72HRS TO MAKE A MOVIE (Doc Behind the Scenes Uncut)


  1. Colin and Samir

    Colin and Samirヶ月 前

    Proud to make this one for the Yes Fam 🙌🏼 🙌🏾

  2. TC Highlights

    TC Highlightsヶ月 前

    Do you still work with TLN

  3. Michael Bornman

    Michael Bornmanヶ月 前

    Hey, you guys should expand on what Perry was talking about near the end. I have been feeling that exact same thing looking at what I've made and only seeing my mistakes. That hit me hard, its nice to know its not just me.

  4. Shreyas Pingle

    Shreyas Pingleヶ月 前

    Holy shit I got the thousandth like

  5. Rocco Smeaton

    Rocco Smeaton6 日 前

    why has this been unlisted?

  6. victoria zambrano

    victoria zambrano7 日 前

    Literately binge watched so many of these videos and it inspires me to cherish every moment and day I have.

  7. Avery Smith

    Avery Smith7 日 前

    Colin and Samir from TLN, love those guys

  8. Bhunty GT

    Bhunty GT7 日 前

    Uras Benlioglu'dan gelenler +1

  9. Fajri Al Hasan

    Fajri Al Hasan7 日 前

    we want a new video man

  10. Chine Lug

    Chine Lug7 日 前

    Watching your videos always puts a smile on my face. I am really missing a new video, because they actually have such a positive influence in my life.

  11. Leah Assf

    Leah Assf7 日 前

    i love what you guys are doing you are awesome greetings from Sarajevo

  12. Kadek Antara

    Kadek Antara7 日 前

    I keep coming back to youtube to looking for you guys... but still no new video -,-

  13. Gergö Szabo

    Gergö Szabo7 日 前

    Can you guys come to sweden

  14. Zaid Btw

    Zaid Btw7 日 前

    4.22 mil wtf

  15. Sarah

    Sarah7 日 前

    What's up guys? 3 weeks no video

  16. MZS-derleme videolar

    MZS-derleme videolar7 日 前

    Uras benlioğlu'nun açıklamasını paylaşan magazin tube'dan görüp buraya gelen tayfa burda mı 🙌🙋‍♀️

  17. Zahra A

    Zahra A7 日 前


  18. Brian Boss

    Brian Boss7 日 前

    Dissapointing where is the doc?

  19. Ian Kestle

    Ian Kestle7 日 前

    When tf r u gonna post

  20. Kevin Rojas

    Kevin Rojas8 日 前

    For your next video one of you should gain 100 pounds over the next months and then find a random person on the street who is just over weight as you are at the moment and exercise with them and document it as you lose weight together and both get In the best shape of your life’s , motivate them into believing they can get in the best shape of there life’s with you

  21. Christo Thaliyath

    Christo Thaliyath8 日 前

    It's been 3 weeks and no new video.... Like to let them know

  22. Atul Juneja

    Atul Juneja8 日 前

    #YesTheory ♥️✌️ I don't know guys if you will read this comment or not but anyway I wanna tell you one thing.. I started watching your videos few days back and I watched many videos and from that moment I go everywhere with my #Passport in my bag 😂😂 God knows if I meet you in near future and you'll ask me to come with you then I'll definitely say a BIG YES and will go anywhere with you OR maybe I'll show you around ♥️☮️♥️ P.S. Wants to travel the world but due to responsibilities and job.. couldn't do it. I'm #NursingOfficer working in NEW DELHI, INDIA🇮🇳

  23. Alp Tek

    Alp Tek8 日 前

    JPreporter Türkiye'nin orijinali bu kanal

  24. Jenny Ramchiary

    Jenny Ramchiary8 日 前

    I have been waiting for new videos....forever waiting.....I know it will be worth the wait though

  25. Serhan Çaylak

    Serhan Çaylak8 日 前

    I follow all your videos very least trying to watch with English subtitles I would be very happy if you put Turkish in Turkey's Greetings

  26. Enes Batur

    Enes Batur8 日 前

    Türk varmı

  27. Batuhan m

    Batuhan m8 日 前

    uras benlioğlu♥️🇹🇷



    Bu ne hız dfhgffhggj

  29. Hitesh Jain

    Hitesh Jain8 日 前

    I know this is completely unrelated but I’ll leave a link to my video for whoever that wants to see it jpreporter.net/v/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-PbP2x9E_r9M.html (say yes)

  30. Aakarsh Saggar

    Aakarsh Saggar8 日 前

    Hello? Yes Theory?

  31. Pixel Doge

    Pixel Doge9 日 前

    4.22 million subs??!

  32. Dawid Anonimowy

    Dawid Anonimowy9 日 前

    Soooo basicly I am not hater in any kind and i love the overall message you put out there to the world ... BUT If you are YT Creator ( basicly also a big BRAND that sell clothes), make documentaries and change people lives etc. - where is that content? where is the consistency? To the outside viewer it may look like you just took our money (for the documentary) which you supposidely said that you NEED to create more things (like you don't already have over 4 mln subs and sell clothes which itself are profitable, and also doing sponsorship deals) and NOW you just dissapear AGAIN. No videos, no content etc. You got new Yes Theory House? A new space for creators and also hired many new people to help you edit and create content and what? where is the work? where are this promised NEW & FRESH videos you told many times about that are coming?

  33. marco21falcon

    marco21falcon9 日 前

    I just messaged you through your website about just asking. Please take a look

  34. Sexy Man

    Sexy Man9 日 前

    Where is the jungle video

  35. Devin parker

    Devin parker9 日 前

    ok but wya it’s been 3 weeks

  36. Jordan Stiffler

    Jordan Stiffler9 日 前

    We love you guys! Always inspiring us to do better in so many ways more than just one! However.. Where yall at.. lolol

  37. Ishi Hewamanna

    Ishi Hewamanna9 日 前

    Uhhhmmm hello??????????????

  38. JOBIN

    JOBIN9 日 前

    Choose some children having cancer and make them happy for a day💗. And am damn sure it will be a best day for you guys..❤️

  39. SelfCare CBD

    SelfCare CBD9 日 前

    These fools made a buck and straight 👻

  40. liam Frost

    liam Frost9 日 前

    You guys are such a inspiration to me I love how high spirited you are and are so positive I think I have been a better person because of you i am in love with your friendship that you share with one another. I dont have never had a good friendship with anyone because I get bullied all my class mates made a class group chat and they did not add me in and that hurt me and watching you made me fell like I was wanted in this world and now I am more of a confident person

  41. jose al

    jose al9 日 前


  42. TheImji

    TheImji10 日 前

    Been trying to donate, but have received errors 5+ times. Slightly frustrating....the payment processor (gumball) provided a solution which didn't work either.

  43. natchie cuajotor

    natchie cuajotor10 日 前

    Hi! I recently watched some of your amazing videos and it is so cool. Please make alot amazing videos in the future. Iloveyou guys. Fan from Philippines 🇵🇭

  44. Ghoul- Alen

    Ghoul- Alen10 日 前

    Er are you guys okay no vid for over a month

  45. hery hanifan

    hery hanifan10 日 前

    Come to indonesia

  46. Avixx

    Avixx10 日 前

    We need your videos back

  47. Dal Bel

    Dal Bel10 日 前

    hey. i need a little help guys, i ll be thankful if you can respond me. i ve never asked for something like that but i find you kind, helpful and i like your energy.

  48. nblgranada

    nblgranada10 日 前

    its 8 dollars now, and i dont have a credit card or paypal...

  49. Fenzit Kid

    Fenzit Kid10 日 前

    I could see this on Netflix

  50. Moona Farooq

    Moona Farooq10 日 前

    I seriously want to watch this doc. but unfortunately i don't have a credit card. i wish there were more paying options

  51. Ashton Sharpe

    Ashton Sharpe11 日 前

    Are they dead ?

  52. Charles

    Charles10 日 前

    so I think Matt said something like they only get 2 weeks of vacation per year. They probably got back around a week ago and are in the process of making a new vid

  53. Mikando Milano

    Mikando Milano11 日 前

    I have taken my biggest step today by posting my first video, so thank you for the motivation to seek discomfort. I hope I will reach the level of success your channel has.

  54. cowsrock1q

    cowsrock1q11 日 前

    "Like" if who know where the countdown sound is from :)

  55. let do Games

    let do Games11 日 前

    You guys must blind folded one off friends and send him to South Africa

  56. Etai Avni

    Etai Avni11 日 前

    I challenge you to try to make a video with pewdiepie

  57. Rishi Aditya Gupta

    Rishi Aditya Gupta11 日 前

    Why not include Benn TK ?

  58. Therese Eriksson

    Therese Eriksson11 日 前

    Hi Yes Theory! I want to check in and just give you my sincere appreciation! So when I saw that you create documentary videos it inspired me to do one too, so during the summer I have created a documentary and it will be released now on Sunday! The documentary has already got a lot of attention here in Sweden in media and I couldn't be happier to release it. In October it will be showed at a Film Festival here in Sweden. My documentary is about my murdered grandmother, that got brutally killed by her ex. boyfriend, during August 10 years ago. So I have created this documentary to honour her, but also highlight and talk about the violence that women can experience from men. I want people to talk about this subject, because it is so tabu to talk about today. Women are seen as an object and something you own. If someone would like to help me, with the mission to save women lives, let me know :) This is so close to my heart.

  59. Abdur Rahman Kapadia

    Abdur Rahman Kapadia11 日 前

    Stay for 5 days in Hamad International Airport which is the worlds best airport

  60. Filip Stojanovic

    Filip Stojanovic12 日 前

    if anything is possible, buy me a car 😆

  61. 김기태

    김기태12 日 前

    yes theory just best they always follow thier intuition

  62. Fajrul Falah

    Fajrul Falah12 日 前

    where r u guys?

  63. Noah Valio-Engebø

    Noah Valio-Engebø12 日 前

    When are you guys posting?

  64. Hkm Saharan

    Hkm Saharan12 日 前

    Fly someone over here in the comment section to LA! To meet you guys 😍 Pick me!! I wanna goto LA, it’s my dream 😭

  65. sama

    sama12 日 前

    Why don't you guys make a 5 star salon in ur backyard and ask stranger homeless people to say yes for the makeover and also invite other strangers to experience it