9 of the WORST Tattoos EVER (Compilation) 😨 Ink Master


  1. Fab

    Fab10 時間 前

    Ay that cat at the end was actually a dope piece I would get that

  2. Papa Spic

    Papa Spic13 時間 前

    I like acid cat

  3. Vegan Cannibal

    Vegan Cannibal16 時間 前

    1:20 8:33 LORD.

  4. Lauren Manz

    Lauren Manz21 時間 前

    So that last one, the acid cat, I feel like it wasn't the artist's fault that it was ugly because isn't that what his canvas asked for? I mean, I don't think anyone could screw up a regular cat that badly. Or could they?

  5. BapBop

    BapBop22 時間 前

    Until this day that dude still talk with his toothpick in his mouth 😂

  6. Chance1957

    Chance1957日 前

    You would have to be stupid to go on this show and be a canvas. Let’s get tattooed for free! by a bunch of stressed out, emotionally unstable wack jobs.

  7. Iris Bosch

    Iris Bosch日 前

    I kinda liked the koi tattoo?

  8. Ruby Ortiz

    Ruby Ortiz日 前

    The 1st guy I think was rude, the guy with the yellow tank wasnt being a douche he was saying the way he wanted his tattoo it's his body that's gonna have the tattoo he has a right to be pushy about it

  9. that dude

    that dude2 日 前

    He called his canvas a fucking douche for being concerned about the face in the stencil, and then he fucked up the face. What an absolute cunt of a tattooist. The tattoo of the mother could maybe be fixed if you smooth out the features and lighten the image.

  10. Olivar Tróndur

    Olivar Tróndur2 日 前

    the fish wadsent that bad

  11. Lauren Baby

    Lauren Baby2 日 前

    That koi fish wasnt bad at all. Just needs more detail and more creative action.

  12. JO 7Z

    JO 7Z2 日 前

    The worst thing is to be tattooed on a TV show...

  13. Lahian Moronta

    Lahian Moronta3 日 前

    i feel so bad for these people

  14. Nick Gamkrelidze

    Nick Gamkrelidze3 日 前

    I liked the cat tatoo. Its like Squanchii!

  15. Gia Louisa

    Gia Louisa3 日 前

    Why the hell does this show have to involve tattoos. Y'know, permanent marks on peoples bodies. Why not just timed art on a canvas or paper?

  16. Joanna Walk

    Joanna Walk3 日 前

    Wait Matt DID THAT????? :C

  17. Michael Baker

    Michael Baker4 日 前

    i like that cat tattoo tho

  18. brucedickinson12

    brucedickinson124 日 前

    first one ronaldo has got some tatts mind

  19. That One Weird Kid

    That One Weird Kid4 日 前

    I actually thought the second tattoo was fine...

  20. Daniel Flores

    Daniel Flores4 日 前

    shes hot? bro, the outline looked like a fucking ladyboy wt-actual-fuck

  21. EightySix

    EightySix4 日 前

    Roland looks like a guy I went to law school with... he was a doctor and decided he had 3.5 hours a day, four days a week for the next four years (not to include the book time) to pick up a hobby. Pleasant enough dude, but thought he was smarter than everyone else in the room. About two weeks in that it was way too much work. "Hell, I didn't think it would be this hard." Uh... what?

  22. 1520074

    15200744 日 前

    Take the damn toothpick out your mouth!

  23. VΛLZGΛ

    VΛLZGΛ5 日 前

    The cat at 10:35 looks pretty dope. Kinda has something psychedelic to it 🍄

  24. Ethan Tilley

    Ethan Tilley5 日 前

    That tattoo he did of the old lady looked like a ball sack

  25. Lottie Lee

    Lottie Lee5 日 前

    Imagine thinking that you had an okay tattoo and then yours is on this video 💀💀😂

  26. Викторин Резников

    Викторин Резников5 日 前

    Grandma looks like a zombie apocalypse survivor

  27. Flávia Oliveira

    Flávia Oliveira5 日 前

    I actually liked the cat

  28. HDmex's Instant Replay

    HDmex's Instant Replay5 日 前

    That is a Pokemon Reference. Nice twist tbh 1:43

  29. Emma Louise

    Emma Louise5 日 前

    It just looks like people haven’t learned the fundamentals of anatomy, composition, values, etc. Some of the art schools I want to get into don’t even look at your work until they know you’ve actually done the fundamentals of art first. It’s just sad that some of the portraits turned out bad just because they didn’t know the basics of portraiture. Other than that, their technique obviously wasn’t bad. Also, that lace one wasn’t the worst tattoo I’ve seen; along with the koi fish.

  30. Ryan Lukowich

    Ryan Lukowich5 日 前

    what kind of simple human gets a tattoo where the artists is on a time limit and needs to completely rush the job XD literally any other job in the world would be better then rushing a tatoo

  31. Lalala123

    Lalala1236 日 前

    Canvas: “I just want her face to be feminine” Tim: “My canvas is being a straight up a** hole” (tattoos a Wookie hula girl on canvas)

  32. Real Lyrics

    Real Lyrics6 日 前

    That face tattoo looks like the zombie version of the woman 😰😑

  33. Nani Imani

    Nani Imani3 日 前

    Real Lyrics tbh its looks just like her she old she has a lot of Wrinkles I personally think he did an amazing job it could of been worse he had all her details in there now the dude that tattooed his girlfriend face on the other guy was terrible

  34. YungPepper 223

    YungPepper 2236 日 前


  35. Darkness

    Darkness6 日 前

    "that is a dick with scales"

  36. Caroline M

    Caroline M6 日 前

    “Ink master”

  37. MoKIGN

    MoKIGN6 日 前

    cat tattoo underrated

  38. Mauro2K1

    Mauro2K16 日 前

    That cat made me laugh the most 😂😂

  39. T S

    T S6 日 前

    did the lion eat a bee?

  40. dreamy_potion

    dreamy_potion7 日 前

    The old lady tattoo was done so well that it looked like crap.

  41. One Angry Gumball

    One Angry Gumball6 日 前

    It looks like Leatherface to me

  42. Capt Calder and the Breefcase

    Capt Calder and the Breefcase7 日 前

    Bro the old lady just looks like that lmao...

  43. Daniel b1uk

    Daniel b1uk7 日 前

    The tattoo olympic games

  44. L9ves

    L9ves7 日 前

    The Hulu Girl had a fat nose with a thick mustache. That was hilarious 😂🤣😁👍

  45. Angel

    Angel7 日 前

    I liked the acid cat tbh, just needed to be darkened a bit.

  46. nøheccnø

    nøheccnø7 日 前

    Neither the fish nor the lady in the jacket smoking look bad Edit: neither does the swirl thing

  47. Djclyve

    Djclyve7 日 前

    I love the dust cat tattoo! No, the worst one ever wasn’t on this list. I think the guy’s name was K Kutta, and he did one of a woman masturbating with tattoo instruments.

  48. TheChromatic Loop

    TheChromatic Loop8 日 前

    that's a man in a lion's disguise don't you get it??

  49. magic tricks

    magic tricks8 日 前

    Most had some issues, too much wrinkles on the Grandma etc. But that cat was like some wacky backyard job...

  50. INNA

    INNA8 日 前

    the koi fish tattoo is actually not bad??

  51. Lourenço Silveira

    Lourenço Silveira8 日 前

    For me B -Tat's tattoos from season 1 should be there.

  52. This is Strange

    This is Strange8 日 前

    That "hulu girl"-tattoo is the absolute worst. I would never, ever have let that idiot of a tattoo artist talk me into getting it done after seeing the sketch. I feel so sorry for that guy...

  53. ディアスジェレミー

    ディアスジェレミー9 日 前

    Technically like most art careers, *_tattoo artists need to learn the fundamentals of art before moving on to tattooing._*

  54. Noble

    Noble9 日 前

    All I’m saying is if you wanna get your grandmother tattooed on you, probably take it to a shop where the artist isn’t timed and stressed out. There’s a risk in this show with the artists messing up, why would you do your grandmas face on you for a contest 😂

  55. Ticonderous1

    Ticonderous19 日 前

    I like the acid cat .... I would wear it ....

  56. D jed

    D jed10 日 前

    Who would want a Tattoo from someone who refers to you as a douche behind your back? Unprofessional.. He's the arrogant douche if anyone is. I wouldn't employ this person called Tim in any shape or form. Bad attitude. And referring to a person as a canvas speaks volumes ego & arrogance.

  57. Telly Green

    Telly Green10 日 前

    The cat in last tattoo looks suffering

  58. Xiaobao Wei

    Xiaobao Wei10 日 前

    Lol Dave Navarro has no business being a tattoo judge. All his tattoos are fucking terrible.

  59. Wolf

    Wolf10 日 前

    8:33 fucking bad tattoo

  60. MadScientist

    MadScientist10 日 前

    why would you get a tattoo from an asshole artist who isnt listening to what you want. Its YOUR tattoo. if the artists is being a dick GO SOMEWHERE ELSE.

  61. Evie Jynx

    Evie Jynx10 日 前

    Acid cat is great

  62. Evie Jynx

    Evie Jynx10 日 前

    Oh my god the first one smsksksk