A Wedding To Die For - Escape the Night S4 (Ep 4)


  1. Joey Graceffa

    Joey Graceffa年 前

    This is the last episode before things really heat up. So buckle up

  2. Toph

    Toph5 日 前

    queen rlly said ✨👑

  3. Madison Piche

    Madison Piche20 日 前

    I ❤ you

  4. DTXC Daniel Gaming

    DTXC Daniel Gaming25 日 前

    What’s up!

  5. Poppy Jarman

    Poppy Jarman27 日 前

    Okay but don’t you dare kill off Gabbie or Coleen 🥺

  6. NatashaBOIIIDEEE Lee

    NatashaBOIIIDEEE Lee27 日 前

    And I ooooooooop

  7. XxCookieRobloxX

    XxCookieRobloxX6 時間 前

    Daystorm remembered and sacrificed himself 🥺😭😰❤💥🙏 Know one has that confidence to do that besides Him and they thought he was evil 😞

  8. Z Aw

    Z Aw8 時間 前


  9. Mehraeel Melek

    Mehraeel Melek16 時間 前

    The 2 "balls"

  10. Ian Ashley Piad

    Ian Ashley Piad日 前

    Joey: I dont know anything about the spear Also joey: we need to find this golden spear Me: whaaaa

  11. Robyn Daddario

    Robyn Daddario日 前

    Was Ro anywon else’s favorite person she should of survived

  12. Zohra Saad

    Zohra Saad日 前

    Me in the opening credits sees to in a throne Me :yaaas my queen 👑 you deserve that throne

  13. Xantia Witje

    Xantia Witje2 日 前

    Destorm didn't get enough recognition for his sacrifice tho

  14. Dalena utumapu

    Dalena utumapu2 日 前

    12:34 have you heard f twerking my king hahahaha



    “I would entertain THE HELL out of the emperor.” Liviiiiiiiing!

  16. God bless all Squad

    God bless all Squad2 日 前

    joey theos glasses are SOOO cute where did u get them

  17. Evelyn HallStephens

    Evelyn HallStephens2 日 前

    All the other girls: *throwing their dumplings away*. Ro: *eating them all and wins*. Like yasss girl❤️

  18. Lena Abel

    Lena Abel3 日 前

    I just realized the emperor was Woo from Survivor! Haha

  19. Jojo John

    Jojo John3 日 前

    Congratulations roe

  20. Galaxy Gaming1

    Galaxy Gaming13 日 前

    Destorm sacrificed himself for lauren but alex and lauren broke up TwT

  21. I See YOU

    I See YOU4 日 前

    Rosanna looks like the sweetest but in reality she's the most badass 😂

  22. Maria gillan Dela Fuente

    Maria gillan Dela Fuente5 日 前

    Saddenly miranda appered 😂😂😂😂

  23. ice fox194

    ice fox1945 日 前

    When you wish you where on this because you know about mythology than all of them combined and about history

  24. - Lil_Moate LovezGamez -

    - Lil_Moate LovezGamez -5 日 前

    I'm mad cuz Alex didn't tell them that destorm sacrificed himself

  25. SandSetPlayz

    SandSetPlayz6 日 前

    The Emperors laugh was the fakes laugh ive ever heard and seen

  26. Janine Pedrano

    Janine Pedrano6 日 前

    9:58 I really love how bretman really volunteers to do some sort of things to finish the challenge when his teammates are fighting about who will do it. I'm a filipina btw.

  27. Teagan N

    Teagan N6 日 前

    15:39 when Colleen did that.... I laughed for a full minute straight

  28. stephenn

    stephenn6 日 前


  29. Romina Ruth Rañola

    Romina Ruth Rañola7 日 前

    im still on my mind saying ''kInKy''

  30. Jenny Buinicky

    Jenny Buinicky7 日 前

    can we just say how good Ro looks in that kimono

  31. cute little werewolf

    cute little werewolf8 日 前

    If all strars are here but we'rs roy

  32. Dragonwatcher y e s

    Dragonwatcher y e s9 日 前

    “Let’s roll it!” *literally starts tossing it*

  33. Super Wavey

    Super Wavey9 日 前

    Notice how bretman never got picked-

  34. Reeann Toh

    Reeann Toh10 日 前

    Love the part where ropansino spoke Chinese

  35. Hey It’s Saanvi !!!

    Hey It’s Saanvi !!!10 日 前

    Okay so, I am Indian and I couldn’t watch the 3rd episode cuz it’s apparently banned in india Like if u r not from india and reply if same happened to u

  36. iitsukkii

    iitsukkii10 日 前

    me watching this during online school be like:

  37. LoosLeaf Vlogs

    LoosLeaf Vlogs11 日 前

    Imagine if the girls didn’t even go to the challenge for the wedding

  38. Penny Polendina

    Penny Polendina12 日 前

    "She's aggressive with her mouth. Quite exciting." excuse me ✨W H A T ✨

  39. Arvin Roy Gomez

    Arvin Roy Gomez13 日 前

    wait did the sorceress got scared? AHAHAHAH

  40. maria medina

    maria medina13 日 前

    de storm scares me

  41. Reginald Andrei Ferrer

    Reginald Andrei Ferrer13 日 前

    R.I.P DEstorm

  42. ꧁stxrri audrey꧂

    ꧁stxrri audrey꧂15 日 前

    Wow I could eat dumplings without and with sauce

  43. Zachary Gaming15

    Zachary Gaming1515 日 前

    joey i saw colleen to kill destrom

  44. Hobbies & Co.

    Hobbies & Co.16 日 前

    Respect for destorm tho...

  45. Vicky Plays

    Vicky Plays16 日 前

    I’m Chinese lol

  46. Tom Shutt

    Tom Shutt16 日 前

    Joey looks like American Harry Potter.......anyone else

  47. Luna Haleraven

    Luna Haleraven17 日 前

    Colleen :: Ro's about to be married... Joey :: MARRIED?!? *thinking that MattPat might just break that 4th wall right now*

  48. TheGeminiGrotto

    TheGeminiGrotto17 日 前

    Colleen: *does miranda* Emperor: Eh heh heh heh

  49. Gacha Shorty

    Gacha Shorty18 日 前

    Coleen's And Especially Tana's Reactions To The Dumplings Got Me Rolling Around In A fiery Lava Pit.

  50. fairyseol

    fairyseol18 日 前

    Kill her KILL HER

  51. Chellendi Diantie

    Chellendi Diantie19 日 前

    No one: Not a single soul: Ro: it was love at first dumpling

  52. Shahadat Hossain

    Shahadat Hossain19 日 前

    tana not you sexualizing chinese culture 😺

  53. Arvindh G.

    Arvindh G.19 日 前

    I see that they are doing different cultures for each key! I really appreciate that.

  54. Jake Daniel

    Jake Daniel19 日 前

    Finally DeStorm died. NEVER BRING HIM BACK. Arrogant git.

  55. •Miilkii melon•

    •Miilkii melon•20 日 前

    I just saw the warrior lady wearing FRICKING SPORT SHOES HMMMMMMM...

  56. potato head

    potato head17 日 前

    LMAO yeah

  57. Infinite Trooper

    Infinite Trooper20 日 前

    Destorm the best part

  58. Miila the Pig

    Miila the Pig21 日 前

    Not DeStorm!!!! 😞😞

  59. Red Headed Alice in wonderland martinez

    Red Headed Alice in wonderland martinez21 日 前

    26:18 did I stutter and set storms reaction ❤️😂

  60. DAVID Flynn

    DAVID Flynn21 日 前

    I would do better at the archery than alex

  61. Sheila Arigi

    Sheila Arigi21 日 前

    Rosana: who put that entertainment monster of law😂

  62. Sheila Arigi

    Sheila Arigi21 日 前

    Bretman: I was so mad because I would have entertained the *hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhel*

  63. Sheila Arigi

    Sheila Arigi21 日 前

    Director:How many religions can we abuse this epsiode...... Mhm.... I got it .... India and China

  64. Gamer Boi

    Gamer Boi21 日 前

    Notice how none of the season 1 or 2 you tubers survived

  65. Jaida Fluegge

    Jaida Fluegge22 日 前


  66. Saki Haruka

    Saki Haruka23 日 前

    Everything: *fancy and old fashioned* Clothes Hanger holding the armor:Hi there

  67. Sidney Beasley

    Sidney Beasley23 日 前

    3:41 13:23 Pterodactyls much 🤣🤣 (No hate tho 💖)

  68. i i s h t x k y x

    i i s h t x k y x19 日 前


  69. Elzaan Soldaat

    Elzaan Soldaat23 日 前

    Ro:We can start a all girls band! Me:RO AND THE CINNAMON ROLLS!

  70. MelodicRoses

    MelodicRoses23 日 前

    Ro’s amazing. So sad about what happened in Episode 9 😔 We stan Ro 🥺

  71. Nicholas Griffin

    Nicholas Griffin23 日 前

    I love the pink cow girl

  72. Nicholas Griffin

    Nicholas Griffin23 日 前


  73. mishall

    mishall24 日 前

    👑 👁👄👁 👚 👖 yes hello there.

  74. Cl0udy Boba

    Cl0udy Boba24 日 前

    My respect for destorm 📈📈📈 and I love the music at the end of this

  75. Julia Gritzbach

    Julia Gritzbach24 日 前

    What’s the song for the end of the episode, when they roll the credits?!

  76. james harrington

    james harrington24 日 前

    Joey: I know nothing about the spear but I sure can act like I do Also Joey: it's a um...spear that's long and.... powerful Me: boy

  77. Rhianna Salisbury

    Rhianna Salisbury25 日 前

    Omg idy ro diddnt do an vid saying R.I.P to her DEAD HUSBAND

  78. Juana Biscuit

    Juana Biscuit26 日 前

    *when they do something chinese* My Asian superstions and Dna : *yes*

  79. Jalei Mannis

    Jalei Mannis26 日 前

    Please not the ducsed

  80. Moonx Sky

    Moonx Sky27 日 前


  81. Moonx Sky

    Moonx Sky27 日 前

    His only words was i like brett i think thats how you spell it

  82. Jack Sayaphath

    Jack Sayaphath27 日 前

    Who knew China was a killing culture

  83. finley yuska

    finley yuska27 日 前

    the miranda part YASSSS

  84. Natalie Bailes

    Natalie Bailes28 日 前

    i’m sorry, but the part where he read that card about the challenge, watch colleen’s face😂

  85. Cool Kid

    Cool Kid29 日 前

    Colleen’s face when he says duel to the death

  86. Sabita Thapa

    Sabita Thapa29 日 前

    Me:I'm liking destorm.. Destorm:*dies right after liking him*

  87. i i s h t x k y x

    i i s h t x k y x19 日 前

    Literally what happened while I was watching

  88. Alexander III Gamboa

    Alexander III Gamboa29 日 前

    Im so sad for destorm

  89. Amy Pontious

    Amy Pontiousヶ月 前

    "Ok Mulans here" -Alex w.

  90. • Çhärlï •

    • Çhärlï •ヶ月 前

    Tana:i dont care if your moms there imma flirt with u *RIGHT NOW* Meh:KiNkY

  91. Anisha The bee

    Anisha The beeヶ月 前

    I loved 17:22

  92. jacqueline janicki

    jacqueline janickiヶ月 前

    yeah, this episode was quite sexist

  93. Stan Red velvet or else

    Stan Red velvet or elseヶ月 前

    jacqueline janicki im not saying ur wrong or im trying to be rude but cn u tell me he, im quite dumb 😅

  94. Tori Flame

    Tori Flameヶ月 前

    The emperor was very attractive

  95. The drunk Sheep

    The drunk Sheepヶ月 前

    I still pee in my bed That’s useless

  96. Mei Hatsume

    Mei Hatsumeヶ月 前

    Love at first dumpling 😍 So romantic 🥰

  97. Sad Kermit

    Sad Kermitヶ月 前

    "I could hoe it up" -Tana * Famous Quotes 2020 *

  98. Laraib Mahmood

    Laraib Mahmoodヶ月 前

    No one: absolutely no one: Ro when the emperor kills destorm: Hubby no thats my friend. shes tooo sweettt :(

  99. BTS ARMY

    BTS ARMYヶ月 前

    Bretman:I've never broken a board before but i broke a bitch's nose before.😂😂😂😂

  100. Adhyeta Sharma

    Adhyeta Sharmaヶ月 前

    Social Studies really coming handy

  101. Møchi_playz

    Møchi_playzヶ月 前

    You should do this with the hype house lol

  102. la la la la la

    la la la la laヶ月 前

    Ro: *Hubby no, that's my friend!*

  103. Prudence

    Prudenceヶ月 前

    I understand the Mandarin because I’m from HK and it makes me feel special just because Ik freakin Mandarin 🤦🏻‍♀️ lol

  104. Ingretta Encinares

    Ingretta Encinaresヶ月 前

    “Hubby no that’s my friend!” Awieee Ro

  105. The drunk Sheep

    The drunk Sheepヶ月 前

    What Colleen would say normally: Ros about to get married

  106. Samuel Adkins

    Samuel Adkinsヶ月 前

    colleen: hEy gUyS iTs mE miRaNda

  107. Tin Rana

    Tin Ranaヶ月 前

    Bretman be like: I`ve never broken a board before Also him: but i broke a bitch`s nose before LOL HAHAHHA

  108. Ronalyn Domingo

    Ronalyn Domingoヶ月 前

    Joey:Are you ashame of yourself? Alex:I AMMMMM 😍

  109. Sara Alhajri

    Sara Alhajriヶ月 前

    HUBBY NO THATS MY FRIEND lol my fav part 😂😭