Accent Expert Breaks Down 17 Actors Playing Real People | WIRED


  1. TheDayman

    TheDayman13 時間 前

    Recently found out he voiced Jim Cook in Yugioh GX, the australian dude who carries around an alligator on his back

  2. E Wen

    E Wen日 前

    And just btw, <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1260">21:00</a>?! This is Christian Bale? This dude really amazes me! Have to watch that movie just for the sake of seeing his acting!

  3. E Wen

    E Wen日 前

    Gosh, I feel so happy I have learned English so now I'm able to watch these completely useless, but hella interesting videos. Best time investment since weeks. *not being sarcastic*

  4. Georgia T

    Georgia T日 前

    Oh yeah so like when sometimes I randomly say AHNswer but mostly answer. But seriously I wanna see his Aussie accent. Anybody got a clip of that..?

  5. Meckelle Daxon

    Meckelle Daxon日 前

    I suspect it’s easier to imitate a parent

  6. Grayson Sartor

    Grayson Sartor2 日 前


  7. Safiya Roberts

    Safiya Roberts2 日 前


  8. A.B.

    A.B.2 日 前

    I want Erik Singer to read my accent to filth 😻

  9. Ziad Batshoun

    Ziad Batshoun3 日 前


  10. Susan Orr

    Susan Orr3 日 前

    I have read that Churchill was born tongue-tied and had surgery to correct this as a child and he sounds as if he might have a lisp.

  11. Adam Halley-Prinable

    Adam Halley-Prinable3 日 前

    Mad props to the editor of these videos too - trawling through movies and footage looking for particular mouth sounds and figuring out how long to make them and how often to repeat them. Sweet job Wired :D

  12. Merp I'magamer

    Merp I'magamer3 日 前

    I see Freddie... I click!!!

  13. Merp I'magamer

    Merp I'magamer3 日 前

    Same with Rami

  14. Nate

    Nate3 日 前

    all i know is freddy mercury

  15. Kaleigh Yats

    Kaleigh Yats3 日 前

    I really wanted to see Tarron as elton john

  16. N S

    N S4 日 前

    Love for him to review Luke Kirby's portrayal of Lenny Bruce

  17. Cailyn Holloway

    Cailyn Holloway4 日 前

    i wanna see him do the cast of waco

  18. Farogue Carson

    Farogue Carson5 日 前

    Michael Jackson reviews the weekend voice 2020

  19. Arr Ziz

    Arr Ziz5 日 前

    I would suggest Eamonn Walker’s take on Chester “Howlin’ wolf” Arthur Burnett in “Cadillac records” for a possible next time.

  20. ADHD: Blocked to Brilliant with Yafa Crane Luria

    ADHD: Blocked to Brilliant with Yafa Crane Luria5 日 前

    Since I was alive while Nixon was President and heard his voice all the time. I would say Langella is closest but no one really nails it.

  21. ar0nic

    ar0nic6 日 前

    These are the best videos in this series.

  22. Hello Hello

    Hello Hello7 日 前

    Glad they got billy off the street and doing what he truly loves

  23. The Hamster

    The Hamster7 日 前

    Cameron Britton was so convincing.

  24. lukas203

    lukas2037 日 前

    I love this guy, he needs his own netflix show, most definitely

  25. Hypatia Ravenclaw Kovalevskaya Sklodowska

    Hypatia Ravenclaw Kovalevskaya Sklodowska8 日 前

    Eric is still spending his days being a hottie

  26. Amy Lemley

    Amy Lemley8 日 前

    love you, but kooo not kyoooo klux klan. important!

  27. Caval Goodyear

    Caval Goodyear9 日 前

    He sounds like Holt's husband

  28. Yemima Hutapea

    Yemima Hutapea10 日 前

    This guy is brilliant! But, what’s more brilliant is the creative team at Wired!

  29. vilhelm hammershoi

    vilhelm hammershoi10 日 前

    Mr. Singer, what are your thoughts on Ryan O'Neal's Irish accent in Barry Lyndon.

  30. nikoru

    nikoru11 日 前

    I feel like during a conversation he would be analyzing my accent the whole time

  31. jackie stroh

    jackie stroh12 日 前

    Being South African I am trying all these accents! All these tongue tricks....

  32. Tara Gregg

    Tara Gregg12 日 前

    im absolutely l i v i n g for everyone calling him Dialect Daddy in the comments

  33. Somemutt

    Somemutt13 日 前

    This guy is very chill

  34. Alice Mestria

    Alice Mestria13 日 前

    Couldn’t focus on Rami Malek performance, the movie was so excruciatingly bad 🤮

  35. Gentlemans Pattaya

    Gentlemans Pattaya13 日 前

    these are the best breakdowns/reactions. Maybe he can teach me to speak proper like he does.

  36. Olivia Wilder

    Olivia Wilder13 日 前

    That dude is so obviously brilliant

  37. Bihotz Barrenetxea Dominguez

    Bihotz Barrenetxea Dominguez13 日 前

    Can DD comment on Malkovich in the "Young Pope"? I can't quite put my finger on what Malkovich is doing with that character's accent.

  38. Mahdee

    Mahdee14 日 前

    This guy should do the entire cast of PEAAAKY FOOCKINNN BLINDAHS lol

  39. Waleash

    Waleash14 日 前

    Me at 3 am: 🐍🐍🐍

  40. Jessayaki

    Jessayaki15 日 前

    Holy Moly, I went to school with Cameron Britton. What a small world!

  41. Your Spanish Substitute Teacher

    Your Spanish Substitute Teacher15 日 前

    *No entendi nada!*

  42. Lucas Xiao Gou

    Lucas Xiao Gou15 日 前

    I have so many inconsistencies due to my lazy language learning, it would be interesting to hear the breakdown lol

  43. Deaky's Cheesytoast

    Deaky's Cheesytoast16 日 前

    I only watched this for Freddie?

  44. megino._

    megino._16 日 前

    this guy looks like billy eichner’s better looking brother

  45. Brendan Hansen

    Brendan Hansen16 日 前

    Everyone is calling this man dialect daddy so thats his official name now

  46. Metube NotYou

    Metube NotYou17 日 前


  47. ARandomAccountForMe

    ARandomAccountForMe17 日 前

    Man the editing in these videos.

  48. macy

    macy17 日 前

    "hOpe" "hope" hOpe" "hope" nice

  49. Katelyn Viszoki

    Katelyn Viszoki17 日 前

    Sad Tom hanks and Walt Disney wasn’t in this

  50. Ahmad Hadi

    Ahmad Hadi17 日 前

    Which film is the Salvador Dali one?

  51. Morten Aanstad

    Morten Aanstad11 日 前

    Midnight in Paris

  52. Grapefruitz

    Grapefruitz17 日 前

    why am I watching this?

  53. Kobi Agu

    Kobi Agu18 日 前

    i wish he would have done Leo Dicaprio's intonation of Jordan Belfort... I said this last time too bc I think it's really interesting

  54. octoberspirit

    octoberspirit18 日 前

    I love the videos with this guy. Lowkey hope he'll include Robert Downey Jr's Dolittle accent in one of these vids someday.

  55. Tordy Clark

    Tordy Clark18 日 前

    Mallek didn't sound at ALL English, or even like Freddie Mercury. He sounded like a pronounced American doing a posh accent. This guy is also way wrong on the Queen's accent and how he compares Foy with Liz. He's using a lot of words for basic vowels.

  56. Hugh Burgess // Adjacent Radio

    Hugh Burgess // Adjacent Radio19 日 前

    The guy that played Brian May was horrifically accurate in all ways of it.

  57. 1yugioh11

    1yugioh1120 日 前

    When he was talking about the s sound that Freddie and Rami made at the end I couldn't tell if he said "well" or Wow" but he didn't say if he thought Rami made the s sound correctly or not, Personally I don't think he did. That is not a critusizm on Rami by any means, I mean he didn't grow up speaking around larger teeth like Freddie and he did a great job in the movie, But like I said Erik didn't say what his opinion was.

  58. Walter Van der Wahl

    Walter Van der Wahl22 日 前

    I loved Claire Foy's accent as Queen Elizabeth- I thought she captured the essence without trying to sound exactly like a caricature of the Queen. The actress that did Coretta Scott King was satisfactory. I still on the fence on that one. Jennifer nailed the Long island accent.

  59. Marian Ecarri

    Marian Ecarri22 日 前


  60. Lara Jung

    Lara Jung22 日 前

    I looooove listening to people who know their stuff!

  61. Noam Moriah

    Noam Moriah23 日 前

    When pressing this video I expected a "mustache expert brake down" 😂😂😂😂

  62. Michael Sodde

    Michael Sodde23 日 前

    I think Gary Oldman did a great job as Churchill. He said in an interview that he deliberately didn’t try to get Churchill’s voice perfect because Churchill spoke in such an odd way that it wouldn’t be believable. He actually needed to see a dialect coach around that time as he was losing his English accent! It was due to him doing so many different accents in films and living in the USA for so long. :)

  63. twitchosx

    twitchosx25 日 前

    Regarding Ice Cube..... reminds me of in 3 Kings, one of his buddies gets shot and he comes over and asks if he can breathe. But he pronounces it "Breef" like in Briefcase. Seen here:

  64. Joshua Parry

    Joshua Parry25 日 前

    according to Elon Musk this guy won't be needed in 5 years

  65. Ana Rodriguez

    Ana Rodriguez25 日 前

    This is fascinating

  66. seal869

    seal86926 日 前

    The Dennis with a PhD

  67. Dragconita

    Dragconita26 日 前

    Wow, all the other experts breaking things down criticize the actors a lot, but this guy mostly just compliments them and says what they're doing is appropriate for the role.

  68. moccacoccalocca

    moccacoccalocca27 日 前

    I want him to overanalyse my speech please

  69. hanko287

    hanko287ヶ月 前

    Watching this is E-Rhotic in a way.

  70. Erika M

    Erika Mヶ月 前

    He’s such a babe

  71. Mitch Synder

    Mitch Synderヶ月 前

    Erik singer should do some famous impression singers. Like Rami Maleks movie role as Freddie. Most of the music was sung by Marc Martel. The band members themselves were blown away by his sound being so much like Freddie's. They felt it impossible.

  72. Jekyll & Hyde

    Jekyll & Hydeヶ月 前

    he is so handsome omg. he reminds me of my therapist xd

  73. cynthia

    cynthiaヶ月 前

    Everytime this guys appears in a new video I scream YEEEEEESSSS ERIC SINGER IS BACK

  74. C Green

    C Greenヶ月 前

    He looks like more like Dustin Diamond (Schreech).

  75. Muerto

    Muertoヶ月 前

    I'm Mexican-American, and I never realized the trilled r thing in pero (but) and perro (dog)

  76. Bones' Coffee

    Bones' Coffeeヶ月 前

    i think the best Nixon is Futurama's President of Earth

  77. Katie DePaolis

    Katie DePaolisヶ月 前

    He should do Leonardo DiCaprio in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape

  78. Hazel Levesque

    Hazel Levesqueヶ月 前

    I'm binge watching all of his episodes just so I can read all the thirst comment while enjoying the eye candy😂

  79. Dził

    Dziłヶ月 前

    He must have a playlist of throat singing

  80. aton's adventures

    aton's adventuresヶ月 前

    Mr. Singer is one handsome and intelligent human being

  81. Jennifer Harrington

    Jennifer Harringtonヶ月 前

    My degree in English Descriptive Linguistics adores this video. I wish I could have done more of this specific kind of study

  82. Tyler Brooke

    Tyler Brookeヶ月 前

    The Freddie Mercury movie gives me chills