ABANDONED city in America with NO LAWS | Yes Theory


  1. Jao

    Jao21 時間 前

    Nice place to go if want to relax and some peace. Damn good.

  2. Farty Person

    Farty Person日 前

    I feel like more could have been shown

  3. Aya Madrid

    Aya Madrid日 前

    82nd videos. since I found this channel six days ago

  4. dillon jordan

    dillon jordan2 日 前

    That place is were its at real freedom

  5. Ash

    Ash2 日 前

    So basically, this place is always on the purge but they dont kill each other

  6. Jay Rev

    Jay Rev3 日 前

    It’s like a mini Christiania in Copenhagen Denmark !

  7. David W.

    David W.3 日 前

    Be courteous to your neighbor, or they’ll shoot you. Lol

  8. itsmarkhey 02

    itsmarkhey 023 日 前

    I love the way yes theory love every people they encounter, they were pure and genuine and I'll keep loving you til the end no matter what happen (hugs and kisses)


    A CAMARO4 日 前

    👍 I live near this area.

  10. keith king

    keith king4 日 前

    Why is it that the place with no laws has no crime?????

  11. sophia G.

    sophia G.4 日 前

    These people are thinking no laws is awsome but, all i want is to be safe, no covid-19 i feel like the world is ending

  12. Pajinag Lawrence

    Pajinag Lawrence5 日 前

    Where is the man in the thumbnail?

  13. Adam Scammell

    Adam Scammell5 日 前

    U found fish vertebrae. Not an eye socket as such

  14. Julian Caesar

    Julian Caesar6 日 前

    There's Beauty In Simplicity... ~ Slab City

  15. Szymon Hundz

    Szymon Hundz6 日 前

    This is giving me r/place vibes

  16. that nibba from da 9

    that nibba from da 96 日 前

    Sandy shores in gta5

  17. Game Guild

    Game Guild7 日 前

    I'm not religious (anymore) but that is a true testament of faith even I can admire.

  18. Kingsean P

    Kingsean P7 日 前

    7 people hardly constitute a city...

  19. Daniel Iddo Abera-Balcha

    Daniel Iddo Abera-Balcha12 日 前

    I am certified gay

  20. אח של Eliz

    אח של Eliz7 日 前


  21. Steven Gilmore

    Steven Gilmore12 日 前

    "this is a power vortex you feel this weird kind of charge in the area here" That my friend is second hand crystal meth and radioactive waste 🤣

  22. Razeru

    Razeru12 日 前

    With the intro and the way your friends looks like... first thing I thought was “I’ve seen this movie... “ RIP

  23. Willy Engel

    Willy Engel13 日 前

    *not lawless, flawless.*

  24. Ray Baterbonia

    Ray Baterbonia13 日 前

    This is the plAce where no corona virus dared to cross over...😊😊

  25. Inazuma Bender

    Inazuma Bender14 日 前

    "I have 2 jobs. I am spiritual guide and I empty the shit buckets. I change em out, clean em out. So basically I have shit in one hand and shit in the other" That's the best thing I've heard all year

  26. kian Harris

    kian Harris14 日 前

    sees cold beers and hugs the beer instead of the guy who wants a hug

  27. Unseen Moon

    Unseen Moon14 日 前

    Of course, there are laws. Federal laws, state laws, county laws. There are laws.

  28. PeiPeiPlayz 24

    PeiPeiPlayz 2415 日 前

    Is it just me or does the thumbnail look like it would be a gta video

  29. Cooper McKenzie

    Cooper McKenzie15 日 前

    Awesome place and people.. I hope no visitors f it up with Coronavirus.

  30. Munir Umar

    Munir Umar16 日 前

    Tiktok ads are fucking annoying

  31. PeiPeiPlayz 24

    PeiPeiPlayz 2415 日 前


  32. PeiPeiPlayz 24

    PeiPeiPlayz 2415 日 前


  33. PeiPeiPlayz 24

    PeiPeiPlayz 2415 日 前

    Ikr like i got this one before watching it

  34. Emiliano Martinez García

    Emiliano Martinez García16 日 前

    GTA online

  35. Lil. Kev Jr.

    Lil. Kev Jr.17 日 前

    I remember this place in GTA it’s a good place to have a 1v1

  36. mashadasha

    mashadasha17 日 前

    Just say the united states- not America. America is the continent… Ever hear of the term "the Americas" well America isn't inside of America- the united states Canada mexico chile Colombia brazil suriname etc are all American nations from the tip of the north, to the bottom of the south

  37. mashadasha

    mashadasha12 日 前

    SkyMaster Albani OF the American continent. If the United States was “the United States OF EUROPE” would you consider your country “Europe”??? Lol how about the United States OF AFRICA. Is Africa your country?

  38. SkyMaster Albani

    SkyMaster Albani12 日 前

    united states of what?

  39. struck

    struck18 日 前

    yeah use a pic of a tattooed guy because that’s the perfect youtube suitable thumbnail to depict a unlawful stereotype. sucks i enjoyed y’alls vids all week when you popped into my sub box but yeah you’re the same as everyone else i dont know why im writing this im so emotional i just idk

  40. Paul Airola

    Paul Airola18 日 前

    Been here once , watch your stuff lock car when walking around or better yet don't walk around drive around have fun ????

  41. Daker lyn'z Daker lyn'z

    Daker lyn'z Daker lyn'z19 日 前

    I don't understand why it is abandoned afterall the place is good n clean the people are very creative n friendly at the same time???

  42. Abdullah Murad

    Abdullah Murad19 日 前

    ""... And that's the best part is there's no logical correalation or association in anything that is made here.That's why it is amazing! " HOW COOL!!!

  43. Sgt.Krakatoa

    Sgt.Krakatoa20 日 前

    Its like a town from Fallout

  44. just call me Jess z

    just call me Jess z20 日 前

    Fish heads within fish heads are commonly found around the Salton Sea. Besides the oddly (well I guess on oddly lol) creepy feeling and horrid.... horrid smell. The place is really a cool place to explore.



    if you subscribe in my channel i guarantee ill do the same...!!! thank and sana all mag subscribe..

  46. ClouDy FreakZ

    ClouDy FreakZ22 日 前

    Remind me of Life Is Strange 2!

  47. Jacob Rengen

    Jacob Rengen22 日 前

    Decided to quit society yet makes something that becomes a society

  48. Jacob Rengen

    Jacob Rengen22 日 前

    Decided to quit society yet makes something that becomes a society

  49. Henke Ria

    Henke Ria24 日 前

    it would be nice to add "US-" before America.

  50. AlphaLul

    AlphaLul24 日 前

    mr beast

  51. Thibault Ledegen

    Thibault Ledegen25 日 前

    Am i the only one thinking of gta?

  52. crankker

    crankker26 日 前

    GTA slab city

  53. Uyên Phạm

    Uyên Phạm26 日 前

    It’s in the movie “Into the wild”. I first thought it was a made-up film set 😯

  54. JeIdA

    JeIdA23 日 前

    Uyên Phạm I mean, the movie was based on a true story

  55. SoundzYourz

    SoundzYourz26 日 前

    Its not because of the the towns surrounding the sea its because they diverted the colorado river water from the salton sea

  56. Simon Bowen

    Simon Bowen26 日 前

    They have something simular in Grand Theft Auto 5, I'm sure of it. The painting on the rocks etc

  57. Tavizko

    Tavizko26 日 前

    Gta 5 place


    DARKWEB26 日 前

    Look's Like Disney Land To Me,there was not scary

  59. jajaja jajajajajaj

    jajaja jajajajajaj28 日 前

    So they can have a weed plantation

  60. Shane Knerr

    Shane Knerr28 日 前

    Dude said there is a weird kinda charge here. YEAH ITS CALLED RADIATION.

  61. Vaughan Carde

    Vaughan Carde26 日 前

    He also referred to it as a vortex - he was definitely talking about it as a metaphysical anchor point similar to stonehenge. That man was onto it, and the radiation may exist but isn't the energy these people tap into. Chur

  62. Shane Knerr

    Shane Knerr28 日 前

    Alot of these people carry a HYPOCRITICAL liberal mentality.

  63. Shane Knerr

    Shane Knerr28 日 前

    Slab city is not a fucking city. It's a seis pool of lazy, non productive to society group of people who RUN from their problems. More than likely receiving government assistance. Aside from the men who bravely served our country, my comment stands firm.

  64. Márton Károly

    Márton Károly29 日 前

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  65. Henrijs

    Henrijs29 日 前

    damn Hancock has definitely seen better days

  66. SansthesansyGaming :/

    SansthesansyGaming :/ヶ月 前

    And salvation mountain is the alien paintings

  67. SansthesansyGaming :/

    SansthesansyGaming :/ヶ月 前

    Yo GTA slab city is stab city and salon sea is alomo sea

  68. Jace Hawkins

    Jace Hawkinsヶ月 前

    I kind of want to move there.

  69. Joshua Tinker

    Joshua Tinkerヶ月 前

    God is love that’s the truth not an opinion

  70. Druffa Manski

    Druffa Manskiヶ月 前

    Grand senora desert, SA

  71. Wally Charlie

    Wally Charlieヶ月 前

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  72. ghk128

    ghk128ヶ月 前

    "there's probably not a single city in the world like this one" Kowloon Walled City and Freetown Christiania: am I a joke to you?

  73. Avla Jisun

    Avla Jisunヶ月 前

    They just believe on hobbe's theory

  74. Avla Jisun

    Avla Jisunヶ月 前

    State of nature

  75. dawn simons

    dawn simonsヶ月 前

    You are incredible kids to see thru eye's that see beauty in truth . Proud of you .

  76. Roughneck Beats

    Roughneck Beatsヶ月 前

    GTA 5 ;D

  77. Paul Ashe

    Paul Asheヶ月 前

    This place needs a purge.

  78. Hawaiii

    Hawaiiiヶ月 前

    I must go!!!

  79. Parksy Bee

    Parksy Beeヶ月 前

    So you’re telling me that I could steal the whole place and it wouldn’t be illegal? Sounds like a plan

  80. Diana Ashton

    Diana Ashtonヶ月 前

    Slab city. Why didn’t you explain where and how they get their water, or food and or electricity. We really didn’t see how people actually live. What was the point.

  81. Puffing Puppy

    Puffing Puppyヶ月 前

    It’s almost like Burning man

  82. jeff

    jeffヶ月 前

    We don't live in a society

  83. Ashish Yadav

    Ashish Yadavヶ月 前

    He literally hugged the beer first. OMG 🍻

  84. Sarah Campbell

    Sarah Campbellヶ月 前

    why is one of the top comments not about FIRE JENGA?? the picture of them sitting there ahahaaha

  85. Ross Dr.

    Ross Dr.ヶ月 前

    Slav City?



    Hello mọi người



    Hello mọi người tôi đến từ Việt Nam

  88. lunahotaru

    lunahotaruヶ月 前

    I loved this video so much