9 Candies That Aren't What They Seem


  1. Vat19

    Vat192 ヶ月 前

    Can you think of any good pranks that these candies would be perfect for? See some of our own pranks here: bit.ly/2X3W3wE

  2. kentuckyfried meatballs

    kentuckyfried meatballs日 前

    You should make avians gummy bear that is made of ghost pepper and see if any one can guess which one is spicy and if they are sure they eat it and if they are wrong they get some spice in the mouth

  3. Suellen Pineda

    Suellen Pineda22 日 前

    As soon as my tongue touched the toe of satan I immediately put it down and drank a glass of water

  4. Horse Lover

    Horse Lover29 日 前

    Put the toe of satan stuff on some water melon

  5. SHARE H!S V!S!0N

    SHARE H!S V!S!0Nヶ月 前

    Wise men make proverbs, and fools repeat them. where are these words from?

  6. Buck The Adventurer

    Buck The Adventurerヶ月 前

    Say that the Ghost pepper hard candy is regular jolly ranchers

  7. SC vlogs

    SC vlogs14 時間 前

    who else got the fiddle made of gold joke

  8. Hell For Guapo

    Hell For Guapo日 前


  9. Adam Garcia

    Adam Garcia日 前

    Are you guys going to make green Tabasco Jelly Bellies

  10. Jerry Huang

    Jerry Huang3 日 前


  11. Fritt Espaciel

    Fritt Espaciel3 日 前


  12. ProGamer8412

    ProGamer84124 日 前

    To be honest, I want that putty.

  13. Neko san

    Neko san5 日 前

    *I WAtchEd ads FoR 15 mIn* Y'all stupid or something these are product. What did you expect? How to eat them?

  14. Jon Miller

    Jon Miller5 日 前

    Carolina Repper is the hottest pepper!

  15. HerobrineTM

    HerobrineTM6 日 前

    Grind the Toe Of Satan into tiny rocks, give it to your friends and tell that it is pop rocks

  16. Shamim Ansari

    Shamim Ansari6 日 前


  17. Cole Kake

    Cole Kake6 日 前

    you should make a giant cinnamon gummy bear

  18. Alien Asmr

    Alien Asmr6 日 前

    10:04 me when I die in fortnite

  19. ..

    ..7 日 前

    İ wish the devil was played by tom ellis it wouldbe awsome

  20. Bad Habit

    Bad Habit8 日 前

    Lets all be real XDDD they picked Joey for the Tabasco because he’s the most attractive there. 😂

  21. Tesc_13

    Tesc_138 日 前

    Why does guy firey sound like the old Michelangelo from tmnt

  22. The GIRL That LOVES blue

    The GIRL That LOVES blue8 日 前

    Vat.19 made the world

  23. Devon Comeau

    Devon Comeau9 日 前

    Ghost pepper is not spisi

  24. Christine Adrianna Suitonu

    Christine Adrianna Suitonu9 日 前

    Bought my mom number two for Christmas. She loves it.

  25. Yang Zhang

    Yang Zhang9 日 前


  26. Yang Zhang

    Yang Zhang9 日 前


  27. Hamster Squeakery

    Hamster Squeakery9 日 前

    The Tabasco chocolate is de,icious

  28. jhon cena

    jhon cena10 日 前

    Bacon bacon bacon BACON BACON BACON

  29. 谁读我名字就是猪

    谁读我名字就是猪10 日 前

    0:39 he only ate one Why: listen to the sound


    KHADIJA ALOM10 日 前

    I’m sad 😢 cause the gummies are made with gelatin and I can’t eat it

  31. Mr. Raymond

    Mr. Raymond10 日 前

    Hahah Eric plays so many different people/roles and he fits them perfectly

  32. Oof Head

    Oof Head10 日 前

    “Hottest thing in the world” Nope dragons breath. I had it as a toddler on dads water bottle. OOF 12,00000 Scovile units. ;( (Edit) Is that a million?

  33. Dark

    Dark11 日 前

    Vat19 is just a company who makes fun commercials.

  34. HÂŁŁI3._. Reactz

    HÂŁŁI3._. Reactz12 日 前

    How much are they

  35. Legend Tao

    Legend Tao13 日 前

    At 6:40 I thought for sure Joey was gonna say a muffled “.Com!”

  36. Zara Raza

    Zara Raza13 日 前

    Who used to have chilly Millie

  37. Cindy Trung

    Cindy Trung13 日 前


  38. Kaitlyn Shaw

    Kaitlyn Shaw14 日 前

    0:20 I cannot stop laughing 😂

  39. Kassidy Cardenas

    Kassidy Cardenas14 日 前

    Can you make special ones for me cause im allergic to cinnamon

  40. NoLxVe YT

    NoLxVe YT16 日 前

    fire dust is literally red cocaine

  41. Raider's Revenge

    Raider's Revenge16 日 前

    "One of the worlds hottest peppers" it's a Carolina reaper

  42. donny donny

    donny donny17 日 前

    Sa of Satan is not spicy it is sweet

  43. Isabela Sguario

    Isabela Sguario17 日 前

    Yardreni Ploar

  44. Mr. gamer-man 64

    Mr. gamer-man 6417 日 前

    This video is just a whole pun.

  45. Theater Girl

    Theater Girl18 日 前

    At 8:48 I have that painting

  46. Hot choco Yum yum

    Hot choco Yum yum19 日 前

    But do they have a bottle opener?

  47. Complete Craziness

    Complete Craziness19 日 前

    Carolina Reaper is hottest.

  48. Rox Bury

    Rox Bury19 日 前

    Lol why was the "genuine human soul" black smoke😂😂💀

  49. Mark Samuel

    Mark Samuel19 日 前

    Wow thumbs up

  50. Mark Samuel

    Mark Samuel19 日 前


  51. Boi Wonder

    Boi Wonder19 日 前

    Worlds best hot sauce? False. The worlds best hot sauce is franks red hot

  52. Paige Mearns

    Paige Mearns19 日 前

    0:22 I'm dying ahahhahhhahaahah

  53. Space Dinosaur

    Space Dinosaur19 日 前

    Guy firey nooooo

  54. Chuck Norris

    Chuck Norris19 日 前

    Green apple and jalapeno is just jalapeno jelly flavored

  55. jordyn montpellier

    jordyn montpellier19 日 前

    I'm ready now *dies* cAmE bAcK fOr MoRe GuMmIeS *dies again* Me: 😂😕

  56. Dr Roric

    Dr Roric16 日 前

    Bruv, same

  57. Grace Ryan

    Grace Ryan20 日 前


  58. Caz Goo

    Caz Goo20 日 前

    tabasco is hottt

  59. Duck Kid

    Duck Kid20 日 前

    This show....... Is totally 🔥 emoji

  60. Lilbowser 123

    Lilbowser 12320 日 前

    Tabasco hot sauce isn’t spicy

  61. Greninja Girl

    Greninja Girl20 日 前

    Me before watching- .... Me afterwards- CONFECTION PERFECTION

  62. Ushanka Cat

    Ushanka Cat21 日 前


  63. Deadline 101

    Deadline 10121 日 前

    I’m gonna buy this stuff just so people will stop asking me for candy

  64. JoJoJokester

    JoJoJokester21 日 前

    Thumbnail: those aren't real nerds. Vat19: made with real nerds. Me: wait what!?!

  65. Long Boi

    Long Boi22 日 前

    2:45 those 2 sad guys without chef hats.

  66. Tangy

    Tangy22 日 前


  67. Tangy

    Tangy22 日 前

    -Can you think of any good pranks that these candies would be perfect for? See some of our own pranks here-

  68. Suellen Pineda

    Suellen Pineda22 日 前

    I bought the Tabasco jelly beans in Five Below and tricked my dad for regular cherry flavored jelly beans.

  69. Basharat Hussain

    Basharat Hussain23 日 前

    Hoi people scrlling down da commets xD

  70. Krystle Barron

    Krystle Barron23 日 前

    They should bet 300 dollar to who eats the most hot pepper gummies

  71. move I’m gay

    move I’m gay23 日 前

    no one: Vat19: *S P I C Y A N D S W E E T*

  72. Cole Scott

    Cole Scott23 日 前


  73. PowerOfTheC

    PowerOfTheC23 日 前

    Honestly, i don't like this new format of ads, it just kinda detracts from the enjoyment.

  74. n5225playz

    n5225playz23 日 前

    10:38 I had a laughing fit and choked on my spaghetti

  75. Vanessa Lora

    Vanessa Lora23 日 前

    I would give thise spicy candy's to my sister LOL😁

  76. Dangel Centeno

    Dangel Centeno23 日 前

    Guy firey 😂

  77. Numberblocks Jwbays

    Numberblocks Jwbays23 日 前

    10:20 is a reference to another video.. I forget which one, but it was a dude showing other ppl an idea for a restaurant called "and chovies" amd it was a restaurant that sold nothing but anchovies.

  78. Cricklove

    Cricklove24 日 前

    I could really watch -funny youtubers- a candy company.

  79. sugar quarts gacha

    sugar quarts gacha24 日 前

    The wheels on Tabasco round and round

  80. Yang Zhang

    Yang Zhang24 日 前

    6:24 guy: yo boss this fire dust is candy Theboss: VAT19 !!!

  81. Emily Reed

    Emily Reed24 日 前


  82. Cappy Cappuchino

    Cappy Cappuchino24 日 前

    Excuse me vat19 can you make a fire dust that’s not spicy like a cherry dust or something

  83. Flying Cows

    Flying Cows24 日 前


  84. Miles Thompson

    Miles Thompson25 日 前

    There’s so many jelly beans in this vid I want to try all the sweets except the jelly beans

  85. Dani Nguy

    Dani Nguy25 日 前

    2:45 I just noticed that Larry and magic aren’t wearing chef hats

  86. MTB Radanox

    MTB Radanox25 日 前

    AAAAAAGH. SPICE. (Except the cinnamon gummy bears and the gummy green jalapeño. Yum.)

  87. Dede s

    Dede s26 日 前

    LOL I didn't realize this was just a bunch of ads but it's really interesting stuff.