We Went to the Abandoned "Island of Death"... (ITALY)


  1. Gandalf the Gangsta

    Gandalf the Gangsta時間 前

    This is something out of Dark Souls

  2. Sonstar's Place

    Sonstar's Place時間 前

    You my friends are definitely out of your minds!! Although I thought you were going to spend the night there 😅😅

  3. Shauna Delaney

    Shauna Delaney2 時間 前

    Fuck landscape why’d he have to scream like that bdjwjshs Thank you comment section whoo portrait🥴

  4. Madison c

    Madison c3 時間 前

    8:32 scared me so bad

  5. Gwen Andrise

    Gwen Andrise5 時間 前

    If you pause on 12:44 it looks like a girl kneeling with her hands out

  6. Monjae Matthews

    Monjae Matthews9 時間 前

    I felt the evil radiating off this video but I couldn’t look away holy shit

  7. SonicStorm Channel

    SonicStorm Channel13 時間 前

    The island is haunted...Saw an ghost show and they were overnight on this island

  8. bougi uzi the second

    bougi uzi the second14 時間 前

    This island is literally shutter island

  9. Roshana Rajagopal

    Roshana Rajagopal19 時間 前

    9:30 yep that is all. No ghosts. That is totally the mind. He discovered the secret

  10. Andrea Miro

    Andrea Miro21 時間 前

    i read its illegal to go there?

  11. Rawan Fouda

    Rawan Fouda日 前

    8:34 He freakin scared me when he screamed😂I almost dropped my iPad if it wasn't that I held it with my other hand

  12. Aurora Collura

    Aurora Collura日 前

    bruh im super curious about what could be in the mf tower tho like think about it, who was the last person to ever even see it, why did they even block it off?

  13. TheBillyGoat 695

    TheBillyGoat 695日 前

    24 hour challenge?😂😂

  14. Angelica Salazar

    Angelica Salazar日 前

    Y’all hear that scream at 12:07

  15. Another Person

    Another Person日 前

    Shane and Ryan need to go there

  16. Prairie Yhasmin Mandajoyan

    Prairie Yhasmin Mandajoyan日 前

    Seek discomfort

  17. Katelin

    Katelin2 日 前

    The fact that you all have said, "160,000 people died here" twenty times throughout the video, and continued to "explore" makes that all the more disrespectful

  18. Sharloth Wellington

    Sharloth Wellington2 日 前

    As an Italian person, when he said ’Pove-G-LI-A’ I LOST IT MAN

  19. Christopher Janse van Rensburg

    Christopher Janse van Rensburg2 日 前

    Love your videos dude, very informative

  20. yanil Cosmos

    yanil Cosmos2 日 前

    I would be scared to get cut by anything there

  21. dee Linares

    dee Linares3 日 前

    12:43 somebody is standing by the stairs wearing all white.

  22. ExoticHuntress

    ExoticHuntress3 日 前

    this gives me last of us vibes

  23. Dan Kramer

    Dan Kramer4 日 前

    Why didnt you guys stay the night?

  24. charlotte koning

    charlotte koning4 日 前

    8:31 goddamn it

  25. Elle Escobar

    Elle Escobar4 日 前

    While I'm watching dz right now, I feel heavy in my chest



    13:20 when he turns the light off look at the door do ya see the ghost

  27. KitKat xp

    KitKat xp5 日 前

    My breath got tight as soon as you entered the place but I continued to watch the video even if I couldn’t breath correctly.

  28. Q. Monette

    Q. Monette5 日 前

    I watched all 14 minutes and 33seconds... THE ENERGY'S ....SOUL ENERGY + Spiritual Energy + ALL OF THE NEGATIVE EMOTIONS Energy is VERY PRESENT...I FEEL IT THROUGH THE VIDEO...I Could Feel alittle all the Sad Emotions ,Fear ,mayb Sorrow, Stress ,Heaviness ,Grief ,Mayb pain ,Helpless and Whatever the people of the past who was Sick to Very Sick all felt... Though I did not feel sick neither very sick . I felt TENSE Negative Energys flowing about,The ENERGY Atmosphere There is Alert Like YET Very TENSE VERY TENSE thick in certain areas there the rooms,the church the asylum ,odd outside with all the plants . Maybe Anger , Frustration is other Emotions . I even felt Danger off and ON DANGER while these Guys Walked around I Am So Glad NONE ... NEITHER Gotten Attacked by the Souls ,the Spirits Who Still reside There (ALL probably Stuck there.) I AM So GLAD THEY ALL LEFT. I REALLY DID NOT Want them There longer than 2hours...,cause I am Sure The Consistent Troubles Show up after 2 Hours...And Since All those Souls those SPIRIT gotten Very Sick and Whatever and DANGERS and Madness insanity and Suicide and Death and the symptoms of all of these would show I am sure it will Affect all who r healthy n is amongst The LIVING. IT IS SAFE TO KEEP THIS PLACE ABANDON. EVEN THE GREAT GOD RIGHTEOUS HOLY SPIRIT Says Certain places SHOULD NEVER HAVE ANYTHING Build NOT Re Built upon it,FIRE THE UNHEALTHY S ...And ALL those SINS,VERY SICKNESS,Evils . I even guess Also NEVER BUILT ANYTHING ON THESE TYPES OF LANDS CAUSE ALL THE CURSES R STILL ACTIVE +RECHARGED WITH Much NEGATIVE Energy's So All CURSES will b Stronger for the next round making all things Worser Next Time. May no evil spirits follow ye home now enter ur home in EL Shaadi Holy Spirit Name and Powers ....May ALL evil rebellious whatevers b thou subdued in to obedience of THE GREAT Alpha GOD The RIGHTEOUS CREATOR who Manages n is Aristocrat Emperor 🔥👑KING💛👑🔥 above All in realm of the LIVING and over all souls and All Spirits. ADONAI EL SHAADI SO B IT and IT IS SO!!!!!!!

  29. nicho charles

    nicho charles5 日 前

    why do i feel like i've seen people going inside forest with dead bodies before? huh maybe just me

  30. del azar pau

    del azar pau6 日 前

    I am got goosebumps just of watching this

  31. Matteo Andreozzi

    Matteo Andreozzi6 日 前

    In Italian it's actually pronounced as Povellia (the g is silent)

  32. Celina Concepcion

    Celina Concepcion6 日 前

    You guys are so blessed to be in Italy 😭 traveling the world is amazing

  33. TamTam And friends

    TamTam And friends6 日 前

    I want to join to you in your adventure like that😂😂

  34. Ashley Harrison

    Ashley Harrison7 日 前

    Pizza guy cameo

  35. Eric Xie

    Eric Xie7 日 前

    YesTheory: ight imma head in

  36. BluAravena

    BluAravena7 日 前

    Y'all need some real flashlights. lol

  37. WeirdPep

    WeirdPep7 日 前

    You should've went there at night

  38. Mishti Sen

    Mishti Sen7 日 前

    The fact that there were no humans makes sense but also there weren’t any animals or birds that I saw or heard is even creepier. Guess human death affects animals and fishes as well

  39. Dan Kramer

    Dan Kramer4 日 前

    I heard birds. They were talking about how many bugs there were

  40. Jotte Mallisse

    Jotte Mallisse7 日 前

    is Shutter Island based on this place?

  41. Jacob C

    Jacob C7 日 前

    Imagine that at night

  42. Ashley Brintle

    Ashley Brintle8 日 前

    Definitely interested in seeing this place. I live in Queens NY and took a kayak with my cousin to North Brother island and Hart island where we stumbled upon mass graves of the dead who are not claimed by their loved ones. Over a million people have been buried on hart island. Really intense.

  43. Uzi .S

    Uzi .S8 日 前

    *Challenge:* stay there over night.

  44. Shanna Robertson

    Shanna Robertson8 日 前

    No wayyy I didn’t know they were friends with Josh

  45. livx

    livx8 日 前

    the guy they brought with them is making this annoying lol

  46. Connor Pless

    Connor Pless8 日 前

    *bleeping out crap, sorry I meant c****

  47. Tyler A

    Tyler A8 日 前

    Could anything get more irritating and cringy than seeing a loud, obnoxious drone scaring animals in the jungle.

  48. Rajvansh patel

    Rajvansh patel8 日 前

    It's the shuttur island

  49. Felix Henson

    Felix Henson9 日 前

    am i weird for thinking some parts of this island looking rly beautiful? tbh graveyard and the presence of dead ppl doesn't rly scare me, the odds are that any patch of city you stand on has seen thousands of dead already, lobotomies were practiced at most asylums, and plague bacteria wouldn't have survived so long. if anything was spooky about this it was the absence of ppl and isolation. will admit the bed was eerie.

  50. Yeetus da Fetus

    Yeetus da Fetus9 日 前

    spend 48 hours there

  51. Jan Macek

    Jan Macek9 日 前

    plague =/= virus, its bacteria.

  52. Riya Lalwani

    Riya Lalwani9 日 前

    did anyone watched brennen taylor's video before this and felt that the noises of birds were missing

  53. GoldenGayTime

    GoldenGayTime9 日 前

    Nausea is a sign of a ghost being nearby

  54. gassed up Joey

    gassed up Joey9 日 前

    If naughty dogs ever makes another uncharted game this should be part of the game

  55. Habeba's everything

    Habeba's everything9 日 前

    yea, sure… its haunted, but its also extremely beutiful and exquisite. all the trees gives you a really retro, vintage, old vibe. its seems like an amazing place to explore with your best friends just because of its history. its extremely fascintating.

  56. Faexza

    Faexza10 日 前

    just looking at it makes me get goosebumps


    KAT KATKAT10 日 前

    “100.000 people died here, from a virus”. No, they did it for a bacteria lol

  58. Amy Beard

    Amy Beard10 日 前

    K, I’m all for adventure and exploring most anyplace, however, I would not have crossed that bridge without a mask of some sort.

  59. Blair Peron

    Blair Peron10 日 前

    You guys should so make a found footage horror movie!! Like this to make them see!

  60. Julien Lamarche

    Julien Lamarche11 日 前

    Please have headlamps when visiting abandonned buildings!

  61. computer testing

    computer testing11 日 前

    try going to sentinel island in Andaman and Nicobar Islands, India.

  62. computer testing

    computer testing7 日 前

    @Himani Gosain shhh be quiet

  63. Himani Gosain

    Himani Gosain7 日 前

    computer testing why do u want them to get killed? Lol.