A Day In The Life Of A Sushi Master • Tasty


  1. Aundrea Williams

    Aundrea Williams53 分 前

    He's so cute

  2. Underiz

    Underiz5 時間 前

    This is the question of my life... How do you chopstick rice?

  3. Madcatdave

    Madcatdave6 時間 前

    Wish I could go there. Seems like a blast.

  4. sushi me

    sushi me6 時間 前

    i cried in the end

  5. ham.blister

    ham.blister16 時間 前

    I know I should know this but I cannot remember the name to the classical song at the end of the video

  6. Nikola O'Connor

    Nikola O'Connor17 時間 前

    This guy looks like one punch man

  7. arrowofpatience

    arrowofpatience20 時間 前

    Impressive but what is left for personal time and a life outside of work, i.e. family and friends? $300 USD/person is a crazy amount to spend on food for one night, I'll stick to my $20 sushi I'm happy with lol

  8. nellies11

    nellies1120 時間 前

    Music over the top

  9. Mixalis Demetriou

    Mixalis Demetriou21 時間 前

    The evil within reference theme,i got you

  10. Fatur Rohman

    Fatur Rohman日 前


  11. matt dug

    matt dug日 前

    Sushi chefs kick ass

  12. Duecart

    Duecart日 前


  13. Philip  Eduward

    Philip Eduward日 前


  14. mindeater2

    mindeater2日 前

    I found their website. $300 per person drinks not included

  15. Erica D'Souza

    Erica D'Souza日 前


  16. Chizi Playz

    Chizi Playz日 前

    I have a strange feeling that this guys 5 knifes cost more than my house

  17. De LaMar

    De LaMar日 前

    I hope this guy makes a fortune with such a dedication and working hours.

  18. Jess Ss

    Jess Ss日 前

    So dedicated! Very inspiring.

  19. Hage Ankha

    Hage Ankha2 日 前

    💓truly inspiring.

  20. thanh Doan

    thanh Doan2 日 前

    Seriously? He's finished his job at 1:30pm and go to bed at 2pm. Then he wake up at 8h30 am. Dude, life is so hard

  21. felipe costa

    felipe costa日 前

    He is only doing that because he WANT'S to, You would do the same if you loved your job

  22. Amber Moon

    Amber Moon2 日 前

    This is the epitome of the phrase "Love what you do and it won't be work" this guys freaking phenomenal! If I ever have a chance, I would be honored to eat your sushi

  23. GEO Savarese

    GEO Savarese2 日 前

    Love the guy. Wonder if he'll ever have a wife & kids.

  24. felipe costa

    felipe costa日 前

    He will, It's tradition to have kids to continue your work

  25. Saltee Sushee

    Saltee Sushee2 日 前

    He kinda looks like if Saitama from One Punch Man became a sushi master instead of a hero. Then again, sushi is the hero of my taste buds....

  26. Mariyah Warren

    Mariyah Warren2 日 前

    Is sushi good ?😱

  27. Kelly Martinez

    Kelly Martinez3 日 前

    *one punch man is that you?*

  28. din diny

    din diny3 日 前

    His dedication is amazing👍👍👍

  29. Shay

    Shay3 日 前

    bruh he looks 17 what do you mean been working for 20 years

  30. felipe costa

    felipe costa日 前

    He's healthy, That's why he looks 20 when he is 35

  31. Derp ToTheMax

    Derp ToTheMax3 日 前

    Why is he speaking japanese the whole time? I thought he came from FL no?

  32. Dane Pacheco

    Dane Pacheco4 日 前

    Indiana Jones had entered the chat

  33. Chef Javed

    Chef Javed4 日 前

    Guys watch my new video for learning how to fillet Norwagian Salmon Fish jpreporter.net/v/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-HMWE_kztzrU.html

  34. Scasian

    Scasian4 日 前

    those portions absolutely not enough for me

  35. Dharmveer Kumar

    Dharmveer Kumar4 日 前

    Saitama : Nani 😨😨

  36. Daniel harris

    Daniel harris4 日 前

    I love Japan

  37. Random Denny

    Random Denny4 日 前

    Master.. you dont get enough rest but you still somehow looks very young and healthy! Ive been doing sushi for almost 13yrs i understand the hard work that goes into it! Mad respect to you, sir🙏🏼💪🏼👍🏼

  38. Techno HB

    Techno HB4 日 前

    If gordan ramsey visit this resturant: “ disgusting” 😂😂😂

  39. Whyinem

    Whyinem4 日 前

    That team is dedicated to providing a quality product everytime

  40. Sycorax

    Sycorax5 日 前

    He trained so hard his hair starting to fall out

  41. Jumbo

    Jumbo5 日 前

    Saitama ?

  42. xvc00

    xvc005 日 前

    not fresh, frozen XD

  43. Kamijo Touma

    Kamijo Touma5 日 前

    That’s true passion right there

  44. Heidrick Sibayan

    Heidrick Sibayan5 日 前

    Gordon Ramsay:it's raw.

  45. Gianluca Morelli

    Gianluca Morelli5 日 前

    boring life

  46. aces541

    aces5415 日 前

    so when do you go to the gym?

  47. ᘻαʂɧɪ

    ᘻαʂɧɪ5 日 前


  48. Lyv

    Lyv5 日 前

    in the sushi area he looks like sushi saitama but outside he looks like a regular nice guy and that's sweet

  49. Czecher86

    Czecher866 日 前

    dislikes from poor ppl ,cant afford it :)

  50. Jessica Corbin

    Jessica Corbin6 日 前

    This was amazing to see! "Tomorrow, I will do my best again". I wish we all had this mindset.

  51. Deon Leok

    Deon Leok6 日 前

    such a genuine video

  52. Protherium

    Protherium6 日 前

    ... meanwhile our Western *Millennials* are sitting around in their safe-spaces, demanding free sh*t and crying and shaking because someone mis-gendered them.... As a Japanese chef, you undergo hardcore training, you get pushed around, do unpaid work overtime, one single imperfection and your Master may throw your dish into your face. Master doesn't care about your feelings, do better, try harder, only PERFECTION is what counts, not your soggy face and worthless opinions.

  53. Zakaria Sama

    Zakaria Sama6 日 前

    Open restaurant 6 P.M ?And only have 2 customer?

  54. James Sigmond II

    James Sigmond II5 日 前

    No u

  55. Aayush Pokhrel

    Aayush Pokhrel6 日 前

    That fish is raw? Whaat?

  56. Pu Pu

    Pu Pu3 日 前

    There is grade that fish can be eaten.

  57. Dr. Zeus

    Dr. Zeus6 日 前

    Finally i can see the Ancient One

  58. ed damude

    ed damude6 日 前


  59. Jean Reotutar

    Jean Reotutar6 日 前


  60. かめい

    かめい6 日 前

    戦いには何よりも準備が大事。 客の目の前で握って見せるのは寿司屋の花形だけど、それ以前の仕込みの重要度は握る動作と同等以上と思う。 この人はそれをよく分かってる人だね。 丁寧な仕事をする真面目な料理人だと思う。

  61. Sofia's Secret

    Sofia's Secret7 日 前

    wow this is dude is the perfect example of total dedication. WoW

  62. Ahmed Rashid

    Ahmed Rashid7 日 前

    Didnt know that one punch man had a restaurant

  63. lorenzo

    lorenzo7 日 前

    This is amazing... This is almost emotional.

  64. RainOfPonder

    RainOfPonder7 日 前

    I feel such deep admiration and respect for both the chef and the person behind the chef. However, my stomach also feels a deep hunger for his beautiful and delicious looking food!

  65. Seef Nawar

    Seef Nawar7 日 前

    Just a muslim scrolling down the videos bored and then this happens ok sushi in ramadan why does every food video just come out in ramadan seriously xD

  66. Protherium

    Protherium6 日 前

    *_why does every food video just come out in ramadan seriously xD_* Because God is testing you! Religios fast = sacrifice, that's how it works in all relgions.

  67. Vincent Graziano

    Vincent Graziano7 日 前

    So he wakes up at 8:30 am, gets to work by 9:30am, then gets home at 2am? I find that hard to believe

  68. Protherium

    Protherium6 日 前

    Google "karoshi". Yep, that's the work ethics of Japan.

  69. lexwaldez

    lexwaldez7 日 前

    The words artisan and artist don't quite cover it. Seeing the whole story - there's some spiritual in his dedication. I have little doubt there would be tears in my eyes walking out of that restaurant after a seating.

  70. RetroYT

    RetroYT7 日 前

    10:15 "It make me feel peacefull, and I tell my self, "Tomorrow, I will do my best again." Is this guy a sushi master or a wisdom teacher? Man, I'm inspired to do my best everytime now.

  71. The Engineer

    The Engineer7 日 前

    the dedication and the hard work..Japanese people are amazing.

  72. Sandra Iessa

    Sandra Iessa7 日 前

    alright so after all the tasting where is the meal??

  73. Kaan Akkaş

    Kaan Akkaş7 日 前

    adam tam bir one punch man

  74. Bustami Sam

    Bustami Sam7 日 前

    wow you prepared your restaurant since morning and it only for diner time it was amazing

  75. Daiki Cipolloni

    Daiki Cipolloni8 日 前

    Anyone knows the music that comes at 8:41?

  76. Mark Louie

    Mark Louie7 日 前

    Debussy - Claire de lune

  77. Memo C.R.P.V

    Memo C.R.P.V8 日 前

    i watched this on mute and really enjoyed it

  78. Full Fat Boy

    Full Fat Boy8 日 前

    saitama is that you??

  79. Adi Padli

    Adi Padli8 日 前

    Di thumbnail nya gw kirain UUS :v

  80. CheezeyWizzz

    CheezeyWizzz8 日 前

    He gives the interview in Japanese, but writes his menu in english?

  81. kwnstantinos slk

    kwnstantinos slk8 日 前

    Yeah i agree he s dedicated and doin the best for his customers but why isnt he wearing gloves everyone?

  82. cyservic

    cyservic8 日 前

    wow !!

  83. Strikinqq

    Strikinqq8 日 前

    pftt and u thought shoulin monks are deadly

  84. Stimpy ace

    Stimpy ace9 日 前

    OPN irl but seriously respect

  85. MistakeLearned

    MistakeLearned9 日 前

    Stop reading comments and go and begin the journey to mastering something. One life. Use it.

  86. Cody Spitz

    Cody Spitz9 日 前

    Im curious how many customers they have a night and the cost, if they buy fresh fish from other side of the world daily??? Just shipping is absurdly expensive

  87. Duy Nguyen Le Dong

    Duy Nguyen Le Dong8 日 前

    Cody Spitz prob 300 400$ per person , so about 16 guess a day

  88. Takumii

    Takumii9 日 前

    Perfection > Completion

  89. Bustomi Alrasyid

    Bustomi Alrasyid9 日 前

    Omg the student of housen gakuen is real

  90. Nathan Chen

    Nathan Chen9 日 前

    he looks like saitama

  91. Gandhira Seisha

    Gandhira Seisha9 日 前

    He was like porn japanese actor with that baldhead LOL

  92. Thijs de Boer

    Thijs de Boer9 日 前

    Wait this guy is at least in his 40's!?

  93. Ali Kourani

    Ali Kourani9 日 前

    He sounds like hes a main character in an anime

  94. joão lucas santos couto

    joão lucas santos couto9 日 前

    8:39 song of godzilla 2

  95. Excremation

    Excremation9 日 前

    An absolute master craftsman.

  96. saitama From opm

    saitama From opm10 日 前

    what was the name of the song in the credits

  97. Katerina Pappa

    Katerina Pappa10 日 前

    They completely ripped off "Chef's Table" (Netflix series) style...

  98. John Doe

    John Doe10 日 前

    He basically works 25/8

  99. Vân Minh Nguyễn

    Vân Minh Nguyễn10 日 前

    He so handsome 😍

  100. Elana Lawson

    Elana Lawson10 日 前

    His food looks good but the portions are soooooo small >.< I know it's delicious so I would be like, 'Can I have a second helping PLEASE?!'

  101. Trypods æ

    Trypods æ10 日 前

    Saitama Sushi-Man

  102. H C

    H C10 日 前

    Even if it's pricey his clients are mostly japanese who misses the authenticity of Japanese food

  103. lee kaa

    lee kaa10 日 前

    I want an anime about sushi masters!

  104. Julian Bainbridge

    Julian Bainbridge10 日 前

    $325 PER PERSON

  105. Francis Inghels

    Francis Inghels10 日 前


  106. Alli Okmance

    Alli Okmance10 日 前

    That bow at 08:39 is priceless. I will definitely visit this restaurant when I’m in New York.

  107. Lucas Perälä

    Lucas Perälä11 日 前

    Japanese people are really working hard

  108. UnreaLz Hussote

    UnreaLz Hussote11 日 前

    Wtf, this guy make me a better man, just with a vidéo about him...

  109. G.G구독안하면 찾아갈꺼양

    G.G구독안하면 찾아갈꺼양11 日 前