1. Random Person

    Random Person22 分 前

    If sia was black..

  2. Andre Amilliou

    Andre Amilliou時間 前

    The way That Butler dude be looking at you make you want to confess what you've done recently

  3. Sans Mans

    Sans Mans2 時間 前

    1.75 Speed

  4. mr.mcnut

    mr.mcnut3 時間 前

    this the same mansion in playboi carti what

  5. G H O S T B O Y

    G H O S T B O Y3 時間 前

    Qual a brisa desse cara ?

  6. JW Vlogs

    JW Vlogs4 時間 前

    This is a masterpiece I’m glad Tyler has been sticking out from these copy and paste basic ass rappers that rap about the same thing I like how he raps about something different and instead of each of his albums feeling like a song they feel like a movie and each song is a scene and each album is a new movie

  7. Beatriz Mota

    Beatriz Mota5 時間 前

    All of my personalities appreciate tyler

  8. Moltisanti

    Moltisanti5 時間 前

    on god this nigga Tylers a super faggot

  9. ドラ4 2 0 新 ドラゴン.

    ドラ4 2 0 新 ドラゴン.5 時間 前

    A BOY IS A GUN* *Tyler is the gun

  10. Avereks

    Avereks6 時間 前

    I love how, unlike other musicians he acknowledges the lgbt community.

  11. dem6nch1ld

    dem6nch1ld8 時間 前

    who is that girl shes so fucking pretty tf

  12. walodzia e2

    walodzia e28 時間 前

    Tyler should have own tv chanel,and be presenter of the shows on it,shit he could even be all contestants.

  13. Cam Whitney

    Cam Whitney11 時間 前

    after running a mile in gym class Me: 0:30

  14. King Koichi

    King Koichi16 時間 前


  15. Leighton Hanning

    Leighton Hanning19 時間 前

    Just saw this live tonight. holy fkn shit fire. Dancing like MJ took a bullet

  16. K Hogan

    K Hogan21 時間 前

    Gone from doing songs like 'yonkers' and out shining the game on his own track to making weird ass shit like this 😑

  17. gaming with Dante

    gaming with Dante21 時間 前

    The Portland concert was amazing

  18. Tilly Marie

    Tilly Marie22 時間 前

    When Tyler comes through wit a song i didn't know i fkn NEEDED

  19. Xhxpexedits Yoll

    Xhxpexedits Yoll23 時間 前

    Why is everybody in this video so pretty.Man I feel ugly

  20. rafee

    rafee日 前

    gay ass nigga

  21. Hydrocity Cruiser

    Hydrocity Cruiser日 前

    some days when I’m really horny and emotional I like to listen to this song

  22. Gerald Kline

    Gerald Kline日 前

    someone told me to watch the video from a racial perspective.... ps. PEEP THE BUTLER BLACK PEOPLE

  23. Tohunga Uwishin

    Tohunga Uwishin日 前

    He's not gay, he just likes to have his shit pushed it.

  24. slincide

    slincide日 前

    anyone knows the IG of the male model?

  25. TheOneAndOnly José

    TheOneAndOnly José日 前

    Tyler out here making telenovelas

  26. Young Dagger dick

    Young Dagger dick日 前

    He should make a cologne

  27. Ricardo

    Ricardo日 前

    Who else is scared to poop at school 👇🏼

  28. Jackson

    Jackson日 前


  29. aloha, it’s asiii

    aloha, it’s asiii日 前

    can this song please be in euphoria 😭🙌🏾💕😊

  30. mark01332

    mark01332日 前

    1:53 when your mum says be home at midnight and you get in at 1 😂

  31. quinoa

    quinoa日 前

    this is super fucking homoerotic man

  32. Montana Hickman

    Montana Hickman日 前

    Sia really out here pulling reverse Michele Jackson

  33. The Goff Sister

    The Goff Sister日 前

    We not just going to talk about how tyler has dem cakes 🎂 🍰

  34. ravenarwal

    ravenarwal日 前

    What genre is this?

  35. Raj singh

    Raj singh日 前

    Category: pets and animals

  36. big boy

    big boy2 日 前

    Im sure everyone is aware by now but 2:06 tron cat chord, which is also present on Sometimes... if I'm not mistaken huge tyler faggot, that's me

  37. big boy

    big boy日 前

    @Melancholic perhaps

  38. Melancholic

    Melancholic日 前

    Maybe an underlying hint that Wolf Haley still lurking in the shadows, either that or he reuses assets and im being an overanalyzing fag

  39. Winston Tingle

    Winston Tingle2 日 前

    The cinematography and colours remind me a lot of Wes Anderson’s work

  40. EbonyAbraxas

    EbonyAbraxas2 日 前

    that white dick must hit different

  41. baby gorl

    baby gorl2 日 前

    shoot, shoot me please

  42. V 6

    V 62 日 前

    Remember when jayden smith was blonde and said " Tyler the creator is my best friend but...TYLER IS MY MOTHERFUCK*NG BOYFRIEND FOR MY ALL LIFE!!!" ?? 😩😸😸

  43. zoe pancake

    zoe pancake2 日 前

    Broughht to you by gucci bloom

  44. Dawson Skinner

    Dawson Skinner2 日 前

    this may be the greatest artistic development of our generation

  45. Gerald Steven

    Gerald Steven2 日 前

    3:26 is beautiful

  46. Random Chicken nugget

    Random Chicken nugget2 日 前

    Quick question.... do people still wear new balance because i got some pink ones and I don’t know if there in style??????🌚🌚🌚

  47. Jettt Angel

    Jettt Angel2 日 前

    This was incredibly fun to watch

  48. Mugen

    Mugen2 日 前

    That heart ring is cool

  49. Berry Mode

    Berry Mode2 日 前

    Your music sucks. Your style is garbage. Uses the N word like an idiot, and has white people hair. But your beef with Eminem brought me here so I guess it's smart to call him out cuz I've never heard of you.

  50. Melancholic

    Melancholic日 前

    Of course you eminem stans never shut the fuck up. Your favorite artist is overrun and tries to imitate his older era of slim shady when his 50 year old ass doesn't realize that shit lost its charm a decade ago and you white shitheads try to suck and ride his bandwagon dick so much y'all will attack any artist eminem had some beef with. Y'all are genuinely pathetic

  51. Teresa Avalos

    Teresa Avalos2 日 前

    1:56 6 year old me after arguing with my mom

  52. caroline

    caroline2 日 前

    its been 6 years tyler we deserve to see that blurred clip from tamale

  53. Arrielle Garrett

    Arrielle Garrett2 日 前

    Why tf yo ex here??!?! I felt that👀👀👀👀🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️😒😒😒😒

  54. Booghost23

    Booghost232 日 前

    I mean everyone saying Tyler is gay here but you realize he’s playing a character in this video right? Like even if he was gay this music video is some weak proof.

  55. Michael Lopez

    Michael Lopez時間 前

    people are gay, Greg

  56. K

    K2 日 前

    "even if he was gay" please tell me you're trolling and not just this dumb

  57. jmsrh _

    jmsrh _2 日 前

    The denial is astounding.

  58. JesseTD

    JesseTD2 日 前

    Wes Anderson ish..

  59. tcekamper

    tcekamper2 日 前

    Playboi Carti X UnoTheActivist “What”

  60. Christopher Collins

    Christopher Collins2 日 前

    Tyler the Creator's Blank Space.

  61. ♡ Jina

    ♡ Jina2 日 前

    i just love how category says Pets & Animals lol

  62. A vicious Little queen

    A vicious Little queen2 日 前

    Tyler isn't gay, he just likes dick.

  63. 1,000 subscribers with no videos

    1,000 subscribers with no videos2 日 前

    This song was made on my 15th birthday

  64. a e s t h e t i c

    a e s t h e t i c3 日 前

    Category: 𝖕𝖊𝖙𝖘 𝖆𝖓𝖉 𝖆𝖓𝖎𝖒𝖆𝖑𝖘

  65. bruh

    bruh3 日 前

    These shots are incredible holy shit

  66. zeewilddoubleu

    zeewilddoubleu3 日 前

    damn Sia's boyfriend hella hot

  67. cheo cake

    cheo cake3 日 前

    Compares his ring too cardi B's 😂😂😂