9 Candies That Aren't What They Seem


  1. Vat19

    Vat19年 前

    Can you think of any good pranks that these candies would be perfect for? See some of our own pranks here: bit.ly/2X3W3wE

  2. Jayden Bradke

    Jayden Bradke7 日 前

    Vat19 tell someone on i have some nerds eat a handful of them

  3. Dil Maya Gurung

    Dil Maya Gurung13 日 前

    You nerd

  4. Yuri Aligada

    Yuri Aligada29 日 前

    Monii juhuhh

  5. Just_Josh

    Just_Joshヶ月 前

    Make ppl choke on the candy


    HUNTERヶ月 前

    Not nerds....but Turds

  7. Ender Playz

    Ender Playz14 時間 前

    10:33 bruh

  8. Outdoor Adventures

    Outdoor Adventures日 前

    When something has a bad aftertaste its like a good rollerciaster that crashes at the end

  9. Rikosuave909

    Rikosuave909日 前

    Dude my cousin pranked me with the cinnamon gummy bears i hate the taste of cinnamon candy but I like it not as candy and I ate one and almost threw up

  10. Zane Lara

    Zane Lara日 前


  11. Adam Valdez

    Adam Valdez日 前

    When qaurintine over I'm going to find out how to register t work at vat 19

  12. XxCookieGamerxX Dragon

    XxCookieGamerxX Dragon日 前

    You can’t stop me to put the hot sauce jelly beans cuz you do not know where I live and corona

  13. miquel games

    miquel games2 日 前

    Vat19: wise man make profits and fools repeat them Me:wait does that mean all the vat19 members is a fool????????

  14. Ez D

    Ez D2 日 前

    At first I was surprised guy firey wasn’t in the first clip and then I remembered about Eric :(

  15. Macaroni Bois

    Macaroni Bois2 日 前

    When I was young my mom would put Tabasco sauce on her breakfast.

  16. sofi gloss

    sofi gloss2 日 前

    A little story time! I bought the jellybeans 8:00 and gave them to a fake friend I have and I said I added sweetener she accepted them and my bff told me why did you give her jellybeans? Then I say: well little does she know it has the world's hottest pepper in them and guess what! She can't handle spicy food!

  17. Derp Y

    Derp Y2 日 前

    Fire dust? Can i snort it????

  18. XL Spoony

    XL Spoony3 日 前

    Oooooo tell satin I said hi

  19. lim kar how

    lim kar how4 日 前


  20. AceQuinie Kookie

    AceQuinie Kookie4 日 前

    Guy firey shold taste the toe candy

  21. FaZe

    FaZe5 日 前


  22. RE ALERT

    RE ALERT5 日 前

    That title is something that a drugging kidnapper would make..

  23. Brian Huang

    Brian Huang6 日 前

    You might want to put those on your ice cream

  24. Derpy Melon

    Derpy Melon6 日 前

    She should have went for jumbo shrimp 10:11 🤣

  25. Jessie Calkins

    Jessie Calkins7 日 前

    You know the powder gum my great grandma and grandpa they live in Glendale they have a gas station next to them and it's called Sinclair and you can get the powdered gum there even Rock gum the sneaky like the Galaxy the people who made the powdered gum they made other stuff too and did you guys go to Sinclair the one near my great grandma and grandpa's house and take all of it just for a video say yes if you did and say no if you didn't

  26. Jessie Calkins

    Jessie Calkins7 日 前

    And when I said that I meant near the veteran of Glendale Cemetery

  27. Jessie Calkins

    Jessie Calkins7 日 前

    Oh and by the way what I meant was did you get it from the center near my gray Grandma and Grandpa's house in Glendale

  28. Abdulaziz Tarek 2L

    Abdulaziz Tarek 2L7 日 前

    I really do miss Eric😔

  29. The Brix Guy

    The Brix Guy10 日 前

    Yo boss this fire powder, is CANDY. VAT19!

  30. Tabatha Lilac

    Tabatha Lilac12 日 前


  31. Tabatha Lilac

    Tabatha Lilac12 日 前


  32. music weeb

    music weeb12 日 前

    U would buy Satan's stuff

  33. music weeb

    music weeb12 日 前

    LOL I would give some to my friend XD

  34. Braden Lauderdale

    Braden Lauderdale12 日 前

    Make franks red hot jelly beans

  35. nasma almashop

    nasma almashop13 日 前

    Am I the only one who thinks the ghost pepper candy from a far looks like a fortnite chacrater

  36. Gabe Gaming

    Gabe Gaming13 日 前

    Am I the only one who got the fiddle made of gold joke

  37. Donuut

    Donuut14 日 前

    I just realized that 6 million people voluntarily watched a series of ads

  38. Hazem Nassar

    Hazem Nassar14 日 前

    Vat19 should sell pure capsaicin and pure casein

  39. Soy Bean

    Soy Bean15 日 前

    Wonder what will happen if they light up the satan’s toe lollipop

  40. Disciple Nightcore

    Disciple Nightcore16 日 前

    JPreporter adds- Nahhh *'Skip'* Vat19 Adds- This is much Better *'Subscribe'*

  41. Raymond Guiyab

    Raymond Guiyab16 日 前

    V v v

  42. Lawrence Sta ines

    Lawrence Sta ines17 日 前

    ummmm im still yong :) thx i die if i eat one :)

  43. Moldycookie

    Moldycookie18 日 前

    Ghost pepper:I’m hottest pepper ever Carolina reaper:ima end this mans career

  44. I have no friends

    I have no friends17 日 前

    Moldycookie Toe of Satan: Are you challenging me?

  45. Efe KINQ1

    Efe KINQ118 日 前

    Vat19: the spiciest pepper the ghost pepper Carolina reaper: am i a joke to you

  46. Brent Buchinger

    Brent Buchinger18 日 前


  47. Brent Buchinger

    Brent Buchinger18 日 前

    C H U G .

  48. Stealth_Assassin

    Stealth_Assassin18 日 前

    Guy Fiery should be a rapper

  49. SF Gaming

    SF Gaming19 日 前

    How is no one talking about how spicy pepper spray is

  50. Aiden Thornburg

    Aiden Thornburg19 日 前

    Starts snorting fire dust

  51. _Pip_

    _Pip_19 日 前

    VAT19! Could y'all make a franks red hot jelly bean? If you did, GIVE ME THE INTIRE DING DANG STOCK!

  52. Tania

    Tania20 日 前

    I’m sure I’m not the only one that kept on exiting the full screen because you that the video was done XD 🤣

  53. Ari Hippensteel

    Ari Hippensteel20 日 前

    Larry bird didn’t get a chief hat 2:45

  54. #BLM

    #BLM21 日 前

    Nobody: Not A Single Soul: Vat19: ThIs WaTeR hAs BiTs Of ThE wOrLdS hOtTeSt PePpEr! FiRsT yOu TaStE wAtEr ThEn A kIcK oF CaRoLiNa RePer!!!!!!😂😂😂

  55. Declan Wolf (Student)

    Declan Wolf (Student)22 日 前

    1:30 The cyber demon before he was a cyborg: annoys the heck out of people. Florida man: hippodrome hoppidy Get of my property

  56. YourRandomInternetWeirdo :p

    YourRandomInternetWeirdo :p22 日 前

    *Leaf blower mode activated*

  57. RandomRec.

    RandomRec.23 日 前

    You can hear the flat line but in the background you can see the minister doesn't have a straight line 4:01

  58. Michel Dong

    Michel Dong23 日 前

    I want to eat all the spicy candy in one go

  59. Fireafyanimations

    Fireafyanimations23 日 前

    who realised evreything in this video is spicy?

  60. Tania

    Tania20 日 前

    Fireafyanimations nope it’s not

  61. Juan Sanchez

    Juan Sanchez23 日 前

    Oh Danny

  62. Yiğit Ferhat Kurtulmuş

    Yiğit Ferhat Kurtulmuş24 日 前

    Call the doom slayer

  63. Bryant Li

    Bryant Li25 日 前

    '...And it's got a bottle opener !' I know a Vat19 worthy product when I see one.

  64. Sunset the Mermaid

    Sunset the Mermaid25 日 前

    Guy firey


    COMBATENT25 日 前

    so, todoroki shoto?


    COMBATENT25 日 前

    I'm hungry.

  67. Booty4U GamesYT

    Booty4U GamesYT26 日 前

    3:07 missed cross promo

  68. Robyn Harvey

    Robyn Harvey27 日 前

    I’m gonna give my brother the fire pebbles and tell him that there nerds

  69. King Wafer The second

    King Wafer The second27 日 前

    how many toes does satan have

  70. Poe Stratt

    Poe Stratt27 日 前

    8:15 time to get my man Force in there ( puts two fingers in)

  71. oscar antonio ortega martinez

    oscar antonio ortega martinez27 日 前

    The devil with a fiddle of gold, I see what you did there 👀

  72. Fr05TB1tt3N

    Fr05TB1tt3N28 日 前

    Anything with a bottle opener

  73. Bozena Shymanovich

    Bozena Shymanovich28 日 前

    It's not a Vat19 item if it dosen't have a bottle opener.

  74. J Ch

    J Ch28 日 前


  75. Leeham Gaming

    Leeham Gaming28 日 前

    It sad that this is just a bunch of Commercial

  76. SilencedShooters

    SilencedShooters29 日 前

    i bought the toe of satan and it was my worst mistake in life XD

  77. Bologna Sandwich

    Bologna Sandwich29 日 前

    The devil went down to Georgia

  78. Casper den Haan

    Casper den Haan29 日 前

    “Plus it has a bottle opener!” Now they have to accept this.

  79. Matthew Soto

    Matthew Soto2 日 前

    Casper den Haan lol

  80. Baby Alexis

    Baby Alexis5 日 前

    @Booty4U GamesYT XD

  81. Booty4U GamesYT

    Booty4U GamesYT5 日 前

    Baby Alexis I mean yeah

  82. Baby Alexis

    Baby Alexis9 日 前

    @Desy not really

  83. Desy

    Desy9 日 前

    Is it bad id buy a human soul?

  84. JJ Keler

    JJ Keler29 日 前


  85. Will Garodnick

    Will Garodnick29 日 前

    I’ve tried the Carolina Reaper pebbles before, and know how spicy they are. One pebble equals about three drops of Tabasco.

  86. Jose Manuel Acien Montoya

    Jose Manuel Acien Montoyaヶ月 前

    5:47 f**k

  87. Nexus Exile

    Nexus Exileヶ月 前

    My Aunt will love those

  88. Galaxy Mars

    Galaxy Marsヶ月 前

    Me: this hot [continue the story by replying]

  89. EricaHatch08

    EricaHatch08ヶ月 前

    I left the toe of satin on my tongue for 2 minutes

  90. King phantomphang

    King phantomphangヶ月 前

    I think your son blinked out of existence and left his hat.

  91. Zoe De klerk

    Zoe De klerkヶ月 前

    Were is vat19.com??????

  92. Stacy Yost

    Stacy Yostヶ月 前

    Vat19 I got some ghostpeper gummy in my eye

  93. neena chouhan

    neena chouhanヶ月 前

    if these could replace all ads then nobody would skip also great products guys keep it up

  94. I'm Myself

    I'm Myselfヶ月 前

    I wasn’t a big fan of the Tabasco chocolates :/