#99: Derrick Henry (RB, Titans) | Top 100 Players of 2019 | NFL


  1. Gary Pritchett

    Gary Pritchett15 時間 前

    Roll Tide!

  2. Lee Watkins

    Lee Watkins日 前

    Lets be REALISTIC that defense was not trying Derek shouldn't have made the list in my eyes

  3. Slim Jesus

    Slim Jesus2 日 前

    "It was prolly THE best running play I've ever seen in my entire life." Boi staph it

  4. Gabriel Wernig

    Gabriel Wernig5 日 前

    Y’all think his arm was tired after that 99 yard run 😉

  5. Tony Appleton

    Tony Appleton8 日 前

    Beast TITAN UP

  6. Connor Bergeron

    Connor Bergeron12 日 前

    Saints fan here, I was watching that jaguars game this dude's insane lmao

  7. pirkkala

    pirkkala13 日 前

    That jags td is such a joke lol, people werent even trying to tackle him

  8. Iron Man Gaming

    Iron Man Gaming13 日 前

    He had a 99 yard td run so this makes sense

  9. SlamClamBigelow

    SlamClamBigelow14 日 前

    Coincidental that Henry ran for a 99 yard TD and he's #99 on the top 100?

  10. Emmanuel-John Turner

    Emmanuel-John Turner15 日 前

    Man, the athletes today are just ridiculous. To have the speed he has and be as big as he is... it's just ridiculous.

  11. ramonmonch

    ramonmonch15 日 前

    Would you rather have him or Chandler jones

  12. XD_Trist

    XD_Trist15 日 前

    Ranked 99 for his 99 yd TD.

  13. Shaquille Oatmeal

    Shaquille Oatmeal17 日 前

    Titan Up #Playoffs

  14. Ethan Kerr

    Ethan Kerr18 日 前

    Higher or lower

  15. Luke Erhart

    Luke Erhart19 日 前

    Wow is he here but Mixon isn’t

  16. Slice YT

    Slice YT19 日 前

    ima jags fan and i felt embarrassed at that moment

  17. Scuba Steve

    Scuba Steve19 日 前

    Derrick Henry was terrible this year. Wow

  18. G Grace - Bama Boy

    G Grace - Bama Boy19 日 前

    Use him and we destroy defenses. Bet anybody!

  19. Eric Tovar

    Eric Tovar19 日 前

    He's a stud

  20. tommy gordon

    tommy gordon19 日 前

    I’m sorry but Derrick Henry does not belong on this list. He’s at LEAST the 8 12th best RB last year.

  21. Victor Garza

    Victor Garza20 日 前

    Reminds me of Garrison Hearst's run vs the Jets

  22. Cheerioss -

    Cheerioss -20 日 前

    chill it wasn’t the best run it was and cool and all but he got carried away

  23. a b

    a b20 日 前

    I'm sorry but this guy has to be top 50

  24. Big Kerv

    Big Kerv20 日 前

    The new beast mode?

  25. Ryan Rogers

    Ryan Rogers21 日 前

    You got Derrick Henry, James Conner, Phillip Lindsay, Mark Ingram in the top 100 but not Mixon? foh

  26. Sam Petraglia

    Sam Petraglia21 日 前

    He’s no AP

  27. Jason Tuscaloosa

    Jason Tuscaloosa21 日 前

    Roll Tide

  28. Serious Legend

    Serious Legend21 日 前

    Only thing stiffer than his stiff arm is his hair

  29. Ronnie Jones / R2J

    Ronnie Jones / R2J21 日 前

    As fantasy owners let's all hope he gets the numbers in the 1st half of the season and not just the 2nd half of the season.

  30. greek empire

    greek empire22 日 前

    number 99 and he ran 99 yards i see what you did there NFL

  31. Luke St. Peter

    Luke St. Peter22 日 前

    Who else noticed he was #99 and he had a 99 yard rushing touchdown. Illuminati confirmed. 😱

  32. WasteOfOxygen

    WasteOfOxygen21 日 前

    Luke St. Peter one thing I noticed was how you stole that comment

  33. Benjamin Farias

    Benjamin Farias22 日 前

    I love the Titans announcer.

  34. boom awesome

    boom awesome22 日 前

    I am kinda mad at this dude I drafted him in fantasy and he sucked the first 8 games I cut him then he started balling out

  35. Steve Bernal

    Steve Bernal22 日 前

    His stiff arm rating needs to be 99 in Madden

  36. Santino Tupou

    Santino Tupou23 日 前

    Alabama Roll Tide Great

  37. Deven Mellor

    Deven Mellor23 日 前

    Ranked too low.. Coming from a jags fan

  38. Aaron

    Aaron21 日 前


  39. Lex Content

    Lex Content23 日 前

    99 because 99 yard touchdown

  40. Jerome Stith

    Jerome Stith23 日 前

    The scary thing is he barely has any mileage on his legs. He gonna be top 5 this yr I bet.

  41. Jerome Stith

    Jerome Stith23 日 前

    G S yes I remember which was why I was so surprised, they brought in Murray. I had thought for sure when they let Sankey go he was gonna be the #1 back. In Murray’s second year there I believe Henry’s av year was more, when Murray was injured and came back i for sure thought Henry was gonna keep the job, but good in him, he didn’t seem to be frustrated or mad at the coaches. I’m not a titans fan but I like Henry.

  42. G S

    G S23 日 前

    Actually he was run HARD in college at alabama. He was a powerhouse. I think the first couple years playing backup was good for him. The reason he fell so far in the draft had a lot to do with how much he was used in college

  43. Is Az

    Is Az24 日 前

    He's gonna takeover soon. Eagles fan

  44. Jack Martinez

    Jack Martinez24 日 前

    This a little disrespect ngl

  45. Brytan William

    Brytan William24 日 前

    he had one good game

  46. Tanner Aitken

    Tanner Aitken24 日 前

    He shouldn't be in the top 100

  47. Kevin Sullivan

    Kevin Sullivan24 日 前

    It’s effective but he has the weirdest running style it’s so upright

  48. Erix Castaneda

    Erix Castaneda24 日 前

    I'd trade Zeke for Derrick Henry right now.

  49. ASavageProduction

    ASavageProduction22 日 前

    You’d get fired

  50. TitansRB

    TitansRB24 日 前

    My boy is a savage..This year he goin crazy 🚜🚜🚜🚜 #TitanUp

  51. NatanelYaHu

    NatanelYaHu24 日 前

    Well let's see who though this would be better the Ezikel Elliot. Be honest.

  52. Chrome Child

    Chrome Child24 日 前

    He's about to explode this season.

  53. Drew The Drip Lord

    Drew The Drip Lord24 日 前

    Dm was taking his carries thats why he was slept on. He can be top 10 or top 5 rb if he gets the opportunity.

  54. Aaron Rhodes

    Aaron Rhodes24 日 前

    will be top 20 next year

  55. Kevyn Battle

    Kevyn Battle25 日 前

    didnt he only have one good game ? lol

  56. Damon Richardson

    Damon Richardson25 日 前

    This guy ruined my Fantasy Season I swear. I drafted him and had him all yr. Played him a bunch and he stunk it up over 10-11 games. Leave him on the bench for the Fantasy Playoffs and he has over 200 yds w/ 3-4 TDs.

  57. T pose

    T pose25 日 前

    Why Robert woods look like ur gay cousin

  58. Everything

    Everything25 日 前

    "He DeSeVrES HigHEr" how people say to every player XD

  59. Jharden22

    Jharden2225 日 前

    2:03 Mariota with the block on Olgetree

  60. N. Willy48

    N. Willy4825 日 前

    Way too low, should be too 10 at least

  61. kevin tran

    kevin tran25 日 前

    Man went from being called trash to being a monster with high potential. Man put the grind to work

  62. Omega S.

    Omega S.25 日 前

    Lol so many Jags players just jogging not wanting to even be out on the field.

  63. Jesse Martinez

    Jesse Martinez25 日 前

    Henry a beast but at 2:04 that block tho!!!! marcus made on lb

  64. Nick Singer

    Nick Singer25 日 前

    99 for number 99 yards

  65. xavier lopez

    xavier lopez25 日 前

    Any one know what kind of hat Barkley wearing 🤔

  66. Hero Ray

    Hero Ray25 日 前

    he had a 99 yard touchdown..... and is 99th place on top 100 players. Illuminati confirmed people!

  67. Anonymous Unknown

    Anonymous Unknown25 日 前

    99 yards 99th player

  68. Tony Williams

    Tony Williams25 日 前

    Full grown Man. That is all. 20 years ago Henry is a De. NFL has changed so much in only 15 years. Mean while baseball still thinks in 1902. Lol

  69. Jason Claunch

    Jason Claunch25 日 前

    He’s like a Barry Sanders with Adrian Peterson power.

  70. Orgeeba Harvin

    Orgeeba Harvin25 日 前

    He's a better version of Brandon Jacobs.

  71. Enzo

    Enzo25 日 前

    Anyone notice the midget at 1:44?

  72. Sauce Jackson

    Sauce Jackson25 日 前

    That man is a BEAST ! Marshawn 2.0 ?

  73. Crobin008

    Crobin00825 日 前

    should definitely be higher smh

  74. True Gooner

    True Gooner25 日 前

    1:33 Myles Jack what you doin baby?

  75. Michael Sokell

    Michael Sokell25 日 前

    His speed is so underrated.

  76. Ailsa Ni

    Ailsa Ni25 日 前

    Fantasy players slept on Henry for so long but I started that man in his week 13 game. 22 you my dawg, helped me win the ship baby!

  77. Tyler Tulare

    Tyler Tulare25 日 前

    anybody see that block by mariota at 2:04?

  78. Dev Tickhit

    Dev Tickhit25 日 前


  79. Delton Coakley

    Delton Coakley25 日 前


  80. Plush Heroes Adventure

    Plush Heroes Adventure25 日 前

    Oh look it’s National Fake League That didn’t play sweet victory in halftime show

  81. ken buck

    ken buck25 日 前

    Reminds me of steven Jackson

  82. Bacon Le Skiiwalker

    Bacon Le Skiiwalker25 日 前

    Dont that dude in the Cowboys jersey look like Latrell Sprewell

  83. Joanna

    Joanna25 日 前

    Yeah way to go my boy Henry! Represent! ROLL TIDE

  84. Josh Thompson

    Josh Thompson25 日 前

    Bout time this man gets some love.

  85. Charming nowhere to hide

    Charming nowhere to hide25 日 前

    Where can I find Saquon's awesome hat?

  86. Vinicius Gomes

    Vinicius Gomes25 日 前

    Best move

  87. Charming nowhere to hide

    Charming nowhere to hide25 日 前

    He wasn't even picked up on my fantasy last year. Sat on the waivers cause he is garbage! has everyone forgot that??? The last 4 games were a fluke!