1. Alfonso Playz

    Alfonso Playz8 時間 前

    2040 sending him to another planet

  2. Queen Queen

    Queen Queen22 時間 前

    The dude is so adorable and happy.. How can someone refuse to him..

  3. Lim Yang

    Lim Yang22 時間 前

    Where is @a6d

  4. The Grimov

    The Grimov4 日 前

    You should do this in Belgrade, Serbia 🇷🇸😁

  5. Alan Tan

    Alan Tan8 日 前

    Such a wild adventure in my favorite city in the world - Paris. ♡♡♡

  6. BoyaDeco Wall Art

    BoyaDeco Wall Art9 日 前

    Omgggggg they are so nice I don't care am saving and I AM BUYING A VIOLET PERFUME!!!!soon!!!! ....so sweettt

  7. Adam Johnson

    Adam Johnson9 日 前


  8. Aron Saga

    Aron Saga9 日 前

    Ammar: it’s so fu#cing cold is -2 degres Me from Norway snow -15 degres and wind: well i is not that bade Weather out side

  9. Ken Grand

    Ken Grand10 日 前

    I wonder if a black person can pull this off

  10. Malumcorrea

    Malumcorrea11 日 前

    French guys are so freaking gorgeous

  11. J’aime ma baguette

    J’aime ma baguette12 日 前

    Paris smells like piss 😂🇫🇷🇫🇷

  12. Akash Thombare

    Akash Thombare13 日 前

    That couple you met at 3:53 ,he did 7 day water fast

  13. Savannah Albers

    Savannah Albers14 日 前

    A tip for food in these challenges, go to food places and ask for mess ups on food, 9/10 they’ll have something they’ve messed up.

  14. Maria Eidstuen

    Maria Eidstuen14 日 前

    omg the three guys were so handsome! especially the on on the middle who dident talk much

  15. bob jr

    bob jr16 日 前


  16. Little Potato

    Little Potato17 日 前

    Those guys who let u stay and eat with them were so kind. We need more people like that in the world.

  17. Gé -

    Gé -19 日 前

    Those guys are like you 3 guys' French alteregos

  18. Hicham hajji

    Hicham hajji20 日 前

    What a bunch of cool guys

  19. Aya Garcia

    Aya Garcia22 日 前

    I wanna go in France please take me there after I graduate middle school

  20. shimla Alam

    shimla Alam22 日 前

    Its been more than a year... did you guys contacted with each other later??

  21. Kurt clyde Cortez

    Kurt clyde Cortez23 日 前

    Rewatching for the 2nd time

  22. Louis Donnellan

    Louis Donnellan25 日 前

    Amar: do you speak English at all? Person: no

  23. Anna VK

    Anna VK26 日 前

    I think there's also supposed to be a rule in France where restaurants must serve you water and bread for free. Something about that being put in place a long time ago during a poor time in France, and still remaining to this day?

  24. Philly J

    Philly J26 日 前


  25. tn_forevr n evr

    tn_forevr n evr28 日 前

    Yes theory needs more subscribers😍😍😍

  26. Hansaja Kathriarachchi

    Hansaja Kathriarachchi28 日 前

    French crêpes are delicious!

  27. Yalda Yazarlou

    Yalda Yazarlou29 日 前

    omggg i am obsessed with you guys you are amazing i can't even deal!!!!!!! what a night lol!!

  28. Tom Jones

    Tom Jones29 日 前

    hee girl how are u?

  29. Hi Hi

    Hi Hiヶ月 前

    If I did this I would probably end up dead in a ditch

  30. matthew kenny

    matthew kennyヶ月 前

    i feel like those guys lowkey realised who Omar was afterwards

  31. Nathan Wiesner

    Nathan Wiesnerヶ月 前

    Did he say spontinatey? 0:25

  32. jean jacque

    jean jacqueヶ月 前

    haha french are the best nay-sayers

  33. Vinskiegaming XD

    Vinskiegaming XDヶ月 前

    These guys always end up partying

  34. Rxc Fitz

    Rxc Fitzヶ月 前

    f thomas and matt you got buddies in paris jk its a joke.



    Play video games with Mark Zuckerberg

  36. Noora Korhonen

    Noora Korhonenヶ月 前

    1:30 Finland is not a scandinavian country (it’s a nordic country

  37. andrei saioc

    andrei saiocヶ月 前

    There is something so fake about these videos... it could be true, but i dont know, each time these guys are out with no money, they end up at a party....

  38. DozaDoritos

    DozaDoritosヶ月 前

    I would instantly look for police.

  39. dream

    dreamヶ月 前

    "and now... I AM SUBScribeED" 😂

  40. Melissa JJ

    Melissa JJヶ月 前

    When I was the wine I was like astagfurillah, when I saw the red bull I was like mashallah 😂

  41. Joe Garcia

    Joe Garciaヶ月 前

    the real challenge is not saying its a challenge now I would like to see that love, you guys

  42. ella

    ellaヶ月 前

    At least say please when asking people for stuff

  43. liz mifa

    liz mifaヶ月 前

    I think it's easier when you say that you're on a challenge and that you have a JPreporter channel. What if you do the challenge without mentioning what you're really doing?

  44. Sour Sally

    Sour Sallyヶ月 前

    I feel bad for him😅

  45. peachy luv

    peachy luvヶ月 前

    Yeah can I like. Try those perfumes. That got me pretty interested xD

  46. shaya ghaznavi

    shaya ghaznaviヶ月 前

    When I watch your videos I feel the positive energy getting in me thanks guys .

  47. alice yusis

    alice yusisヶ月 前

    You drink redbull when other drink wine.. good muslim

  48. No More Rat Race

    No More Rat Raceヶ月 前

    So, a Frenchman and an Egyptian walks into a bar.... There is joke in there somewhere! XDXDXD

  49. Hans

    Hansヶ月 前

    These challenges are unrealistic and fake. What you need to do is ask people for food and shelter with a hidden camera. If they see a camera they are being much more pressured to help you and they think you are more important and official if you have a camera or someone recording you. I'm willing to bet that you would get much different and sinister results if Ammar did everything without a visible camera. Also you cant get anything if your subscribers recognize you and you cant claim to be a social media influence. I get that this is all for money but doing this legit would be a great and insightful experiment. Not saying that you are on challenge would make it even harder. But I can let that slide.

  50. Iman Natasha

    Iman Natashaヶ月 前

    why are all three of the perfume makers so hot though?? And the accents too

  51. D Others

    D Othersヶ月 前

    Having a cellphone during thus challenge makes it way easier, so it doesn't count in my opinion

  52. Gamer Swapnil

    Gamer Swapnilヶ月 前

    Alternate Reality- They are the French Version Of Yes Theory

  53. Justin Rice

    Justin Riceヶ月 前

    When I studied abroad back in Fall 2013 I experienced something very similar to this when I spent a weekend in London. I had my wallet so that was the only difference but all the events that followed was very similar. I met some fellow american's outside Buckingham Palace and I offered to take their picture. I didn't know anyone and had no plans so they let me tag along. Long story short, I met them around 10:30am we found ourselves at a bar then nightclub then underground party which lasted until 5am. They let me crash on the floor at their hotel and to make things even crazier, I had a hostel for 3 nights but didn't stay there a single night. it was like a domino effect and probably one of the greatest experiences I've ever had.

  54. Justin Time

    Justin Timeヶ月 前


  55. Dans

    Dansヶ月 前

    -2 is barely even chilly or maybe im just a crazy Canadian idk but im used to sub 20 winters

  56. Lizzy

    Lizzyヶ月 前

    I wish I could do stuff like this. People are awesome!

  57. Rae Ypon

    Rae Yponヶ月 前

    Wish I could do this. Went there as a solo female traveler, so...

  58. Samuel Larouche

    Samuel Laroucheヶ月 前

    Love how they think its cold in Paris...give canada a try and we’ll talk later ahaha

  59. untold history

    untold historyヶ月 前

    do this challange in Turkey and you will be hosted in people house for a week.

  60. sabrina zalik

    sabrina zalikヶ月 前

    How tf did you manage to meet the dopest nicest French people no French people like Americans

  61. Amr Sadek

    Amr Sadek2 ヶ月 前

    Ok, I have one complaint about these types of scenarios, that you guys experiment with. It is attempting to simulate being abandoned in a city relying on the kindness of people, but it is not a true test. This is because people that you ask first see that you are young and that you are filming and you also tell them that this is a JPreporter challenge right. Like this does test a persons spontaneity but it doesn’t properly simulate a strangers willingness to kindly accept someone who is really in that position who is also desperate or seems sick or old or poor. Maybe this would work better if you did not tell them this whole challenge thing until after they accept.