9 Insulting Ways Characters Were Killed Off Between Movies


  1. Raul Guzman

    Raul Guzman分 前

    Independence Day should of waited for Will Smith

  2. Mac Nason

    Mac Nason4 日 前

    Video is gay

  3. Komodo Khan

    Komodo Khan4 日 前

    I hated that last resident evil movie, for killing off Ada Jill Leon, maybe Chris etc Reboot ASAP

  4. The Presence

    The Presence6 日 前

    Micheal from underworld.... I was like hell yeah Micheal baby!!..... Me watching Underworld * ... "HE FUCKING GOT KILLED???!!!"

  5. xPrinceSorax

    xPrinceSorax6 日 前

    The resident evil one really got me mad really They didn't show that crazy battle come on They could have showed us how everyone died out. But I guess they didn't want to write then a check for showing up in the movie that is bull crap 😠😡

  6. Paul g

    Paul g6 日 前

    A lot of times actors don't want to come back to the role. So the film makers have to kill them off for plot reasons

  7. Darrin Hall

    Darrin Hall7 日 前

    Independence day is awesome the sequel is good I do enjoy it

  8. Darrin Hall

    Darrin Hall7 日 前

    GIJOE 2 yes I did want a sequel. SO SHUT UP. now was it a disappointment in some ways yes but for the most part I loved it

  9. Leon Duncan

    Leon Duncan7 日 前

    Leon S. Kennedy killed? Ha! Don't make me laugh, He survived everything since he started as a rookie cop and so as others who are hard to kill.

  10. G Clowne

    G Clowne8 日 前

    Wont argue about the deaths, the had to remove the character for good or no good reason so the way they did it is what is of import. The death in jaws is quite logical, the guy has PTSD from the shark and this constant fear led to his death. Yeah i know you will say he blew it up but even those that come back from war still feel the fear even when they are safe at home, so dont diss on PTSD's pervasive effect. I feel the death of smith character was well though of, earth wa at peace so cant have him die off in action and would be lame to have him die in his sleep at a young-ish age. So he dies being a test pilot for an aircraft he helps develop (so he dies following his dream as he always wanted to be part of NASA with the risk stellar launches involve), also shows some heroism cause he could have left a rookie test the ship but he volunteered himself. As for dawn well believe me you never really get over bullying, either being a bully or being bullied.

  11. GrayFieldIon

    GrayFieldIon9 日 前

    Isn't anyone going to mention Colonel Marines, Hicks was shown to be alive in that game.

  12. MP GC

    MP GC9 日 前

    The Rock annoys me, he seems to ruin every franchise they put him in...GI Joe and Fast and Furious, he's a dickhead!

  13. Mr Revolution Mars

    Mr Revolution Mars9 日 前

    dark fate john connor

  14. Markus Andersen

    Markus Andersen9 日 前

    I fucking hate hes dialect!

  15. Phoenix zReaper

    Phoenix zReaper9 日 前

    Prometheus - Covenant last we see Elizabeth Shaw she is heading to the engineers home planet with David 8 next movie starts on the engineers home planet and they end up finding out she's dead!! David 8 killed her and experimented on her, like WTF how he was just a head when they left moon LV-223!! Truly garbage 😤😠

  16. Animefanboy4life

    Animefanboy4life9 日 前

    Tapps not dead hes just busy fixin Gennys

  17. al abool

    al abool9 日 前

    becket in pacific rim

  18. j agustin

    j agustin9 日 前

    When Duke in GI Joe was killed off like he was just a throw away character. That was bullshit.

  19. Birdman

    Birdman10 日 前

    It’s “Roy Scheider “, not Schneider

  20. grewn d

    grewn d10 日 前

    Resident Evil really pissed me off. I wanted to see Jill Valentine

  21. Troy Bond

    Troy Bond10 日 前

    If they were just going to replace Will Smith and have Idris Elba play as Dead Shot in the next Suicide Squad movie why couldn't they of just done that in the first place instead of having Will Smith miss out on being in another Independence Day movie ?

  22. Jackson Wells

    Jackson Wells10 日 前

    They really shit the bed with resident evil

  23. Detective Dragon001

    Detective Dragon00110 日 前

    Jaws: the revenge. Sends a shiver down my spine and not in a good way. And the 2nd film was good

  24. Detective Dragon001

    Detective Dragon00110 日 前

    Alex. Final Destination 1 /2

  25. ultra dan

    ultra dan10 日 前

    The resident evil director is a huge 💩head. He destroyed the resident evil franchise to make hes wife shine. 🖕Paul Anderson do us all a favor and stop directing movies. Stay away from monster hunter film. WhatCulture stay awsome👍

  26. Sovann T

    Sovann T10 日 前

    What about that main girl in alien: prometheus? She was killed offscreen and revealed to be experimented on in the covenant.. that was disappointing for me tbh

  27. Sovann T

    Sovann T10 日 前

    Don’t you just love it how in every movie ever the traffic that runs people over always uses their horn yet *never* slows down? Where in reality people slow down to a stop first before blasting their horn at you and cussing 😂

  28. kirby march barcena

    kirby march barcena10 日 前

    The main actors didn't, couldn't, shouldn't be in the sequel? Kill them off and hire cheaper or unknown replacements.

  29. Juan Argueta

    Juan Argueta11 日 前

    Luke Skywalker in The Last Jedi


    BROCKLY11 日 前

    either way all live action *Resident Evil* movies are *non-canon* they don't even relate to the actual games except the CG...

  31. Daniel Wilson

    Daniel Wilson11 日 前

    Michael from Underworld annoyed me the most,surprised it’s not on this list

  32. professor chaos

    professor chaos11 日 前

    He feared Sharknado he saw them coming so staying out of the ocean wouldn't of worked

  33. Chronoic

    Chronoic12 日 前

    Part 2 will have John Conner in Terminator Dark Fate on the list. "CGI version Shot and killed at the start of the movie."

  34. John

    John12 日 前

    Dude I stopped watching resident evil movies after the 2nd one.

  35. Trojianmaru

    Trojianmaru11 日 前

    Tbf, the first 2 were pretty good. They got steadily worse with every sequel, with 1 being great, 2 being good, 3 being OK, then 4 onwards being the true trash. But RE3 was when they started the trend of retconning every single ending. 2 ends, Alice is being mind controlled, she leaves the city with the lil girl, and her crew. 3 starts, she's free of the mind control (till later) the lil girl is gone, most of her crew are gone, and she's all alone. 3 ends, she has an army of clones, and badass psychic powers. 4 starts, all her clones die, and she looses her psychic powers. All in the intro. 4 ends, with them having a safe haven ship, and sending out the message to all, to come to them for shelter. Before the credits even finish rolling, they retcon that already. 5 starts, and she's in an underwater facility. Her friends from the last movie, including Chris and Claire Redfield, are never revealed. The movie just forgets about them, and K-mart. They just couldn't help but retcon every single damn movie after 1. Even then, the last movie did a good job of retconning the first movie, with her returning to the Hive, and also the red queen being based on a different person's daughter than the first 2 movies said.

  36. Natsu Dragneel

    Natsu Dragneel12 日 前

    The live action Tekken made me rage quit in a heartbeat. Dragunov along with Steve Fox and Heihachi getting killed off was SO disrespectful😓😩

  37. willjohnboy

    willjohnboy13 日 前

    Alice survived in resident evil because she's married to the director cant be overshadowed by the established characters.

  38. José Francisco Dávila

    José Francisco Dávila13 日 前

    By any chance Tim Miller watched this video before his last flop?

  39. Owens Kason

    Owens Kason14 日 前

    Hang on I thought Hicks didn't die cause in the game it showed you teaming up with him please tell me if I'm wrong or right

  40. Nick Pond

    Nick Pond21 日 前

    YER what about MARVELS ava star or ghost .

  41. Kant3n

    Kant3n23 日 前

    5:23 This is actually incorrect, it was lawsuit shenanigans that said EON couldn't use the character anymore so they just threw him down a smokestack while making sure never to mention him by name to get around the issue.