Accent Expert Breaks Down 17 Actors Playing Real People | WIRED


  1. Hana May

    Hana May13 時間 前

    Me at 2AM giving my all to make these sounds : sss🗿 routhless🗿🗿

  2. Mark Burland

    Mark Burland15 時間 前

    How has this had so many downvotes!?

  3. Rafa

    Rafa22 時間 前

    Freiken awesome! Keep these coming

  4. Naldific

    Naldific日 前

    This guy can talk me into killing myself.

  5. john miller

    john miller日 前

    The Randy Malek guy could barely hold the denture in,he was constantly sucking it in and trying not to drool. That was really distracting,i kept laughing throughout the movie,because i couldnt get over the MOUTH lol.

  6. john miller

    john miller15 時間 前

    @Inukshuk Sixtyfour lol. The Gold member

  7. Inukshuk Sixtyfour

    Inukshuk Sixtyfour20 時間 前

    Your'e right. lol. His Freddie was kind of exaggerated, more so than probably was needed. Freddie's real voice was somewhat softer, more relaxed. Unfortunately Malek reminded me more of "Austin Powers" doing Freddie! lol.

  8. gunzakimbo

    gunzakimbo2 日 前

    I have subscribed, just because of you and Annie. Enough said.........

  9. TheNexan

    TheNexan2 日 前

    I can't be the only person who thinks Erik looks like Glenn Howerton.


    ZA WARUDO2 日 前

    He must know how to use his tongue well, if ya know what I mean

  11. theEXOaudio

    theEXOaudio3 日 前

    I'm curious though, even with all the practice, if the actors consciously change their accent the whole time or if the accent change comes naturally

  12. totesm8

    totesm84 日 前

    Great use of freddie in the thumbnail!

  13. 2 good 4 U

    2 good 4 U4 日 前

    Me seeing that the imitators doing it flawlessly Me trying to do an Indian accent :(

  14. Rich Wilkinson

    Rich Wilkinson4 日 前


  15. DeNature Kat

    DeNature Kat4 日 前

    As a sibling of an Autistic sister, i’ve also loved the Temple Grandin performance because of how well she captured her expressive nature.

  16. salmourn

    salmourn4 日 前

    this video makes me wonder how he'd break down an actor playing me and doing my accent 😳 pls tell me i'm not the only one who thinks like this lmao

  17. Edgar Pelayo

    Edgar Pelayo4 日 前

    23:42 oh i am already there good sir lol

  18. black lantern 2014

    black lantern 20144 日 前

    Yeah boi glad this is back 👌🏾

  19. Orion Mercury

    Orion Mercury5 日 前

    I came for Freddie

  20. alexander g miller

    alexander g miller5 日 前

    i'd like to hear erik singer do an impression of dennis reynolds

  21. Jordan Peak

    Jordan Peak5 日 前

    Gary Oldman 😎💪

  22. Lucas Silva

    Lucas Silva5 日 前

    All we want to know now. What about eminem actor on his movie?

  23. Jutta Maier

    Jutta Maier5 日 前

    Gary Oldman was such a joy to watch in the darkest hour. Like Kenneth Brannagh in a week with Marilyn

  24. nAtalie sin

    nAtalie sin5 日 前

    shldve reviewed james franco and tommy wiseu

  25. Okay ha

    Okay ha6 日 前

    I see Rami Malek and Freddie Mercury, I click

  26. Amelia .Koncki

    Amelia .Koncki6 日 前

    If Erik ever dissected the way Harry Styles talks I would be forever grateful!

  27. Adin Icic

    Adin Icic6 日 前

    Think JD Washington was using the stereotypical white person way when speaking on phone for appearance and less suspicion. He was trying to portray a white guy instead of himself. If it was opposite and a white actor was trying to portray a black speaker then he would be trying a stereotypical urban pattern.

  28. Oli H

    Oli H6 日 前

    This guy must be great at singing

  29. Lea shadid

    Lea shadid6 日 前

    can you please make similar videos about animated characters in disney movies, or just any other cartoons:) that would be very interesting

  30. dmaster225

    dmaster2257 日 前

    7:55 what is the difference between that and lisping?



    Ok, this guy is absolutely fantastic at explaining this subject. Meaning he has a profound understanding of the subject matter, this is really impressive. Also, Gary Oldman is a BEAST with his performances

  32. SteveDave227

    SteveDave2277 日 前

    I love that he's on a nickname basis with Christian Bale. "So Bales actually said that.."

  33. Kiana Taylor

    Kiana Taylor8 日 前

    Omg I'm happy I spent 25 minutes of my life on this.

  34. Jhully Amilly Marangoni

    Jhully Amilly Marangoni8 日 前

    "I wanna talk about something kinda basic: Rhoticity" rhotici-what? I mean, I knew I was dumb but you didn't have to humiliate me

  35. Aline Schleger

    Aline Schleger8 日 前

    This is FASCINATING (but difficult for a not-first-language-english speaker).

  36. Nastja

    Nastja8 日 前

    8:13 Me: *patiently waiting* Ooh, it's Iron Maiden *video continues* Me: sad

  37. Izabelle Walker

    Izabelle Walker8 日 前

    5 words Tom Hiddleston as Hank Williams

  38. Aung Ko

    Aung Ko8 日 前

    I never knew there was this kind of profession.

  39. Veni Vidi Amavi

    Veni Vidi Amavi8 日 前

    *I love these videos, because he tells me about terms I always heard and wondered about but never knew what they were called, like "pitch contour"!* :D

  40. Callie Donald

    Callie Donald9 日 前

    I like the beard.

  41. Katherine Beal

    Katherine Beal9 日 前

    why is he so cute tho

  42. Amy

    Amy9 日 前

    this is the best day of my life

  43. Simen Motrøen

    Simen Motrøen9 日 前

    Wow! So impressed! Did not know Matthew McConaughey had this linguistic talent. And he looks younger! 👍 Great job sir.

  44. Isaac Woolman

    Isaac Woolman9 日 前

    O’Shea Jackson jr. is ice cubes son so I feel like he as a pretty good sense of his accent

  45. TheBunnyBoudoir

    TheBunnyBoudoir9 日 前

    After this video I feel I can play Nixon now, even though I have a very high pitched female voice, but I got this! xD

  46. SkittyKitty

    SkittyKitty9 日 前

    More please!!! I love this guy and every episode he does in this series. Suggestions: Jodie Comer's various accents in Killing Eve, John Lithgow's Winston Churchill, Jean Hagen in Singin' in the Rain (love that one, especially as they included an Easter Egg of her real voice and accent in the movie), Emma Thompson doing the various accents she has over the years - actually, you could do an entire episode on just Emma Thompson. Also, for interest, the way the cast of women playing Amazons all adopted Gal Gadot's Israeli accent to ensure consistency in Wonder Woman.

  47. Laura Jackson

    Laura Jackson10 日 前

    CB’s Cheney, I’ve ever seen a better impersonation. Julianne Moore with Sarah Palin and Jamie Foxx as Ray Charles came close.

  48. Vincent DeFiore

    Vincent DeFiore10 日 前

    He should look at Tommy Lee Jones’ impression of Douglas McArthur in Emperor.

  49. Jess

    Jess10 日 前

    pleaseeee do sebasrian stan as jeff gillooly in i,tonya

  50. Dionysus76

    Dionysus7610 日 前

    Kind of disappointed that more music biopics like Walk The Line and Ray weren't featured, but at 25+ minutes this is long enough. I do hope there will be a follow up with with a 2nd video about this more music focused.

  51. Morten Aanstad

    Morten Aanstad8 日 前

    Those two movies were covered in the first part

  52. Jake H

    Jake H11 日 前

    cool last name. suits the job.

  53. Marta G

    Marta G11 日 前

    I'm surprised that Joseph Gordon-Levitt didn't get an oscar for Snowden.

  54. Sonya

    Sonya11 日 前

    I could listen to Erik speak all day long.

  55. justin simmons

    justin simmons11 日 前

    Why do I feel like I don't talk like myself anymore?...

  56. Alex Gourdikian

    Alex Gourdikian11 日 前

    Dennis Reynolds isn't fictional after all

  57. daniel Goodson

    daniel Goodson11 日 前

    IMHO it seems like I have never seen a good New England accent on screen. They always seem to go Boston or NYC. Or old dominion southern. Always off putting to me, since there are plenty of "Down East" examples out there...

  58. Vera Grig

    Vera Grig11 日 前

    Each time I see someone who has such unique profession, I wanna quit my job 🙄

  59. Pablo Agurcia

    Pablo Agurcia11 日 前

    Matt Smith is getting really good in this role.

  60. Alexis V

    Alexis V11 日 前

    But can he explain how after multiple lessons with a dialect coach, Joeys southern accent came out Jamaican?

  61. letizia

    letizia11 日 前

    please do more italian accents :(( i wanna see if i do the things u say

  62. ƵiRro

    ƵiRro11 日 前

    Isn't the "r" in arigatou a trilled r? Not sure.

  63. Olivia Fortune

    Olivia Fortune11 日 前

    It would be really cool if Erik looked at some old masters of accents/real person impressions like Rich Little - maybe something like that could be included next video? The clip of Rich Little on Carson doing a few politicians at the time of the Watergate scandal, as well as Carson himself, was amazing!!!