Advice for Freshmen


  1. Autumn

    Autumn日 前

    I’m going to die in my freshman I just know it. The school I’m going to is such a big building I’m going to get lost and cry and it’s overcrowded too it has 3,000 kids

  2. _ _3 日 前

    Your in the bathroom doing your thing but out of nowhere You smell people frickin vaping

  3. Leslie Perez

    Leslie Perez4 日 前


  4. JOWXO

    JOWXO4 日 前

    I’m a sophomore and I should have watched this 2 years ago

  5. Blitz Minorz

    Blitz Minorz5 日 前

    Is all freshman in high school strangers? Like no one knows each other ? Or does everyone already know each other

  6. A Lonely Channel

    A Lonely Channel6 日 前

    I’m in 7th grade and nOt ready

  7. Seakingpanda

    Seakingpanda7 日 前

    How old are freshman's

  8. Mint Cream

    Mint Cream7 日 前

    I'm a junior now. In my high school freshman are called Fishies. When I was a sophomore this random guy jumped out at me in the hallway and called me a Fishie and startled me. In middle school people would have laughed, but here in high school his friends legit just walked away from him.

  9. Saiki Boii

    Saiki Boii8 日 前

    I’m freshman and mmmmmmmm

  10. Princessvelvetroyal

    Princessvelvetroyal8 日 前

    damn Naruto

  11. cøsmıć dřainø słushiə

    cøsmıć dřainø słushiə8 日 前


  12. Dino Loaf

    Dino Loaf9 日 前

    Unfortunately I’m still in 8th grade(plz save me I have no friendsss) but my math teacher doesn’t get paid enough obviously. She asked the class what 3 x 2 and the class answered 4

  13. Abi Elisa

    Abi Elisa10 日 前

    So like I'm halfway through the year and already people are calling me names and apperently people are "observing" me and like know everything about me when i literally only have like 3 friends. Like idk if freshman are just immature and hella annoying or they just want attention or are just bored with their life. (Lowkey i don't have a life so maybe there trying to give me one 😅😂) but yeah i just don't know how to cope with the situations

  14. Miroslav Rusev

    Miroslav Rusev11 日 前

    The gum idea brought friends that cured my depression . Thank you

  15. im just a sunflower

    im just a sunflower13 日 前

    So im a senior and my school has this secret hallway for teachers and im alowed to use it *life as teacher's fav*

  16. im just a sunflower

    im just a sunflower13 日 前

    Freshmens: This is gonna be fun Senior me: *kid,you've seen nothing yet*

  17. Kyubeyz _

    Kyubeyz _13 日 前

    Ewww freshmen

  18. lmacy mcclinticl

    lmacy mcclinticl13 日 前

    Class of ‘24 where you guys at?? I’m already stressing and this year isn’t even over yet 😅

  19. Alt Drek

    Alt Drek14 日 前

    Goodnesses gracious. Sadly I am in ib :(

  20. Skippé

    Skippé15 日 前

    Im a freshman, and I straight love highschool, because my middle school was such a prison.

  21. Red Paint

    Red Paint17 日 前

    8th grade ends in 3 month, I’ll keep these in mind once I enter high school

  22. Lazy Writer 2019

    Lazy Writer 201912 日 前


  23. ok try me

    ok try me18 日 前

    My family is inbred

  24. 1,000 subscribers with 2 music playlists

    1,000 subscribers with 2 music playlists18 日 前

    Kelsey do you like Kpop I saw the shirt in the beginning

  25. Carley Brueggemann

    Carley Brueggemann19 日 前

    dramatic girl:o i have no friends waa!!! there best friend:but..what . about

  26. Kayla Darrin

    Kayla Darrin21 日 前

    My high school has a very tiny amount of hallway.. Its mostly all outside under a roof thing.....

  27. Salty Cracker

    Salty Cracker21 日 前

    3:09 Tiny Rick..?

  28. IoliteRenard

    IoliteRenard22 日 前

    Watching this I really think this is more or less going to be the same as middle school for me. Kids going at 0.1 miles per hour through the hall, annoying kids who think they're cool, and the mass of homework that's been there since last year. I'll make it.

  29. Maya Griffith

    Maya Griffith22 日 前

    There is this girl in my class and she meows and hisses at everyone. We call her the cat girl

  30. Red Jacket Gamer

    Red Jacket Gamer23 日 前

    Alright i'll take notes

  31. TheFireLegendGamerPro

    TheFireLegendGamerPro23 日 前

    "sHuT uP, pLeAsE"

  32. Gezi5

    Gezi524 日 前

    Next year

  33. Cherky

    Cherky24 日 前

    And I start today and its 2:48am

  34. Brooke Hirsch

    Brooke Hirsch25 日 前

    lol what friends

  35. Ilinca Carp

    Ilinca Carp26 日 前

    So we are not going to talk about HaMiLtOn?

  36. _.Deceit._

    _.Deceit._23 日 前

    ScHreEch yEs

  37. Christopher Koll

    Christopher Koll26 日 前

    It only took me a month for me to get a mentality alike a senior who wants to get out of the school

  38. X Siga

    X Siga26 日 前

    I'd rather just kill myself than continue highschool

  39. sundie flox

    sundie flox26 日 前


  40. Escamilla

    Escamilla27 日 前

    As a freshman, pretty much trash. Majority of the time, your friends from middle school will be there. Find new friends by being forced into groups by your teacher(example: being in a group you didn't choose for a project or something) I'm not one of those popular kids either. Regardless that term is dead in highschool. Hangout, no one really cares.

  41. BonBon love

    BonBon love27 日 前

    High school sucks okay, don't trust Hollywood

  42. Kiki Snu

    Kiki Snu28 日 前

    I’ve learned that everyone will forget your embarrassing moments within about a week unless they have a crush on you, is your best friend, or you reallllyyyy messed up

  43. ana gabriela vargas coronado

    ana gabriela vargas coronado28 日 前

    I am a sophomore but I am still here lol Forget it I was in middle school when this was uploaded pfff

  44. Andrew Green

    Andrew Green28 日 前

    This really helped because I in yr6 and I'm going to secondary school next year

  45. Thedeimgodpotterhead 123

    Thedeimgodpotterhead 12328 日 前



    PSI-USER LBP29 日 前

    How to be friends with everyone in “high school”. Be friends with them since kindergarten and you win high school

  47. Nya Pryde

    Nya Pryde29 日 前


  48. Charlotte Sliverstone

    Charlotte Sliverstoneヶ月 前

    2:03 *I felt that*

  49. charlie goose

    charlie gooseヶ月 前

    “dont have anxiety nobody cares” my social anxiety cares

  50. Morgansie

    Morgansieヶ月 前

    But.. What if you say something funny.. And no one laughs??? Thats almost worse!

  51. MyOceanSky

    MyOceanSkyヶ月 前

    I’ve been homeschooled my entire life and am going to be a freshman next year, so ;-;

  52. - goldenJay -

    - goldenJay -ヶ月 前

    “iM In tHe chEsS cLUb Hhhhhnnnnngggg”

  53. Somebody help my cat is eating me and i-

    Somebody help my cat is eating me and i-ヶ月 前

    I have my first exam tomorrow and I’m SCARED

  54. Valari Nastasia

    Valari Nastasiaヶ月 前


  55. Violet Smith

    Violet Smithヶ月 前

    I have a really good friend whose going to a public high school, and I have the opportunity to go to a better school, but I just want to be there for her because she’s been my bff for like, 6 years. So next year I’m heading to THE FIRST PUPLIC SCHOOL IVE EVER BEEN TO (Well that was random XD)

  56. Nightcore Jaden

    Nightcore Jadenヶ月 前

    I’m starting high school the 28th of jan I’m scared But I’m glad I’ve left primary school.

  57. Nightcore Jaden

    Nightcore Jaden29 日 前

    nagitowo komaeda besides stepping is gun good

  58. vyvan

    vyvan29 日 前

    how’d it go?

  59. Meghan O'Cleary

    Meghan O'Clearyヶ月 前

    I’m in 8th Grade. Today, I just got a full scholarship to my dream high school and i have to maintain a 90 or above average. Any advice?

  60. faithana Hall

    faithana Hallヶ月 前

    I'm the class clown but it's more of... I'm tired of this shit/you really think I'm gonna be ACTIVE, IN P.E

  61. Random Fanart

    Random Fanartヶ月 前

    0:53 THAT. IS. SO. ME RIGHT THERE. I'm a HUGE Hamilton fan ;w; stop judging-

  62. Christopher Todd

    Christopher Toddヶ月 前

    Did anyone else see the simpsons refrense

  63. Lezdraven

    Lezdravenヶ月 前

    im finna be a freshman watcha got for me

  64. CloverDoodle

    CloverDoodleヶ月 前

    I've been homeschooled my whole life and now I'm trying to get into an art school for 9th grade and throughout high school and I'm scared

  65. Stars at Night

    Stars at Nightヶ月 前

    I’ve been in high school school 5 months and it’s meh I definitely made it more dramatic in my head than it actually is.