7 Characters That Defeated Kaido In One Piece


  1. Kageyama Tobio

    Kageyama Tobio2 日 前

    Ussop and akainu? Lol

  2. Ash Crimson

    Ash Crimson3 日 前

    I think shanks won't win against 1v1 kaido just their member is so overpowered(highest iq, fastest person), akainu too can't match. Also u forget sengoku, mihawk, imu-sama

  3. Vinay Sharma

    Vinay Sharma5 日 前

    Akainu black beard or big mom not win kaido

  4. Justin Nombre

    Justin Nombre7 日 前

    The only person can defeat kaido on 1 v 1 ...is Sugar...

  5. VSP Ray

    VSP Ray8 日 前

    Uhm why not Rox D Xebec?

  6. Ahmed Mishaal

    Ahmed Mishaal9 日 前

    Gol D.roger is stronger than whitebeared

  7. Jc Loquinario

    Jc Loquinario9 日 前

    Now in manga kaido's scar was done by oden.



    This list is trash an admiral cant defeat a yonko by him self look how white almost kill him in 10 secs this is how the list should go 1) god D roger 2) big mama 3) white beard 4) garp 5) dark king 6) shanks 7) the guy with the Buddha buddha fruit (maybe)

  9. Prince x Rayy

    Prince x Rayy13 日 前

    Kaido got beaten 7 times .. doesn't say 7 people ... for all I know he lost to whitebeard and his crew .. roger and his crew .. then lost to the entire marines 5 times .. hence sinking 9 great war ships

  10. Usopp Malimban

    Usopp Malimban15 日 前

    You forgot moria he defeated kaido too...

  11. Thuận Nguyễn

    Thuận Nguyễn16 日 前


  12. Judy Ann Mary Tabulina

    Judy Ann Mary Tabulina16 日 前

    How about kizaru san HAHAHAHA

  13. karma esreal

    karma esreal18 日 前

    You put dragon on the same level as kaido? Psssss fck mate!

  14. Rodney Matthews

    Rodney Matthews18 日 前

    video from 2017 need too update add my mad lad oden to here

  15. Rodney Matthews

    Rodney Matthews18 日 前

    garp roger and oden shown to defeat kaido

  16. boubiche alaa

    boubiche alaa18 日 前

    I'm with you with every one except akaino and dragon

  17. Mihawk _

    Mihawk _19 日 前

    Oden whooped him. Kaido is trash

  18. Jeffrey den Zaulda

    Jeffrey den Zaulda19 日 前

    Blackbeard must on the list, except akainu

  19. ja de

    ja de19 日 前

    Kozuki Oden?

  20. Arkii Gaming

    Arkii Gaming19 日 前


  21. R O B I N H O O D

    R O B I N H O O D20 日 前


  22. Mario Koti

    Mario Koti20 日 前

    Akaino can't fight Kaido. All of as know about "flames and lava have no effect on a dragon"..

  23. Spencer Ashford

    Spencer Ashford21 日 前

    Nani? akainu and blackbeard defeated kaido its just the start of their era what the fact dude. Dont be a toxic content creator, type the proper title for this content.

  24. Inosuke Hashibira

    Inosuke Hashibira23 日 前

    The scar was made by oden

  25. Josh Salvana

    Josh Salvana23 日 前

    Me:seeing the title Also me:Wait... So why kaido is stil alive in one piece fighting luffy And also me: Wait... This was 2 years ago posted nvm

  26. keanu ribs

    keanu ribs24 日 前


  27. Abhi Konwar

    Abhi Konwar24 日 前


  28. oguzhan can

    oguzhan can24 日 前

    Soo Roger and garp is half true


    DARK SERPENT24 日 前

    The scar kaido has was given KOZUKI Oden not Akainu


    DARK SERPENT24 日 前

    U know who it is BUGGY. D .CLOWN

  31. Trevon ace ace

    Trevon ace ace24 日 前

    Instead of akainu why didnt you just put mihawk?he is the rival of shanks right?then he and shanks is at the same level also he is the number 1 swordsman

  32. Carljohn Atillo

    Carljohn Atillo25 日 前

    Senguko ?

  33. life of a anime fan

    life of a anime fan25 日 前

    Who is after chapter 957

  34. Pili Maiava

    Pili Maiava25 日 前

    Akainu shouldn’t be on this list ! I would’ve put Oden or Rocks D Xebec

  35. Fairy Tail

    Fairy Tail25 日 前

    List is good , except for akainu😑

  36. M Á Ř Ķ Č H Ă Ń Ň Ę Ł

    M Á Ř Ķ Č H Ă Ń Ň Ę Ł26 日 前

    Is gol d roger did he ate a devil fruit? And how strong he is? Is he using haki too?

  37. Adarsh Lama

    Adarsh Lama26 日 前


  38. 11hourstrip trinity

    11hourstrip trinity26 日 前

    Kozuki Oden

  39. Avocado

    Avocado27 日 前

    Dota 2 bgm lol

  40. Mec Nepomuceno

    Mec Nepomuceno27 日 前


  41. soundara rajan

    soundara rajan27 日 前

    I think you missed about Rox Captain of both Big mom & Kaido Definitely he must have been stronger than Kaido Kaido must have challenged Rox Like ace challenged White beard and became his crew member

  42. Michael Jade Ramos

    Michael Jade Ramos27 日 前

    Aint substancial. Wtf is these?

  43. Faiz Mohammad

    Faiz Mohammad28 日 前

    Rocks D Xebec and Oden must be on the list

  44. Angel Mark Corpuz

    Angel Mark Corpuz28 日 前

    Why oden isnt here??

  45. Juan Dela Cruz

    Juan Dela Cruz28 日 前

    lol why is akainu even on the list? hes not on the same league as these monsters on this list.

  46. BOM BA

    BOM BA28 日 前

    nasan si luffy

  47. jerald tanteo

    jerald tanteo29 日 前

    Akainu?? Are you sure??



    Garp and akainu? Idont think so

  49. Savage Comment

    Savage Comment27 日 前

    Garp defeated rocks pirates and their captain in the help of roger. What do you think? Garp is just watching in that fight. If you look in the manga picture where garp and roger beat them they are both badly wounded

  50. ThomasRezacion

    ThomasRezacionヶ月 前

    If you consider how easily roger beated oden. And the fact that oden did scar kaido, roger could do it. This also means garp should be able to cause they were on equal footing.

  51. Hitesh Hkn

    Hitesh Hknヶ月 前

    Dont sleep on Captian buggy and God ussop

  52. Ryan Gerald

    Ryan Geraldヶ月 前

    You should put ODEN in the list.. and for me No. 1 should be be ROGER, 2. GARP because they defeated the rocks pirate where is kaido join.. and SHANK(in present) should be in No. 3.... and i dont think akainu should be in this list.. it must be luffy

  53. Ryan Gerald

    Ryan Geraldヶ月 前

    ROGER already defeated the ROCKS PIRATE.. which include big mom, whitebeard and KAIDO... WHY you didn't put Oden? He is the first person/character in one piece that wounded kaido

  54. Sneaky Double U

    Sneaky Double Uヶ月 前

    I think Garp could really defeat Kaido.

  55. Ezra James Balabag

    Ezra James Balabagヶ月 前

    Akainu fought the sick and injured Whitebeard and almost got killed!

  56. Ábel Fekete

    Ábel Feketeヶ月 前

    U forgot from sugar he not strong but if he can touch kaido he can die (kaido)

  57. King James Aratea

    King James Arateaヶ月 前

    The List should be. 1 Roger 2 Garp 3 Wb 4 Dragon 5 Sengoku 6 Silver Reyleigh 7 Shanks

  58. Allan Budaden

    Allan Budadenヶ月 前

    Disagree,...i think He has 7 lost to 1. Roger- when hes not yonko dat time. 2-5. White beard, he challenge whitebeard 4 times dats why whitebeard got many scar. 6. Navy. 7. Navy.

  59. Bryan E. Miraflor

    Bryan E. Miraflorヶ月 前

    Whitebeard, Kaido, Big Mom, Shiki. They are all subordinates of Rocks D. Xebec. Imagine how strong Xebec Is.

  60. Bryan E. Miraflor

    Bryan E. Miraflorヶ月 前

    Kaido and Whitebeard were a subordinates of Rocks D. Xebec the pirate who rules the sea before Roger. Garp and Roger joined forces just to defeat Xebec!

  61. Bryan E. Miraflor

    Bryan E. Miraflorヶ月 前

    You're a joke blackleg vinsmoke. Garp can only beat kaido "atleast once?" Garp and Roger fought each other countless times and nearly killed each other. So it means that they are equal and on the same level. "Kozuki Oden" was the one who gave the scar on kaidos body. Study first before you upload your fucking theories here on youtube.