Advice for Freshmen


  1. Eve the pineapple

    Eve the pineapple11 時間 前

    I just began secondary school.... HELP MEEEEEEE

  2. Toaster Penguins

    Toaster Penguins日 前


  3. annniie

    annniie2 日 前

    its really impressive that you edit pretty decently using movie maker considering its kinda one of the worse editing softwares. Good job!! It looks awesome :0

  4. Sh3hsn67 Hya

    Sh3hsn67 Hya2 日 前

    Junior year is the worst year to be alive

  5. Victoria the green cheek conure

    Victoria the green cheek conure4 日 前

    Rule 1 : dont snitch

  6. Snoopy

    Snoopy5 日 前

    I have no friends in high school. Why? Cuz I'm in 9th grade and I still like teenage mutant ninja turtles from when I was 6 xD

  7. Trailtracker

    Trailtracker8 日 前

    Ahaha i dont have any friends and no one will make friends with me because they’re on defense mode because of the sENIORS

  8. wolf child

    wolf child8 日 前

    I'm the class clown and the teacher's pet so I just make my friends laugh and make the teacher laugh and don't bully the teacher.

  9. Gaia F. Incendio

    Gaia F. Incendio8 日 前

    Do you have any bully advice? I am about to get into highschool and I rlly need advice. ;-----;

  10. Primella

    Primella11 日 前

    Crazy when this first came out I was a freshman.....

  11. Partially Broken

    Partially Broken12 日 前

    Who's sleep? We dont know her.

  12. Skribbli got bored

    Skribbli got bored14 日 前

    Everyone's pointing out the Heathers reference and I'm just sitting down here waiting for a history nerd ;-;

  13. Maria Castor

    Maria Castor14 日 前

    Advice for younger ones ENJOY IT WHILE YOU CAN👏👏👏😂

  14. Stella Therese Lopez

    Stella Therese Lopez17 日 前


  15. ShyPastel Prince

    ShyPastel Prince19 日 前

    0:41 Wait that’s actually kind of a good idea tHANK YOU AUENEODNRODN-

  16. I’mAChickenNugget

    I’mAChickenNugget21 日 前

    ‘If your worried about everyone making fun of you, they don’t care’ Haha, I wish I have an entire class of people known as ‘bullies’ and they laugh at everyone for everything

  17. Oblivion.EXE

    Oblivion.EXE21 日 前

    Freshman year was the best now I'm a sophomore and everything sucks

  18. Samantha Martin

    Samantha Martin17 日 前

    Right? My freshman year was so easy but my sophomore and junior year sucked ASS. I'm doing better this year but goddamn.

  19. That one guy

    That one guy25 日 前

    5 weeks in and I already feel like I'm in hell

  20. Matthew Hoopes

    Matthew Hoopes26 日 前

    M im in 8th grade right now oops

  21. Karissa Vera

    Karissa Vera26 日 前

    I’m the one that hugs her friends ALL the time and is in LOVE with music especially DAT ROASTED HAM ilton

  22. Katie r

    Katie r27 日 前

    I'm a junior rn and when signing up for classes last year I totally forgot about the SAT and now I'm taking AP Chemistry and AP Language and Composition and I'm already waiting for death in the first month of school. So yeah, new freshman, DON'T do this when you're a junior. Please. Don't. Safe yourself while you still can.

  23. Gigi The Skeleton

    Gigi The Skeleton27 日 前

    Remember kids: If you think something in your school should be fixed with more than just an assembly, discuss it with the principal! Don't just complain about it to the staff in class just so they can "defend" their lack of action.

  24. Viola Alvarez

    Viola Alvarez27 日 前

    my boi 6th graders in middle school are waaay wose than freshman

  25. Natalia Cadavid

    Natalia Cadavid28 日 前

    Its 2 am and my first day is tomorrow so what the fuck help I cant sleep

  26. hooman

    hooman28 日 前

    My sister is a junior this year

  27. MCRackaRacka

    MCRackaRacka29 日 前

    Im on a Christian school, With no Freshman year, Im wasn't scared For homework, but Ginger gays

  28. Kylie.W_ shima

    Kylie.W_ shimaヶ月 前


  29. AJRfanboy1837

    AJRfanboy1837ヶ月 前

    Thanks for the warning

  30. erose mo

    erose moヶ月 前

    2:00 oh. my god.

  31. XxAsh_BeanGacha xX

    XxAsh_BeanGacha xXヶ月 前

    Yass hamalton also thanks i need this in about 2 years not sarcasm

  32. Coldarctic The geek

    Coldarctic The geekヶ月 前


  33. Geeky Craft

    Geeky Craftヶ月 前

    Lol im a sophmore and i found a club for videogames and yogioh(idk i dont like ut but its cool my friends made it to find ppl they luke) gl freshman

  34. Suzanna Vatter

    Suzanna Vatterヶ月 前

    Well this do any thing in med school

  35. Mk Dodson

    Mk Dodsonヶ月 前

    I’m a freshmen and it’s literally so fun. It’s not even bad at all, I have friends in most of my classes, gym is really fun, and the upperclassmen dont even care that ur a freshmen. And my school actually cares abt you and stuff. They try to get to know you.

  36. Vanessa Loya

    Vanessa Loyaヶ月 前

    I watched this for my freshman's sophomore year and I still need to watch it.

  37. I’m Peridot Yah CLOD!

    I’m Peridot Yah CLOD!ヶ月 前

    Freshman year: my death Sophomore year: my first boyfriend Junior year: idk Senior year: idk That’s what my sister said.

  38. Glitch Flick

    Glitch Flickヶ月 前

    Hah- next year I’m going to be a freshman in 8th grade- C an T waiT-


    YEET YEETヶ月 前

    Some really good advice USE DEODORANT FOR THE LOVE OF GOSH

  40. Cotton Candy Kitty

    Cotton Candy Kittyヶ月 前

    My school started a bit ago and school has been good. I have a class clown in almost every class and he is the same person! He sucks in gym the most! If we play a game he will NEVER pass to me or any of the ‘’unpopular kids”.Some times I want to slap him back to kindergarten were he belongs.

  41. crackhead on crack

    crackhead on crackヶ月 前

    Bold of you to assume class clowns don't exist anymore

  42. Trailtracker

    Trailtracker8 日 前

    There’s one in my algebra class, everyone’s scared of the teacher and hes trying to get her to like him so she won’t get him in trouble, but hes failing pretty badly

  43. Joey Davenport

    Joey Davenportヶ月 前

    2:16 slight Heathers reference?

  44. ilural

    iluralヶ月 前

    It's been 2 years after you posted this,, but I really needed it now... thanks bud

  45. Normy McGee

    Normy McGeeヶ月 前

    **watches this before freshman year** _Heh, I'm in danger_

  46. Alyssa

    Alyssaヶ月 前

    *little tip, high school isn’t a big deal, you’ll get through it just fine, the first few weeks you’ll get lost, you’ll probably be made fun of by some dumbass juniors , the seniors are very nice, they won’t touch you,*


    MOCHI KUNヶ月 前

    So you would say school isn’t like the heathers?

  48. No Name

    No Nameヶ月 前


  49. Sara Maynard

    Sara Maynardヶ月 前

    im one of those speed runners so i can actually get credit at something....and to be the first one in the class.LIKE LITERALLY THERE IS A WAR AT MY SCHOOL FOR THAT!!!

  50. ArtifulJordan

    ArtifulJordanヶ月 前

    Oh god- This is very true, especially the whole hallway deal- The hallways are t o o C r o w d e d I’m a freshmen, but I don’t care to even try and be cool, I’m just a loner with my close friends and hoping to geT DAT GRADUATION OOOOO- 😅 Also love this video!

  51. Liam Schultz

    Liam Schultzヶ月 前

    To the freshman, DO NOT DATE SENIORS. Also don't sedn nudes. Im out 🤜🤛

  52. sarah smith

    sarah smithヶ月 前

    As an Australian, I'm confident to say.. I have no idea what you're talking about.

  53. Léa Dauphinais

    Léa Dauphinaisヶ月 前

    Drink water HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA We are not allowed to drink water in class

  54. oneShovv

    oneShovvヶ月 前

    Class clowns... there is one in my class... so sadly but they somehow exist... ._.

  55. Jolly The leopard

    Jolly The leopardヶ月 前

    Title:Advice for freshmen Advice: SCHOOL WILL SUCK

  56. Wendy Finn

    Wendy Finnヶ月 前


  57. Lazaretto boi 3

    Lazaretto boi 3ヶ月 前

    2:15 OMG is that Heathers. Yeeeet.

  58. 「short zombie 」

    「short zombie 」ヶ月 前

    School just started and I found this old video.

  59. Xx Gacha FlamexX

    Xx Gacha FlamexXヶ月 前

    Hahahahahahha I'll be a freshman next year and im just gettin a year ready before that 😭😤

  60. Kathryn Reynolds

    Kathryn Reynoldsヶ月 前

    I am writing this at 1:41am on the day before the first day of school and my class is going to be a combination of both 4th grade classes from last year. Which is going to be 29 kids in a semi-small room. Plus, my sister is in the grade below me and we are going to switch teachers with each other. My homeroom teacher is the ELA teacher( which is my favorite and best subject. ) and my old 4th grade teacher is doing Math, Science, and SocialStudies. The other 4th grade teacher is moving down to 3rd grade. Needles to say, this year is going to be stressful.

  61. Johnny The Homicidal Maniac

    Johnny The Homicidal Maniacヶ月 前

    "Walk faster please" Dude, if you think freshmen are bad, try sharing a high school with 7th and 8th graders too THEY DO NOT UNDERSTAND THE MEANING OF WALKING TO CLASS It's like you said, either they're snailing down the hall or going mach 20, there's no in between the other day I was just walking into the building and a teeny 7th grade girl tried to run between me and a wall and slammed into it. Fricking watch where you're going or slow down. The school day hasn't even started yet, chill out-

  62. N0skillx 0verkill

    N0skillx 0verkillヶ月 前

    Tip: naruto run in the hallways