A Day In The Life Of A Sushi Master • Tasty


  1. Forever Student

    Forever Student2 時間 前

    Saitama found a new hobby! Good for him.

  2. 遙.

    遙.3 時間 前

    なんだこのクソつまらない人生w 料理の修行してるけどこんな感じにはなりたくねぇ

  3. Zuviox

    Zuviox3 時間 前

    Imagine being a fish and having to dodge predators like sharks and other bigger fish and you finally get caught by a human with a net. Only to be called a failure by a sushi chef 😂

  4. Lin Jeremy

    Lin Jeremy6 時間 前


  5. a a

    a a7 時間 前


  6. Saluted Firestarter

    Saluted Firestarter20 時間 前

    He starts really early, and finishes really late, he also does so much to prepare and cook. He has God’s respects

  7. D.P Utama

    D.P Utama日 前

    Give this guy some code, he will bring a samurai and become cold. Blood assasin

  8. Spades

    Spades日 前

    Smallest penis in all the land

  9. 나가세요

    나가세요日 前

    사이타마 거기서 뭐하냐

  10. Rajwaa

    Rajwaa日 前

    Dude i've been watching this video many times and i never got bored

  11. Kalle Klæp

    Kalle Klæp日 前

    That's a real master of his craft. The way he sharpens and handles his knives show me he learned an important thing everyone should learn...you can't deliver top-notch work with miserable tools.

  12. Top Dawg

    Top Dawg日 前

    Getting Shokugeki vibes from this.

  13. love t-

    love t-日 前


  14. Berlian N. L.

    Berlian N. L.2 日 前

    the part when he bowed to the customer....that was not okie for my heart...

  15. ゼン・グレイガン

    ゼン・グレイガン2 日 前

    開店の時間が遅いのにびっくりした。 そこまでの時間全部仕込みってほんとにすごい

  16. Dev's Point of View

    Dev's Point of View2 日 前

    come to india we'll give u so many flavours that i bet it tastes better than raw fish and rice, ps.. no disrespect for food,japan, tradition, or this man, :)

  17. Jeff

    Jeff3 日 前

    I am in love with Benny Yin...:)

  18. NieR

    NieR3 日 前


  19. Amit Kumar

    Amit Kumar3 日 前

    I am not working hard enough.

  20. kt7896

    kt78963 日 前


  21. TheBrabon1

    TheBrabon13 日 前

    over 300 bux per person better come with a happy ending

  22. Frankie G

    Frankie G3 日 前


  23. Broussaille

    Broussaille4 日 前

    I don't even like sushis, I'm here because of youtube's suggestion, and I loved watching this.

  24. Shaurya

    Shaurya4 日 前

    Sushi master : What can i get you? Me : Hattori Hanzo.

  25. GDSD

    GDSD3 日 前

    Bill kill sht right there

  26. PewDiePie ll

    PewDiePie ll4 日 前

    9 am to 1 am? Such a long shift!

  27. Muhammad Arfiandi Dharmawan

    Muhammad Arfiandi Dharmawan5 日 前

    Whats the title of last piano songs ?

  28. Gacha Todoroki

    Gacha Todoroki5 日 前

    Sushi master: I talk to my fish Me: When you don’t have any friends

  29. Shaumik Kanvinde

    Shaumik Kanvinde5 日 前

    He looks like Saitama

  30. Vincent Valentine

    Vincent Valentine5 日 前

    Japan's work ethics, culture and people are hands down one of the greatest in our world. But damn I gotta say that thing's really expensive but after watching this vid, I guess every penny you spent is worth.

  31. 21 Wixew

    21 Wixew5 日 前

    0:09 "Héj Józsikám" "Gyuri mond he" :) xD

  32. DC

    DC5 日 前

    it cost around 300 dollars a head to eat here

  33. Ekky Chan

    Ekky Chan5 日 前

    Saitama, is that you??

  34. KKKM

    KKKM6 日 前

    6:40 Beautiful!!!

  35. Work Phone

    Work Phone6 日 前

    Meanwhile he was born in China and he is faking his Japaneseness all the way up. 🙈 Joking 🤣 Japan rocks 👌🏻👍🏻🤘🏻

  36. Ebony Vortex

    Ebony Vortex5 日 前

    Work Phone tf kinda joke

  37. Gab Nimations

    Gab Nimations6 日 前

    You see genos.

  38. Lee Alex

    Lee Alex6 日 前

    So epic when he put on that apron. Reminded me of Saitama

  39. kurunai Shiron

    kurunai Shiron6 日 前

    The hospitality towards his customer is 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  40. J G

    J G6 日 前


  41. Leon Chen

    Leon Chen7 日 前

    One punch man

  42. Adam Loveless

    Adam Loveless7 日 前

    THAT is work ethic 101

  43. Rob Tran

    Rob Tran7 日 前

    Great video I smiled when he put on his chef coat and said now bizxnesd begins.and Chopin kudos

  44. Selfproclaimedgod

    Selfproclaimedgod8 日 前

    He bowed to the customers who weren’t even looking at him, jezus thats something

  45. Kevin Zhong

    Kevin Zhong4 日 前


  46. *Pure Alolan* *Water*

    *Pure Alolan* *Water*8 日 前

    this man is dedicated and deserves a whole lot of respect この男は献身的で尊敬の念をそそります

  47. 4kay Way

    4kay Way8 日 前

    8 am - 1 am can anyone cover me? Lmaoo what that’s insane

  48. やまこうゲーム実況【9月迄登録者数100目標】

    やまこうゲーム実況【9月迄登録者数100目標】8 日 前

    外国の方にたくさん見られてて、嬉しいなぁ 日本食の繊細さがよく分かると思います

  49. Toby Stokes

    Toby Stokes8 日 前

    If he’s so bloody good at being a sushi chef, perhaps he could wind his fecking ego in and work with local fish that don’t need to be flown all the way round the world everyday. This is why the planet is dying.... dickheads flying 20 fish around the world everyday. #4fuxake

  50. dei mei

    dei mei8 日 前

    He look like Saitama

  51. 麦茶太郎

    麦茶太郎9 日 前


  52. Rubit Rub it

    Rubit Rub it9 日 前


  53. Heroviusss

    Heroviusss9 日 前

    sushi is my all time favorite food, and I'd like to see this guy cook for me everyday! LOL

  54. Sam Shepherd

    Sam Shepherd9 日 前

    I love good sushi. It’s truly an art and amazing when done right and the taste is phenomenal. Thanks chef.

  55. Gustavo Torriane

    Gustavo Torriane9 日 前

    Legal. Mas é muita frescura só pra comer peixe cru.

  56. cosworth166

    cosworth16610 日 前

    he deserves every cent, he earns it respectfully, as a business owner myself, its hats off to this guy

  57. チャカシン

    チャカシン10 日 前

    で、何歳ですか? How old are you?

  58. Isi Fax

    Isi Fax10 日 前

    "I have no choice but to be successful for everyone who have helped me" Just learnt a great lesson. Thank u chef. *bows

  59. Kankoro Bakoro

    Kankoro Bakoro10 日 前

    What the fuck he is saying he's been doing sushi for 20 years? So when he was born he's already killing fish?

  60. Procopio Domingo

    Procopio Domingo10 日 前

    4:35 Does that mean he has non-japanese staff? He writes the menu in english. edit: Should have watched up to the end. It's in New york.

  61. Mutsumi-623

    Mutsumi-62310 日 前

    The last 20 years?! That guy looks 20 years old!! Sushi is the secret to eternal youth!!

  62. Libertad o muerte

    Libertad o muerte10 日 前

    If some day of my life I go to NY I swear I’ll eat there Don’t care about 300 this thing is totally worth it

  63. Connor Axon

    Connor Axon11 日 前

    I want him as my boss

  64. Mrs Smith Erwin's

    Mrs Smith Erwin's11 日 前

    Wow!!!!!!!!!!! I'm speechless




  66. un_holy_ mortal

    un_holy_ mortal11 日 前

    Saitama from food wars

  67. Billy Mak

    Billy Mak11 日 前

    This chef deserves a better lunch

  68. Adalberto Sampaio

    Adalberto Sampaio11 日 前

    I think it is nice to take a breake......proceeds to take a mandatory breake in the rest of the world.......as if having breakes to them is a friggin obligation.

  69. RyRick

    RyRick11 日 前

    Gordon Ramsey:bet this restaurant is going to be like the rest of them. Gordon after: ok so I kinda underestimated him 😬

  70. esmerke mistky

    esmerke mistky11 日 前

    I prefer hamburger to sushi because sushi is not full

  71. Aidan Patman-Clark

    Aidan Patman-Clark12 日 前

    I know where I'm getting dinner tomorrow

  72. Aidan Patman-Clark

    Aidan Patman-Clark12 日 前

    I know where I'm getting dinner today

  73. Spencer Givens

    Spencer Givens12 日 前

    I want to go to this place soooo bad

  74. RaveGaming Channel

    RaveGaming Channel12 日 前


  75. D D

    D D12 日 前

    So inspiring.

  76. Vladimire Mason

    Vladimire Mason12 日 前

    Yeah...........but that pizza ranch buffet.....

  77. OhYeAh

    OhYeAh12 日 前

    Looks like one punch man

  78. jouke van beers

    jouke van beers13 日 前

    The bow at the end got me

  79. James Lee

    James Lee13 日 前

    They really hit you with the Claire de Lune

  80. arif kurniawan

    arif kurniawan13 日 前

    Are you not wearing hand gloves....are that food higyne with open hand 🤔🤔

  81. Kolli Wanne

    Kolli Wanne10 日 前

    This is an exclusive service. The chef is responsible to be clean, and since its fresh service its not a problem. You put your hand to your mouth without washing it several times per day. This is probably more higyne than our daily life.

  82. Silver Ranger

    Silver Ranger13 日 前

    Saitama Sensei 🤔

  83. Amanda Panda

    Amanda Panda13 日 前

    Okay, Hold on!!! Who else thinks That, His Shop should be reviewed by Gordon Ramsay? Like on his show Hell’s Kitchen, it’s about reviewing food and the quality and how it tastes, And most of the restaurants ingredients are Fresh but his fish is and so is the rice ( because it was cooked Right there)

  84. Amanda Panda

    Amanda Panda13 日 前

    Other restaurants aren’t fresh ingredients^*

  85. poy poy

    poy poy13 日 前

    Big respect to him!!