ABH Foundations...They ALMOST HAD ME In the 1st Round NGL


  1. Jackie Aina

    Jackie Aina28 日 前

    iono what happen yall, lmao SORRY

  2. yneone

    yneone13 日 前

    Jackie, where's the link to the NYX brush? The name you gave isn't listed at the website and I'm not seeing the exact brush. PLEASE

  3. Nads

    Nads27 日 前

    No link for the people’s choice to vote

  4. blossomy panda

    blossomy panda11 時間 前

    sis put like a moutain of powder under her eyes and then complained about seeing texture. I wonder why?

  5. Avitababy

    Avitababy日 前

    Y’all 13:38 has me dying 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  6. stacia brown

    stacia brown2 日 前

    You are so funny. I would love to see you on a sitcom.😀 And you’re wonderful.

  7. Dua Fatima

    Dua Fatima2 日 前

    9:38 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  8. Shaunny B

    Shaunny B3 日 前

    That is definitely not the best match you’ve ever had. It’s too dark. 🤷🏾‍♀️ you’re a doll though so you made it work.

  9. Diamond Ross

    Diamond Ross4 日 前

    Sis is giving us rosacea

  10. michelle odom

    michelle odom6 日 前

    Foundation was so red orange 🤮 But I loved you took it off and started over...keep it real girl👏👏

  11. James Williams

    James Williams6 日 前

    Do you know eyeliner got a little darker

  12. Daryl F

    Daryl F7 日 前

    i’m so glad for dewy foundations. i NEVER liked matte formulas making me look like a damn concrete sidewalk because i can alwayyyys mattify with powder. hellur

  13. Dominique

    Dominique8 日 前

    When black people hear orange, were terrified 🤣🤣🤣

  14. term cee

    term cee8 日 前

    LVOE your technique!! you are so great. keep up the good work!

  15. Angelina acosta

    Angelina acosta9 日 前

    Arms girl 💪💪

  16. Sam Poche

    Sam Poche9 日 前

    UGH!! This LOOK! That TOP! My scalp! SNATCHED!!!


    GLMR KILZ10 日 前

    Shade matching in general gives me anxiety because I have terrible eyesight and I can’t really see undertone

  18. Toju Aboderin

    Toju Aboderin10 日 前

    where is the link to vote please😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁, am ready

  19. Ami Berg

    Ami Berg11 日 前

    Ok, but those glasses tho with that eyelook👀👀

  20. Dontae Lane

    Dontae Lane11 日 前

    Brooooo the cut scene to karlie red i was deeceeaaasedd

  21. K. McCoy

    K. McCoy12 日 前

    @14:20 So THRILLING!!!! Lmao🤪😄

  22. Latasha Tonette

    Latasha Tonette12 日 前

    Look is 🔥🔥🔥🔥 love your videos jackie

  23. LovelyLooker122

    LovelyLooker12212 日 前

    In the beginning, with that hair and no makeup, Jackie was looking real Naomi Campbell-ish!

  24. Br’e x Vanity

    Br’e x Vanity12 日 前

    I crieeeedddd when you said"thats the best match you've ever had😂

  25. B. L. Turner

    B. L. Turner12 日 前

    I'm watching everything

  26. Brianna Molina

    Brianna Molina13 日 前

    Love how this look turned out 😍😍😍edits strong sissss love it lmaooo

  27. Part-time Sleeper

    Part-time Sleeper13 日 前

    right out the gate of this video and you look stunning. honestly took my breath away.

  28. Kymmi J

    Kymmi J13 日 前

    😂🤣😂🤣😂😂 bruh🤦‍♀️ she out here looking like the cussing emoji ->🤬who did this to her😂🤣😂🤣

  29. Nigeria Harris

    Nigeria Harris14 日 前

    i fcking screamed when Karlie popped up LMAOOOOO

  30. Mica Hare

    Mica Hare14 日 前

    Okay but your skin honey 😍

  31. Key Shad

    Key Shad14 日 前

    Wait wait wait now hold the hell up 400 dislikes 🤨 What the hell they on? Oh wait I know 🙄 ol hating asses

  32. Key Shad

    Key Shad14 日 前

    Your damn skin always looooookkk soooo good

  33. Ruth Anyasi

    Ruth Anyasi15 日 前

    Can we talk about the ankara wrap style blazer 😍😍

  34. Ruth Anyasi

    Ruth Anyasi15 日 前

    The camera played you with that brush🤣🤣🤣🤣

  35. somethingsomethingdarkside

    somethingsomethingdarkside15 日 前

    Wanted to love it but it looks busted and rusted on my face. So far the ONLY foundation to do me right....is NARS. Kinda sucks cause it’s expensive but it’s perfect.

  36. Jonathan Onorato

    Jonathan Onorato15 日 前

    I wanted to love this foundation so bad but it’s so orange in tone. I’ve already exchanged twice for two foundations and I’m finally gonna return the one I have and call it quits

  37. Meagan M

    Meagan M16 日 前

    You’re so talented. I seriously have never seen someone better at eye makeup.

  38. Raven R

    Raven R16 日 前

    The stick foundation did NOT work for me… AT all. I could not find a undertone to match me. I’m glad they have more options with this collection.

  39. gabriella buissereth

    gabriella buissereth16 日 前

    where do you typically link the products such as the nyx brush you used ?

  40. Crystal

    Crystal17 日 前

    This makeup look kinda gave me Cleopatra vibez

  41. Keylah T

    Keylah T17 日 前

    Best 30minutes of my life !!!!

  42. Camille Epps

    Camille Epps17 日 前

    What brush did you bronze with

  43. Ms. Kiuteazz

    Ms. Kiuteazz17 日 前

    The Animation is always hilariously funny I love it 🥰 makeup coordination is on point ..... that’s what I’m talking bout 🥰🥰🥰 thanks Jackie

  44. Theresa Foster

    Theresa Foster18 日 前

    Where can we vote, i dont see the link?

  45. Alexis D.

    Alexis D.18 日 前

    Ugh can we also just appreciate how damn beautiful she looks in that top(?). My husband walked by and was like 👀 who is that 🤣🤣. Seriously though where can i find it

  46. Yolanda Navarro

    Yolanda Navarro18 日 前

    and a halo eye too?? sis giving us the most from her palette yaas!!

  47. shaniquue

    shaniquue20 日 前

    I thought the undertones were interesting too. I’m a neutral/warm undertone in almost every foundation but in the abh, my shade was a cool undertone

  48. Ronnie Wildheart

    Ronnie Wildheart20 日 前

    Love you so much

  49. Jeanna Colada

    Jeanna Colada20 日 前

    So many times I’ve had to wash off a whole look and redo my makeup. I felt so wasteful. This video made me feel so much better! 😂

  50. Jaala Lake

    Jaala Lake20 日 前

    Imagine having skin that reflects like that....🤧

  51. Keishawna Warren

    Keishawna Warren20 日 前

    Currently binging all of your videos😭 had to play catch up

  52. Okay Oc

    Okay Oc20 日 前

    Where do you get your nails from again?!

  53. Catherine Martinez

    Catherine Martinez21 日 前


  54. Eva Marva

    Eva Marva21 日 前

    My inner "broken-hearted teen" self jumped out when JoJo sang at 6:41-6:42.... *You need to GET OUT Jackie 😭!!*

  55. Anthony Jones

    Anthony Jones21 日 前

    Jackie’s already funny, but with the added in edits... I be CRIIINNNNNEEEEEEE😭

  56. Tage*Made

    Tage*Made21 日 前

    Jackie !! 😂 lol girl I can’t deal with u and u putting on that second round of powder! Dead

  57. Ms A

    Ms A21 日 前

    I was dying! I'm glad you started over. Jackie Jackie Jackie girl you was looking like the president with the orange glow! Love the final look. Stunning as always. Thank you.

  58. kym 101

    kym 10121 日 前

    The bob looks good on you.

  59. Keisha Ciego

    Keisha Ciego21 日 前

    With this foundation you have to go down a shade. 470 might have been a good match

  60. Rennay McDermott

    Rennay McDermott22 日 前

    Ikr Jackie, so much variety now and I wanna try them all

  61. rozi_ xx

    rozi_ xx22 日 前

    5:11 just died

  62. Amoni C.

    Amoni C.22 日 前

    Gotdammit Jackie you're to talented & Beautiful! It's time for Netflix or Prime To pitch you a show you're way bigger then JPreporter in my opinion 😉 Sending you nothing but love and flowers💕💐💕💕⚘💕🌺💕