A Message To Gabrielle Moses


  1. William King

    William King7 時間 前

    Noticed Gab has gone quiet since Jack's return. Interesting!

  2. Stefany Wahba

    Stefany Wahba7 時間 前

    Omg i feel like youtube couples just don't make it, the same thing happened with robin birrel and emma Thompson dude they have also been together for soo long jack I'm soo sorry that ur relationship brokedown ur fans love u and please be strong

  3. Marta Branquinho

    Marta Branquinho7 時間 前

    The way that he talks about this, just shows how strong he is. Amaizing♥

  4. Tatiana Kalvig

    Tatiana Kalvig7 時間 前

    I love you Jack and I’m so sorry you guyS broke up you guys were amazing together and I’m happy your not looking at it in a bad way I’m here supporting you along with every one else

  5. Project C.J.J

    Project C.J.J8 時間 前

    Bro don’t give up it still a chance she be wit you

  6. Addison Kemp

    Addison Kemp8 時間 前

    He smiling when talking about her he smiles😭

  7. Brady Zimbric

    Brady Zimbric8 時間 前

    The amount of pain I feel for you jack is insane. Love you bro, you're going to get through this we are all here for you ❤️

  8. MishMish💜💎💋

    MishMish💜💎💋8 時間 前

    Faaaak! I'm crying over my fish in cooking...DAMIT!! 😭😭😭

  9. Kable Dale

    Kable Dale8 時間 前

    Did you cheat on her

  10. Kable Dale

    Kable Dale8 時間 前

    I'm so so so so sorry you guys were perfect for each other

  11. caitlyn hageman

    caitlyn hageman8 時間 前

    i have now officially cried watching 2 videos about their breakup

  12. Charlie Storks

    Charlie Storks8 時間 前

    I subscribed to this channel like 3 years ago or something and I forgot about this channel cause I’m never on JPreporter and I just saw this and wow this is so sweet

  13. Jaden horn

    Jaden horn8 時間 前

    Y’all should just get back together as ignorant as it sounds I miss y’all too much

  14. AJ J

    AJ J8 時間 前


  15. David Clarke

    David Clarke8 時間 前

    Most of the people here are here because we care about both of you regardless.

  16. Lily Clark

    Lily Clark8 時間 前

    I have all of these feels and I don’t know... I haven’t know jack and gab for long , but the way he loved her is beautiful. And I love that

  17. Abbi Emmonette

    Abbi Emmonette8 時間 前

    me literally sobbing: jack: "we're not crying" me: well damn

  18. Totoco Fr

    Totoco Fr8 時間 前

    Lzzzzzzzzz kid

  19. 44 4ever

    44 4ever8 時間 前

    Someday hes going to make some girl a bomb husband . I think he'll be a great Dad too.



    Can someone tell what the fuck is going on

  21. Quinten de Rooij

    Quinten de Rooij8 時間 前

    But why is your relationship over. I went always soo good.

  22. jasmine mitchell

    jasmine mitchell8 時間 前

    Jesus loves you and he is coming soon ❤ Talk to him

  23. Laurence

    Laurence9 時間 前

    Gabrielle looks so much happier with out jackQ

  24. Natasha Chaska

    Natasha Chaska9 時間 前

    Dude you need to talk to her and figure out your shit and tell her you love you I'm 17 and I almost lost my fiancè he was in a car crash last year and I thought how lucky I am that he is still here and now I'm pregnant and engaged to him and you guys reminded me of how it felt to almost lose my other have I've been watching both of your videos you still love her she still loves you and I've known my man since I was 7 and I always liked him and now we have been together for a year and 6 months. Enough about me Jack if you love gab as much as you say go talk to her and talk to her and make sure she knows how you feel you two are forever an idem you two are a couple I'm jealous, don't let her go, you know that saying that once you have her don't let go and if you do you have lost her forever, that's not how its going to go you are a good person I've seen how you been talking about her and you know what marry her still call her up and talk to her

  25. Stevie Bower

    Stevie Bower9 時間 前

    Wait what’s happening I just got back youtube and saw jack and gab notification

  26. Axid Lux

    Axid Lux9 時間 前

    Fun fact for all girls. A guy can be such a dick but if he really loves you and cares abt you, he will do literally anything for you. You could ask him to face his biggest fear and he would.

  27. youjustgot VECTORED

    youjustgot VECTORED9 時間 前

    he’s yes.

  28. Kelsi Paisley

    Kelsi Paisley9 時間 前

    My favorite youtube couple broke up💔

  29. amorr r

    amorr r9 時間 前

    You can feel all the love and the pain in his voice

  30. theMCUfan

    theMCUfan9 時間 前

    Change your channel name Gabrielle doesn’t deserve to be mentioned

  31. Ebony Potter

    Ebony Potter9 時間 前

    Fight for her go get her back show her u need her and u want her and u care

  32. Mellanie Ann

    Mellanie Ann9 時間 前

    I feel like I can relate to you on every level watching you through this video, I feel like I was in the exact same place when my boyfriend & I broke up, & I never usually care to comment but I just have to say, do what you have to do for you in this time, & let the rest take care of itself, don’t lose hope, I never thought my boyfriend & I would get back together but we actually did AFTER 1 YR! You would think after a year there’s no hope.. but we did & it had been the best thing & healthiest thing for us, but for you whether it’s back with Gab or not, just as I, you’re young, loved, & have so many other things to live for, as hard as it is in a state like so, it’s hard to even get yourself to get up & even simply just take a shower sometimes but I hope you never look back & see this as time you feel you regretted wasting time because you weren’t living. I freaking understand the miserableness & it’s sooo hard to keep moving, almost makes you feel addicted & paralyzed by the pain, but (cliche I know) it’s 1 step at a time day by day, we’re lucky enough to see another day(:

  33. cherry lipstick

    cherry lipstick9 時間 前

    why did they break up

  34. Chloe Kurtz

    Chloe Kurtz9 時間 前

    Found on my trending and I am so confused like who is gabby did she die did y’all break up like ??????

  35. Rd MrMcYeet

    Rd MrMcYeet9 時間 前

    This sucks man I hate seeing you like this

  36. theMCUfan

    theMCUfan9 時間 前

    Why the heck did Gabrielle leave?! You guys are literally my favourite JPreporter couple 😢 😭

  37. michael crockett

    michael crockett9 時間 前

    Poor boy 😭 I wanna know what happened

  38. Hannah Necaise

    Hannah Necaise9 時間 前

    gosh. remembering ive been here since it was just jacks channel this hurts wayyyy too much. i wasn’t ready for this. praying for you guys ❤️

  39. Yareli Saldana

    Yareli Saldana9 時間 前

    Where is gab

  40. zemtex 23

    zemtex 2310 時間 前

    I remember watching you like a year ago but I stopped and heard the news when ricegum reacted to this vid

  41. Hailey Edward

    Hailey Edward10 時間 前

    Wait I till don’t know why they broke up in the first place tho :/

  42. Liam

    Liam10 時間 前

    I've been watching u guys since the beginning i really hope u guys can work it out ik u guys love each other

  43. BlueyRL

    BlueyRL10 時間 前

    Damn this is like my childhood gone, this is just sad honestly. U can see hes so happy talking about her but he then reliesed they aren't together hes so close to crying ngl

  44. Laura Fay

    Laura Fay10 時間 前

    Wait did they break up ??

  45. Roda Saidi

    Roda Saidi10 時間 前

    Can someone explain to me what’s happening and when did they break up?!!

  46. Wonder World

    Wonder World10 時間 前

    I watched you guys when i was younger and then idk how but I somehow lost your channel and have been trying to find it for months and i missed it so much but this video finally made me find you again and now im crying WHY😭😭

  47. Dezirae Tenorio

    Dezirae Tenorio10 時間 前

    So she died?

  48. Bianca A

    Bianca A9 時間 前

    no they broke up

  49. Claire Franklin

    Claire Franklin10 時間 前

    Okay, listen to me Jack. You and Gab are meant for each other. You need to make up. I know you might never fully get back together, you need to talk to each other. You don't have to make it public, or post it on JPreporter. But you need to. This is the opinion of a thirteen year old girl people! Please like so Jack will see!

  50. Naveigha Sauls

    Naveigha Sauls10 時間 前

    I’m on your side but I’m not!!You can’t just cheated on Gab she loved you and you just stop her of loving you

  51. Katherine N.G.

    Katherine N.G.10 時間 前

    Can we talk about how he ended the video? That shit broke my heart

  52. Darya Gusarova

    Darya Gusarova10 時間 前

    What happened exactly?

  53. Rachel Arsenault

    Rachel Arsenault10 時間 前

    why am i crying😭❤️

  54. Katherine N.G.

    Katherine N.G.10 時間 前

    After he said "Im telling you we arent crying" his voice lowered so much. Ouch.

  55. JP

    JP10 時間 前

    It be like that sometimes. This too shall pass

  56. Lindsey

    Lindsey10 時間 前

    I’m so confused like why

  57. Taigan Gahagan

    Taigan Gahagan10 時間 前

    I couldn't help but cry to this

  58. onalee quarcini

    onalee quarcini10 時間 前

    my heart hurts

  59. DevRGH

    DevRGH10 時間 前

    So sad used yo watch y’all all the time now it’s come to a end

  60. Reality

    Reality10 時間 前

    2020 is the worst year in history...

  61. Geology Rocks

    Geology Rocks10 時間 前

    Can 2020 end early

  62. Matti Gutt

    Matti Gutt10 時間 前

    You broke up?!?😢😢

  63. tomas kristian

    tomas kristian10 時間 前

    Is she dead?

  64. HannahReilly

    HannahReilly10 時間 前

    I’m sorry what happened

  65. Sebastian Lopez

    Sebastian Lopez11 時間 前

    I don’t see what was the problem he just explain good things. He still in love with her. I haven’t watched the new video yet

  66. Derek Neuman

    Derek Neuman11 時間 前

    Listen man I just need to know why the hell yall broke up, your hurting my heart

  67. Rowan Cecil

    Rowan Cecil11 時間 前

    I’m sorry :(

  68. Melody Mccormack

    Melody Mccormack11 時間 前

    I love that they broke up and instead of other being petty like other JPreporterrs he puts out a video saying how amazing Gabrielle is and how much he will always and does love her, this is genuinely such an amazing way to use your plat form in situations like this... You are teaching so many people better thankyou ❤️

  69. KawaiiWolf 789

    KawaiiWolf 78911 時間 前

    What will happen to jack and gab we all loved you guys and I know we might not see it again

  70. Danielle Beck

    Danielle Beck11 時間 前

    i respect you both so much🥺! i know it’s probably so hard but it will get better no matter what. i love you both so much💗

  71. Crazygamer Gaming

    Crazygamer Gaming11 時間 前

    Been there done that brother I know how you feel

  72. Никол Николаева

    Никол Николаева11 時間 前

    what happened :(((

  73. 13 13

    13 1311 時間 前

    My fullest Respect to you Jack... it is amazing how you cope with the Break Up, how you talk about Gabrielle so respectful... it just shows how much you love(d) her. I will miss you guys together filming videos so much⭐

  74. Enjee Lopez

    Enjee Lopez11 時間 前


  75. N a c h t x

    N a c h t x11 時間 前

    My boyfriend and I started dating at the end of seventh grade, we are becoming sophomores this year, I feel absolutely horrible about you and Gab because I’d look at this channel for fun things to do with him and things I shouldn’t do. I will definitely hope you guys could get back together... maybe... idk but I’ve been a fan of this channel for years and I personally thank you because I’m with my boyfriend because of your guys techniques lol... good luck Jack and Gab..❤️

  76. TonyxVibe

    TonyxVibe11 時間 前

    I thought she ducking died🤦🏽‍♂️ I was boutta cry, I use to watch you guys so much🥺

  77. Hannah Smith

    Hannah Smith11 時間 前

    Dang he is so nice! The way he talks about her is so cute and so lovely!

  78. Javon Wilson

    Javon Wilson11 時間 前

    Let these feeling pass, chase a bag, and if she wanna come back then so be it.

  79. Mary O.B

    Mary O.B11 時間 前

    I m sooo lost, one time they broke up, then they're together, then an other break up ?.. 🥺 Even if I didnt watch all of their videos, im now watching the recents ones to understand whats happened..👀 Who else are in the same situation ? 😩😩

  80. TatiLove

    TatiLove11 時間 前

    Can someone fill me in I haven't been watching their channel lately and I need to know what happened

  81. Danyal Siddiqui

    Danyal Siddiqui11 時間 前

    If u guys truly love each, you would work it out