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    the unbearable lightness of being... in paris

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    What camera do you use? I'm trying to look for a good camera to take pictures with when i go to paris. Also do you have any tips when traveling to Paris?

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    No words to describe this vlog ma'am Elena🤗I dunno ! as if I'm watching a vogue content👏🙌👏informative, inspiring and hypnotizing 😍I'll better follow you on insta!!!awww😘. Stay safe 🕊️Spread good vibes🌻 -🇵🇭

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    6:19 Then there was this And the way of thought. Well I’m done good to forget what is not true

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    OMG I finally found a vlogger fill with real content love your work

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    your cute friend's instagram?

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    I feel like for some reason Paris is every young girl’s dream destination. Why is that?

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    Omg so cuteee Paris 💕💕💕

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    Beautiful place, if you want to travel India then come I invite you

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    i’ve been obsessed watching paris vlogs cause i was supposed to go to paris but COVID came😭😔

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    can someone pleas take me to paris

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    Wanted to go to Paris for vlogging but the second corona wave 😩

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    Welcome to my JPreporter channel, a diverse channel, and the most important thing with a lot of laughter and happiness. I hope you join me and thank you.

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    I elena, i’m french, il live in Paris and i’ts really funny to watch you in ”vacation” in Paris 😅

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    Love france from Egypt always dreaming to live in paris ❤🇫🇷🇪🇬💚💙

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    So happy girl, l'm from cambodia.

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    You are such beautiful girls!

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    Can't wait to make it here one day

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    ehyy I went to that vintage store last time I was in paris :)

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    Soon I will come France by idk ... walking on foot I want to say .... I m sad 😭. I think I will die in btw this journey

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    she's so happy it makes me happy

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    You girls are soo soo prettyyy???? Like omg😍

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    Here are two cute girls there

  37. JinBo Himself

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    Wait for me , Paris 😍😍😍 and I will go there not only for travel but chase my career

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    the camera is shaking so much TT

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    You are travelling around the world while I am a couch potato

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    Could you please come to my channel and visit my first travel vlog in Australia. Thank you so much

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    You made me love Paris, thanks so much

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    I don't think anybody's it noticed yet but she's really tall.

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    I like this video 😍

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    It's "je t'aime" not " je' taime" 😉

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    You are so cutie :)

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    Song at 6:55?

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    getting there next month....this vlog thing is cool, ill spend the rest of the day checkin out your videos lol cheers from Milan

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    Hey ! Great video! 💪🏼 I also make cool videos about travels and lifestyle ! Feel free to come watch! xx

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    Its exactly how its drew in Miraculous Ladybug! 😂 I hope paris stays like that cuz like im 13 and you know when I graduate from college I'll be like 28 and practicing also work about 2 years so ill be about 30! Paris wait for me about 20 years please! 😂

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    looking good

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    “Never let your memories be greater than your dreams.”

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    The memories created by the dreams are more greater than the dreams

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    i love traveling.



    Beautiful! Check me out, too! :)

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    Hai Elena I'm from India i like this your life style really your my best friend,,

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    Love Paris 😍❤️ For mer THE most beautiful city in the world

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    Nice I want to join you on your next trip

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    So crazy seeing the Notre-Dame before the fire, wish I could’ve seen it then but I can’t wait to go one day

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    Oh elena paris t'aime aussi

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    New friend here, I miss Paris already. I hope I can visit this beautiful place again.

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    LOVE PARIS jpreporter.net/v/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-BPxL3TyhSr8.html

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    Inspirational 😍😍😍😍

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    your video shakes a lot.

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    Enjoy your travel in Paris

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    hey Elena, do you use a gimbal when filming your vlogs?


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    So much happiness,great vlog!

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    Wow..very nice music used and you are so beautiful 😊

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    So amazing

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    Can I be your friend on social media I want to talk give me your WhatsApp number

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    i saw a tik tok abt a girl going to paris with her sister for her sis to get her first kiss but she never updated so i wanted to watch travel vlogs so i’m here now

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    Awesome video! 😍 Check out my latest travel vlogs with (ENG SUB CC ) 😊🤠

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    Only with hitchiking??

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    Love it! My husband and I are planning our first trip to France for next summer if things are back to normal🤞 can't wait to experience it all!

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    I hear Amélie!

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    Me too

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    I m from Pakistan and I watching your vlogs since many months and I like

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  95. Brix Pen Sy

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    just realized how normal and realistic your travel vlogs are compared to the ones like heart evangelista or other crazy rich people travelling to Paris..

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    I've been to Paris and stayed there for 8 days and 5 days in Bruges, Belgium. We went to 2 countries in one travel. Really enjoyed it there, like alot. Man, I didn't know I can miss a country like I missed a person. :(


    SUNIL KHANNA4 ヶ月 前

    I lv ur the best

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    ptn mais elle est nul cette vidéo wsh

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    Ugh, this makes me miss France!