9 Insulting Ways Characters Were Killed Off Between Movies


  1. cafesmitty

    cafesmitty7 時間 前

    The vast majority of these "sequels" were complete garbage.

  2. Raimar Lunardi

    Raimar Lunardi日 前

    Alien 3 wasn't retconned by future games/books already? It does not exist anymore...

  3. Iron Lungs

    Iron Lungs日 前

    The terrible cosplayers playing the Resident Evil characters didn't get killed off, Capcom shut that shit down, forced Anderson to exclude them from his script, that's also why there's no mention of their "deaths"- disappearance. Wesker's death in the movie is weak too, so Alice in Zombieland 6 doesn't count and shouldn't be on your list.

  4. Taz M

    Taz M2 日 前

    The Resident Evil one has to be the worst. It was as if you’d missed a whole film explaining everything-and they didn’t even reference it. Killing Shaw off and the explanation in Covenant was pathetic too.


    ZACH KING4 日 前

    will smith chose good suicide squad was way better than independence day 2

  6. Luis Pagan

    Luis Pagan5 日 前

    So all the legendary zombie killers died off and the random made up Alice is the only survivor? You'd think at least Wesker would surive considering he's died like 5 times.

  7. Black Halo

    Black Halo5 日 前

    Wanna talk insulting? How about millennial "film fanatics" who are too goddamn lazy to take ten seconds to do research... Roy SCHNEIDER? Roy fucking SCHNEIDER?!!!! Jesus Christ!

  8. Mr Morrison

    Mr Morrison5 日 前

    Tank from The Matrix should have got a mention in this.

  9. Hanmacx

    Hanmacx7 日 前

    I liked that the second Final Destination is somehow connect to the first one instead of just pointless sequel

  10. StrongOaker

    StrongOaker8 日 前

    I know we all want to forget Jaws 2, but it did happen and Brody was alive in it and saved the kids (per electrifying a large shark). Then came Jaws 3D and he died of the fear of how the movie would be received.

  11. HKosiris

    HKosiris8 日 前

    The Resident Evil one was just funny to me as I stopped watching after 3 and it was just fascinating to watch that dumpster fire just keep getting more gasoline poured on it. The Alien 3 one was fucking insulting and I don't consider anything past Aliens cannon to the franchise lol.

  12. ___DeXoRzz ___

    ___DeXoRzz ___8 日 前

    Slipknot was bullshit

  13. Terrific Cake

    Terrific Cake10 日 前

    Leon > Chris dont @

  14. Eleanor Holmes

    Eleanor Holmes10 日 前

    Don't forget Marcus Chong, who played Tank in The Matrix and the character was written out between 1 and 2 because Chong was holding out for serious money and the studio wouldn't pay up. Chong was actually arrested for making repeated threatening phone calls after the talks broke down.

  15. OmegaMan

    OmegaMan10 日 前

    Was Blowfelds death supposed to be comedic or was it actually supposed to be serious

  16. Nightpacer1

    Nightpacer111 日 前

    Um.. Alien 3? They died in the very beginning? Not in between the movie?

  17. Orlando Pantoja

    Orlando Pantoja11 日 前

    Brody did not die after the events of Jaws; he was the main character in Jaws 2 and survived that film.

  18. Vanillasmootae

    Vanillasmootae11 日 前

    Personally I think Arthur from Merlin never should’ve died🤷🏻‍♀️

  19. Slew One

    Slew One12 日 前

    you suck

  20. Will Yorkin

    Will Yorkin12 日 前

    Jaws is excellent Jaws 2 is ok Jaws 3 is hilarious Jaws 4 is unenjoyable

  21. John Russell

    John Russell14 日 前

    I hope someone makes an Alien sequel that retcons number 3

  22. Jessica Bennett

    Jessica Bennett15 日 前

    I love your videos. Thank you

  23. Unicorn BaconFarts

    Unicorn BaconFarts15 日 前

    Freaking Loki being choked.

  24. Kip does Stuff

    Kip does Stuff16 日 前

    I was wondering about Will Smith through the whole list, then he's #1, lol.

  25. boba swet

    boba swet16 日 前

    Dude- Brody was in Jaws 2 and you did not even mention it. You said he died of the fear after the events of the classic. Yikes- and there is no “N” in Schneider.

  26. Kenny Pick

    Kenny Pick16 日 前

    Roy SCHEIDER. There is no "N" in his last name.

  27. Studa Baker

    Studa Baker17 日 前

    Not only did they kill off Tank in between The Matrix and The Matrix: Revolutions, there was zero mention of him or what happened.

  28. Kid From 21 Jump Street

    Kid From 21 Jump Street17 日 前

    The XMU has some in Logan & DOFP

  29. Zandergar

    Zandergar18 日 前

    if you play the video game Aliens: colonial marines, and play the dlc for it called stasis interrupted, they have it where hicks doesn't die, and he was taken out of stasis while with newt and ripley and was replaced with a clone or something then brought back to the planet he just left from and goes on a long mission there.

  30. Reaper Gt500

    Reaper Gt50019 日 前

    I loved the second Independence Day. Fucking awesome movie.

  31. Eric Thom

    Eric Thom19 日 前

    Alien 3 was a piece of crap and a bs move on Weavers part. Resident Evil proves it’s who you sleep with, not an actual story

  32. charles sanchez

    charles sanchez20 日 前

    Thor 3:ragnarok "warriors 3 and sif"

  33. Bill Griffin

    Bill Griffin20 日 前

    What about the survivor from Prometheus? Got used for experiment by AI between it and next awful movie?

  34. Shawn Youtt

    Shawn Youtt20 日 前

    Final Destination I could never get into, just based on the idea that the films ludicrously ideas were snapped in so pretentiously - and OMG FINAL Chapter was the biggest shit on video game based films than I ever seen...

  35. the one you dont see

    the one you dont see20 日 前

    so sad i almost cried!

  36. Dusk Spawn

    Dusk Spawn20 日 前

    detective Tap is trapped in the Entities world of DBD


    ENAK RATSENO20 日 前

    The resident evil deaths are less of unexplained deaths and more of a mass despawning of the characters

  38. Kratoscallofduty

    Kratoscallofduty20 日 前

    The first one I thought of was Alex in Final Destination. I hated how they killed him off.

  39. Hey McFly

    Hey McFly20 日 前

    Admiral Ackbar in The Last Jedi he should be in the finale movie in this new trilogy.

  40. Hey McFly

    Hey McFly20 日 前

    2:57 " fear of a shark he blew up"? You mean Brody died of fear of a shark he electrocuted? in JAWS 2

  41. Marco Cardoni

    Marco Cardoni20 日 前

    Like... most of the characters from X-Men First Class :’(

  42. NavyBr0wnie

    NavyBr0wnie21 日 前

    If I recall correctly the "Final Battle" wasn't shown because Anderson was out of money. Given that each successive movie after Extinction, dropped in quality and in turn had diminishing returns, it makes sense why he had no $$$ to make a decent ending. OFC using your wife as your own personal OC has it's own problems as well, but that's besides the point.

  43. Davide Gelpi

    Davide Gelpi21 日 前

    Let's be honest here: the off screen death of Martin Brody in Jaw 4 was the best thing for the character. It avoided to Roy Scheider to appear in person into such a terrible movie!

  44. KinkyTails

    KinkyTails21 日 前

    I'm guessing that you didn't bother to watch Jaws 2 then, as Brody was the main character in that one as well. You speak as if he was only in the first film. That doesn't make the death any more irritating or the plot of Jaws: The Revenge any less ridiculous, I just thought I'd mention it.

  45. Alain Chardonnens

    Alain Chardonnens21 日 前

    Doug Masters, Iron Eagle?

  46. Ask to seduce Miss

    Ask to seduce Miss22 日 前

    Tapp didn’t die off screen. He got shot in the heart in Saw 1.

  47. Terri MacKay

    Terri MacKay22 日 前

    Roy Scheider...not Roy Schneider!!!

  48. Abe Buckingham

    Abe Buckingham20 日 前

    It's an invisible 'n'. Why do Americans not know about invisible letters? Do you not learn about them in school?

  49. Tim Badger

    Tim Badger22 日 前

    I never saw the new Independence Day, I plan to eventually, cause frankly, considering some of the movies I've seen, it can't be that bad. Same reason I plan to watch Mario. But come on they could've at least got Buckwheat back

  50. Christopher Bishop

    Christopher Bishop22 日 前

    I can't Iook at GoIdbIoom again without thinking he circumcised his son. What a creep.

  51. Ask to seduce Miss

    Ask to seduce Miss22 日 前

    0:47 that or the actor or actress died between films. so one has to improvise

  52. Vishen Bhoonpershad

    Vishen Bhoonpershad22 日 前

    Hollywood SUCKS at making GOOD MOVIES from already established franchises. The work already done FFS....

  53. david sosin

    david sosin22 日 前

    WTF is a preeteen? Are there no more children?

  54. david sosin

    david sosin20 日 前

    @Abe Buckingham Damn, I didn't get the memo. Lifehood ruined.

  55. Abe Buckingham

    Abe Buckingham20 日 前

    Children were cancelled. I'm sorry you had to find out this way.

  56. Bobby Fuesz

    Bobby Fuesz22 日 前

    Newt gets the #1 slot. It's still too soon. Also, since we're just depressing people about character deaths: I'm a leaf on the wind.

  57. Michelle .H

    Michelle .H22 日 前

    The only decent Res Evil film out the lot is the first one. I stopped watching RE: Ret after the character Leon said he didn't care about the little girl after she ran off because 'she/it wasn't real/just a clone'. Leon would never say that! You can really tell that Paul Anderson never played the games and ONLY wrote/directed the Res Evil films so his wife Milla Jovovich (yes the woman playing Alice) had something to do. I don't even want to see any of the films again!

  58. Puppet lover

    Puppet lover22 日 前


  59. Doombringer

    Doombringer22 日 前

    Still bummed we never got any way to know what transpired in the battle at the White House in resident evil



    Newt is the most annoying film character ever. I'm glad she was dead... mostly

  61. DevonéBrieZcha

    DevonéBrieZcha23 日 前

    For gosh sake!!! Do whatever you do with your live action movies but STAY CLOSE to the canon, BE HONEST with characters' judgements and STICK with source material properly *pointing at RE Franchise*

  62. gianni bude

    gianni bude23 日 前

    I loved Gi Joe and would have love to see a sequal that was maxe right. By not killing off everone.

  63. Puppet lover

    Puppet lover22 日 前

    Alien and Aliens were classic. Jaws was classic. Anything after that is non-existent to me. Couldn't Brody have dealt with his fear by dreaming of getting drunk with the shark?

  64. Lewis Culshaw

    Lewis Culshaw23 日 前

    X-Men First Class just killing off 60% of the cast with a throw away sentence in the next movie.

  65. Gary Hall

    Gary Hall23 日 前

    No Laurie Strode?

  66. Vern Hestand

    Vern Hestand23 日 前

    Alien3 SUCKED. Ruined any chance of us getting a fantastic trilogy. SO many ways that story could have gone. Why we spent hundreds of millions of dollars to pick the ABSOLUTE worst of them in order to kill potential billions in profit... I will never understand.

  67. Mark

    Mark23 日 前

    will did suicide squad cause of margot

  68. CJ Jankovics

    CJ Jankovics23 日 前

    You are my favourite whatculture narrator!

  69. Jonathan Lavigueur

    Jonathan Lavigueur23 日 前

    One that really irritated me was them killing off practically the entire team between X-Men: First Class and the sequel.

  70. Ian R. Nava Huber

    Ian R. Nava Huber23 日 前

    0:47 that or the actor or actress died between films. so one has to improvise

  71. Christophe Lebel

    Christophe Lebel23 日 前

    Tapp didn’t die off screen. He got shot in the heart in Saw 1.

  72. Keith Wood

    Keith Wood23 日 前

    Dack Fayden

  73. Vincent Christophers

    Vincent Christophers23 日 前

    General Akbar

  74. El Peligroso

    El Peligroso23 日 前

    @whatculture “Legendary” Ada Wong? Either you have a boner for her or you’ve never played RE:3 Nemesis.

  75. the knight who says EEN

    the knight who says EEN23 日 前

    That isn't the white house in the Resident Evil clip. That is the Capital Building, where Senate and Congress work out of. In the Independence Resurgence clip is the White House.

  76. depalma13

    depalma1323 日 前

    Where is Adrian Balboa on this list?

  77. henners 89

    henners 8923 日 前

    Clemenzas actor castellano was sacked because he didn’t wanna play a rat in the movie as in real life his family did have members in the real mafia such as the leader of the Gambinos was actual his distant cousin that’s what the problem was an the story line given too the character frank pentangele was gonna be his see why he wouldn’t do it he wouldn’t be able too hold his head high in real life.

  78. Abe Buckingham

    Abe Buckingham20 日 前

    That's arguable the dumbest line of reasoning I've ever heard. What a moron.

  79. Lamont Simpson

    Lamont Simpson23 日 前

    Appears Devon Sawa’s nose collapsed due to cocaine use.

  80. Charles W Jansen II

    Charles W Jansen II23 日 前

    Alien and Aliens were classic. Jaws was classic. Anything after that is non-existent to me. Couldn't Brody have dealt with his fear by dreaming of getting drunk with the shark? Random bricks are randomly dangerous. When do we get the video of all those people who died in a movie and in between movies were revived by an 80th level Cleric or writer?

  81. Jazzy Wolf

    Jazzy Wolf23 日 前

    Does Xander Cage from XXX count? I know they brought him back but it the 2nd one they just killed him off a the beginning off screen and we only saw his tatt.

  82. Simon Bishop

    Simon Bishop23 日 前

    Yeah, in Godfather 2, what ended up as Frank Pantangeli’s story arc was originally going to be Clemenza’s.

  83. Mr Revolution Mars

    Mr Revolution Mars23 日 前

    john connor

  84. Philip O Callaghan

    Philip O Callaghan23 日 前

    LOL.......... THE FEAR.......Withnail and I. The best black comedy ever.

  85. Joe Nesvick

    Joe Nesvick23 日 前

    People only hate DAVID FINCHER'S Alien 3 for killing Newt and it's not like Carrie Henn is planning to ever come out of retirement. According to a video game everyone hates, Hicks survived. Never saw Jaws the Revenge, but I hated Jaws 2 & Jaws 3. Won't we suppose to get Jaws 19 in 2015? Marty McFly must've killed a dandelion and altered the timeline. Butterfly Effect? Yes, but a dandelion would me even more irrelevant and stupid than a butterfly 🤣. If Jaws 19 is anything like Jaws 2 and Jaws 3, it's a good thing. The lack of flying cars and hoverboards is not so much a good thing I'm okay with the Resident Evil films, but I just couldn't get into the games. Tank controls won't let me win 😫. Eternal Darkness Sanity's Requiem is my Resident Evil, they turn that into the movie and I'd probably hate it too. I also like Milla Jovovich, Ali Larter and Michelle Rodriguez. Alien, Jaws, Saw, Resident Evil and Final Destination. You got a lot of horror on this list, thought horror was Ash's department. Reminds of Star Trek when Sulu brings up Russia: "Mister Sulu, if I wanted a Russian history lesson I would've brought along Mister Chekov." I always expect Ash on the topic of horror, perhaps I shouldn't after all I didn't like ID4 2. I still want to know what happens next, stop with the cliffhangers. Even if a bad movie ends with a cliffhanger, I lose sleep when they leave me hanging like that. Not many people even saw ID4 2, how'd they know it was bad? Someone told me they just didn't go for the lack of Will Smith, I saw it for Jeff Goldblum and still didn't like it

  86. Chaos Is Coming

    Chaos Is Coming23 日 前

    Resident evil for sure! what happened to Chris and Claire, I need answers!