9 of the WORST Tattoos EVER (Compilation) 😨 Ink Master


  1. Parker French

    Parker French21 時間 前

    Goddamn that first guy was snobby! This show gives such an elitist rep to tattoo artists. I mean, what the fuck is wrong with that second girl’s fish??

  2. Landrighini the Radical SonicKirby

    Landrighini the Radical SonicKirby日 前

    Honestly the Koi fish looked good

  3. Landrighini the Radical SonicKirby

    Landrighini the Radical SonicKirby日 前

    0:09 “HULU girl tattoo”- shouldn’t it be “HULA”? 🧐

  4. Landon Abercrombie

    Landon Abercrombie日 前

    Me: I agree, these artists suck Also me: struggles to draw a stick figure



    durga has 10 hands. thats not her haha.

  6. XxConstant AnxietyxX

    XxConstant AnxietyxX2 日 前

    That does not look like his girlfriend and thank god-

  7. Rod Kirt

    Rod Kirt2 日 前

    This competition was a total f_ck up.

  8. Sarah Krilow

    Sarah Krilow2 日 前

    Tbh I liked the cat 🤷🏻‍♀️

  9. S.L. S.L.

    S.L. S.L.3 日 前

    If you get any portrait tattoos, you are rolling the dice

  10. Michael Gomez

    Michael Gomez3 日 前

    I would never let any of these dipshits put anything on me

  11. joker Darker

    joker Darker3 日 前


  12. Kaynos

    Kaynos3 日 前

    3:55 That lion looks like a plush toy.

  13. Cj Hirsch

    Cj Hirsch3 日 前

    "I've already won this title" except for that cat

  14. jeanluc305

    jeanluc3054 日 前

    I think Kyle did very good capturing that old ugly lady. They could have told him that they want a more flattering fake versuone of her.


    JTR VLOGS4 日 前

    lol that cat ill kill some if they tattioo that shit on me

  16. Vasti Flores

    Vasti Flores5 日 前

    I know artists should be more considerate of the clients. But they've also signed up to be tattooed in a competition with a time constraint. If they want that much detail or whatever, they should've invested in a good artist who was gonna take their time.

  17. ΛNDROID 17

    ΛNDROID 175 日 前

    Godess Durga on legs 🤦 that's disgusting

  18. Nolwazi Waugh

    Nolwazi Waugh5 日 前

    i really wish people who came onto this show had a really good skill set when it came to art, ( i know a lot do, but i wish everyone did as well) like fundamentals and stuff. because the "canvases" are the ones who have to take those shit pieces home at the end of the day. and it hurts to see them so upset. AND IT HURTS SO MUCH. the rep of the artist will be hurt but they can improve. BUT THE PERSON YOU FUCKED OVER HAS TO DEAL WITH THAT TATTOO FOREVER!!! AND IT MAKES ME S0O FUCKING ANGRY!!

  19. Rich W.

    Rich W.5 日 前

    I think some of these were done out of malice.

  20. cassandra sotos

    cassandra sotos6 日 前

    Why. The. FUCK. would a person want an portrait of your mother AS AN OLD LADY?! most people want their loved one as a YOUNG BEAUTIFUL PERSON. that dude should have advised on maybe a younger picture of her mom.

  21. cassandra sotos

    cassandra sotos6 日 前

    Tattoo baby got fucked by her model. And now that chick has a fucked up lion bc SHE wanted a big ass 12+hr tattoo in 6hrs for free on tv. Dumb. If your artist tells you critical advice, listen.

  22. kgotlelelo M

    kgotlelelo M6 日 前

    You can't blame the artist for drawing what's there The old lady looks exactly like the tattoo

  23. Karin Frisk

    Karin Frisk7 日 前

    The cat actually look really cool

  24. I shagged Your Nan

    I shagged Your Nan7 日 前

    Fuck that first guy deserves to get fucked up for doing shit like that

  25. BlurBerry Creative

    BlurBerry Creative7 日 前

    After seeing the first one, everyone else's werent that bad 😂

  26. Maj

    Maj7 日 前

    Most of the good ones that I think are good are terrible to the judges like they've hired a pre-ker

  27. Adam Ludwig

    Adam Ludwig7 日 前

    Oliver is a a$$hole man

  28. Safa Slote

    Safa Slote8 日 前

    That lion looks like one from a kids coloring book

  29. Futsal

    Futsal8 日 前

    9:07 hot like ice

  30. Ash Stankus

    Ash Stankus8 日 前

    "this titles already mine" Me, looking at Roland: who tf this dude

  31. Loracat

    Loracat8 日 前

    What about Josh's pinup?

  32. Julian Slator

    Julian Slator8 日 前

    They all look pretty good

  33. Carley Crump

    Carley Crump9 日 前

    The girl with the Goddess on the lion really wasn't the tattoo artist fault she told the client it was way to much and it would be better to add the lion after. Tattoos are not something to rush.

  34. Debanhi Virgen O_o

    Debanhi Virgen O_o9 日 前

    I felt bad for the first dude

  35. V B

    V B9 日 前

    "Its a one eyed willy.....and its got wings!" had me fucking dead

  36. Amber M

    Amber M9 日 前

    Lion was poo but the female art was pretty good

  37. The Totally Not Mysterious Guy

    The Totally Not Mysterious Guy9 日 前

    So happy I was able to meet Cleen Rock.

  38. semira brenchley

    semira brenchley9 日 前

    he tattood his girl on another man?

  39. ABsolutly61161

    ABsolutly6116110 日 前

    Like all these tattoo artists are fucking deadbeat losers

  40. ABsolutly61161

    ABsolutly6116110 日 前

    I love how none of these tattoo artists just don’t care that they’ve fucked up these people permanently lmafooo

  41. Paige Carlin

    Paige Carlin10 日 前

    Tatu babys could’ve looked fucking dope, if she had more time

  42. miixeddolly

    miixeddolly10 日 前

    The lion arms😂

  43. Chai tea

    Chai tea10 日 前

    Why would you do this to yourself? They put the stencil on you and if you don't like it say something. If they get an attitude then leave and go somewhere else. An expensive well done tattoo > A shitty free tattoo.

  44. the comedian

    the comedian10 日 前

    How much do these human doodle pads make

  45. Jason Gordon

    Jason Gordon11 日 前

    I actually would like the cat from the very end of this video tattooed on me

  46. Bisexual Bangtan

    Bisexual Bangtan11 日 前

    He called the old lady, leather face😂 that’s brutal

  47. Mariela r.

    Mariela r.11 日 前

    🐈 The cat wasn’t that bad 🐈

  48. Donald J. Trump

    Donald J. Trump11 日 前

    My 3 year old has drawn better shit on the kitchen walls than any of these


    BLACK KORU12 日 前

    I feel so sorry for some of these people 😭😭

  50. El Martinez

    El Martinez12 日 前

    That cat tho😭😭

  51. Ticonderous1

    Ticonderous112 日 前

    I still dig the Acid Cat ...

  52. Murren Kelly

    Murren Kelly12 日 前

    What is the expression on that dudes face at 4:43😂

  53. Fahiem Ahmadi

    Fahiem Ahmadi12 日 前

    Getting Kobe Bryant portrait on my forearm and I keep watching videos like this idk why I’m scared as hell

  54. Pikagirl800

    Pikagirl80012 日 前

    I feel sorry for them that they need to have that on them forever

  55. Paul Hopkins

    Paul Hopkins13 日 前

    Mark and Kyle look like complete scumbags

  56. Steph Daigle

    Steph Daigle13 日 前

    Buddy Tattoo"s his GF"s face on someone Else!? lol!!

  57. Steph Daigle

    Steph Daigle13 日 前

    Omg he BUTCHERED her mom"s tattoo!!!

  58. Rachel Starkey

    Rachel Starkey13 日 前

    That pussy cat looks like Norman Bates s cat so ugly !!!

  59. maN_Boog

    maN_Boog13 日 前

    If Your Artist Doesn't Feel Confident, That Should Tell You Something

  60. Paul

    Paul14 日 前

    Dungarees are for babies.