7 FUN WAYS TO RECYCLE OLD TOYS || Make Old Toys Great Again!


  1. Ava Dunn

    Ava Dunn18 時間 前

    0:19-1:00 or you can just put the bag of chips down

  2. Pluto WolfYT

    Pluto WolfYT23 時間 前

    1:21 that's a cow..... But ok

  3. Linda Mason

    Linda Mason日 前

    You know how you broke the doll well I snapped a camera in half at water world and when I qued for the space bowl I dropped the flipalet

  4. Chloe's Nyan Madness

    Chloe's Nyan Madness日 前

    WHOA little toy dinosaurs *pulls out a toy cow*

  5. Adrian Guerrero

    Adrian Guerrero日 前

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    5:20 i love that

  7. Aishath Sasha

    Aishath Sasha日 前

    This video is sooo cool i love you 😙 guys

  8. John Leary

    John Leary日 前

    Or just be a little more nice about it and glue the giraffe's head back on like a normal person

  9. 060821 UwU

    060821 UwU日 前

    Why do you have so many dinosaurs all over your house? Like why? Why do you need so many dinosaurs?

  10. Sophie’s gaming Chanel

    Sophie’s gaming Chanel日 前

    What the f* are those earrings!?!?!??!!? Those are so big I would cry if I had to where those

  11. Natalee Aviluz

    Natalee Aviluz2 日 前

    aime you know you can hold your phone and put your chips in your lap

  12. alex2622 alex2622

    alex2622 alex26222 日 前

    in the comments everyones saying why don't you just glue the head back on the giraffe 2:50

  13. John Debose

    John Debose2 日 前

    Cool bro

  14. John Debose

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  15. Ayaan Hussain

    Ayaan Hussain2 日 前

    your vids suck

  16. kitty cat is gaming

    kitty cat is gaming2 日 前

    It should be called old dinosaur toys

  17. Briseida Carreto

    Briseida Carreto2 日 前

    Km mb no be m b mb mb be. Mom. Mb b mb mb b mm b b be m Bonn b.

  18. Shania Songui

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    you guy are good

  19. That Broadway Girl

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  20. Assassin Dark

    Assassin Dark3 日 前

    1;02 where did her snack go was at that the point of making a holder for the phone 😒

  21. Maddison Warnes

    Maddison Warnes3 日 前

    A cow is not a dinosaur

  22. Brittanie Arredondo

    Brittanie Arredondo3 日 前

    So damn cringey



    1:21 WOAH Toy dinosaurs *pulls out a cow *

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  25. Jorn Dassen

    Jorn Dassen3 日 前

    Fakking lozers

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    This was very weird

  28. Hasham Qaisar

    Hasham Qaisar3 日 前

    This looks weird

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    Mia Crazy Like You 😕😕😕

  30. slime sisters

    slime sisters3 日 前

    Can u do more earing hacks

  31. Tiffany Nimmons

    Tiffany Nimmons3 日 前

    0:53 or get a pop socket...

  32. It’s Ava

    It’s Ava3 日 前

    Like-5 min craft Comment-123 GO! witch would you pick? Know one knows!!!

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    5minutecraft is so awesome😘😍😝😆💖💗💞💋

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    123go is better!!!!

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    Hi my name is faith i'm 9 and i commented😘😛😍😆😝

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    0:47 I got a better idea get a popsocet

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    Tv video 😜

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    A °0+*+*

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    My favorite one was the giraffe

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    Lujart ·4 日 前

    Is nobody going to talk about how she could straighten the books and then balance her phone at 0:28

  44. Simone Aredinha

    Simone Aredinha3 日 前

    Lol tru this is jest. Ore work

  45. Karen Carney

    Karen Carney4 日 前

    Oh, come on. This wouldn't have gotten any views, if the main image, wasnt a hot girl w bright red lipstick and bright blue toy on her tongue. Boo. Lame.

  46. ClaireFinlay37 ClaireFinlay

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    Karen Carney that’s rude

  47. MJR booger

    MJR booger4 日 前

    Ale jestescie spierdolone

  48. Jessica Ash

    Jessica Ash4 日 前

    Who looks at a dinosaur and thinks, “I could cut it in half to hold my phone?” I don’t want to know what goes on in your mind.

  49. love is my name

    love is my name4 日 前

    Kan you did a video whit makeup

  50. Wolfie Playz wolf

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    Idiot im not dumb on the thumbnail is from wish

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    Omg those earring

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    7:02 Read the captions XD

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    they said craps

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    This is European tell from the grills/ 🦷

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    Why is this video all about dinosours

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    Ha Mommy’s What

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    Cool I love your videos

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    Imagine walking around with a blue dinosaur hanging from your ear. The thumbnail girl can literally relate

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    In the 1st blooper Sophia is like "What am i doing nowwww"

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    Your shure is smart

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    In the all video you say wait a minute😂😂

  64. Larry the Cucumber

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    Ok, let’s be honest, some of these are disgusting and dumb, don’t do these “hacks”.

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    Troom troom's offspring.

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    Shark earrings

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    The title should be Funny ways using 6 dinosaur toys and 1 barbie🤣

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    for 0:18 , just put the chips on the table and get an orange or something to hold the phone

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    Or u can just get a water bottel or just get a binder

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    Those earrings look so ugly

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    *watches my video* *ends* And.. WHAT THE FFFFFF... *sees this in recommended*

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    So handy I love these videos

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    I like your amazing stuffs you made! 👍🏼😄

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    She impales the dinosaur 🦖 😢

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    The title of this video should be: HOW TO RECYCLE 5 OLD DINOSAURS ONE GIRAFFE AND A BARBIE DOLL

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    Clam down ;-;

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