1. Yes Theory

    Yes Theory年 前


  2. Lukass ツ

    Lukass ツ8 日 前


  3. BIG Jenny Yes

    BIG Jenny Yes12 日 前

    NO I WAS FIRST... oh wait im a year late

  4. NcBoiDre

    NcBoiDre18 日 前


  5. Tie Is Cute

    Tie Is Cute26 日 前


  6. liam baron

    liam baron27 日 前

    One millionth

  7. Ghulam Mustafa

    Ghulam Mustafa日 前

    American: "woooh, this is AWESOME" Icelander: Hold my cold water.

  8. rahul sharma

    rahul sharma3 日 前

    I dared them HAHAHAHAHAHA

  9. Nick Komaritski

    Nick Komaritski4 日 前

    тю, на крещение в сибири и дети в лунку прыгают. удивили

  10. Cryptic b_e_t_s

    Cryptic b_e_t_s5 日 前

    Who else thinks the guy in the military sounds like Jonah from David Dobrik?

  11. Ddrew2050

    Ddrew20506 日 前

    *I dare you to drink orange juice after brushing your teeth*

  12. RayBen555

    RayBen55510 日 前

    I can tell you from experience the Lampredotto sandwich is worth the trip ;) With crema di tartufo of course.

  13. water

    water11 日 前

    Why did i think they where saying antartica this whole time???

  14. daniellajailene

    daniellajailene11 日 前

    I’ve become a yes theory fan in the last couple of months and I always thought “they should come to Anchorage” and then I find this video....

  15. BIG Jenny Yes

    BIG Jenny Yes12 日 前

    me:Watches them suffer in freezing ice water while i am in a warm blanket at home...

  16. Katie Riley

    Katie Riley12 日 前

    Anchorage Alaska is where the serial killer Israel Keyes is from that’s all I could think of, he is the definition of discomfort

  17. Ely Hochfelder

    Ely Hochfelder15 日 前

    okay but Matt is really hot

  18. SpontaneousDude Tv

    SpontaneousDude Tv15 日 前

    No fricken way these guys know funforlouis that's nuts. two of the best people to film with.

  19. Pauli Helsi

    Pauli Helsi15 日 前

    Many finnish people do this all the time. I've tried it and it's funny how the air actually feels warm when you get out of the water. Usually we go in the sauna afterwards

  20. Mr. M-A

    Mr. M-A19 日 前

    I like the hat. Come to the Philippines.

  21. alli Babe

    alli Babe19 日 前

    Louis scream had me dying 😂😂😂

  22. Eustass Kid

    Eustass Kid21 日 前

    Yes Theory guys after Wim Hoff episode ⤵⤵⤵ *Easy Peasy*

  23. Jacob Corona

    Jacob Corona21 日 前

    Did anyone else hear him say "yinz guys" when describing how his truck was heated? That guys from Pittsburgh!

  24. Bryan frye

    Bryan frye22 日 前

    Hey its Food for Louis he used to eat all the nasty bugs and shit lol...

  25. Hanaa Omar

    Hanaa Omar23 日 前

    This is my first comment on this channel ever!!! I just wanted to say I lived in Egypt for seven years and in Alaska for 10 years and this is by far the best video ever! I definitely miss both places but Seattle has been treating me well so I’m grateful.😇😇

  26. cattleNhay (aka Eggman)

    cattleNhay (aka Eggman)24 日 前

    Biggest dare internet does not know...go to Switzerland and film in public without being threatened to be fined, put in jail or have your film deleted by Swiss authorities. ( can’t be done) Swiss public photography laws are crazy because the rich Swiss obviously have something to hide.

  27. Yakir Ey.

    Yakir Ey.25 日 前

    Damn, you're such a bunch of babies. Clearly you never tried Wim Hof method. This is such not a big deal. I know people who do this every morning.

  28. Talah Younis

    Talah Younis26 日 前

    I dare you to go to palestineeeee :)

  29. Bart Beyens

    Bart Beyens27 日 前

    Try to reach the Southpole pls

  30. Kriz Jr

    Kriz Jr27 日 前

    Felt so bad that Ammar didn't get a hifi at 4:45 ik how it feels 😂

  31. Sushimaster13 !

    Sushimaster13 !ヶ月 前

    i live in Minnesota and every winter we jump in the lake in like negative 10 degrees

  32. Leno

    Lenoヶ月 前

    rachel is hot

  33. Godly GreNinja

    Godly GreNinjaヶ月 前

    Meanwhile: Me jumping out cause the pool is too cold

  34. CoRSON Cheung

    CoRSON Cheungヶ月 前

    that slow entrance is torture id do way better to just jump already (too shallow it seems

  35. Allia Mesa

    Allia Mesaヶ月 前


  36. ツDinant

    ツDinantヶ月 前

    Wim Hoff would be proud

  37. Jess

    Jessヶ月 前

    I just keep thinking that they’re all going to get pneumonia.

  38. Munings Life

    Munings Lifeヶ月 前

    why don't u do a - join a sports challenge - like boxing or horse riding or wrestling haha

  39. Isai Soto

    Isai Sotoヶ月 前

    That was so cool, yall made it look so easy once yall got in. Nice job!

  40. Maria Therese

    Maria Thereseヶ月 前

    Ammar: Burn the car. BURN THE CAR. BURN THE CAR. Matt: 😶

  41. jeanette nevarez

    jeanette nevarezヶ月 前

    i had to pause on boaty mc boat face LMAO

  42. AthenaGoddess

    AthenaGoddessヶ月 前

    This is my kind of dare. I LOVE the cold. Winter is my favourite season and I love the snow and all that comes with it. I despise heat lol. Its currently Summer here in New Zealand and its baking so I am definitely envious of these guys right now.

  43. ElMann 04

    ElMann 04ヶ月 前

    It was -40 here in Canada a couple days ago

  44. Stephaynator

    Stephaynatorヶ月 前

    This is the wholesome boys will be boys content i signed up for

  45. Mathias Houlberg

    Mathias Houlbergヶ月 前

    is it just me or is that a video of norwegian military training?

  46. Patterson Brown

    Patterson Brownヶ月 前

    Making me cold watching it

  47. Matthew

    Matthewヶ月 前

    That when your high five got rejected and u just pat his back instead patting your own lol

  48. ABRAHAM Lester Barrali

    ABRAHAM Lester Barraliヶ月 前

    Why do they have 2 people that look like bruins players

  49. Rafa

    Rafaヶ月 前

    After watching a few Yes theory videos thesr guys are either the luckiest people on the planet or the videos are staged. "Oh random dude shows up and his roommate is terrified of the most specific and random thing possible?". I don't know... Seems a little fishy

  50. Arno Nym

    Arno Nymヶ月 前

    Sry that I have to say it, but your father is an idiot Ammar. I am really sorry but to see you happy in this way and to know your father wanted you to stop is ridiculous imho.

  51. Anusree Nambiar

    Anusree Nambiarヶ月 前

    Louis looks like Ivar from Vikings




  53. chompsLibrary

    chompsLibraryヶ月 前


  54. Ristou 321

    Ristou 321ヶ月 前

    In Finland we do that every day

  55. Gabriela Felix

    Gabriela Felixヶ月 前

    as a brazilian i can't not understand how this cold is possible hahaha

  56. Miyuki Mirozuki

    Miyuki Mirozukiヶ月 前

    i'm praying that i make friends like these in university

  57. Miyuki Mirozuki

    Miyuki Mirozukiヶ月 前

    4:46 my bro is british ight

  58. Beany

    Beanyヶ月 前

    apetor: im bout to destroy this mans whole career

  59. Lenni Taattola

    Lenni Taattolaヶ月 前

    I feel so lucky under my blanket.

  60. Caleb Holien

    Caleb Holienヶ月 前

    I love this video and all of these guys. I just think it's funny they think this is unbearably freezing. The mates and I do this in northern Minnesota for fun. Love the videos guys and girls

  61. Milvid Stridh

    Milvid Stridhヶ月 前

    12:42 Gahaahahahahah!

  62. Selas Bessa

    Selas Bessaヶ月 前

    I loved the tech sounds when he said THE WATER

  63. TellMeWhy?

    TellMeWhy?ヶ月 前

    Wim Hof be like: hold my tea

  64. TellMeWhy?

    TellMeWhy?ヶ月 前

    Wim Hof be like: thats why i didnt gave them some training

  65. Hello Hi

    Hello Hiヶ月 前

    Dare you to go to antartica

  66. Nyamedo Addae-Dapaah

    Nyamedo Addae-Dapaahヶ月 前

    Huge plot twist when Thomas is the only one with a brain 😂 Well done for staying home 👌🏽