73 Questions With Cardi B | Vogue


  1. Vogue

    Vogue20 時間 前

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  2. Chloe M

    Chloe M時間 前

    I love that she’s holding her sleeping baby ❤️

  3. Intelligent thinker

    Intelligent thinker時間 前

    hello my sister hullp me please

  4. Kate Pergjokaj

    Kate Pergjokaj2 時間 前

    Vogue wow .....

  5. Nt4ubs

    Nt4ubs58 分 前

    Which accent does she have?

  6. AlCastle84

    AlCastle8459 分 前


  7. I want to be dead

    I want to be dead時間 前

    You forgot to ask her about drugging people

  8. AlCastle84

    AlCastle8459 分 前

    I want to be dead #survivingcardib

  9. BeenOn TopDraftPick

    BeenOn TopDraftPick時間 前

    I don’t understand how anyone can hate this woman. ❤️

  10. Maris MM

    Maris MM59 分 前

    I though the exact same thing! I know she exaggerates a bit sometimes but she seems so fun to be around, like a real friend.

  11. Claire Bear

    Claire Bear時間 前


  12. Brieyszn

    Brieyszn時間 前

    Such a mom 😍

  13. Loti Zaloznik

    Loti Zaloznik時間 前

    pleasee do HARRY STYLES next😩😩

  14. AlCastle84

    AlCastle84時間 前

    “I’d drug ni**as up and I’d rob them.” Cardi B #survivingcardib

  15. laura joyce

    laura joyce時間 前

    She couldn't get her grandma outta the hood?

  16. Ross Campbell

    Ross Campbell時間 前

    You can’t survive in finglas

  17. Zareh Kozanian

    Zareh Kozanian時間 前

    Her finger nail is off she is trying to hide it all the time😂😂

  18. Mr Popeye

    Mr Popeye時間 前

    Trashiest person in the industry, her music sucks..

  19. Ayesha Hijazi

    Ayesha Hijazi時間 前

    Lmfao 'welcome to the HOOOD'

  20. Haima Annisa

    Haima Annisa時間 前


  21. Just Girl meru

    Just Girl meru時間 前


  22. Alexandra Ami

    Alexandra Ami時間 前

    What did she say about offset's best habit?😂

  23. matthew Icyyy

    matthew Icyyy時間 前

    This was amazing and real

  24. Sarah Danielle

    Sarah Danielle時間 前

    73 questions with Beyoncé ?? Pleaseeeee 😁

  25. Jonathan Current

    Jonathan Current時間 前

    Ask her why she didnt get prison time for drugging men? But if a guy did it he would be in for life.

  26. PrettyKeli

    PrettyKeli時間 前


  27. aprakita jeff

    aprakita jeff時間 前

    She seems to be so calm and genuine 😮 ❣️best one

  28. Russian fox

    Russian fox時間 前

    Ooo good 🙄🙄 this is streaming 🤢🤢🤮

  29. MaryJane Trenidad

    MaryJane Trenidad時間 前

    the way she moves her tongue 10:25 😂😭

  30. honey zin

    honey zin時間 前

    she put that spoon back into the sugar jar after stirring the coffee!!! 😧

  31. Nelly nelly rowland

    Nelly nelly rowland時間 前

    She is Natural and so Simple. The best 73 questions ever seen.

  32. Angelina Perez

    Angelina Perez時間 前

    She looks so much like her sister hennessy in this video

  33. mikey davies

    mikey davies時間 前

    Yo CHEAK out this UK GRIME artist MIKEY D Spotify and ITUNES go and CHEAK it's sick MIKEY D

  34. SAMSUNG Smart Fridge VEVO

    SAMSUNG Smart Fridge VEVO時間 前

    mikey davies forgot to switch accounts?

  35. Top Speed

    Top Speed時間 前

    *She’s a real one for shooting this in an apartment in the Bronx*

  36. Top Speed

    Top Speed時間 前


  37. Grace Matilda

    Grace Matilda時間 前


  38. Mark Young

    Mark Young時間 前

    This was actually sweet. This wasn’t about her mansion, it didn’t seem staged, she got a little nervous and forgot some answers and came up with some new ones and it was so real and natural. Thank you for this Cardi.

  39. Milan Rainford

    Milan Rainford時間 前

    He sounds like Jamie Reagan

  40. Charming nowhere to hide

    Charming nowhere to hide時間 前

    She sounds so calm Her daughter is magic

  41. BEEJ Thickemz

    BEEJ Thickemz時間 前

    I love Cardi B n family

  42. SAMSUNG Smart Fridge VEVO

    SAMSUNG Smart Fridge VEVO時間 前

    They interviewed trash?

  43. Charming nowhere to hide

    Charming nowhere to hide時間 前

    those fingernails though!!!

  44. meristo meristo

    meristo meristo時間 前

    The dude sounds like a cuck it explains the dislikes

  45. Lakabra Lamuerte

    Lakabra Lamuerte時間 前


  46. Jessica Loder

    Jessica Loder時間 前

    Petition for 73 questions with the 73 questions guy

  47. Alice In Wonderland

    Alice In Wonderland時間 前

    Love that she shot this in the hood!💖

  48. Fly 143

    Fly 143時間 前

    Lmfaooo... I'm a libra and she is right 😂

  49. Abraham J j

    Abraham J j時間 前

    is it weired that i want this guy to ask me some questions

  50. Carol Rodriguez

    Carol Rodriguez時間 前


  51. Karuna K.

    Karuna K.時間 前

    Cardi for Pres 2020

  52. Lázaro Murad

    Lázaro Murad時間 前

    I loved the latin music playing in the background! saludos desde Mexico!

  53. A W

    A W時間 前

    4:16 no!!!!!!

  54. Koroi 117

    Koroi 117時間 前

    What a beautiful soul.

  55. Lauren Lin

    Lauren Lin時間 前

    3:35 he asks her what she likes talking about, she answers, and he completely changes the topic. He was so fake I don't know what to say except poor cardi B even though she's annoying (but at least real)

  56. Rozelle Hartzenberg

    Rozelle Hartzenberg時間 前

    Oh my word! I can't believe she knew about the law in South Africa! It is totally true: any racial insult or remark will get you fine and quite possibly a prison sentence.

  57. Moneybagmont 1

    Moneybagmont 1時間 前

    Can someone send me $5 on cashapp? $Lamontmont2 is my cashtag

  58. Ronan Powderly

    Ronan Powderly時間 前

    those fingernails though!!!

  59. Alyssa Miles

    Alyssa Miles時間 前

    She mentioned SA🇿🇦🙌🙌🙌

  60. Mea S.

    Mea S.時間 前

    I love her! She has the most realest interview yet

  61. amy rose

    amy rose時間 前

    10:29 cardi be looking like shes a 40yr old woman scrolling through facebook

  62. Huang Peng

    Huang Peng2 時間 前

    Standard ielts speaking learning source😂

  63. Kimberly Elizabeth

    Kimberly Elizabeth2 時間 前

    Cardi is so uneducated on politics.

  64. - Chery

    - Chery2 時間 前

    Y’all should check me out 🔥👀 jpreporter.net/v/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-bdYGKtW3cdg.html

  65. stopanimation656

    stopanimation6562 時間 前

    Can someone send me $5 on cashapp? $Lamontmont2 is my cashtag

  66. William Eyelash

    William Eyelash2 時間 前

    I don't know why, but I find this so relaxing

  67. Ryan B

    Ryan B2 時間 前

    Lets not forget, like Jeffrey Epstein didn't kill himself, she drugged a man and stole his wallet.

  68. Sethum Rathnayake

    Sethum Rathnayake2 時間 前

    She looks if wolverine became a transgender😂😂