇ ʜʏᴜɴᴊɪɴ16 日 前


  96. One

    One16 日 前

    aespa >>>> the other big 3 4th gen girl group

  97. 김정욱

    김정욱10 日 前


  98. ᄇᄇᄇᄇᄇᄇ

    ᄇᄇᄇᄇᄇᄇ16 日 前


  99. me_you 93

    me_you 9317 日 前

    Karina emang cantik sih..tapi vibenya dia horor aku liat, gimana ya jelasinnya pokoknya klo liat dia tuh auranya dingin, dark gitu

  100. B Lyngdoh

    B Lyngdoh17 日 前

    Who's the Monster Rookie !?? Is it Aespa !?? :Yes it is

  101. S. 3 dd c 1

    S. 3 dd c 117 日 前

    PLAGIAT ITZY!!👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿🤮🤮🤮🤮💩💩💩💩

  102. Aeri Zizi

    Aeri Zizi11 日 前

    Whos itzy what is that can you tell me

  103. Shaqueena Batang

    Shaqueena Batang17 日 前


  104. Анударь Даваадорж

    Анударь Даваадорж17 日 前

    yoo jimin very bad she can't sing and her dance performance is very poor

  105. Justjakayla

    Justjakayla5 日 前

    She obviously the best dancer so....

  106. Justjakayla

    Justjakayla5 日 前


  107. Aeri Zizi

    Aeri Zizi11 日 前

    Oh really you should go and try replace her i bet you are more sad then her

  108. Karina Ace

    Karina Ace16 日 前

    You're the bad one girl. Keep hating her because you're jealous. Lmao

  109. Blue Strawjendukie

    Blue Strawjendukie16 日 前

    Oh stfu

  110. Trung Nguyễn Tài

    Trung Nguyễn Tài17 日 前

    Aespa did not won yet! Because Kyeongseo and (G)I-DLE too strong!

  111. Aeri Zizi

    Aeri Zizi11 日 前

    Okay so what

  112. 니시무라리키

    니시무라리키17 日 前

    에스파는 걸그룹 중 투탑

  113. 니시무라리키

    니시무라리키17 日 前

    에스파. 있지

  114. iGot7-Wiz*OneStay-Aroha-Army-Once-OneIt

    iGot7-Wiz*OneStay-Aroha-Army-Once-OneIt17 日 前

    Who else noticed that their first formation forms somewhat the AESPA emblem.

  115. lunatures

    lunatures17 日 前

    our visual winter omg



    Wow love ningnig

  117. GG Gee

    GG Gee17 日 前

    The way winter smiles confidently everytime the camera focuses on her

  118. GG Gee

    GG Gee17 日 前

    Winter is shining more as the stage performance gets increasing

  119. lina pisiway

    lina pisiway18 日 前

    mbak gisel cantiq banget gapahammm