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    Or 274 man I don't know

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    It’s not that impressive



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    Iceswimming is a hobby in Finland and there are public iceswimming places all over the place, most of them with saunas though! It is the best feeling ever to swim in the cold water! After it you really feel alive! (It is NOT recommended to dive so people just swim.) There are even iceswimming competitions exist. Maybe your next challenge? ;) You guys create a amazing and inspirational content! Thank you! :) I would like to see you back in Finland, because your partnership with Aalto University was a bit disappointing and I know there would be so much more you to discover in Finland! Eg. iceswimming, cottage middle nowhere, reindeer or husky rides, northern lights, archipelago, fishing, hiking, ice hockey, midsummer...

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    how did u take the dog with u

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    I am Louis, Louis is me.

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    So proud of Louis 11:57 Wait a minute! 🤣

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    I don't get a lot of things that gives me discomfort.... I have been living my life so openly that I think there is nothing people could throw at me that would give me discomfort.... 😋

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    Thomas is Swedish he should be used to it

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    BC is always so nuts, I love it when he's in videos

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    the life i wish i had.

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    Is Ammar Muslim?

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    People actually do this every single year in Alaska lol

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    Awee wish you guys came to Juneau Alaska and jumped into the glacier water ! 😂

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    Shave off your eyebrows

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    Lmaoooo the screaming goat 😂

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    I'd like to have friends like this😂

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    Niggas we’re in a thermal pool

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    12:03 I’m dead HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA

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    oop i was born in hungary why is everything almost related to hungary in ur videos XD

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    Byers lake?

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    You guys should go to the Netherlands, bike from west to east (or east to west Etc. Etc.) Without anything, and ask people for food, water etc. . You'll find out how weird/different dutch people are😂 (im dutch haha) X

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    Bro just coming now to Greece and do something crazy with strangers you love it I promise!!!

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    12:02 Thank me later

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    Dokaz da promaja ne može da te ubije

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    Good thing one of you went to McGill.

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    Why the fuck does this Louis guy get in all the other good channels....

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    Find a homeless person and make there lives better

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    They found another hot woman from instagram again to choose to meet up with 😂

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    You know I’ve done the polar bear plunge. It helps I live in Alaska

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    Didn’t they just trained with iceman come on suck it up do it

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    look at the date of each video dumb ass

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    I'm from Minnesota and I swim out to the ice when it is thawing on out lakes so it is funny for me to watch them get so nervous😂😂. Good job guys for having the guts to do it 👍

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    Any fellow Swedes here that think to do this is not a big deal and kinda normal?

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    I couldnt stop laughing

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    i had a smile on my face this whole video. the vibes u guys put out is amazing

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    little did they know

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    Love love love this!!!!!

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    And to think one of my top college picks were to attend in alaska

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    I live in Kodiak. I was very happy about that.

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    Pssht, I used to live in alaska and I am Inupiaq, native american. PS: still a great vid tho guys.

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    Laugh in Finnish

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    When he said Loui name at the end of the video it was like he sneezed a bit

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    That dude is definitely in the military

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    Nothing makes me happier than Yes Theory

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    I want to do this.

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    We do this every year in my city in Canada. 🥶 You pay someone to go swimming then all profits go to donation.

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    you guys are amazing and doing this its just crazy to see how happy u guys are is just amazing man i cant even put in words, how u guys make me feel when i watch ur videos like i can do everything thx for your awesome videos.

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    as someone who lives in minnesota, this is hilarious to me 😂

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    they had no idea what would come soon after when they went to be icemen hah

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    Vocês são mesmo fixes, convidem-me para ir também

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    lol when he said my roommate Louis........ and it just HAPPENS to be one of the most legendary travel vloggers

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    LOL nice!

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    Come to Minnesota, we do polar plunges for charity and some just do it for fun

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    Polar plunging is fun I do it every year with my friends

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    I was born on Kodiak 15 years ago and that place has changed a lot

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    Yo I know Rachel

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    *did you know taking a nap in cold water for a few minutes will recover your long lost memories?*

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    This looks so amazing, my typa channel. The spontaneous things yall do are incredible