A Message To Gabrielle Moses


  1. Ainsley Garcia

    Ainsley Garcia17 時間 前

    Why did they break up?🥺

  2. Antooo A

    Antooo A日 前

    What was the problem? I left then really happy. Coming back some years later everyone has a new partner😥

  3. Hailey Bonilla

    Hailey Bonilla2 日 前

    I know i'm so late on this video but, I miss you guys being together. But, if you guys really love each other you'll find each other some day and hopefully go back to where you guy are!! I love you and I love her and I wish you guys the best of luck.

  4. NA

    NA3 日 前

    Shit sucks man I totally get you when you say it’s little things... I loved my ex more than anything seeing her smile made my day even just cuddling in bed at the end of the day the though i fucked up I made my bed and I’ll lie in it but i honestly can’t even look at her because it kills me for the reasons listed in this video knowing I lost that trust and I’ll never get her back it kills me.... I think it’s safe to say lesson I’ve learned a life lesson too never take anyone you are close to for granted...

  5. C1ips1

    C1ips15 日 前

    Nononono it’s the luck of 2020 so technically nothing actually bad happened it’s just 2020

  6. Child Lover

    Child Lover5 日 前

    As long as you don’t lose them it’s awesome ....it was awesome

  7. Brianna Finley

    Brianna Finley5 日 前

    the way he smiles because he is thinking about her

  8. Lacey Jurgens

    Lacey Jurgens6 日 前

    What happen to Jaycee....

  9. Aishwarya Tankkar

    Aishwarya Tankkar3 日 前

    This video is about Gabrielle not Jaycee.

  10. Vaishnavi Constance

    Vaishnavi Constance7 日 前

    “Go get her she the love of ur life” I would say but he is dating someone else

  11. Jade Huet

    Jade Huet7 日 前

    Why did you break up with her if you lick her

  12. Lani Banana

    Lani Banana8 日 前

    6 months later and in still crying about it 😔😭😓🥺

  13. kayla murphy

    kayla murphy8 日 前

    no I swear no. 😭

  14. David Shirz

    David Shirz8 日 前

    Can someone tell me why they broke up ? thank you

  15. Hasnul Hasanah

    Hasnul Hasanah8 日 前

    People come n go... K bye...

  16. Leonard Stover

    Leonard Stover9 日 前

    they f*cked up

  17. Blip On_Youtube

    Blip On_Youtube10 日 前

    He moved on fast af that says everything

  18. greys anatomy

    greys anatomy11 日 前

    who thinks they can go back together!!!!!! pls! 🥺🥺

  19. greys anatomy

    greys anatomy10 日 前

    @Femme Side yess me too they were my fav yt couple!😭

  20. Femme Side

    Femme Side10 日 前

    Me 😭😭😭

  21. Benilda Frias

    Benilda Frias12 日 前

    Based on this video only I think they are soulmates and they will not be truly truly happy ever again with anyone else unless they get back together. But for that to happen wellll. I still haven't read or seen a video of the real reason for their breakup. But basing it on this video the deep reason would have been pride or something because they really love and will always love each other. I just hope for themselves, that they will find each other otherwise they will never be truly happy again. Im sorry if this comment sounds depressive but it can sound really optimistic too for them.

  22. Femme Side

    Femme Side10 日 前


  23. Cherisse Atilano

    Cherisse Atilano12 日 前

    Do he CHEATED ?!!?!?

  24. Femme Side

    Femme Side10 日 前


  25. Kerry Drinkuth

    Kerry Drinkuth12 日 前

    The more videos I watch of them together the more I don’t understand why they broke up. Just doesn’t seem right. I’m also not convinced they won’t end up back together. Neither seem themselves with their new partners.

  26. ArduousJAYMAC

    ArduousJAYMAC12 日 前

    That’s so fucjing sad

  27. CJ Young

    CJ Young13 日 前

    Y they break up

  28. lord daee

    lord daee13 日 前

    I came from tictok bc I haven’t whatched u in a few months but I was a fan for years but u rly did that and now I’m not a fan

  29. Janeah Lim

    Janeah Lim13 日 前

    i no longer believe in love.

  30. Femme Side

    Femme Side10 日 前


  31. cora coulter

    cora coulter14 日 前

    He loved her so much and I hope he can find himself again and find love like that again or even love gabrielle again

  32. Sir pach

    Sir pach14 日 前

    Wow 6 months ago... I had watched your guys videos a while ago and wow...so much has changed...


    VAL THE GAL15 日 前

    They dated for 4 years 🥺

  34. Haley Little

    Haley Little15 日 前

    i can’t stop crying 😭😭😭

  35. Rishi Caaseeram

    Rishi Caaseeram16 日 前

    Good guy man at least you have accepted it and there is know anger or resentment but as people go out in the world they meet new people and change unfortunately thats the way it is

  36. zoink yt

    zoink yt17 日 前

    My face started with this😒to😐to😢to😭

  37. wahaj jutt

    wahaj jutt17 日 前

    Can someonw tell me why they break up? :/

  38. cora coulter

    cora coulter14 日 前

    I definitely can't he loved her so much and she did too

  39. AthinaisKidsFun

    AthinaisKidsFun17 日 前

    This is the first time I see this video because when you two broke up I just stopped watching you because it was so sad for me to see you and her move on and you two not being stupid and crazy and I felt like you were just a “bad person” seeing her video crying and then I see this video and seeing how much she meant to you just breaks my heart because you have both moved on but I sadly will never move on because I really thought you were meant for each other but I guess not LIKE IDK UGGHHHH I HATE THIS

  40. Ava Treasure

    Ava Treasure18 日 前

    Can anyone answer my question why did they break up

  41. Kenkenfam Episodequeen

    Kenkenfam Episodequeen18 日 前

    I think they will get back together....... Jack. If you're seeing this right now I believe yall will find your ways back to each other even if it takes 1 yr.

  42. MAh q

    MAh q13 日 前

    Its gonna more than 1 year they both are dating new ppl so yeah probably gonna be more then a year

  43. Maira Acosta

    Maira Acosta18 日 前


  44. Isabel Marti

    Isabel Marti18 日 前

    What happened

  45. Eli Finch

    Eli Finch20 日 前

    I still can’t get over the fact that they broke up. I thought they were meant to be. They could still get back together but they are both over it now. I am heartbroken as I started watching when this channel was created, I left for a few months, and everything has changed. I hope both jack and Gabrielle live their lives how they want so they are happy. I am just very sad that the whole thing occurred. Duckies for life. ;-;

  46. Wearisome Nomad

    Wearisome Nomad20 日 前


  47. Delilah West

    Delilah West24 日 前

    How can anyone say he never loved her?! Some things just aren’t meant to be. My bf and his ex broke up and they were together for 9 years! All through high school! That love will always be there!

  48. Reana K

    Reana K25 日 前

    I thought this relationship would last forever... I think I speak for everybody when I say, 2020 sucked

  49. Hayra Shaban

    Hayra Shaban14 日 前

    Oh yeah

  50. Kisa Jaecques

    Kisa Jaecques25 日 前

    When did the channel name change?🥺

  51. Isobel Mcmullen

    Isobel Mcmullen27 日 前

    she broke him

  52. Heidi !!!

    Heidi !!!29 日 前

    Ok, I know this is a random thing to get from this video. And if you were wondering, I am crying right now. But........ Why does he look like Zac Efron in high school musical

  53. Aubrie Richard

    Aubrie Richard29 日 前

    Why did this happen y’all were the best couple even not even your girlfriend right know can replace her she is not even close gabbie is way better noooooo

  54. Benilda Frias

    Benilda Frias12 日 前

    Thats rude to say. No one is better than anyone. Stop comparing and atleast be happy for them or keep your opinion to urself because words hurt. I imagine Jaycee reading this comment and that hurt even if she doesn't know who you are. And Jayce goal is not to replace anyone but just to be herself with Jack.

  55. D h

    D h23 日 前

    Gabrielle is irreplaceable for sure.

  56. Lily Gates

    Lily Gates29 日 前

    I truly believe they will end up together, maybe not anytime soon, but I think it will happen.

  57. Gokul

    Gokulヶ月 前

    What happen to her?

  58. SportsWithAJ

    SportsWithAJ20 日 前

    @D h yes she did

  59. D h

    D h23 日 前

    @KingRonnie she never said he cheated on her.

  60. Help a brother reach 1k

    Help a brother reach 1k26 日 前

    @KingRonnie damn

  61. KingRonnie

    KingRonnie26 日 前

    @Help a brother reach 1k i think it was out that she said he cheated on her but he later came out and said he never cheated on her and that was something made up

  62. Help a brother reach 1k

    Help a brother reach 1k26 日 前

    @KingRonnie how come 😓


    JAYDE FRYヶ月 前

    I miss Jack and Gabs :(

  64. David King

    David Kingヶ月 前

    Dam they broke up

  65. David King

    David Kingヶ月 前

    I seen her with a new man on snap I wonder what happened

  66. Mason Devie

    Mason Devieヶ月 前

    Y you leave her

  67. D h

    D h23 日 前

    @KingRonnie she didn't calim that. she wasn't the one who spread the rumours.

  68. KingRonnie

    KingRonnie29 日 前

    I think she claimed he cheated on her, so she left him but he didnt cheat

  69. lianie hayes

    lianie hayesヶ月 前

    Uhm i have to admit it but i cried so hard

  70. Those Girls Anaiyah and Kyleigh

    Those Girls Anaiyah and Kyleighヶ月 前

    I actually have found someone we have been friends for a long time and he makes me laugh those tough day with my mom treating me so badly to points were I think about giving up just know there always another person that has a tough day too I hope you can find peace with yourself and find that someone that makes you smile like I did again I was treated so poorly by men in my life I only new how to trust myself intell I gave trust In one person and that person has been their for me and I can't thank him enough I just hope one day he knows how much he means to me I'm actually in the 9th grade I hope to graduate and I hope that my best friend is there to do it with me we have been friends just talking and I really never want to loose that bond but I hope that Jack finds that bond again I found one young man that I know that will not treat me badly like the other men in my life jack stay strong never give up☺️

  71. Emejli Balla

    Emejli Ballaヶ月 前

    Bish what happened??? Months have passed and i still don't know what happened

  72. KingRonnie

    KingRonnie29 日 前

    She said he cheated on her so she left him.. i think, but in another vid he said he never cheated on her

  73. Brooke Humphries

    Brooke Humphriesヶ月 前

    This is the nicest video about a breakup I’ve ever seen

  74. jorge karabashev

    jorge karabashevヶ月 前

    i cant and never understand this....i was crying trough the whole video,we all we'll miss you so much gabrielle and especially with jack being together,i wish you the best to both of you guys.....much love for you 2.

  75. Allison Thanh

    Allison Thanhヶ月 前

    have u guys noticed that ever scene he got another girlfriend they have been getting less views.

  76. Help a brother reach 1k

    Help a brother reach 1k26 日 前


  77. Vinh Le

    Vinh Leヶ月 前

    That was expected. People choose sides because they think 1 or the other are being jerks. It's less on Gab's channel because of a lot of manipulation and rumors.

  78. Isla Leyland

    Isla Leylandヶ月 前

    I don’t trust some videos and I don’t know what happened I’m crying and I don’t realize how this could happen to such a in love couple like u two would ever break up and some videos I can’t stand to watch because I don’t know what happened cause I wasn’t there so I don’t get how people are so fast to hate when they don’t know but still. I’m sorry for what happened but I’m in awe. So yea 😢

  79. weloveonedirection

    weloveonedirectionヶ月 前

    why did they broke up?

  80. KingRonnie

    KingRonnie29 日 前

    She thought he cheated on her... i think

  81. •yoi -chan•

    •yoi -chan•ヶ月 前

    Me realizing he has another gf and still supporting but crying cause I miss them together

  82. 2Kode

    2Kodeヶ月 前

    How long was I away bruh seen Gabriella had a different bf bruh.

  83. Isabella Rossi

    Isabella Rossiヶ月 前

    "Gabrielle is the greatest thing that ever happened to me and it will always be that way" The things he says about Gabrielle are so heartfelt and so passionate, I'm about to cry 😭

  84. Jaelene Barsztaitis

    Jaelene Barsztaitisヶ月 前

    I wish they were still together but I want him to be happy with whoever he’s with

  85. The Commander

    The Commanderヶ月 前

    What happened boys'

  86. Sofiebab

    Sofiebabヶ月 前

    I literally searched for their channel coz I didn't watch them for a while and I found this

  87. Help a brother reach 1k

    Help a brother reach 1k26 日 前

    Ikrrr 😓

  88. Cheng Ramirez

    Cheng Ramirezヶ月 前

    OMG ur Chanel just pop on my mind and this I'm going to discover huhuhu what happened ¿

  89. Fuzz 1810

    Fuzz 1810ヶ月 前

    I loved when you guys were together

  90. LunaHosts

    LunaHostsヶ月 前

    They have both been talking so good about each other in their videos, so why did they break up?!

  91. LunaHosts

    LunaHostsヶ月 前

    I stop watching you guys for a few months because I haven’t had JPreporter and this happens!! Holy crap nooooooo

  92. Grace #28

    Grace #28ヶ月 前

    🥺🥺 I’ve been watching old and new videos before this one and his eyes light up in this video more than the videos after this. This video made me cry and I still haven’t accepted their break up😫🥺😥

  93. Mel mar

    Mel marヶ月 前

    why did y'all break up :(

  94. Nicol

    Nicolヶ月 前

    This was my worst nightmare. When I used to watch your videos I just thought "do not ever break up".And after some time I forgot about this chanell and now that I'm back I'm so heartbroken. Love is so cruel it has no merci. I wish you two the best of the best 2020 can't get worst literally

  95. Minahil Sami Khan

    Minahil Sami Khanヶ月 前

    I REALLY REALLY REALLY want to believe that they WILL get back together SOMEhow, but his new relationship and new girlfriend just makes it SOOOOOO much harder....... And honestly, i just REALLY want them to break up. (sorry) Anyways, lets just hope they do get back together in the future. i really miss them.

  96. MAh q

    MAh q13 日 前

    A lot of people want them back together but I'm sorry but looks like that isn't gonna happen. Jack and Jaycee look really happy together so I don't there gonna break up anytime soon

  97. Tomboy Topic

    Tomboy Topicヶ月 前


  98. Lexi Ruiz Del Sol

    Lexi Ruiz Del Solヶ月 前

    Im bawling my eyes out😭 I truly wish the best for them both but I wish they were still together😢😢

  99. MartinTinklepoo

    MartinTinklepooヶ月 前

    who broke up with who? i think you and jaycee are great together💖

  100. Ella Vanorden

    Ella Vanordenヶ月 前

    This hits harder when u just got out of a relationship

  101. Dixie’s Stick

    Dixie’s Stickヶ月 前

    2020 is the worst year ever :(.......

  102. Dylan Martinez

    Dylan Martinezヶ月 前

    Me: well at least 2020 can't get any worse 2020:

  103. Chelbie Matthews

    Chelbie Matthewsヶ月 前

    My freakin heart man

  104. Help a brother reach 1k

    Help a brother reach 1k26 日 前

    Facts man

  105. FerNerdy

    FerNerdyヶ月 前

    Bro I miss you guys together, yea Jaycee is a great girl, but you guys were so good together and you seemed so much happier then than you do now

  106. Maria Banderas

    Maria Banderasヶ月 前

    Watching cause i miss them but happy he is happy always 💙

  107. Layla Taylor

    Layla Taylorヶ月 前

    Both of y’all just need space and to mature in the way you want then you guys will be back

  108. Skateboarding nut 1234

    Skateboarding nut 1234ヶ月 前

    He’s talking about her like she died haha 😂

  109. Jade Hammerle

    Jade Hammerleヶ月 前

    i miss them

  110. X y

    X yヶ月 前


  111. mohit kapoor

    mohit kapoorヶ月 前

    The main reason you break up?Tell us.

  112. MinGabyee E.

    MinGabyee E.ヶ月 前

    9:15 u can...not now, but u can- :-]

  113. Ayooitsjailz

    Ayooitsjailzヶ月 前

    I’m not crying you’re crying 😭😭



    Rubber duckey squad is still strong

  115. No Name

    No Nameヶ月 前

    I want to read the book but I didn´t get an email. Does anyone know a solution?

  116. Marcie Boden

    Marcie Bodenヶ月 前

    then why did you cheat

  117. breanne breanne

    breanne breanne23 日 前

    he didn’t :) watch his videos before you comment 😘

  118. Lol Ok

    Lol Okヶ月 前

    I remember not even watching their channel much, or even being a fan, but their relationship was amazing

  119. Reihaneh Sadeghi

    Reihaneh Sadeghiヶ月 前

    Oh goddddd I just notice you guys broke up ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I'm cryinnnnnnn

  120. Reihaneh Sadeghi

    Reihaneh Sadeghi日 前

    @Patriot _ اوکی شد دیگه

  121. Patriot _

    Patriot _3 日 前

    Gerye nakon dorost mishe ishala

  122. Miranda Schell

    Miranda Schellヶ月 前

    I’m glad you made a book about anxiety, i have generalized anxiety disorder and I am very happy that you decided to write a book about a topic many do not like talking about. It must be hard, I can’t imagine your situation but thank you for sharing it. I hope you’re healing and well.

  123. No Name

    No Nameヶ月 前

    Do you have access to the book? I didn´t get an email.

  124. Nikola Djokaj

    Nikola Djokajヶ月 前


  125. TristanDUHHH

    TristanDUHHHヶ月 前

    i know i’m a few months late but i hope you too find your ways to each other

  126. Audrey Gaal

    Audrey Gaalヶ月 前

    I miss squirt😢

  127. Madison Scarbrough

    Madison Scarbroughヶ月 前

    Why’d they break up?

  128. Eddie Melendez

    Eddie Melendezヶ月 前

    You can do what you want. We can’t control you. It isn’t our business. But I believe dating someone after a break up that was recent isn’t really healthy. But if your happy then okay. It’s gonna be difficult being without Gabrielle. If you really think she’s the one then maybe wait. It could be the right person at the wrong time. I’m not gonna incourage anything because then that would end in a result of you overthinking and then being overwhelmed. You do what you think is right and we’ll be behind you. To support you through whatever happens

  129. connie thomeczek

    connie thomeczekヶ月 前

    I’m so mad please get back together PLEASE

  130. Madem Emmastel adecras

    Madem Emmastel adecrasヶ月 前

    Im sad of wqt happened to u guys,but Jack this is all I've got to say,Gabriel is a unique and only one,u have to back and fix things give it another chance coz u both love each other...

  131. Saryna Phin

    Saryna Phin2 ヶ月 前

    Um how long was i gone for😃