AC/DC - Realize (Official Video)


  1. Aleks

    Aleks時間 前

    Это просто бомба - жгут деды!))

  2. The Real Dirty Dan

    The Real Dirty Dan時間 前

    These guys are literally keeping rock music afloat and WE SALUTE YOU🙏🙏🙏

  3. Roma Gallardo

    Roma Gallardo5 時間 前


  4. Co00kiez Playz

    Co00kiez Playz5 時間 前

    2021 and these legends still going at it

  5. Annie Darkhorse

    Annie Darkhorse6 時間 前

    I'd like to see them move on to a new singer. Someone a bit more melodic and with a bit more range - as Bon had. No disrespect intended, though. I just think it would be good and help them expand their direction. Someone who writes better lyrics would be good. I love them but I think they're in a rut now.

  6. Julio Miranda

    Julio Miranda6 時間 前

    Fantástico ver o AC⚡DC com novo trabalho com muita qualidade 🤘🤘

  7. Nicki Wright

    Nicki Wright8 時間 前


  8. karina garay

    karina garay11 時間 前

    De poca madre, los amoooooooo❤️ una sonrisota que me salió enorme gracias a ustedes y por su música, increíble, para mí siempre serán eternos, mucha buena vibra bendiciones, cuidense mucho, saludos desde México❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😀😍😍😍😍😍

  9. Nayron Uchiha

    Nayron Uchiha14 時間 前


  10. Lavanta ben

    Lavanta ben14 時間 前


  11. emily Vitória

    emily Vitória15 時間 前




    05.03.2021 FRIDAY THHANK YOU




  14. Michal Koziol

    Michal Koziol17 時間 前

    hard rock legend, AC ⚡DC :)

  15. Алексей Селов

    Алексей Селов18 時間 前

    Это просто один сплошной кайф смотреть: группа как всегда заряжает драйвом, монтаж качественный...

  16. John Titor

    John Titor18 時間 前


  17. Darrell Key

    Darrell Key18 時間 前

    Sounds like all the others but still makes my head and foot move !!

  18. rafael clivati Justus

    rafael clivati Justus21 時間 前

    Hard as rock!

  19. Filiz Özdoğan

    Filiz Özdoğan日 前


  20. Filiz Özdoğan

    Filiz Özdoğan日 前


  21. Filiz Özdoğan

    Filiz Özdoğan日 前


  22. Juan Consevites

    Juan Consevites日 前

    AC/DC is the biggest band in the world..!! You can obviously hear why..!!! love it !!!

  23. Christopher P Creation

    Christopher P Creation日 前

    Hell yeah

  24. Adrian Gimenez

    Adrian Gimenez日 前


  25. Vivvian whatever gamer Fire flow634

    Vivvian whatever gamer Fire flow634日 前

    No that’s was actually 2014 btw

  26. franky

    franky日 前


  27. Jolupepri Perez Prieto

    Jolupepri Perez Prieto日 前

    ACDC hubiera sido grande igual pero tengo la opinión q la voz rota y roquera de Brian lo ha llevado mucho más arriba q la de Bon

  28. Lolman2300

    Lolman2300日 前

    So Geil

  29. Pancerny Wojtas

    Pancerny Wojtas日 前

    the legends are back

  30. Alicia Ortiz

    Alicia Ortiz日 前

    Insane how these guys still do this

  31. Arif Yama

    Arif Yama日 前


  32. 90s kid

    90s kid日 前

    i like the new video director, old guy is hip

  33. ༒༺cнคмpค༻༒ 0.0

    ༒༺cнคмpค༻༒ 0.02 日 前

    Algún latino de 17 años que le guste este temazo ???

  34. K

    K2 日 前

    Me: Will you be my grandfather? ACDC: AH HUH A HUUUUUU HAAAAAAAAA

  35. Zak Ambrose

    Zak Ambrose2 日 前

    Proving to be the greatest rock band of all time. No one will ever touch them now breaking on through 5 decades of delivering the gold standard for rock albums. Dying to know which catalog timelines they're pulling from. I hope Angus continues to drive forward the release of every gem sitting in the volt. Love Hungry Man esc. without the Bon Scott vocal altar lift.

  36. Спулае Мулае

    Спулае Мулае2 日 前


  37. Eki Kadabra

    Eki Kadabra2 日 前

    Tak lekang oleh waktu 🤟🏾🤟🏾🤟🏾 Salam dari Indonesia ,Jayapura Papua

  38. Jeremy Strickland

    Jeremy Strickland2 日 前

    Forever a fan of AC/DC

  39. Rich Rejtmar

    Rich Rejtmar2 日 前


  40. Tarcísio Edney Silva de Oliveira

    Tarcísio Edney Silva de Oliveira2 日 前

    Pode falar o que quiser, mas os vovô são bons demais! Não perde a graça

  41. Mhm Mhm

    Mhm Mhm2 日 前


  42. CharlieOMG #2062

    CharlieOMG #20622 日 前

    There legendary

  43. Maggy Kuhn

    Maggy Kuhn2 日 前

    How many guitar picks do you think the band ACDC has just melted in their hands to non-existing dust?zzzzzzzzz GONE!!!

  44. Logan vite

    Logan vite2 日 前

    ahuevo los años en ac dc nunca pasan el rock es su inmortalidad

  45. Luis Huertas

    Luis Huertas2 日 前

    Ojalá vengan a Colombia Bogotá

  46. XRgamer

    XRgamer2 日 前

    The greatest comeback in a new decade🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  47. noelduggan72

    noelduggan722 日 前

    Good Stuff!!!!

  48. RnR Official

    RnR Official2 日 前


  49. Thom

    Thom2 日 前


  50. tubik 2004

    tubik 20042 日 前

    старые-добрые ацэ-дэцэ

  51. Pauline Plateel

    Pauline Plateel2 日 前

    Legends stay legends 🤟🏻

  52. sfaf sFFAS

    sfaf sFFAS2 日 前

    At the moment my number one song, the burst of energy it gives me is unreal

  53. Don Omar Don

    Don Omar Don2 日 前

    legend never dies......

  54. The Crimson Knight

    The Crimson Knight2 日 前

    If you have hearing problems, you wont at a AC/DC concert That's a promise

  55. Pirate Productions

    Pirate Productions2 日 前

    I wanted to see this video cause i thought it was a 360 video

  56. Pirate Productions

    Pirate Productions2 日 前

    And because of the song

  57. Bogdan Imreorov

    Bogdan Imreorov3 日 前

    Form is permanent, class is FOREVER.

  58. Freddy Man331

    Freddy Man3313 日 前

    Even in their 70's they just can't stop rockin!

  59. Blaaiirrr Aislinnn

    Blaaiirrr Aislinnn3 日 前

    They look better than me and my pals; we are hitting 30 this year💿

  60. Blaaiirrr Aislinnn

    Blaaiirrr Aislinnn3 日 前

    Side note, I’m from the same town as Bon

  61. Katleen Sarmiento Castillo

    Katleen Sarmiento Castillo3 日 前

    I really like this 🖤🤘🏼

  62. Lekroz

    Lekroz3 日 前

    And there all are boomers but cooler than all of us

  63. Kevin Sinclair

    Kevin Sinclair3 日 前

    That's a lot a amps!

  64. Mario Francisco Bartiva

    Mario Francisco Bartiva3 日 前


  65. Coco Streiff

    Coco Streiff3 日 前

    Ah le bon son d'AC/DC! Inimitable👍

  66. Éli Sz

    Éli Sz2 日 前

    D’accord avec toi!

  67. Vladimir VB

    Vladimir VB3 日 前

    Выгоните этого вокалиста и верните Бона Скотта. Этот петь не умеет. Хотя звук на уровне, но он и его обосрал своим поганым воем.

  68. John Sorensen

    John Sorensen3 日 前

    🤘🏻 they still got it and sounds amazing! 🤘🏻

  69. Paul Newsom

    Paul Newsom3 日 前

    They Made My Whole outlook on Life Lately ,,,SO MUCH BETTER AS USUAL Cannot Thank Them Enough For The Uplift in A Crazy Current World

  70. William Dakota

    William Dakota3 日 前

    Some people their say old, I say they’ve been rocking for a while!!!

  71. Joshua Venables

    Joshua Venables3 日 前

    I can't believe that after nearly 60 years of existence as a band, AC/DC has still got it and has never lost it, they are just as good as they were in the early 80's and 90's

  72. Melisa Roudebush

    Melisa Roudebush3 日 前

    Freaking right!!! Still rocking it out!!! 😍😍

  73. MUD BOG

    MUD BOG3 日 前

    The best things about AC DC is it's all Hard Rock none of that slow stuff for Romeo and Julliet.

  74. Clayton Stringman

    Clayton Stringman4 日 前

    AC/DC, You saved the world. Rock on. Great song and very well recorded.

  75. IJustBeVibing ‘-‘

    IJustBeVibing ‘-‘4 日 前

    God DAMB legends 🎸

  76. papas kryspo

    papas kryspo4 日 前

    daaaamn dudeeeee, you all kill it 🔥

  77. Joshua Venables

    Joshua Venables4 日 前

    One of the most underrated AC/DC songs ever!

  78. Claude Speed

    Claude Speed4 日 前

    La wea buena por la mierda 🔥

  79. Colin Jowle

    Colin Jowle4 日 前

    Cant get this tune out ov my head

  80. Im joy Joy

    Im joy Joy4 日 前

    Isso e música de qualidade

  81. Сашко Шевченко

    Сашко Шевченко4 日 前

    when do you start touring europe? i want to go to the show

  82. Steph Mottershead

    Steph Mottershead4 日 前

    these guys are pure genius been following since the early 1980s

  83. Nicole Faggione

    Nicole Faggione4 日 前

    Always amazing!!


    MICK CLEGG5 日 前

    Only one bon scott...big brian not got a patch on BON ...LEGEND

  85. bejjay170359

    bejjay1703594 日 前

    beware of the Bon Snobs

  86. Ronnal Scammahorn

    Ronnal Scammahorn5 日 前

    Prune Juice ,, sad this band is at there end .

  87. Влад Венедиктов

    Влад Венедиктов5 日 前

    Старики дают планете угля ! Ас дс на все времена !

  88. Влад Венедиктов

    Влад Венедиктов2 日 前

    @Асман Синема Это уже гиганты рока ,они огромные стадионы шатали !

  89. Асман Синема

    Асман Синема2 日 前

    Точняк! Я с 16 лет подсел на их творчество. Они тогда уже казались мне стариками. Через две недели мне исполнится 49, а дядьки будто и не изменились.)))

  90. Johanson Guevara

    Johanson Guevara5 日 前

    2:50 - 2:53 thought they are switching to Big Jack

  91. Sammy Rosa

    Sammy Rosa5 日 前

    yall saying early days im saying the baby AC/DC days

  92. best channel name

    best channel name5 日 前

    Even 35 years later they're still rocking

  93. Charles Shope

    Charles Shope5 日 前

    Ols AF but rock harder than ever

  94. Edgar Molina

    Edgar Molina5 日 前

    I was expecting some down to earth song. I wasn't expecting them to go back to their roots 🤘😝🤟

  95. Jason

    Jason5 日 前

    My neighbor swears this guy is 80 years old.....come one who could rock like this at .....I hope I can

  96. Jason

    Jason5 日 前

    I’m glad my speaker is not louder he’s got against his ear

  97. Luis Roberto Roncolato

    Luis Roberto Roncolato5 日 前

    "AC/DC por ângulos que você jamais viu" hahahaha

  98. Alessandro Bosco

    Alessandro Bosco5 日 前

    The Song Is best

  99. Ryan Leslie76

    Ryan Leslie765 日 前

    This album peaked on the billboard 200 at number 1

  100. hotlanta35

    hotlanta355 日 前

    Still gittin it

  101. Donovan Phillips

    Donovan Phillips5 日 前


  102. Camila Alonso

    Camila Alonso5 日 前

    Ac/Dc es lo mejor que conocí en la vida

  103. Abel Duran

    Abel Duran5 日 前

    ac dc lo mejor saludos desde tarija bolivia

  104. john john

    john john5 日 前

    Just proving once again they are at the top of their game...🤘🤘🤘

  105. Rodrigo Moretto

    Rodrigo Moretto5 日 前

    Algum brasileiro

  106. Midnite hauler -

    Midnite hauler -5 日 前

    Absolutely the baddest band on the planet.. almost 50 years and they are still rockin’. I hope they tour as soon as this pandemic is over cuz I’m def gonna be there. ROCK GODS.. (rip bon and mal)

  107. ragachin

    ragachin5 日 前

    最高にかっこいい🔥⚡️cool😃👍👍👍 🇯🇵

  108. Adrian Gimenez

    Adrian Gimenez5 日 前